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What area of Orlando should I move to with 4 children?
My office is at this address. 8427 S John Young Pkwy Orlando, Florida 32819. I am married with 4 children (three are elementary age, and my little buddy isn't of school age yet). I would…
Hi, my husband and me are moving to Lawrence and we were looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment/townhome. Can anyone recommend any good apartments?
I do not want to live in complexes with lots of university kids as they tend be noisy. Looking for a safe neighborhood.
I live in sierra vista Arizona and I am moving to Houston Texas but I don't want to live in Houston. I want to live in the outskirts in a nice
town. Can anyone tell me what towns are nice and have a low crime rate and that don't have trashy neighborhoods. My max on apartments is 800. Can anyone help?
Looking for a place to rent.
Seeking a place for rent in the blue mountain school district, minimum of two bedrooms prefer off street parking and NOT on a busy street. This has been a wild goose chase and I'm exhausted!
My husband and I plan to move from Michigan to Orlando next year.We are looking for a good area to raise our children. Any suggestions.?
Our plan is to rent a condo or apartment for the first year which will allow us the time to find the perfect area to buy a home. However we are not sure what area would be ideal to start. We are looking…
I have two small children and I'm looking for a safe neighborhood to raise them in. I noticed that pine hills seems to be really affordable
Can anyone tell me if it is a good area to raise children. Also anymore small towns or affordable areas in or near Orlando that anyone can recommend that's affordable for a budget of no more then 950 a…
Windermere/DP, Winter Park, Stoneybrook, and Lake Nona seem to be recommended a lot for families relocating to Orlando. Which is best?
Our family is relocating to Orlando area from PA in a few short months. Excellent schools are important as our current elementary, middle and high schools are all rated 10. I realize that won't be the…
Considering move to Charlotte from NYC suburb
We are like so many considering a move to Charlotte for a better quality of life than our NYC suburb offers. What we love about NY: the history, the abundance of arts like theatre and music, the beautiful…
Relocating to Orlando area in May - what are some areas to find a rental - 2B/2B someplace safe and big dog friendly - can spend $700.00
Must haves - central air, dishwasher, washer/dryer in unit - first floor or single level would be nice.
My family and I are currently living in Bronx, NY looking to relocate to Orlando. Should we rent or purchase a home?
Would like to make sure that the schools are good. We have been looking in the 32828 area.
I need to get rid of some large/heavy furniture pieces. I don't have a car. Can I leave it on the sidewalk and wait for trash collectors to come?
Or is there a better # to call to have it picked up so that it isn't an eyesore for my neighbors? Unfortunately, it is not in a condition to be donated.
Hello so I'm moving to Texas
my job is located in brenham but I would like to be closer to Houston I know it's about an hour drive I would like something in between about 30 minute drive but I want a safe area to live and affordable…
Looking for apartment
I'm moving in to HOU from CA for work in 2 months. I'm in my mid 20s so won't have a car 1st 6months. Will use public transportation to IAH and Downtown HOU. less commute but live in a good…
can anyone help us move to the west coast?
I am a disabled veteran with a wife and 3 young children and i get paid disability monthly, we are trying to move to the west coast...wondering if moses lake would be a good place to raise my kids and…
Due to a recent promotion I am working in McKinney (commuting from Sherman). I have been keeping my out for a house or apartment for lease...
Credit has been a major roadblock for me. I have a lot of dings on my credit report from old debt. I am in the process of cleaning up my report, but does nothing to help me right now. Do all landlords…
Is renting from someone that lives abroad safe & legit.?
Saw an add of a 2br twnhm apt for a rental at $1000/ month, utilities incl. through craigslist, I inquired via e-mail. The owner responded he apparently resides and works in the UK, how can I find…
My husband and I are thinking to move to Florida. We have two girls (9&6yrs) and we are from Puerto Rico. We are considering Orlando and
Jacksonville. My husband has a Master degree and more than 10yrs experience on distribution and warehousing, that why we are thinking in these two areas. Where can I found the best schools (A rated ones),…
My boyfriend just got a job in utah. We plan to keep our home and rent it out. Should we leave furnished or unfurnished?
My boyfriend just got offered a job in utah. We plan to move there for 2 to 3 years then come back. We would like to keep our home here bc the property value in Gilbert 85296 off power and warner keeps…
Husband possibly being stationed in San Diego next year, wondering best way to find good Coronado rental.
We're possibly moving to San Diego around a year from now, for a 2 year assignment. I'm browsing Coronado rentals now to get an idea of price/availability/etc. The pickings seem a little slim at this time…
Where do you recommend living if coming for 4 months over the fall period... Ideally being close to good bars, restaurants is essential. Thanks!
I'm coming over for four months to live and work casually. Any suggestions on where is best to set up would be great.
Available realtors
Are there any realtors who help assist people under section 8 in the Katy and Sugarland area of Texas ?
Move from Miami to Chicago?
hey you all! i just graduated with a bachelor in advertising.. i want to get out of miami, but i know nobody and i would have no job.. i want to move to Chicago because i think its awesome..! any opinions?
Relocating to Savannah from Oregon... Will have approx. $135,000 for down on condo/townhouse, but need
assistance locating employment as Accountant/Office Manager/HR Support etc. Whoever can supply the right lead gets my realty business. Resume available @ Thank you.
I am looking to rent an affordable apt or small house in/near the neighborhood of nathan hale school for 1 year. Any suggestions?
I have to move out of my apartment by the end of the month. I'm a single mom and a teacher in New Haven. I have 3 sons. 1 is in the army and I would like him to have a bedroom when he comes home if possible,…
Multicultural towns with great schools and one hr bus ride to nyc?
Hi, So we are looking to buy a home we are ok with a condo as well and here are some of things we want 2 beds Under 1hr bus ride to port authority in nyc. Multicultural, inclusive communities with…
Are there any Home Rent-to-Own programs in Maricopa County - Arizona?
I am currently in the process of gaining employment with the AZ Department of Corrections with plans to relocate from Los Angeles, CA to Mesa, Az within the next several months. However, I am in the process…
are the houses big or not?3 anwsers
yes they are big houses
Hello. I'm looking to rent a 2 bd apt for my self, wife, and 2 toddlers in Monmouth junction NJ. And I'm having a hard time choosing
between 3 developments. Royal oaks and garden east ( which I read mix review on the net, mostly bad ) the problem is that I cannot find any reviews on Wynwood estates management ( which I like the most.…
looking to relocate from idaho to california how do i pick an agent
if I want to move and live in another state can i still sell my home with a local agent
Moving to Seattle-Need to find a home to rent
Middle aged couple. need to rent for about $1,200 max per month. Prefer a single family home. 2 Bedrooms and not too big (1000-1200 sq ft is good).
Honorable discharged Military Fiancé who suffered from PTSD and is now a felon desperate need for apartment! $550 or under
My fiancé is a convicted felon. After he came home from Iraq he suffered knee injury and he was honorably discharged from the army. He suffered heavy from PTSD and got into trouble. He is not a bad…
Looking for a short-term, furnished rental for 1-3 months in McKinney,TX?
We sold our home in McKinney and are looking for a furnished house/apt/townhome to rent short term while we build or search for a new house in McKinney
We just moved over here and we were wondering if what time my daughter wouldbhave to be at the bus stop if she at 5432 Wilder Dr
And another question would they let my ,daughter start school if we dont have our licenses plate changed. We are planning to chang it
looking to relocate
if I want to move and live in another state can i still sell my home with a local agent
We are thinking of relocating in or around Prescott, Arizona. I am a licensed residential building contractor
in California (specializing in remodels, additions and home repairs w/ 17 yrs experience) with a partner who owns an online home business and a son who is preparing to go to his first year of college.…
Looking to move to Northern Arizona...Where should I start looking???
Where would be a good place to move to in Northern Arizona? My husband and I are planning to move with our 2 children next year. I have family in East Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale that I would like to…
How Much Does It Cost of Moving And Packing With Shainex Relocation?
The Price Will Depend on A Quantity of Packing Material And things, For Example How Many Bedrooms Does Your Property Have, Where Are You Moving From And To etc. Contact Shainex Relocation And Our Friendly…
Are there any good shelters for women and children in texas? do you have to speak spanish?
I need to get away from my family. I want to move far away from Michigan. I need advice on if Texas is a great please for me and my two year old daughter. I have experience in the jewelry deparrment,…
Realtors that accept section 8 vouchers
I am currently in a great quiet neighborhood and want to move to another great neighborhood is thier any realtors that can help.
what place in Houston would be good for a couple?
We are planning to move but not sure where in Houston. We are a couple in age late 20 and we are also looking for jobs when we get there as a nurse and electronic engineer. We would like to rent an apt…
Apartment for rent NO SUBLET
I've been looking for my first apt its getting really hard to find one do to my budget and I don't want to pay a brokers fee I can use that for rent looking for something around $600 to 800 the…
Apartment rental
I am looking for a one bedroom apartment rental and was told real estate agents sometimes help people with this, not sure if that's true.
Living in White Meadow Lake - Rockaway Twp NJ?
Relocating family to NJ form Long Island and considering White Meadow Lake area. Pros/Cons anyone? Any advise would be appreciated.
My wife and I are looking to relocate to Florida's east coast from Long Island. We're in our early 30's looking around Palm Beach County
We're looking for a safe and family oriented community that also has a great town with restaurants and shops. Would prefer closer to the beach, but I guess availability and price will determine that.…
25 yr old white male moving to Chicago for job. Where should I be looking.?
I am moving to Chicago to work at the United Center (Chicago Bulls arena). I am looking to spend no more than $750 a month on a 1 bedroom or studio that is in a nice area and close to the arena. I do…
I'm moving from Alaska to Ballard area, returning to school, in need of a rental in the Salmon Bay School District, we would adore one with a pool
We kayak & bike, requiring ACTUAL Secured parking & storage. Moving 1st week in aug., will begin rental immediately to secure what we need.
I'm relocating from Lexington, KY to Palmdale and I own an online store. Do I obtain the permits first or do I wait until I get a place to live?
I went on the business part of the city site but it wasn't really clear. Also, I'm going to be renting so do you think I should work with a Realtor to make things go a bit more smoothly?
Im planning on moving from New Jersey to North Carolina. I have my mind on either Charitte or Raleigh. Can someone help me please?
Im engaged and have 3 chilfren on that needs major occupational and speech thetapy. Im in the medical field and my fiance does warehouse work so what city would be best for me?
Hello - We are looking to Move to Marin (Mill Valley, San Rafael, San Anselmo) area. Need realtor
We are looking for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with garage and yard. We are both working professionals and want to look within the max range of 2900. Are there any properties you can show us? We need…
I have a rental house I still owe 54,000 on. The renters (sister) moved out. I sign my final papers for my new house the end of may.
What can I do. I can't afford both houses and if the bank finds out our renters are gone I will lose my house. My husband and I agree that the renter house isn't for us. It is a fixer upper…
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