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Socially conscious, alternative, eco-oriented neighborhood in Miami?
Hello. We are a young family who are interested in possibly moving to Miami. We are from New York City and are looking for a neighborhood that is less about fancy cars and shopping malls are more about…
Interested in moving to Portland, Oregon
I am thinking of moving to the Portland area within the next year. I would love to get insight from Portlanders as to which neighborhoods are up and coming, still within sensible price ranges and quaint.…
Where I can find a In-Law that have 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom around Daly City and San Francisco, Ca?
We are 5 , my bf parents, my bf lil' bro., my bf and me. And we are looking for a in-law just worth $1,600 a month that is including the utilities, internet, water, & garbage.
Trying to find an area with apartments or where theres chances homes will be for rent?
Next year a friend and I are moving down near Raleigh NC I plan to attened VGCC (main campus) she plans to attend Wake Tech We know the colleges are an hour apart, are there any apartments/townhouses/rentals…
Where is the best place to fine an apartment in San Antonio?
I'm planning to move in the summer of next year. My family and I are looking for an apartment to move to, that is safe, great area that is close to schools, university, groceries store, etc. Thank…
How safe is pleasant ridge ave in Greenville,SC?
I am renting a house and want to know about neiborhood.
Please suggest a good school district area close to sf-oakland bay bride, dont mind 45 min drive
Moving in from TX and looking for a affordable neighborhood with good middle/elementary schools close to sf-oakland bay bride? do not mind 45 min drive. any help is appreciated
We are considering moving to NC in the near future (we are from Pa). After reading many forums I am strongly leaning towards Greensboro, NC.
Greensboro seems to meet almost all of our needs/ wants- a nice area, family friendly, low crime rate, good schools, things to do, etc. One thing I have not been able to find information on is the type…
Make a claim on international transport insurance
Find out which type of your insurance belongs to. Notify the insurer as soon as possible. File a claim. Adopt proper measures to rescue damaged goods. Prepare necessary claim documents.
Walkable towns/cities in central florida?
I am doing some research on Florida as most of my partner's family and my own are moving there now and over the next few years. I want to look into areas and possibly visit before we make the choice…
what is a move in fee?
I am seeing more and more of this - No security deposit - but a 100 - 200 dollar "move-in" fee - what is this?
Relocating to Charlotte
I may be relocating to the Charlotte area (Davidson area) and want to know what are the best areas to live. I have 5 young children so I am looking for a area that will provide a good education and diversity.…
I need to find a new place in 4 days:) yeah tough. And it has to be in a cozy driving distance to Far Rockaway where I work.
I have a mini poodle and found that even in NY moving with a pet is almost impossible. Any pet friendly " middle" scale buildings? Anyone? Thanks.
Can you help my family and I find a house that accepts section 8 in Corry, Pa? Please and Thank You!
We need at least four bedrooms. We currently live in Corry, pa but we would like a change of neighborhoods. We have been needing to move for a very long time, and we would just like some help with finding…
2 bedroom apt that takes HRA
Hi im looking for a 2 bedroom apartment that takes HRA in Brooklyn NY
Realtors do you accept HASA? PLEASE I need help!
Hello We are inquiring on a one bedroom in Brooklyn that accepts HASA or public assistance for $1100 for 2 working adults and I have not found anything in 4 months. I already had to move out of my apartment…
What are good neighborhoods to live in with good schools in Arlington, VA? moving in this month. Thanks
I am moving to Arlington, VA this month with my 3 daughters. Can you please recommend good neighborhoods with good schools (middle and high). I am looking for 3 bed rooms apartment/house to rent for now.…
I am thinking about relocating my business in 2 years, when is good time to start thinking about to selling my home?
I have a home day care, and I am also thinking of selling my home with the business, of course new person needs DCFS approval and get the license on their name.
Do you think we are asking to much for our house?
10515 880th Ave, Glenville,MN 56036
Trying to buy a new home and walk away from the land contract. Land contract holder refuses to take home back and my name is on the deed. What can?
Removing my name off the deed and walking away from the land contract. Land contract holder refuses to let me
Can anyone help me with a good home for my Dog...please?
I'm looking for help for my Titan. Relocating to the East Coast and have exhausted all of my options in regards to getting him to the East Coast. My other dog is small enough to fly on the plane with me,…
Beech Hill neighborhood
My husband and I are considering moving to the Beech Hill area in Newark. Does anybody know if this is a good neighborhood to raise children? We have 4 ages 14, 10, 8 and 1.
Raising family - Orangecrest
I am planning to move to Orangecrest with my family, a lot of mixed reports I read are mostly from 2008 to 2012, I was hoping if you can share more recent information. Low crime, good school, community…
I'm trying to move from CA to Norman is there any agents that can help me find an apartment?
All I want is a decent pet friendly apartment. Is there an agent that can help so I don't have to pay $40 for application at each individual place that might have an opening, i'm willing to sign a lease…
Where can I find HASA apartments?
I am currently seeking a 1 bedroom apartment. I receive a voucher from HASA. I am ready to move in ASAP. Rent is guaranteed.
Seeking advice between a move from Los Angeles to either Charlotte or Nashville.
Originally a northeasterner from NJ, and having lived in PA, San Diego, and currently residing in Los Angeles, I'm looking to relocate back east to be closer to family without having to deal with the northeastern…
I am in the Chicago Housing Low income Trust Fund program n my lease expires july 31, 2014 and I am looking to rent a 3-4 bedroom no more than $1300.
If anyone know some properties that accept this program and can give me some help please feel free to contact me. I really needs help asap... my email is Thanks
Interested in relocating from Los Angeles to either Charlotte, NC, or Nashville, TN, and need advice on both.
Originally a northeasterner from NJ, and having lived in PA, San Diego, and currently residing in Los Angeles, I'm looking to relocate back east to be closer to family without having to deal with the northeastern…
San Antonio move - need help in choosing areas
Hi, I am moving to San Antonio in August. I will be working in downtown area near "santa rosa street". I would like to ask for suggestions on nearby good areas to rent apartment/house. Few…
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I need advice on renting in Seattle
We are a couple who just immigrated to the US and currently living in Aliso Viejo,Orange County. California is expensive for us at this moment because we don't have a job right now. So we want to…
What are the more family friendly areas in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex area?
I am looking to move back to TX. I originally lived in the southeast TX area but, I would like to move to the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. What are the more young family friendly areas of the Metroplex; Arlington,…
Can anyone recommend a sold reliable moving company from WPB Florida to Las Vegas. Cross Country movers.
I always take out the insurance but always seem to have to get attorney's involved to cover any damages, when it came time to replace broken items. Anyone have a good experience and a great recommendation.
I have read horrible reviews of Jacksonville, FL on some other websites. I am curious to know if they are true. Is it safe or is it full of crime?
I've read that people who live there do not feel safe. I've also read that the schools only "approach" or "meet" standards. I have yet to find an area where schools exceed…
Am a single mom that is being force to move from 2 bed 2 bath condo because the items can't afford it and decided do a short sale. I get a
voucher. The voucher is for 2 beds, I've been here for five years. Lombard is the location and although the condo is cosmetically pretty it has so many issues. Every place I've looked in the…
Looking for a home in the middle of both Naval Installations, in Mayport, and NAS jacksonville
I'm relocating to Jacksonville here shortly. I am a single mother with a 3 year old kid and I was wondering what are some of the most safest, affordable, spacious, and quiet neighborhoods within a 15-20min…
Relocating to Florida with 4 kids. What areas to look in to?
We are a couple in our 30's planning to relocate to Florida from WI. I'm a nurse and he's a teacher so not a huge worry on finding jobs but unsure of what areas to look in to. We had been looking in to…
What are the odds?
Single, child free, pet free, non-smoking professional looking for an apartment in lower Fairfield County, preferably with easy access to the Merritt Parkway. Looking to spend no more than 1500/month…
Hi, moving from Charlotte, NC to Katy, Tx. Would like to initially rent for the first 6mths-1yr . Great rated school (8-10) a MUST!
Need to find an updated rental property for $1100-1300/mth. 3or4bdr/2bth /garage, fenced. Prospective move June 13-23.Great elementary school needed. Any suggestions??
Looking for a rental home in St. Clair or Madison County areas. 3 Bed, price range approx. $800/month max. Can anyone assist with my search?
My lease ended this week and even though we are able to stay on a month-to-month plan, my roommates and I are wanting to find a rental HOME. We are currently living in a town house in Collinsville but…
Looking for a rent to own home
My husband and I are in desperate need of finding a rent to own home or private owner in the following zipcode areas:19149,19111,19152. Our lease will end june2,2014 so we really need help fast...If anyone…
Need a place for my family in norwich area
Looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom house to rent that will allow my dog . He is a rottweiler and a baby . My job is relocating me there and I am desperate cause I have to be there to start work on February 3
I need a realtor for relocating
My husband and I are relocating to charlotte, nc and we need help finding a house to rent and wanted to know is there a realtor that could help us with this
Middle Class Neighborhoods?
My husband and I are considering relocating to Dallas with our 5 year old, and while we are going to visit for a week, I'd like to know about neighborhoods ahead of time. Right now we live in a neighborhood…
My husband and I recently moved to Columbia from Massachusetts. We love it here, but in comparison it is very
costly. Looking to buy outside Columbia in a low crime area for a bit less and without Columbia Association Housing fees. Where do you recommend?
moving to columbus/ phenix city area in july. looking for clean home in good neighbor hood. must be pet friendly, willing to pay deposit for my 2 dog
they are very well trained and behaved. credit 760. cant spend no more then 650$/ or rent to own.
Relocating to Florida with three small kids
I would like to know what areas are great for living in with 3 kids two of whom attend school, budget friendly as well! Looking for rent with option to buy! Thank you!
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