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Home Relocation is Just Quick and Easy Now
Shifting or even relocating from one area or area to an alternative along with a great deal of household possessions is called as residential separation or maybe house relocation as well as home moving.…
Mother of 2 looking to relocate to the Atlanta area from NJ
Looking for no crime, decent schools, access to banks, groceries, restaurants etc. What/where are the best places in or around Atlanta to find these things?
Is is possible to find a home in Naples within walking distance to downtown?
In other words is it possible to live in a single family home "in town" - and are there good schools if you live "in town" in Naples (as opposed to simply the county or area of Naples). We will move to…
Best places to live in Orlando where homes are still affordable, crime is low and schools are rated high
I am looking for a house that has a min. of 4 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. Looking to keep my mortgage payments at no more than $1,200 - $1,400. Safety and education are my top concerns as I have an 11 and…
Best moving companies in the Seattle area?
I need to know of some great moving companies in this area. Any help would be appreciated! I have been looking at, but I want some other options.
I am currently relocating from cleveland to homestead florida is there anyway to secure a place to move to?
I have a sister who has tried several apartments mobile homes and all say i have to be there to apply.does anyone help with people like me?
I need movers TODAY who will be good but cheap/reasonable. I mainly need them for the big stuff as I have taken most of the boxes over. Brier Creek
My furniture is very heavy & coming & going from 2nd floor (one flight). I need people who won't damage. Finances tight. Brier Creek area
Moving to Orlando in less than a year and job will be in Lake Nona. Would Doctor Phillips and Windermere be a far commute?
So in less than a year my spouse and I will be moving to Orlando area for a job that will be in Lake Nona. We've never been to Lake Nona but here that Doctor Phillips and Windermere are the better areas…
Eviction as a teenager HELP NEEDED
My girlfriend and I are liking to move but recently she found out after applying for apartments that she had an eviction on her credit when she was17 (now 25) while living with her parents, she unknowingly…
Club communities in Boca Raton.
Our family is looking into moving to Boca. We love the country club communities but I'm a bit concerned that these tend to cater to an older, empty nester demographic. We have an 11 year old son who…
Does anyone have or know any privitely owned houses in kalamazoo michigan me and my wife and our 5 childeren are looking to move asap?
We need a 4 or 5 bed room house for no more then 800.00 a month and it has to be in kalamazoo mi or parchment mi plz let me know thanks
Looking for real down to earth answers
I am planning to move to San Antonio within 2 years and would like some info. I am married,self employed in the home remodeling business, with 2 high school (boys) We are looking for a nice/safe neighborhood…
What is the least expensive way to sell your house other than sell by owner, or using a realtor?
Boy, those realtors & buyers agents charge a lot, meaning I have to pay a big chunk of hard earned monies if selling my house. I am not an expert or not my profession to sell a house with so many…
Potentially moving from Toronto Canada to work in Manhattan. Looking for somewhere to live that affordable and most important, in a good school zone
- kids will be entering grades 7 and 3 next September - trying to be in a community that has a jewish population - commute to NYC as close as possible Thanks...
Seeking a new place to call gome
Seeking a property that accepts section 8 vouchers...2bedroom max rent $780 per month
Wheres a good place to live between Delray and North Palm Beach Florida.
Currently live in Ft Lauderdale, work in Lake Worth. Want to move closer to work, wheres the best place. We are a new family w/ a 2month old.
We are planning on moving to the Houston Metro Area in mid to end of January. We plan to rent first and see what is available in the market.
For the rental we like a 3/2 townhouse or condo. I also see a lot of single family homes in the League City/Seabrook that I like to view. Please let me know if anyone have any suggestions/advices. Thank…
We are relocating from Cairo, Egypt to the Norfolk Virginia area. We would like some advice about the best places to live for families.
Our search criteria are: family friendly neighborhood, easy commute to Norfolk State University and quality elementary and high schools. I understand that Virginia Beach is preferable to Norfolk in…
Property management for renting out my current home?
I need to leave this neighborhood because my son got into some trouble with the locals. I am upside down in my loan. I could either short sale the house (I don't want to) or rent it out. I'm…
Basic costing for an international move?
When we moved to the US from the UK years ago, it was volume that determined the cost. Now we are due to move back and it seems to have switched to weight? Is that really the case? Expensive furniture…
My family is looking for at least 5 bedroom 2bath home for rent if possible. If possible in the hot springs area. Let me know what ya got!
The V.A Help get this home. The rent was 900$ mo. Now its 1300$. The agents are trying to help out to get it back down under 1200$.
I would like to know more about Rent to own programs
I would like to know more about the Rent to own programs
Taijuan Caldwell, looking for 1 bedroom 1 bath for around 800 a month please help
I am looking for a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment for atleast 800 a month located in oakland, ca san leandro, ca or hayward ca moving in asap!!!
when realtors tell you that they will do a credit check on you. what exactly are they looking for?
i am considering moving. me my bf and our children. well i went and paid the 50 dollar credit run fee. i am just curious to know what exactly are they looking for. to see if i pay my bills on time. for…
Questions about moving to NYC
Do my movers need to provide my building with anything? What should I check with my building before moving?
Honest and Reliable Mover in NYC
Looking for a cheap, honest and reliable mover in NYC. Any recommendation?
I'm looking for a home that accepts section 8 vouchers in the 76134 or 76063 area
My name is Sophia Harris and I am currently looking for a 3/2 for my children and I. The the most that the county will pay for is $938. Could you please help?
I cant seem to find a reliable moving company that would move my stuff out of state. I currently reside in brooklyn.
I have moved across states, twice in the past 3 years so i have seen the good (2men& a truck), the bad and the ugly (discover moving company). Just contacted ''2 men'' and their…
St. Augustine Florida Move
I am considering a move to St. Augustine Florida. I am trying to find a free relocation package and information packages about the schools. Any help would be appreciated.
BAD EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EXPERIENCE bad! ! looking for a house to rent in the area of ​​Jenks or Bixbi and .. very "good" and "Christian people supposedly" offered to help us with a super low price and ready to move!…
Moving Companies.
I'm looking for professional moving company. Could someone recommend any in Philadelphia? I would prefer a large company over a Mom and Pop company.
I'm working but looking for a broker or landlord for a one shot deal
I am a 30 yr old working women with a family that consists of one more adult that's working and a child that has a ssi income I'm looking for a broker or landlord that takes one shot deals for…
My husband transferred to Work in Pleasanton from 5am to 3pm. Question re: commute...
Between those hours, about how long is the commute? We are currently looking for a rental. We prefer a country style home and our budget has me looking to these cities and possibly Livermore if something…
Moving from England to America.....
...due to Hubby's job at the end of the year. He needs to be near Dulles Airport so we've been looking at Leesburg lots. We are coming for a visit at the end of October - any suggestions of what we should…
Who is the best Moving Company In Las Vegas, NV?
I am looking for a moving company in Las Vegas! Recently i have bought a home in Las Vegas.
Looking for a rural MO. home w/ acreage. Where can I find a small town with a welcoming community?
RN relocating w/ retired husband. Looking for a secluded location. We raise coonhounds!
I am looking for a home for sale by 92 Vanderpole
I want to move my son school so can u please help me find some houses on sell please
Need a personal relocation guide on house hunting trip
My family is relocating in 3 wks. to Atlanta. We sold our home in PA and must find a home rental ASAP! I fly in to Atlanta on Monday 12/1 to hunt. Does anyone offer this service to help guide me through…
Making a move from Orange County Ca to Couer D Alene/Spokane
I am looking to make a move from Orange County California to Spokane/Couer D Alene sometime this next year to become a part of my familys business and make a change in general. I am interested in the…
Does anyone rent homes to people with an eviction?
I have an eviction on my credit report back in 2008. I had gotten an apartment with an ex didn't work out etc. it's been hard trying to find a place and I'm currently trying to move with…
Possibly moving to Pittsburgh w/3 kids. Looking for neighborhood great for kids, family oriented, community feel. Better school districts are a must
Would really desire a basement....most likely a suburb so we could have a yard for the kids, which we don't have currently....2 car garage is a must, but school districts need to be good. Suggestions…
Can a foreign realtor be hired in the US?
I am currently in the US on an F-1 visa. My brother is a 25 yrs old licensed real estate saleperson and he works in Italy (his country of citizenship and residence). Over the past few years he has been…
How much does it cost to heat a 3 bedroom home?
Single mom with two young boys looking to purchase a three bedroom house in Nutley, NJ. Interested in hearing about average monthly costs of heat.
Where can i find private landlord rental with 1 eviction 1 yr ago?
I have one eviction 1 yr ago i have had a steady job flow since then. My boyfriend works out of town with no rental history. But only been employed for a month we meet income requirements can we anyone…
Flip the house. Sell house 2600 sq ft!
For SALE in Spring Hills,Fl. Tell me what to do next ty so much. I will send more and pic's.
Can i install window guard in Westgate II Edison nj 08820?
Good and bad experiences about moving in Cowansville qc
what you cannot find in Cowansville? What is the most difficult about living in Cowansville?
My Family and I are moving from Southern CA to the Franklin TN area. Is it possible to find a 4 bedroom home for under $2000 a month? In addition....
We would like a 4 bedroom single family home with a yard and would like to stay under or as close to $2000 a month. We are renting for now until we get accustomed to the area and know where we would like…
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