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Selling in one state, buying in another state...
Any good tips on selling in one state & buying in another state... at the same time?
Is Naples, FL a good place to relocate to with a family with young children? If so, what towns and schools would you recommend?
I have three children, 4, 3, and an infant. We are looking to relocate to Naples because of my husbands job relocation. I don't know much about the area and need some advice. I have researched…
How do I relocate to a new state starting from the bottom with nothing? What should be My first step? What should I look for? How long should I give?
myself? How do I find a job? How do I fnd a place to live? Thinking about movie from Michigan to Nevada and really want to do it the right way.
I'm a real estate investor with a client who needs to move to Superior . Can you help us?
She has a good amount of cash to put down coming from California. Can you help us with the moving process from out of state, understanding laws and benefits of home ownership, etc. Also how did the…
Possible relocation to King of Prussia, PA. Help!!
My husband is possibly getting promoted and transferred to King of Prussia, PA. We'd be relocating from Clearwater, FL and we know nothing about the lay of the land up there! We're looking for a nice,…
How do we know for sure we can get Cash 4 Keys?
We are RENTING (tenants) a home that was just approved for short sale, and is now in contract per realtor. We signed a MHAP frank Dodd form saying we MAY be eligible for up to 10k in relocation assistance.…
I'm considering moving to PWC and need to know more about the 22191, 22192, and 22193 areas.
I read online to stay away from 22191. Is there a reason for that? I prefer to be in a safe area.
Newer homes or town homes rental for a young family with kids and close to the highway
I am looking to rent a house/town house in Irvine. I have a 2-year old daughter. We like newer constructions and closer to the highway because I will be working in Long Beach. Can you recommend a newer,…
What's the best resorce for finding quality rental properties for QUICK relocation to northern VA?
My wife and I just recieved job offers in Alexandria, VA. We need to move in around August 15th giving us just over two weeks. We are a bit overwhelmed finding a place to rent that will meet our family's…
I looking to rent
But I have 1 evection from 5 years ago and bad credit , but I need a home for my 5 kids hubby and I , we have 3 years in this home but where asked to give it up because owners brother is moving in , we…
Looking to rent a well-kept condo in the Kennebunks (800-1000 SF) with possible option to buy. Do those properties exist?
I'm a long-time Kennebunker looking to move back into the area after a decade away. Kids are grown now, and I just need a small home with an extra bedroom. Maintenance free.
Advise relocating to Darmstadt
Hello Everyone, I recently got an offer to work in EUMETSAT as IT Systems Engineer. I won't be on EUMETSAT payroll but I will be a direct hire of Pactum consultancy U.K. and I will be working as a contractor…
Looking for a 2-3 bedroom in Bradford/Haverhill
I am looking for 2-3 bed in Haverhill/Bradford. I have a 8 yr old Neutered Boxer. Up to date on rabbies dog License. 14 yr old son a 9 yr old daughter. I work at Massachusetts General Hospital and have…
New job in Hershey, moving from NYC
I accepted a job in Hershey, PA. I am looking for a place to live in a safe, walkable neighborhood close to coffee shops and restaurants. Do you have any suggestions on possible places that fit that category?…
I rented a home built in 1975. The floors, toilets, sinks, garage door are the originals. I believe the garage door might need to be replaced.
The door is cracked but still works, how much would I be responsible for , again the door is 40 years old. We have lived here for 2 years.
Moving from Philly to Dallas on July 1st
Looking for 2 bdrm apt. close to public trans. and shopping. Credit not all that great, but I am able to afford down payment. Would like someone who has experience with all that relocating from one state…
How much is HOA at Annabelas Townhouses?
This question was asked from…
Hi, my name is sha. My sister, my niece, and I are looking to relocate to Las Vegas. We're not really sure where to start, but I figure if I
start by working on finding a place to live, while she works on finding a jobs, then we'll be on out way. We were wondering if anyone would be willing to help us or know anyone who is. Or even just…
Moving to the mountains
My boyfriend and I live in the 2nd worst town in America per capita. The only reason we live here is because it's affordable. We're ready to move away from this place. We're really calm,…
Private Landlords
Looking to move to atlanta ga. Anyone know how I can find any private landlords or apartments that will work with your credit score? I've checked trulia craigslist and hotpads and had no luck. Please…
Help its my dream to move to Florida
Im 18 and I need a cheap condi or apartment big enough for just me. The place needs to be in walking distance to transportation routes that take you to and from the Tampa Florida Aquarium and it needs…
Where to live for easy commute to nyc and is viable for recent grad students?
My friend and I are looking into relocating now that I have graduated from college. It's time to leave our college town. I'm an actor and she's a forensic biologist. We're looking for places around…
My husband and I will be relocating to Indianapolis (from Georgia) in June. What are some safe neighborhoods that are still accessible to the city?
We are looking for a safe, quiet, and affordable neighborhood that is outside of the downtown area. My husband will be working at Indiana University Health (Methodist Hospital), so the city would still…
Accepting Walker Settlement
Are there any home owner accepting the Walker Settlement Voucher in the Mesquite or Glenn Heights area or near these locations?
What Mobile home parks or communities to move my home to in the Southern area of McDonough or Stockbridge areas?
I am retiring soon and if I have hard time selling my homes, I was thinking of moving my home to an area near my children. If so, where are the parks or communities you can recommend.
hi i would like to know if there is any nice apartment 2 beds/2baths max $1.200 per month to rent ASAP???
for four people, we wold like to move by the end of august/beggining ofseptember, contact me
Agent ok home inspectors to tear up carpeting.
Can an Agent ok home inspectors to tear up wall/wall carpeting?
What is a good location?
From Mississippi and planning to move my family to Georgia or texas.....any information about either would be appreciated.....what are some good areas
I am moving in August to a smaller apartment in the same complex, but it is two blocks away.
I had a moving company come by to look at what will be packed and the man said for packing supplies and move it would be $1000. Is that okay?
Does anyone have any ideas as to how landscape businesses do in this area?
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Any 3br section 8 accepted homes in Raleigh Nc available for rent now?
Hi. I'm a section 8 voucher holder by the name of Amoni. I'm in Pa transferring to NC the end of the month. I'm still having trouble landing a home for myself and Sons. I need help and fast.
Help! Need advice on relocating to another state
My husband and I have two children and currently live in Rock Falls, Illinois. We are discussing the possible relocation of our family to the St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida area. We do not know anyone…
If approved by the Town of Canton in May 2015, how much will this development affect home values in the area?
Visit this site to see the scope of this proposal:
THE BIG MOVE: Davenport, Fl or elsewhere for proximity to MGM??
My husband and I are looking to rent a 4/2-3 house near Disney World, in particular MGM for max $1200. We have been looking at Davenport, Fl. Is this a good area? Or does it have "not so good"…
Looking for a fresh start in North Carolina couple. Newly wed female same sex family. 11yr child so kid friendly would be nice. Open to all
suggestions. Would like to be no further than an hour away from an airport so we could travel easily back to new jersey.
How long does it usually take to close a rental?
I am living overseas and we will be moving to the RTP area in a couple of months. I would like to rent something as quick as possible to avoid having to pay hotel fees for our family of 5. Is it possible…
How do I yransfer my section 8 over to NEVADA, does my voucher go up since its in a difrent state?
I currently in California a just got my voucher wanting to relocate
I'm seeking a 3bedroom 2bath or a 4bedroom 2bath accepting section8 voucher between 1,200.00 to 1,300.00 on the North side of Raleigh
my voucher was transferred from Boston Ma and I'm really in need of help I don't know anything about Raleigh is there anyone that could please help me
My name is Kaitly Oliver my husband Lance and my 1 year old Tucker. We currently live in an apartment but have until June 19th to find somewhere (we
don't want to renew our lease) we pay 700$ a month for rent and we are trying to find something ANYTHING around the same price range anywhere to rent or rent to own any help would be greatly appreciated!
Are there any realtors in mnnesota that can help find section 8 housing?
Hello me and my mother are looking to downsize to a 2br home in the twin cities area. We have a section 8 voucher. We have the deposit and every thing. We need assistance willing to pay a realtor for some…
I to know why are there no rentals in La Mesa area.near lake.Murray. area. I have my section 8 vochure
I need assitants in finding a place near La mesa area or..san carlos.area.places that expect pets i have a small dog
anyone have any rentals in the area of 78254,78253,78251 without credit check under 1100? need in 2 wks for a family they have no pets.
anyone have any rentals in the area of 78254,78253,78251 without credit check under 1100? need in 2 wks for a family they have no pets.
Cost to advertise ? For a New Home Builder
What is the cost for a non Real Estate Broker. Other companyies such as banks, mortgage companies,movers,new home builder,etc..
What is the weather like in the summer and winter?
I want to know how hot is it in the summer and how cold in the winter and does it snow their and rain a lot, we are planning on relocating form Los Angeles, CA
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