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Are there any coop value and lifestyle projections for Harlem, particularly around 119th and Madison?
I'm shopping for a home around 119th and Madison. I'm interested in finding out insider tips on value projections for the next 5 years and possible new shopping developments (chain stores, starbucks,…
Do all banks charge 20% down payment?
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Is there anyway to find listing price versus sales price for homes in Edmond, Oklahoma 73034?
Is price per square foot universal in that a new home would be the same per square foot as a 5 year old home? Price per square foot seems to be the general rule here, but I don't know where to find anything…
I listed my house 2 weeks ago and have had only 2 showings.
I listed my house 2 weeks ago and have had only 2 showings. I expected more since it just hit the market. Is it a buyers market or sellers market right now? My house is in an excellent school district…
is there room to build a garage?
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why are prices in new rochelle going down?
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It is near of Annie Vitton school?
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All things being equal, do concrete block houses sell for more than wood framed homes?
As I window-shop south county homes at the lower end price point (say 100k - 160K), it seems as though wood frame houses sell for less than comparable block homes. I could be imagining things or if there…
I really want a house that is being listed at 219,000. However we have only been per approved for 150,000. Is it too low to put in an offer?
Just to clarify, when we first talk to the loan officer she said don't look over 220,000. Otherwise I would have never toured the home. I asked my realtor if she'd put in a bid, and she said…
Sam Houston state university
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I will be fileing for an abatement here in 03894 in protest to our most recent 11.32% increase, property assessment. How do I proceed ?
land value in particular went up by 50.9%, a rather hefty increase I would say! This alone accounts for almost all of the final assessment !
You have the incorrect size of my house. The size is 3326 sq feet. My home is located at 6212 N Innisbrook Dr, Hixson. Total lot size is correct
My lot size is larger than any of your comparisons. We have just completed a $45,000 redo of the master bath and master walk in closet and a $16,000 deck redo along with a $10,000 redo of the sun room…
Why Invest in Real Estate in Florida?
Fort Lauder dale is my preferred location to invest.
how do i contact someone to buy the home?188
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What do you like/dislike about living at Tradewinds? How often do you hear sirens and/or airplanes?
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are there snakes by the streams there?
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2014 Median sales price for homes in the area is $160.00 Asking price reflects 2008 prices. Is seller willing to make a considerable adjustment?
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I am thinking of retiring to Brunswick Forest. I have notice many houses on Lillibridge drive for sale. Is their any particular resin why?
Also notice for the same style and type of home a wide variation in price can you tell me why?
Is this house in a flood plain?
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What is the neighborhood like? Crime? Gangs etc...?
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how is mustang elementary school with special needs kids?
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How safe is Hamilton Heights for a woman walking at night to transit to Hunter college?
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I really like bi-level homes but I have been told that they do not re-sell well and stay on the market longer
By "Bi-level" I mean stair entry with kitchen/dining room above and rumpus room or bonus room below. Is this a myth? or are Rambler/Ranch and Colonial really the power houses of the market? I am a first…
Current market condition: Smart to buy?
My husband will be stationed at MCAS Beaufort next year (about Summer-early fall 2016). We are considering buying a home and are wondering the condition of the real estate market. We are first time home…
Inflated list price of the homes in Haile
I notice that the list price of the homes in Haile are still inflated as compared to the sale price. Why is this? Would it be easier on the seller and buyer if the homes were listed for a more accurate…
what is a fair market price for purchase this property?
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Do you have to pay a spc rent?
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When is it looking like a good time to buy?
I currently live in an apartment in south Tampa and looking to be come a first time home owner. My original goal was to purchase next October but it has become increasingly clear to me this is a buyers…
How easy do you think it will be to sell a condo in Speer around October 2015? What do you predict for trends later this year for this market?
Building is not FHA approved, condo is located at 2nd and Sherman. One bedroom, garden level. New hardwood floors, paint, open floor plan, 600 sq ft, secure entry, quick possession.
Are Chinese real estate investors rapidly increasing property values in the U.S.?
This article contains facts and charts to help spark this discussion:
Are we about to go into another real estate bubble?
This article contains facts and charts to help spark this discussion:
Looking for the current average value of residential land in Anderson Township (Forest Hills School District)?
Can anyone tell me the average value of residential (established neighborhood) land in Anderson Township/Hamilton County (Forect Hills School District) right now (per acre)?
What is a good price to offer?
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Do I need the full purchase price in cash or cashier's check at time of sale if I am the winning bidder?
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What kind of property is this?
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how much are the monthly maintenance fees at Montauk Manor?
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What is the low, mid, and high prices of properties in the Bridgeport 60616 area?
Is it possible to tell me how many days on average they are on the market for each of those price ranges given?
Should I expect my realtor to give me some feedback after showing my property? Do I get a copy of the signed realtor contract?
I have a feeling I made a mistake after she told me that they sold stick built homes for the price I am asking for my home and almost 2 acres. Conflict of interest is perhaps possible.
I am trying to estimate the 1983 average value of a house in the Heathcote area of Scarsdale. Can you assist?
This is needed in connection with an estate tax calculation where the records of original cost are lost. House was acquired in 1983, so an average house price for Scarsdale or average for the Heathcote…
Hello. What is the current market value for single family home rentals in 95677.?
We are landlords and are forecasting for our tenant's lease renewal and wanted to know the average rental costs for homes in the zip code. It is a 3BD/2BA, 1302 square foot residence on a 7800 square…
What'a the HOA for this property?
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Where can I find historical market value for Property value rental income for a long-term analysis (10 year history)?
Good Morning. I am a Pilot for the NAVY just transferred into the Norfolk region and am thinking about getting my hand into the realestate market for the first time with an investment property. My goal…
28488 us hwy 19 lot 34
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Historical (sale) price data (median, SF) for Overland Park.
Bonus if can get breakdown by size e.g. bd and for Johnson County as a whole. The longer back for comparison purposes, the better.
What is the best way to find out if a property is priced accurately?
Looking at a new construction in Downers. The builder just increased the price by 50K. Even though new, it looks to be on the high end compared to other properties in the neighborhood. Obviously, I want…
Is this in the east stroudsburg area school district & if so would it be in the south campus or the north campus?
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9265 North Forty Atascadero
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Why are home values dropping so fast in zip 55415?
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rider university
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Is this area safe to live in?
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I want my kids to go to fort Osage school district while I'm living in Hawthorne place is that possible?
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