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Should I get involved a property manager in process of buying a property immediately?
I am going to buy a property with a real estate agent assistance for further renting it out with a property manager assistance.
i I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for areas that are good for buy and hold / cash-flow / income properties in South Florida.
i I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for areas that are good for buy and hold / cash-flow / income properties in South Florida. What are areas that are undervalued or that have potential? I'm…
Is it ok to buy land as investment in High crime area because of cheap price ?
Hi,I saw the land in north of Minneapolis and get to know the crime rate is high but the land price is so cheap ,Is it a good idea to buy the land and keep it as investment for couple of years and will…
In search for a Aggressive knowledge buyer agent
I am looking for investment properties and looking for a good knowledgeable buyer agent, i am looking near VCU , Richmond, VA area to lease to the students for stable cash-flow.
Hello all, I am looking for an investment property that i can rent out either monthly or yearly. I am looking for a location that is easy to rent.
Which area's should i look into? I plan on buying a property within the next 6 month. Thank you in advance for your help.
I want to buy a rental investment property with $30k. Any livable/rentable good property in the entire USA in that price range?
I've 30k to invest and I'm thinking of investing in a rental investment property. I'm open to any place in the USA as long as a rental management company can manage the property and rent…
Do HOA fees ever include property management?
If so how do you learn which ones do aside from contacting the agent(s) on each listing one by one, or association by association. I don't have a REA.
Which Panama City Beach Condo has the best vacation rental yield for a $250,000 cash purchase price?
I Have $250,000 all cash to invest in a PCB Condo and I am wondering which condo would provide the best net return after all fees etc. Here are several condos I have been looking at: Palazzo **Shores…
What area in Dallas should a young, aspiring investor be looking into?
Should the investment be in land, small fixup home to rent, small fixup home to resell? What do you think of a condo/apartment to live in, payoff and then rent in the future?
I'm looking to partner with a realtor who works mainly with investors in the NE Ohio area. Thanks!
Someone who can provide investor referrals, invests in mutli-family properties, is willing to do market analysis, research, provide rental values and best areas to invest in etc.
How do you find a good realtor that knows about foreclosures?
Process, who qualifies, is the property a good buy etc.
im an eager foreign investor who is interested with property investment in houston.
Many advices/ads about property at /- 100k at some developing Houston suburb. But somehow I m thinking more of an area like medical centre, university place, museum district, galleria ( i only been here…
I'm thinking of buying a MANUFACTURED HOME and renting it out on my own Lot. Cheaper than building a SFR.
I own a large lot in southern ca zoned R3. I was thinking of building 2 rental units but the price per sq ft. On construction is $90-$100. I can buy 2 (3 bed/2 bath) manufactured homes for less than $100,000.…
I'm a foreigner looking for an investment property in Miami, my budget is low (100-150 K) Where is the best place to buy and then rent?
I prefer long term rental, low maintenance property as I don't live in the US. Thank you in advance!!!!
I just want to get quick survey. What is everyone opinion about investing in property on West Chester Pike?
I notice WAWA is building a gas station and store on the 8200s block. Do you guy think there any other groups that willing to come in and develop build more business on Route 3??
46-232 Kahuhipa St Kaneohe
Hi there- just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on 46-232 Kahuhipa in Kaneohe. I don't know the area well- is it an OK building? Thoughts on rental price for a 2 br 1 bath? Thanks so much!
What is the difference between a coop building, Single family, Condo, etc?
What are the different types of buildings in NYC that one can buy, and what is the best type of building for someone looking for an investment propriety to rent out?
Looking for a 100 (plus/minus) Unit Mobile Home Park on the east/west coast of Florida.
If you have one of interest, please let me know. No LoopNet listings please. Phil Rotondo, Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
I am an investor & agent in the DC area looking into Spfld market (my hometown). Curious, what are typical lease rates for SFH in Northern Estates?
For a typical 3/2, ~1300, brick ranch. Also, what is typical DOM in Northern Estates & Northridge for a similar product? Thank you!
I'm seeking a private investor. Need a private investor A.S.A.P.
12% interest or 15% of profit per closing.
International investor looking for a trusted real estate agent in Miami! 200-250k condo
Hi, I am an international investor looking to spend 200-300k on an investment condo in Miami with a good rental income return. I need a trusted real estate agent with experience in setting up LLCs/ applying…
Anyone have suggestions for investing in Income Property in Broward County or within an hour or two of here?
How is the rental market here? What are GRMs, returns and Cap rates in the area? Does anyone know of the 2% rule? Anyone have recommendations for cities in this area where there's possible appreciation…
I'm from Canada; interested in a solid investment vacation rental.
I would like to work with an agent who is experienced with banking for foreigners as well as buying investment property. Would like someone with the patience to develop a long term business relationship.
Investment property in NYC
I am interested in purchasing investment property in NYC. Ideally something I could live in for a year or two before renting it out. However I foresee two potential issues and I am wondering if there…
Should I sell my Detroit rentals now or continue to rent them?
I have two rentals in Detroit in the zip code of 48228. Purchase both rentals about 3 years ago.Purchased/improved rentals with approx. $16K on a line of credit plus approx $10K in cash. Being a landlord…
Am considering purchasing a vacation home in South Lake Tahoe which we would also rent out and would appreciation information on a few topics?
-Avg occupancy rate/rental income for vacation rental -NV vs CA -condo vs single family -most sought after size (i.e. bedrooms) for vacation rentals
What is the best Property Management company in the Franklin/Nashville area? Most affordable, best quality of service, etc.
I'm moving to another state within the next year. I go back and forth with the question to sell or rent? I know my house is an incredible investment, but don't know if renting would be a huge headache.…
Who can do a blanket loan on the land that is under old manufactured homes?
I have 22 that are older mobile homes. I need to borrow to pay all my outstanding debts of $500 K. I need a 30 year fixed rate. I have 20 of 22 paid for. The value is around $40 K each making the collateral…
What are the regulations regarding short-term rentals in Metro West Orlando?
My husband and I are considering purchasing a rental property in Orlando, and came across a condominium which fits the type of property that we are looking for. We are looking to see if there are any…
Is a better option to buy an apartment than to rent it in Houston?
I will move toHouston in October. I don't know which is better option if pay a rent or pay a loan taxes condo. Please give me an advise.
Where are most investors buying and selling with a good amount of success in and around tampa?
Hi guys, Don't mean to be cliche, but I have an inheritance and I don't want it to just sit in the bank. Is there a pretty desirable area where investors are having pretty good results? I'd like to be…
I am interested in purchasing the property next door to me in Guttenberg, NJ as an investment. The property is on a 25x100 lot, and is three floors.
The building is an old home in need of many repairs. I am thinking of knocking down the house at the current time, and selling it along with my property in the near future. How much should I offer for…
investor in Phx looking for wholesale properties in Indy. Also looking for contractor and mgmt company referral.
I am also interested to find a good realtor that can help me buy and sell. Sometimes I will be selling on Owner financing.
Information on duplex sales in 2014
Know the average price of duplex, triplex sales and time on the market in Coeur D Alene, Hayden & Hayden Lake Interested in guidance
Looking for a 100 ( /-) unit Mobile Home Park on the East/West Coast of Florida.
Please not loopnet listings. Please contact me if you have anything of interest. . Phil Rotondo, Realtor Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate 1-321-698-5893
I'm looking for a realtor in Dallas area that specializes in investment property. Any recommendations to narrow search are appreciated.?
I live overseas so I need a reliable realtor with extensive experience. Considering condo/apt/townhome with access to restaurants, parks, etc., (Oak Lawn, etc., ) Anything from studio on up. Budget…
What's the best method of shooting video of a listing?
Been using a drone to shoot aerial shots, but it's incredible taxing -
I am looking for a good general contractor, flooring guy and also a painter. Anyone have any suggestions?
I am also looking for an investor friendly realtor that can help source deals and get my rehabbed homes sold fast.
Possible to find investment property around 70-80K cash in Tampa?
I am on the market for a rental property. I am looking to pay 70-80k cash. Is there anything in or around Tampa in this range that is still in a safe neighborhood? What neighborhoods would be good to consider?…
i own a home in feasterville pa and I am looking to rent it out? What licenses and or certifications do I need to legally do this?
I know I will have to check with the township but I am hoping for a response from someone who currently rents out a property in Feasterville , so they can tell me exactly what needs to be done.
what is the safest, family friendly neighbourhood in atlanta?
I would like to purchase house 3 bedrooms,2 bath, hall, kitchen , basement , in good neighborhood area and to be tenant in Atlanta-GA . Which place do you recommend me to invest? I need good location the…
Looking for an investor friendly real estate agent in Philadelphia?
Need an agent motivated and knows the market very well/
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