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Are rentable coops good real estate investments?
Is it better to purchase a condo or coop for real estate investment (coops that can be rented that is)?
I would like to buy co-op in fort lee, nj. As I am a retired widow, safy and conbinience are the most important. As I no longer drive, most outing
must be done on foot, by bus, taxi. I want to avoid air poluted area. I cannot pay more than $140,000 for one bed room co-op. The co-op must be financialy sound. Too mush asking? Would you please recomment…
I need a property owners name
What is the property owner's name?
hello im renting a property from the mgnt company! how do i reach actually owner the mgnt team are beyond rude and unhelpful thanks?
the rent is modest apt is nice but the rental mgnt team is rude unhelpful and dont wanna fix anything.
Do people realize...this home has a healthy mix of families, retired, mid-life persons? My inlaws lived in this great home (6710 63rd Terrace Bradenton) which they built...and one of their married children & family lived across the small lake from them. There are some restrictions, but they keep the Whisper Bend neighborhood nice.…
Recommendation on which neighborhood we should be looking for a renting house. Thank you
We will be moving in the area (Morris/Florham park, NJ) in July, looking for recommendation on which neighborhood we should be looking for a renting house. Thank you
Northcrest Ranch is a wonderful area. If you are looking for acerage your can get it here. Homeowners can have animals and you will see Horses as
well. To my knowleage and the owners (original owner) this home has never flooded. The propertys in Northcrest Ranch start at approx. $300,000 The homes with more than 2 acres are on the higher end.…
sorry. 3650 S Glebe Rd, the eclipse
wanted to know the nearest station to the Eclipse at 3650 south glebe rd and or shuttle service to the metro?
there was a house for 75K, I made an offer of 58K, the seller countered with 65K- But I saw the house and it needs a new bathroom, updating kitchen,
roofing, new Bilco door in bsmt & other work. Should I counter with 62K and ask for them to pay the closing?
i have lived in my house for 16 years. Kids all graduated from Grand Blanc, used to feel safe until a hateful old woman moved in across the street.
Threatening to call the poe..leese on my dog who is tied to my side. I guess its time to move. Times have changed. Dont need her bs. got another place for me to move to?
The city goverment is the pits,other than that and the school system is stretched for money . I have lived there for 30plus years. When Ike came we?
had 3foot of water in home out by highland park, moved to Texas City and sold Lamarque home. School system at Texas city seem's better for our special needs child.
We are looking at homes for sale in the gated community Stuart West, Palm City Florida.. Are there restrictions for no. of dogs and can you breed dogs
We are looking to buy a home in the gated community stuart west. I am aware that you can have 1 horse per acre and only board fencing.. can you have 7 dogs? and are you allowed to breed dogs (just one…
Prices of sold homes in 78249 2010-11
What are the prices of homes sold in the Oakland Heights Association?
are the people very friendly?
?im going to be renting a house at 209 sandpiper dr im coming from salisbury,md .i dont know anyone there i have two children ages 10,6. boy and girl.we want ot be settled in by the end of july.will…
Hi there, my husband and I are looking at a house to buy off of Margery Street. The house is on a quarter of an acre but backs up to I205. Because of
this we are really nervous about noise and the resale value of the home. Will any one that lives in the area give us some insight on what it is like living in this particular area of the neighborhood?
I have lived in Sunset Park my whole life (28 years). It is a beautiful neighborhood with a charm and unique character all it's own. It's a safe
place to raise a family and very close to Manhattan by train (downtown in 20 minutes or less!). You will fall in love with the 5th avenue shopping center, the fresh farmer's market in the summer and the…
How do I find out what the covenants are?
I am interested to know if a fence can be put up in the yard, in a particular neighborhood, before I put an offer on a house there. How can I find out what the covenants are for the area?
I was trying to research historical information on this house, I tried searching the jason fuller house
-- This question is about this property:
William Lyons home on 9th st
I'm considering to purchase a single family house from William Lyons on 9th St and Taylor. It's facing a busy Taylor Street. What do people think of this property? Will it appreciate 4-6% anually…
Like a home in Lexington Park. New to area and it bumps up to a townhome community West Mount. Home in great shap new rough and updates throughout.
None finished basement. Is it better to get a home updated throughout and finish basement later or get a basement finished, but the home need updating in main living area. Has comp rough which is worth?…
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