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what real estate site can I get sold comps for 2010?
I need 90 day rule of sold comps for property valuation appeal. Comp of sold like home Jan.1, 2020-March 31, 2010.
I'm wondering about property crime for Hope Valley Farms North. I looking to move within the next few months and would like to move into that area,
however, I was wondering why so many people are moving from that area. Is it because of crime or theft reasons?
Do university students make good neighbors?
In predominantly adult/over 55 plus some youg professionals, do univerity students make good neighbors?
I am interested in the property on Stuart Road. I understand that it was sold, but because of black mold caused by flooding in the basement no
lending institution would would take it on. It would be a strictly cash deal for me. What is the status of the property? RAD, San antonio, TX
Is that a public beach right there. How far from the 21 acre lot to the beach. Can you bike it or walk it or do you have to drive it. What are the?
rules, can you just use it to park a camper on it or do you have to build a house on it. How about hunting as well. The best times to reach me is after 3 and on the weekends Dutch. Talk soon Matt
Yes is this house build on a slate , does the water get up around this house how far is it from 1204 Hwy53 ,, the reason the siding look like
water damage is at the base .. Thanks ps have got any pictures of the inside of the house if so could u send them to me please at
I am searching for a home. My credit score is 610 and would probably increase if I paid off collections list on my credit report. Everything prior
was good, but disability has caused that to change. I have verifiable monthly income and could afford a home of some sort. I am presently paying $750 in monthly rent and do fine with that. No car payment,…
Can you correct the spelling of the area "Mission Grove" in Riverside, CA 92506? It says "Masson Grove"
This is a nice area..... misspelled name. No such area as "Masson Grove"
How about those HOA's?
If you have read some of my answers, you know about my feelings toward HOA's: But how about this HOA that has filed a LAWSUIT because this family has a sign on their lawn lauding their son, who is…
Is it true the Kimberly-Clark Paper Mill is being torn down? If so, will property value Bayside go up?
The mill is located on Marine Vw Dr in Everett Wa 98201 Bayside neighborhhood on the marina.
What is wrong with Craig Ranch in McKinney?
I was looking at a lot for sale in the Settlement and noticed that whole neighborhoods were bank-owned REO's. Would it be better to stay up in the Lake Forest area?
My husband and I and our shih-tzu two year old Kaley Rose would like to find a nice place to rent for Jan -Mar 2012 and would appreciate your help in
finding a home for us with comfortable recliners and sofa and king bed and we would be so happy!!!! Carolynn Duncan 1210 Pine Pointe Curve St. Peter, Mn 556082
Can someone tell me the basic rules and regulations for the Orangecrest area? Are their any dog restrictions? What about inside the home?
I've heard horror stories about HOA's controlling how your home looks like inside that true? What if I want to change stuff inside (not ad on to home but put different counter tops etc..).…
I may be interested in making an offer on 10 Los Amigos, Harlingen TX 78552. If possible, please provide additional pictures along with the following
information: (1) Condo Parking-is a covered parking garage included in the price of the condo or is there an additional montlhy fee for parking? (2) Condo Fees-what are the monthly condo fees and what…
Estoy intersada en comprar casa pero me preocupa porque no quiero vivir como comenta alguien que es como si viviera en Africa. Quiero encontrar una
area donde vivan americanos raza blanca, tengo dos ninas que van a la escuela secundaria no quiero tener problemas como lo tubieron unas ninas hijas de una amiga que tubieron que cambiarse a la escuela…
i live right across the street from proposd complex. the traffic will be unbearable on harrison ave. as it is pretty bad now. roseland is selling out
went to a meeting last night. there may be proof that trees were cut down prior to the variance change without permits. citizens have proof. this means preparations were taking place even before anything…
The waterwway seems very narrow to the river. IF we purchased this home would we be able to navigate a 21foot Grady or Boston Whaler thru to the
river? Any idea of the water depth? narrowest part of channel is how wide? Hope to hear from you soon.
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