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Nature's Hideaway
Looking for some inside info on the neighborhood of Nature's Hideaway. Do people enjoy living there? Are the residents nice? How is the HOA? Has there ever been any assessments? How is the crime rate?
Detroit Michigan: What to do about a property purchased for $12k that has 2013 taxes due of $2,500? The tax is more than 20% of the value of the home!
Hi everyone, I have 4 properties that I purchased in 2013 and each one has 2013 taxes due. The problem is the amount of tax is quite excessive compared to the value of the property. I have been reading…
My wife and I actually viewed this location Cider Hill Creek Road. At $529,000 i thought that it was a bit pricy it being so far from the Ocean and
in particular Long Sands. Can resident of York purchase a season parking pass and if so, where does the pass allow you to park, at Long Sands if you get there early enough? Getting back to the price, I…
I am looking for land in Sewickley and something that would have a view of the river and/or town of sewickly. If needed I would buy land across the
river from Sewickley to have a view of the river and town. If nothing like that is available then I would want to purchse 5-10 acres on the top of a hill in the Sewickley area. Any help is appreciated
Home on Linden Ave. in Glenside, PA. Good neighborhood???
Looking at home on Linden Ave. in Glenside, PA. Can anyone tell me about the area? Good or Bad part of town? Really interested in living in that area for awhile. Thanks.
Are there many military retirees in your area? AND is good hospitalization near?
My husband is retired AirForce and grew up in TN. I am a native Texan and we are both looking for a good solid place to finish out our years and a pretty place as TN is too far from our children.…
Please, I am begging that we do not lose our lease option home R's... Please! Thsi is home...
Please, please let ME get the job and I'll pay the lease on time, every time. I just got my car, and interviewed with jobs. Please we need to stay, please its my children's home... what can I do? If I…
I relocated to Pittsburgh 3 months ago (in Sep 2011), and my husband and I are looking to purchase a single family house. I have a 3 year old son, so
I have to think about schools while I'm house hunting. How do you rate Upper St Clair versus Peters Twp regarding a school-commute-property condition overall combination? And how is pre-school availability…
What will be the impact on Mid-Town Ventura after the completion of CMH?
From the homeowner, the business person and the commuter perspective.
HOw is this part of Gilbert as far as crime?
?...priceville rd area and around where the peach festival is held each year..are these areas ok to live in?
When is the land at Lakewood/lawn South off the service road going up for sale? It is right next to the huge pumping station.
When is the land at Lakewood/lawn South off the service road going up for sale? It is right next to the huge pumping station.
Pool vs No Pool
We recently purchased a home in Pleasanton Meadows with a 10kgallon fiberglass pool. It's a basic rectangular shape w/no tile and pool/equipment are original to the 1987 home, some chalking. The lot is…
What do you love most about Philadelphia? Where's your favorite restaurant? Go-to coffee shop?
I'm always interested in where fellow Philadelphians love about our great city.
Can an agent force you to stay in a listing agreement if they themselves become the buyer and the deal gets contentious?
I was told I had two options I sell him the house, or let him sell it, after I discovered that he had not accurately priced the house and then inserted himself into the deal prior to it being listed on…
I'm wanting help with selling my house. I know there is no "crystal ball" advice when it comes to predicting when prices will go back up.
We are considering selling in a year or year in a half. (Sooner if the market looks good). Our home is off Huber in Fairfield, CA.
Flood insurance and Real Estate properties in Brighton Beach/Sheepshead Bay.
How is flood insurance affecting the Real Estate market for Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn? After hurricane Sandy, I am assuming flood insurance will be on a rise, but would it be reasonably…
I'll be moving to the Las Vegas Country Club, (89109) soon. Where do the locals go as far as bars and restaurants?
Also, I like to walk, but it looks like the areas North, (Karen Ave and Sahara Ave) and East, (Maryland Pky) of LVCC would not be the best areas to walk. Thank you, Bill
Is Buffalo Grove a family oriented community?
Looking at moving to Buffalo Grove after 1st of year...want family oriented, close-knit community
What are the some of the locals favorite restaurants in Madison, GA? Is there any music or entertainment on the weekends?
Riccardos (formally the Icehouse), Town 220, Perk Avenue, Amici, and Chop House are some of the favorites.... Perk Avenue usually has live music on the weekends.
Ho do I find house comps for 2008 for Zip 36532
I wish to callenge my pro[erty tax which has gone up while house prices have gone down.
Why would you let FEMA's new mapping of flood zones deter you from buying in oceanfront neighborhoods?
Some of the new "X" flood zones that have recently been added to the maps have a minimal yearly payment. Calculated by the amount of the mortgage, for example, on a $300,000 mortgage flood insurance can…
I appreciate everyone's help on my last question. In no way did I mean it that question into bad way, shape, or form. I am currently new to the area
I needed professional guidance and someone with experience in the bucktown area! Thank you trulia for your consideration and time you took to look into my question and give me great advice! I think it…
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