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Why are semi-custom homes located in Olive Park on Irwindale Ave. compared to Avalon tract homes? The comparison is not equal (i.e. apples to oranges)
Irwindale ave. is located in Olive Park rather than the Avalon tract of homes. The comparisons are not equal. For example, the homes on Cherry Valley in the Avalon tract are in no way comparable to the…
How close is too close when buying a home near the railroad tracks? We are looking at a home near 377 and are worried about railroad noise!
The house is less than a mile from the tracks, near the Ranchette Estates neighborhood. Thanks!
Is Dorset Avenue a good street to buy on?
? I saw a property at 205 N Dorset that looks very reasonable. Anyone know anything about the area and if the price seems normal for the area?
Like to know if this area is well populated & if this surburb is rentable. Saw a nice home 4 sale & am very keen on buying it,like to know how close
it is to major shopping malls,Banks etc I'm from Australia & like to one day live there visited Az. in May-June of this year loved the area & locals was made very welcomed by all.
Hello, I have a friend that moved to Maricopa last June and she loves it. I live in New Jersey and worked in the correction field for juveniles for
15years. I've been looking at homes and I'm very impressed. My question would be, what is the job market in this area for correction officers? Any information would be helpful and greatly appreciated.…
REPORT ON A FRAUD IN ACTON (LONDON UK) from Rothschilds office. Before filling a report against Rothchild ink, I ask confirmation if is yours servic
Rothschild company I am writing to you to inform of the fraud that have been subjected by Mr. Wayne Edwards, who claims to be your agent in Acton Town, London, United Kingdom. This individual has an…
Is Sunrise a safe place to live?
? I have viewed houses in the area, and also observed the neighborhoods and they seem okay. There is crime and such all over San Antonio. I really like the area and would like to live here. It is hard…
I saw where it is not for sale at present, that it was off the market. Is someone else interested in purchasing this home. I want to confirm the
asking price of the home. The last time I checked it was $148,000. Has the price been reduced? Barbara Allen
What are homes selling for in Dublin, CA?
Wondering what stats are for January 2012? Latest information just posted.
Trulia list of comparable recently sold homes is not qualified as evidence for County Board of Revision
Can you provide source for your listing which is acceptable by Board of Revision?
Looking to retire in Corvallis because my daughter lives/works in Eugene--in 3 to 6 years. We like an active country club with social events. Any?
recommendations? Also, we'd like an updated home with a large kitchen, one story, with a open view--which neighborhoods? Linds127
I am interested in this property. What kind of heat does it have? What do utilities run? What are the taxes?
? Does it have AC. How old are the shingles on the roof? What kind of windows are there on the house? Thanks for any info you can give me. kathy
Best places for lunch in Houston, Texas - What is your favorite?
Houston has the most dynamic and expanding choices for lunch in the United States. What is your favorite lunch spot and why?
I'm trying to find a house to rent on golden bell dr. I have a brother that lives in that area. I love the house on trulia 741. the layout is
prefect. can anyone help please. I know its a quiet neighbor hood and that is what I like and want.
How can i take over a home payment?
I ha this person the dont want too looss his home and ask me to get for mi but i dont know how to do this
7220 west haddenotter lane homosasser 34446
can you locate owner too see if interested in a sale
Can I get a list of homes sold in the last half of 2007 for zip 92127?
1600 sq ft to 1800 sq ft in Rancho Bernardo We lost our house in the fires in this area in October of 2007 and I need a value for the house that we lost for tax purposes. We had a Santa Fe model 1791…
I only have a credit score of 601 I'm trying myself to improve that, What all comes with the house as in furniture like fridgerators or washers and
exactly what utilities are paid I'm on a small disability check and need to know almost every penny and what about a small pug dog and a health care worker who stays with me for help I need.
Family owned business, home repair, maintenance. we are license and insured. looking in to do some clean out REO & BANK foreclosures in our
area. Hi, I'v have been work in contruction field for over 25 years. Wife and I started a home repair,maintenance, and house cleaning, landscaping business in our home. justed couple days ago…
Who do you contact about being notified of a homeowners assoc. after you buy a home that you were told there was none and recieve a bill.
Was told by relator that sold the house that there was NO homeowners assocition. Someone said that maybe some builders have one but others do not. Does not seem quite fair that in a developement some have…
For first time home buyers, what credit score is required?
I have no car nor home loans out. I currently have 1 major credit card w/ 2 store credit cards. I have student loans that I'm paying every month on. I'm going to open a secured credit card through…
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