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I'm building a house in Fall River - does anyone know the zoning laws, specifically how long my driveway has to be from the property line?
The house that I want to build has a garage built into the floor plan. It's going to be a bit of a tight fit with the house for the land that I have, so I need to know how much space I need to set…
I am a veteran and so is my husband. We are being transferred to the area for work. I have been in Laughlin, but never got to look around much in
Bullhead City. How are doctors and hospitals there? I am a patient waiting on a transplant, so I have to get good doctors. I have pets, they are my companions, I am much better health wise with them as…
I would like to know what the average rate charged for cleaning out foreclosed homes is?
My husband and I want to start our own clean out business and are looking for help in setting up pricing, who the best companies are to market our services to and any other info you think would help us…
Can my email alerts be limited to the Munhall area and the surrounding area near the Westwood Golf Club?
My father lives on Anborn Drive. He is elderly and I stop to see him or do things he is unable to do himself. I work at Locust Grove, which is also close to Anborn. I currently live on Interboro Avenue…
Newpark Village Townhomes purchase
looking to buy a house in the joaquin muritea area. [Newpark village], does anyone have any suggestions or anything i should pay close attention to ? Also do you guys have any recommendation for a good…
Are there plenty of bike paths or safe to bike on streets?
? Can you bike and walk to the other areas like Bird Key and to the mainland with downtown Sarasota? Love to take walks and bike ... great area for it?
Weather in the Lake Street area, especially Lake Street and around 15th through 20th Avenue
Hi, whats the weather like in the Lake Street area? Is there a difference between the Presidio Heights and Pacific Heights weather vs Lake Street;s?
What is your favorite neighborhood in Nashville and why?
There are so many great neighborhoods in Nashville and they are each unique in their own sense. What are your favorites and what do you like the most about them?
Why don't realtors post HOAs for these places. Whenever I see a townhome or condo for sale, it's the first thing I look for since it can make a huge
difference in monthly payments. I notice only about ten recent of these properties indicate an HOA fee. If there is none, then they should indicate that.
I WAS RAISED IN THIS HOME --- I MISS IT. I am now 54 years old, live in Florida and would do ANYTHING to visit this old home. We lived in the best
neighborhood in the world -- still have best friends (same age - or close) on my facebook who lived on this road. I went to Bush Hill Elementary and Mark Twain Jr. High ----- WOULD HAVE gone to Edison…
why isn't the inside of 101 Milton rd Rochester,shown? why only a big dumpy auto repair shop?
? why is the 2 car detached garage considered a rental opportunity? why isn't the house listed with the L as a mother in law suite? the virtual tour is of an auto repair shop instead of the nice Cape…
anyone rentin to a nice clean person but i have anaimls but very vey clean... seem like no one is anaimls friendly anymore.... sad
get back to me at ,,, looking for a condo townhuse or something large 2 bedrroms.. sad when everyone putting no pets . when we are still loving carning people with pets and very…
Could someone give us an idea of how much COBRA flood insurance and total Taxes are on a property like this house on the ocean (or x% per $1000 of?
construction for each). Are there local construction codes in place addressing hurricane damage mitigation for windows, roofs etc. How active is the HOA and benefits and fees. Thank You "a possible neighbor"
What is the current RE commission for East Elmhurst, NY?
My realtor is charging 6% to sell my house which was reduced to the minimum it could be reduced. Is that the commission charged by realtors to sell houses in this area?
I presently live in Phoenix Arizona and will be visiting for a week Sept. 10. This trip is for a relocation to San Diego possibly in March of 2013,
after the sale of my home. When I visit I would like to look at the property for future rental, I am assuming that their is no specified time, or is there? I did not want to pay a lot for about 6 months…
I need to find HOA information on a subdivision
I am looking for HOA info. for Bridgestone Village subdivision in Conyers Ga. 30012
Im looking for land contract homes price ranging 36k and below! Can you help?
Searching all areas in a 30 miles radius. Where would I be able to find listings of just land contract homes?
what is the neighborhood like in fern park fl ,specifically the gladwin ,meridith and lakeview st areas. anyone out there know anything about these?
lakes in this area, prairie lake & lake pearl, do they dry up or does the water stay stable? thanks for the info
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