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i lived on bresee st from the year 77 to 87. living there and growing up in baldwin park were the best years of my life. now that my husband and i
are planning to move back very soon to 91706 we cant wait ! are planning to move back after living in antelope valley for over 25 years dealing with many hard core haters to hispanics. HOW I WISH WE…
Mt. Pleasant is a quaint village setting minutes from historical downtown Charleston, SC. This particular home is in a great location! Minutes to
beaches, shops, downtown, fitness centers and comes with your own dock on Hobcaw Tidal Creek waters. The sunsets are glorious with views from your sunroom windows.
I have been here for 42 years and in my neighborhood the folks are the absolute best ! I would not leave but my family has moved away and I want to
be near to them. It is a quiet and family friendly area with quick access to either I-80 or Harlem, 183rd St will take you anywhere. The school district is Lincoln Way, which all of my children graduated…
what would be a good offer for a home in this area?
it seems all are priced at 119k but i think there is roomto go lower
is Trotwood a good place to move to now?
? Not a lot of shopping oportunitues and taxes are high people say. Please respond .I dont care too much for south of town way to crowded. Are there new business coming to area? I remeber when Trotwood…
My question is for PennDott and Penn Township... As a Realtor I drive on alot of roads...
my question is "why can we not fix the pot holes and destroyed roads and safety hazards Like the one on Murrysville Rd, where the road is caving in and you stick a flashing sign over it. Hemlock Rd, Mcdermit…
I am planning to buy a house in trafford and have a 7y old child
Are the street safe for the kids to play outside and is there a opportunity to have neighbourhood firends. I am looking for a community life!! Does trafford has a community enviornment -- This question…
I'm curious as to why so many homes are for sale in the area. I have driven around multiple times and it always looks nicely kept, clean, and quiet.
Considering buying a house since we will be in TX for the long haul and would like my kids to be in a safe, friendly environment. Not one that is constantly changing. Thanks in advance for your input!
Expansion of the O'Hare airport - concern of noise & property value in Lincoln Square?
Should the expansion of the O'Hare airport (including two new east-west runways, one of which will be positioned over Montrose) be a concern (both noise and property value wise for a purchase near…
We want unobstructed views( no possibility of development) of intercoastal waterway and pet friendly in Sunny Isles beach. Read NY Paper that Sunny
Isles in the place to be, why buy Florida and look at a wall or partial view of waterway. Low HOA and pet friendly.Heard great things about Winston Towers 500 and will be looking soon. Want day and night…
how much is the average water bill for a family of 4 in cotati, ca?
We live in a 2-story townhouse (1,100) SF with a very small lot size.
What is your favorite golf course in Scottsdale?
Troon North, Grayhawk, TPC, etc....
Is there a way to circle an area on a map and add it to the search??
Sometimes there is a few blocks in a zip code or city you would like to check!!
What is close by in Livingston Manor that you can stay overnight, have dinner, etc. We will be coming from Central New York area, visiting a lake in
Livingston Manor and traveling back to Central NY the next day. Any ideas as to where to stay overnight would be a huge help. Thanks.
I am a Canadian investor looking for revenue properties in Phoenix. I am quite interested in a Townhome @ 3301 East Earle Drive. Is this a safe?
area? Is this a good complex? What type of rent could I expect from a 2 bedroom unit in this area? If anyone could provide me with some clarity, that would be great. Cheers.
I would suppose that there are upscale areas in Grass Valley as well as less desirable areas. Would someone please recommend the nicer parts of?
Grass Valley suitable for my husband and me - now empty-nesters. Also are there areas we should avoid when considering a purchase?
My husband and I are looking for a rental in the quarter. We want to live there to see what it is like before we buy a home there . I am 61 and my
husband is 65, an attorney, who will retire at the end of this year. Looking for something in the $1500 range with parking and we have a small pet. We have lived uptown for more than 20years. Thank you,…
I live in FOX CHASE. I have my unit set up perfectly, I hated moving from >the city> union county, but now I wouldnt think of leaving the
wooded,peaceful and serene area that my children can grow up in and be a little bit better type of person, a little upper class rather than being sooo evposed to drugs and crime of the city areas, it"s…
Im also looking for house to rent 3 bedrooms an inlaw apt would be great I have a 5 yr old little boy 2 cats and a sm 16lb dog who is housetrained
and loves to be outside so a fenced in yard would be great. Dartmouth, westport preferred but surrounding areas are an option. Thank You
The property at 80 Ames Street in Methuen, Ma how much. How do i get info on it?
I would like to find out how much the house is going for? I know the house is in Forclosure.
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