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What kind of architecture is Seattle know for?
Like San Francisco, Seattle is laid out on steep hills, the streets led down to a waterfront, and there is the bonus of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains in the distance. What kinds of architecture…
Realtors. can any one help me find a rental house in Concord, NH. 2000 bigger is better sq. ft. 4bedrooms Land is a plus. No in city living.
3 bedrooms and extra rooms that can be converted would be considered.. Rural, Suburbia, or subdivisions that houses are not on top of each other. Please help. I can move in by June 15th. 6 person family.
what does it mean when a house is being via auctioned and the listing price has dropped from 98,000- to -42,000 ... is 42,000 gonna be where the?
bidding starts or is that gonna be the cut off point ? also how so pple get away with not giving nothing down on a house?
I have a beautiful 2 bedroom co op in old mill basin in kings village, I am getting close to retirement would like to trade for a co op close to
Brighton beach. I love the beach and would like to live in walking distance. Call Vicki at 646 573 9209.
how much are we supposed to pay for melaroos. Does everyone in this area pay exactly the same amount? same size homes approx. and same development.
We are in Murrieta CA. 92563 area. Was the real estate agent responsible for telling us about a melaroos being present in this area?
We are very interested in this property. We have to move from Florida, we live in Orlando, it is too hot here and we want to move to a home closer to
my elderly parents who live in Buford, GA. We really would like to talk to the agent handling the property and come see it. We would also like to know why the same remarkes about all the homes in this…
What is the crime rate in this area, such as the NCR National Crime Report. is this still a Hot Spot withing the District of Columbia. How near are?
the Grocery Stores and/or Malls. What Subway station is near the house advertised that are new and available for no money down. Denise Robinson 240-593-9022
This property, 112 East 89th Place, Chicago, IL 60619, is currently under contract. I'm under the impression that this was purchased from an
investor and the property is going to be completely rehabbed. I am a resident of Chatham, currently renting and looking to purchase a home. How can I contact the owner(s) to let them know that I would…
Hello, I wonted to know if Mrs. Edith Rogers still own these apt
? if so I can I get in contact with her. and if not who can I contact about this matter?
i live at 127 w. maplewood ave muskegon mi we bought the house 4 years ago and this site has it listed for sale. hmmm didnt know i was selling it. be
carful about the house you look at in muskegon the relater we had was putting in false bids on houses to hold them and others were not clear on the title of the house. the local inspector will not belive…
We are looking for a house to rent in Jeffersonville, Indiana. A house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths minimum.
We plan moving there mid June, 2012. Who should I contact? Please respond to
Yes, Hello I needed to know some information on this house that I am trying to get information for my dad. They moved from Fort Worth, TX and are
looking to buy a house. Can you please Call me or email me at He wants to see the house. My number is 432-880-3266. you can also text me on who I can talk to about this house.…
How is the Spencers Crossing neighbor hood in French Valley?
How is the Spencers Crossing neighbor hood in French Valley?In escrow for a home in Spencers crossing, French Valley Ca.. Can anyone tell me a lirtle more about this beautiful neighborhood? We have 3 kids…
It is quiet, safe and very peaceful. We have a wonderful neighborhood and are surrounded on 3 sides bi IISD property. We are centrally located,
blocks from the hospital, police station, public transportation and downtown Irving. We are minutes away from DFW and Love Field. We love it here!
Did you know that this house '' 1800 North Cove Blvd. is my dream home and I grew up in it , it belonged to my grandparents and my dream is to buy it?
and live there ? I don't mean to be bold , it's just that when I saw my grandparents home today , it took my breath away ! I have such wonderful stories I could tell !
Are there any LGBT or GSA meetings or Centers?
I've lived in San Marcos in the past, and I'm moving back soon. I've recently come out of the closet. Are there any LGBT or GSA meetings or Centers? Because knowing that I'd be returning…
Are old row houses with trees, character, pubs, grocery nearby available in $1200 range in BH?
? Have small dog. Want walk-around safety. Better to be down near the boardwalk?
I thought 6 Rings End Rd wascommercial property
? Why is it listed as a famuly Dwelling , The Fire DEpt is across the Street Post Rd. also a woman is occupying the premises when the owner is in Nursing home who do I contact for real truth?
used to razor clam dig here back when I lived at hood canal, seemes that back in 92 he economy was not so great and ocean shores seemed deserted in
those cold nighs....has the economy gotten better and is there a bus system here, Would like to live out on the southern end on the skylark property, but i do not drive due to seizure disorder. What…
Is the house on 2612 Winter Haven Drive for rent or for sale?
? I am looking for a house for rent in the Fort Zumwalt West High area does anyone know anywhere? Please help!!!
what is a community name?
what is a community name
How to report and have an investigation conducted on an unethical real estate broker?
I would like the specific oversite board that evaluates and investigates complaints about unethical realtors.
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