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Any advice on Charlotte? Needing a home near public montessori in Charlotte. Really confused about NODA, Plaza, Etc. Is it high crime or not?
I'm looking for an urban but semi safe area to move in Charlotte. Preferably near the Highland Montessori in NODA. I'm seeing conflicting information on the area and I would love to hear from…
Since January 2012, has a 2br 2bath condo increased in value, and by how much, in the Buena Vista Park neighborhood?
I'm thinking about refinancing. I tried last year but the appraised value wasn't sufficient to support the loan. I do not want to pay for another unless there is good reason to believe that…
I like this property and my husband and I are thinking of retiring soon. We had a thought, our property is worth a little over what this one is for
sale for and our dream is a home on a lake. We have a home in Pewaukee, WI on Overhill Lane: pool, hot tub inside (spa room & large), 4 miles from I94, brick home - 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath - BARTER? TRADE?…
Good morning i will be visiting your area in July,I am looking to move to this area.Can anyone tell me what it is like to live in this area.I have a
14 yr old son .so i want something clean convenient forth and so on.Whats near by in walking distance ,High Schools, Business hotels so forth and so on.If you could be of any or all help it would…
looking 4 a 2br n the country 4 rent we are wanting to move in next mo or so just as soon as i can set up my husbands kidney treatments there
house or trailer will do we have 2 dogs that is one reason y we want n country and we love country
i am interested in a house that is on the same block as a restaurant...I have little kids so do you think that would be an issue or unsafe with people
I grew up with a restaurant down my parents block and we had issues with drunk drivers and parking etc...
Coquille beach area. Is beach access there safe?
I am considering a buy in the south end of the island, near the coquille beach. Can anyone tell me is it safe to pass the huge stripe of greens and buses to gain access to the beach? How older folks…
are the pearces still living at 3 john bulow circle flagler beach florida 32136?
i want to know where is sabrina pearces family. mike,kathy,crystal,jenny,tyler,and david pearce
"Mansions4me" did NOT own 5749 Costello, ever -- that property has been owned by the same family for 20 years! He/she is either mistaken or trying
to cause trouble. I am a neighbor of 5749's and have been here for decades so know what I am talking about!
I fell in love with the 905 Mary St. property-I want to purchase this home if possible,so please keep me on the follow up list for this property.
It's perfect for me and I've been looking for awhile now. So please let me know the mjnute you have any info on this property. Thanks so
Yes I own property on Muskraat Ave and Chamberlain there is nothing on the land and trying to sell my house in the New Orleans area. Do you see the?
crime rate real high in that area? Also, with the upcoming Airport and fast rail system to Vegas. Would now be a good time to move? Just live on a portion of the property and when and if this new airport…
Has the county decided when/if public sewer is to be installed on Deerfield Ave NE & are the canals going to be dredged?
I understand Charlotte County was seeking public comment on dredging and that there had been a community vote on putting public sewer in. Does anyone know the latest on these issues and what would be…
What is the correct name for the zip code "19002" if you live in The Meadows condo's?
? I've heard it is "Ambler" and also "Lower Gwynedd". Also where is the closest post office and library? Beautiful area, but very new to me. Thanks!
Let's talk food trucks!
I am really into the food truck scene and looking to learn about my options, any suggestions for neighborhoods to check out?
What would be a good, safe,inexpensive and clean location to rent an apatment near MARTA in Atlanta GA?
Im looking for a 3 bedroom apartment within walking distance to MARTA bus or train and I have no idea where is a good spot?
A piece of property was originally purchased for $380,000 in 2006 and was later foreclosed on and taken over by the bank in 2011. It was later sold
"as is" for $186,000 in 2012. Will the bank right off the difference in the price or will it try to reclaim the difference from the previous owner?
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