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Why are appraisers hesistant to give a good appraisal, when the house is really worth the money?.?
I own a house in BlackStock Mill in Cumming , and refinancing my mortgage.. the appraiser has used foreclosed homes in other communities as comparable homes and gave a appraisal of 265k for single family…
I'm looking at a really nice house in a not so nice area of Del Rey (Mar Vista Gardens) on Braddock near Ingelwood Ave near the projects. I'm a SWF
professional, do you think its safe and the area will improve, gentrify? Will the projects ever go away like the ones in Venice did? Will Housing values go up so close to the projects?
The Fountains Country club Resident fee
What are the mandatory fees for a home/condo owner in the Fountain's country club. Please inculde equity buy in and initiantion fee's and yearly amounts if known. Thank you
I was thinking of buying a townhouse in that area Dighton Ct to be exact..but I hjave read several reviews and they are a little the
crime and problems with the property management. I would like an honest opinion on the crime stats, and management if someone would be kind enough to relay it to me. Thanks Reba in NC
Where would one find vintage house buyers?
A client has a vintage house on a huge lot in an area running short of building sites. To preserve the memory with the building, one must separate the building and lot.
Can someone please enlighten me on what the total price for a property like this really is?
? e.g., what is the monthly HOA fee, and how much is the land purchase price? Thanks.
MY husband and I are looking for something to buy that will be a winter home but will only be a vacation home
for now. We are in our 40's. I s there enough renters in this area to keep our fees and taxes paid?
211 Kunkle Road, Harveys Lake PA 18618 Looks like its a block off of Lakeside drive to the southeast portion of Harvey's Lake. This does not look
correct, or is it? It's been like that for a while, so I assume the GPS or other was intentional.
Where can I find a propety(of any kind) that would allow a 90lb German shepherd mix dog around the Bloomington,Indiana area?
I'm trying to find an apartment,home,condo,etc. that will allow me to keep my 8 year old German shepherd mix dog. Obviously most places tell me no because of breed restrictions and then of course weight…
We are Very interested in this area to buy a home or land to build. . Is is still within walking distance to the beaches if ones lives in the?
Cummaquid Heights? Just south of 6 A?Or shall we stick to Keveney lane etc to be able to walk to the beach?
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