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how far is this property from the ocean and daytona beach shores. i have m.s. and i would like to relocate from cincinnati ohio. i love daytona beach
and i love this condo but i want to be within walking distance to the beach. my disease seems tofeel better when i come there on vacation as much as i can. i realy need special financing possible owner…
Hi, could you please 1) describe how the Hoboken’s housing conditions have changed in the last 10years, if at all,
2) Identify and describe affordable housing opportunities in Hoboken. 3) Identify and describe housing needs in Hoboken, and prioritize these needs as possible. Thank you so much!
I spent a lot of time at this house when I was a kid. I was only about 8 at the tiime, but I remember this house survived the Bel-Air fire in 1963, A
but the year built was also listed as 1963, and the original houses survived the fire. Burt Lancaster's house above this one was burned to the ground and rebuilt in 1963, yet it's year built…
What's your favorite restaurant(s) here in Temecula Valley?
There are a bunch of great ones. Which ones would you recommend?
My daughter needs to rent a three bedroom home . She would like to stay in the hughesville area (me too ) She has cleaned up a lot of her credit
issues but no one will rent to her. She has four children (all school age) and her job is excellent .She has been at the same job over three years now . What can she do to rent a home .
did anyone die in this house
ok this is my house now did anyone die there
How long does my landlord have to produce receipts for spot painting.?
She sent us the remainder of our deposit but with a flat rate of $400 taken out that said "spot treatment on walls". we moved out on Oct 27th and received the rest of the deposit on Nov 16th.…
I live across the river in Troy and now that fall is here and the leaves are gone from the trees, I can hear that incredibly loud train horn at all
hours of the day and night. I live at least 1 mile (as the crow flies) from 1517 Ave A and that train horn wakes me up at night. I can only imagine living 1 block away from the train tracks where this…
We are looking at this as our retirement home as we both will turn 'that age' in a couple of years. I grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood
and know how to keep myself out of trouble. Since we have close family in San Diego and would like to save about half the cost of our Woodland Hills, Ca home, do you think that my husband will think that…
West Bethlehem PA home value
Approx 1300 sq ft house in West Bethlehem PA, 3 bedrooms 1 full bath, 1 car garage. All new amenitites and very well kept (modern looking). Can I get an approx asking/selling price for the house?
Can I sue the bank that is not taking proper care of an abandoned property that is next to my property?
The property has been vacant for 5 years. Now squatters or possible dealers maybe getting ready to live there. The police have been called 9 times, but they can't ever catch the culprits. These…
Is southeast Iowa CIty really that bad?
I am looking at a house in the southeast of Iowa City. It is on Primrose Ct. I really like the house and the ponds but I am worried about the neighborhood. Is it safe? People say lakeside is the "bad"…
Does anyone know of good Brazilian food in Pompano Beach?
I know Feijao Com Arroz Restaurante, has great food. I like to keep my buyers up to date with what we have local.
Me and my wife have decided to buy an investment property in Jacksonville, do I need a realtor or a mortgage broker?
We have done our research and are interested in buying we have 20% down and have a target price of no more than 85k. we are still trying to figure out if we want to purchase a foreclosure or a shortsale.…
I grew up in the home at the corner of 1409 W. 3rd Ave. and 23rd Street. The home in the picture is NOT the one at 1409 W. 3rd Ave. The home I grew
up in was white stucco with a red and blue tile roof. It is down the street from the one listed as what you have as 1409 W. 3 rd. Your numbers are all off. I live in Austin now, and I just wanted…
i rent a duplex,now the landlord wants me to remove my belongings from one floor and only occupy one floor.can he do this legally?
he says no one is to occupy the bottom floor,but he rented it to me as a up and downstairs apartment.6 beds 2 baths for 1800 a month. now he wants me to move out of the bottom part due to state inspectors,…
My wife and I need a place immediatly and don't know what to do.
We rented a room from her family. Her aunt's family has now officially lost the house to forclosure and my wife and I both have bad credit from past issues before our mairrage. We were thinking of using…
These previous reports are frauds and need to be removed. This house is gorgeous inside and it was built in 2004 If you have any questions regarding
this house contact Allison Weber with Keller Williams of the Treasure Coast! Its listed for $129,900. Allison Weber Keller Williams of the Treasure Coast 772-214-7488 s
Hello, I presently live in east flatbush &&&& i am about to move to Saratoga bklyn... What are the schools like in this area??
? My son is about to go to middle sc... Is this a good area to raise kids??? In general what is it like living in this area... thkx guys.
We are considering a house in the Lake Claire area of Atlanta. Should we offer $50,000 less because the school zone will change to Kirkwood Schools?
Will redistricting to a different school that is closer, but not as good make a difference in house values? Does Toomer Elementary have the same potential to be as good as Mary Lin? Are we better…
How is the commute into NYC from Rossville via Express Buses....specifically to downtown and west midtown? How long should I anticipate that taking?
How is the commute into NYC from Rossville via Express Buses....specifically to downtown and west midtown? How long should I anticipate that taking with traffic
If I could afford to move - I would be packing now. This area has declined and it is very noticeable. Most of the homes are now rentals. Renters
do not care about how they live in this area. You just would not believe it. Take a drive and check it out for yourself.
What are the areas in Orange to avoid? Are there EMS services? How far is the closets hospital?
? How far do you have to go to reach the big box stores? Any volunteer opportunites? Does the town of Orange have any events for it's residents?
Where can we get temporary housing after Hurricane Sandy?
We don't need a full winter rental just enough until our home is repaired?
Hi guys, I am looking at potentially buying a property on north 12 Street near Van Buren in central Phx as an investment. Could you please let me?
know if that is a good and safe street overall (I am not from Phx) and how easy it would be to have it rented? Any feedback on the area would be much appreciated. Thanks!
why are the real estate taxes so low in Logan Twp, NJ.. is it because of Pureland Industrial park base.. is there another reason to be concerned?
about,ie. environmental issues, etc. why aren't there more people moving there?.. also, were they re-assessed in 2010 like the rest of Gloucester County townships?.. thinking of moving there and want…
What does the future hold for this zip code?
? Any new businesses and new land development projects. Are the police going to do a better job at patrolling the area. Is there going to be a Metralink in Victorville in the future. Will the cargo…
Are the streets off of Mapleton Street part of the Eden Park neighborhood or the Auburn neighborhood?
I can't seem to find a map outlining the neighborhoods in Cranston. I'm just curious.
Anyone have information on The Terranova Subdivison in SE winter Haven?...?
Looking at a few homes in there ...the pricing on them are all over the place....$179,000 and $127,000 for same Model of home...
Looking for a Home that backs to the Golf Course for under $300,000
I can't seem to find a home for my buyers who are mainly interested in Avery Ranch. Do you have a pocket listing or know of any homes out there?
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