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I have 4 children and we are a very quiet family, I would like to move to Miami, therefore I am trying to find the safest neighborhood, with good
school for my young children, however there seams to be contradictions, in every posting any idea where it is safe to move?
Looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath if possible... house in the 79411 area.
My daughter attends Lubbock high school and only has 2 years left.... I am on disability so it is difficult to make large rent payments and take care of all of the bills without assistance. My landlord…
Jobs available in Elk Rapids area?
Looking for job opportunities in the Elk Rapids area. I have experiance in manufacturing, finnish carpentry, customer service and warehousing. Please let me know if there are any jobs available for these…
Are there any areas of town that are more desireable than others? Any areas prone to flooding?
? Any idea of what the ratio of rental property to owner occupied properties is? And, what's going on with Stoneybrook? Is that development moving forward? I keep seeing the same house for sale there,…
Can anyone recommend an appraiser who does desktop appraisals in DC?
I work with investors and I need someone who can provide a desktop appraisal for investor informational purposes only, this is not for lending purposes.
I am working with mortgage broker to officially obtain a prequalification letter. He asked that I get tax info for the areas I am looking in, but I
have no idea where to get this info! Does anyone have the tax rates for both Cheltenham and the Fox Chase/Burholme section of Philly? Thank you!
Is Pastor Mark Chappell located in Phoenix, Arizona?
I am moving to Phoenix, AZ in a few months. I am looking to join a church called the Freeway Baptist church. I just want to confirm that Mark Chappell is the senior pastor there.
doors at so. mi. high school should be locked to prevent skipping and it alows strangers to come in. parents shouldn't be responsible school
needs to why arent the doors and hallways monitored. i cant babysit my son all day. the should be liable if he skips. why are the classes so long 90 minutes and they are not allowed to use the bathroom.…
What is the commute time to Daly City?
? My husband works there and doesn't even want to look in the East Bay, but the prices are better and these homes are beautiful!! I would like to explore this area. Is he looking at an hour commute each…
A friend of mine lived out there in 2010 for one year on Avenida Manzana near Dillon/Palm Drive. & compared it to the housing projects of East Los
Angeles. She said too much gang violence & drugs especially for her daughter. My daughter is begining high school this year & i'm planning to move to DHS. Any feedback please!
My husband and I are wanting to relocate to Oregon in March. When we get there we will have enough money to get us set up in a place but that's?
it. At least till we find jobs. We want to find a nice house to rent for 1200-1300 a month, 3 bedrooms, and a fully fenced backyard that allows dog. What is a good neighborhood that would work?
Please help find ranch area?
My husband and I went to Saboba Casino, on our way home we decided to travel west along the mountain range. We got a little lost, but we ended up in a area that we would like to know more about and possibly…
Hi I am thinking of buying a condo in the French Quarter. I'd like to use it personally a few weeks a year and rent it out to visitors the remaining
time.Ideally looking for a 1 bedroom...what are best areas to consider and are there any special assesements or taxes that are unique to the area? Are there any local restrictions on rentals regarding…
I have 1 horse, 1 pony, 4 burros, and 2 miniature goats. Will I have to worry about if the home I buy is zoned to have animals?
? What is the largest piece of property I need to be looking at to be able to keep my pets?
How is Lincoln Park different than Near North Side?
According to Trulia, both neighborhoods are very popular (great schools and low crime), but what characteristics make them different? More info here:
Please I need someone to speak and write Spanish, I want to buy a property in cash, not exceeding 20000, in condo. live and work in NY (Newsday) and
I have over 55 years, I want a safe place, not far from Hallandale, because my sister lives. I appreciate that. Mercedes.
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