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recently am in wheelchair for life. looking for 2 to 3 bedroom house or apt. the State agreed to pay for renovations to make it handi cap
accessible. must be in spring-ford school dist.. have a son going into 11th grade next year, Settlement coming from accident within next 2 to 3 months.. a lease purhase or rent while waiting for settlemeent…
Can anyone tell me how resales are going in the Santa Lucia development?
? How is the development itself--and structural problems, earth slippage, problems with the HOA, etc.? Thank you.
Squatters in a homepath house?
If a house appears on I assume that is an REO. If that is true I am convinced someone or multiple people are squatting at 1114 Cedar Top Road, 19607
Hi. Any one knows where is the best place in San Diego County to open a Holly Land Gift Shop ?
Store will carry items from Jerusalem and the Holly Land. Gifts, like key chains, t-shirts, mugs, Crosses, etc
the information about 1623 Center Avenue is dramatically incorrect. Please change the information immediatley because your number may be impacting on
the information about 1623 Center Avenue is dramatically incorrect. Please change the information immediatley because your number may be impacting on my ability to sell the house. I am going to contact…
Looking for a nice updated home to rent in the panama city bch area. Would prefer that it is for lease by owner but either or is fine:)?
also, I have 5 children so being near a school and having a safe neighborhood to ride bikes ect..would be great!
Dear Sirs! My name is Maria, I'm having a two months vacation with my family in Sarasota right now. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever
visited! We like it so much that would like to come back for another two months next summer. Could you please help me to rent a house for the next summer. I'll be here till August 4, and I like to have…
I just transferred to a local office and will save $$$$ in gas. What should I do with the extra money I will be saving?
Reduced my milage from a 24 mile roundtrip (Shelton, CT) to a 4 mile roundtrip (Ansonia, CT). I am so excited - I could almost walk to work.
Who is Pensco Trust Company?
My neighbors are renters & park their van in the front yard (have a driveway & street to park in) & have hung a chain link fence BEHIND a wooden fence to keep their dog in, also have chained the fence…
I have 3 dogs& live alone and am looking for a place(4K to 5K)to buy in 2013 that has a bit of property. I have heard that only Tahoe Donner is good
because there you have things to do; I feel in love with the Glenshire area; still groups to join & to do things there?
can someone actually put me on their list/actively call me back regarding foreclosures in Mt. Lebanon, Whitehall, Bridgeville, Bethel Park, areas
? or do I have to continuously look myself? Would like someone to taylor listings to my desired that possible? thanks
Looking to move from NJ to Lakewood Ranch. Do a lot of kids go to the private schools or public?
? I'm thinking of Sarasota Christian for my 5th grader(will be 6th in the fall) Anybody have any thoughts or advice on this? I was told that Lakewood Ranch schools can be overwhelming secondary to class…
I don't have a question but rather a request.
I live @ 3529 E Monte Vista #C Tucson AZ 85716. You keep sending mail to my address to someone that has never lived here according to the Property Manager. I have tried dozens of times unsuccessfully…
What is the Best Neighborhood in Chicago for Food?
Each and every neighborhood in Chicago is great and unique but what is your favorite neighborhood for food in the city?
What do you do when the township wants a portion of your land?
The Township, where I have a rental property, recently purchased the property next to me. They have designated this land to create a landmark/monument for the township. However, their architectures created…
I have a disabled son. He will need the special ed program at Sunnyridge elementary. Does anyone know any information about the program there?
My son has autism and a learning disability. we were told the best schools for him were in meridian, but Nampa's Sunnyridge elementary school district is where we found a home to rent. would like…
i am seeking a two bedroom near zipcode 10472 bronx who takes FEPS program
Please provide a list of realtors that accept FEPS
Spring clean-up date for Highland Park, IL for 2013?
Anyone know when the spring clean-up days are for Highland Park in 2013? Saw the post from last year. Can't find any info on cityhpil for 2013. Thanks...
I just moved back to the lehigh valley and I'm looking for a house in Catasaqua. i think this would be more of a investment property. I wanted to
know if the if it rented out for cars there ar e5 of them. if so hit be worth taking a loan for 64,000 having the garages pay for mortgage.
I am moving to the Lake Meadows Apartments in a week. I am just curious to know if this is a good area and safe for two young girls to live?
Is this area safE? It is near the 3 CTA bus...and located around 32nd and MLK..please help!
Do i have to pay rent if the house i am leaving is selling and gives me 90 days to move?
I am living in a basement apt (illegal) for about a year. came home and there was a for sale sign on the lawn. I dont have money to move, if they accept an offer, since it takes 90 days to close can i…
Pine tree in Fremont CA
We have neighbor that has a pine tree very close to the fence that drops a large amount of it's needles on my yard. Can I force him him remove the tree, or make him pay for each time I get somebody…
How far from front of hous to beach? can drive golf cart? How maid service to clean after one leaves? Taxes and insurance
? Is house ready to move-in or work to be done? How about furniturethere and appliances?
New college graduate with job in Mt. Laurel, NJ..looking to live in Philadelphia area.
I am a recent college graduate and just accepted a job in Mt. Laurel, NJ. I am looking to rent an apartment in the Philadelphia area. What are the best areas to live for a recent college grad that is a…
How can a community have such mixed reviews regarding the basic features of safety and pest control???
?Sheesh. This appears to be an excellent home investment from the marketing and advertising but these kind of reviews force a potential homebuyer to check the local police dept for crime statistics and…
I absolutely love love love this neighborhood. We live in a small neighborhood called Isle of Pines near Moss Park Rd and Lake Mary Jane Drive. It is
amazing here, it is like living in a park. There are so many trees and wildlife and the neighbors are so friendly. It has a small town feeling......
Hello, Does anyone know Tim Ela that used to live in this neighborhood? Thanks so much!
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