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Can someone help with rentals zoned to school district 181 in hinsdale illinois?
I live in Hinsdale zoned to school district 181. I currently rent and have noticed a lot of townhomes/ condos around that area. Can someone please help in this regard? We are a family of 4 - 2 adults 2…
Two-Unit Condo Association
We are looking buying one unit of a side-by-side "duplex;" together the two units are a registered condo association. It seems wierd. What if the owners can't agree on needed repairs? Rock/Paper/Scissors?…
Structural Engineer sought for roof consultation in JP.
Looking for reputable SE for roof ridge consult. What a winter!
How long does a landlord have to return your security deposit?
What if they don't give back some or all of it within 21 days? Do you have the right to demand ALL of it back then? For instance, I vacated the premises on June law the landlord is required to…
How much do locksmith services cost?
Looking for a local locksmith in Chicago IL.
You have my listing in the wrong neighborhood how do I change this
its Morris Subdivision, not martin luther king
My neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful. We never have any burglaries or break-ins that I hear about.
We leave our doors unlocked all the time. I really need to be concerned about the locks we have on our home?
Flood insurance and Real Estate properties in Brighton Beach/Sheepshead Bay.
How is flood insurance affecting the Real Estate market for Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn? After hurricane Sandy, I am assuming flood insurance will be on a rise, but would it be reasonably…
Our association recently increased our dues by almost 40%. Do we fight it or pay the over $950/year for a Zeeland association?
Due to some previous questionable actions, we are wondering if we should dig deeper into the claim that they will no longer have the money to pay the dues portion for unsold lots. Condo owners in the…
I'm looking to buy a home around the $400k in Orange near the Villa Park area. What is the safety and school issue there?
I'm looking for a large lot home (9k sqft ) for around $400k. Originally was around the Yorba Linda and I'm expanding my search to Orange 92865 (On the East side of the 55fwy). Could anyone…
Is it worth it to add a basement bedroom in order to make 4th bedroom for resale in Minneapolis (uptown area)?
Currently 3 BR house, if I add wall/door/closet to make 4th bedroom in basement (there is a bath down there) can it be marketed as 4 BR house or does it need egress window too?
What are High Security Locks (with Restricted Keys) ?
A friend of mine told me I should get High Security Locks for my apt door!
how is the roads in Ridge in the winter?
are the roads cleared of the snow
I know there are many variables, but what would the homeowners insurance rate be for a barefoot bay home built after 1994. What other insurances are?
needed, i.e., wind and flood? So 3 separate policies? Thanks. We will be looking there this year to buy!
I am thinking of moving to Andover from Long Island, and wanted ot know about the snow and removal in the area
? Also, what is the job market in the area, particularly in terms of Hands On Therapy..IE Massage therapy, accupressure, and fitness? Many thanks for any input you could provide. K. Sabatino
Is it possible for me to get daily updates on homes sold or pending in my subdivision. Realtors are very willing to give me new listings daily,
It would be great if I could get the same for solds and pendings. This is so I can follow the market. And decide when or if I should change the price on my home
when does brier creek end everyay?
i need to no when brier creek elemantry gets out of school at the end of the day
Are you wondering what kinds of things there are to do in Brookhaven, Georgia which encompasses zip codes 30319 and 30341?
Well then, here is the Spring activity guide:
Single Family Home bought and Flipped to Assisted living business.
One of the home in our community has been flipped to a Assisted living home. None of the 300 residents know or have been intimated by HOA, City or Home owner about it. There is heavy traffic of people,…
Savannah, MO is a very expensive town to live in, I moved here 11 years ago, the cost of living wasn't bad. Now you pay $100.00 a month for city
water alone.Most real estate is very old here, yet agents have no problem putting prices on homes here like they were new ones. Just an FYI, there has to be a more affordable place to live, I know I'm…
Can anyone tell me who the utility providers for the Westminster area are? Montpelier Court, MD 21157. Moving in on Feb 1.
Need some heat and light on for the move in on (of all days) Super Bowl Sunday - Feb 1. if anyone can give us hints on local utilities it would help
Is anyone familiar with Wildewood Springs in Bradenton? I see a lot of condos for sale there and I am curious as to why there are that many
? Bad area or just hit hard by the recession? My wife and I are looking for a vacation/investment property in the area.
How do :I contact someone at the homeowners' association at Heritage Harbour for contact telephone numbers for utility companies, cable?
services, etc. We are new homeowners at Stoney Brook at Heritage Harbour, Bradenton, Florida and will be arriving approximately February 26. Can we obtain a contact number for the Association so that we…
commuting from south Brunswick to the Bronx
When commuting to the Bronx by car from Kendall Park South Brunswick, which is the best way to go? Also, which is the best way back to Kendall Park? Thanks in advance
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