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If I own a mobile home in a mobile park, who pays the property taxes, and if it's me do I have any rights?
Dear Trulia, My name is Karen, I sent a question just a little while ago and had information sent regarding mortgages and etc.. My question to you is this. We bought a mobile home in a very large mobile…
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I want to rent apartment
I have low credit score 582 / 1400.00 income social securty retirement
We just purchased a home that has no backyard neighbors. Currently we back up to empty fields, which is a large part of the reason we purchased our
home. We recently found out that OPS will be building a new high school on this empty property behind us. Should we consider selling now to get back what we paid for our home or stay and hope for the…
How does it work?
Renting under bankruptcy
Where do i go in 23112
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How could you do this?
Reported crimes in area are ridiculously inaccurate for most of your listings.
How are you able to legally print this false information? Property owners should file lawsuits against your company for printing false information and misleading buyers. How can I make sure your information…
is capital heights a good school to send my daughter to?
she is A student and im trying to see if I should put her in private school or public school.
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i need to find an address of a building
I have the address of the unit in the front on the property but the back unit is different , how do I find it?
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i cant remember the owners last name i know her first name is marva
i use to live their a few years ago and wanted to ask her a question because i'm moving into a new house and need her for a reference
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Interested in renting.
Anyone know details about Cherry St. apartments?
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The photo of 924 ne sandalwood place, Jensen beach fl 34957 is wrong. It should be taken from sandalwood. Lake avenue is a different subdivision.
Also there are 3 full baths, private loft bedroom with walk in closet. The property shown is not in anyway our property. Please correct. Holly creek HOA
Hello i was wondering if you ever have any fixer upppers for sale in my area of mendocino blvd , m l k blvd , siskiyou avenue 23rd avenue
looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom fixer upper or a duplexs with fenced back yards with a garage or carport thank you dawn
consists of a proprietary ?
How is the Bollinger Hills Community in San Ramon ?
How is the Bollinger Hills Community in San Ramon ? Do they have strict street parking rules ?
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How loud is the noise from highway 80 for the homes in the Armstrong Tract in Truckee, CA?
? Are the sound levels the same in the summer and winter or worse during a specific season/time frame? How much do these noises effect resale and rental value? How do I correct the picture that is pictured on my house in your adds. 529 Cedarbrook DR. Danville,VA
I would like to sale my home but the information and picture you have on the internet for it is wrong. I have updated the inside information but need to update the picture you have for my address. How…
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How Does It Work ?
I am worried that my improvements in my house are not going to pay off at all when I go to sell my house. How can I tell if I am putting too much in?
None of the improvements have been outrageous, just basic improvements to the flooring, paint. The bathroom has new paint and all new fixtures, and the kitchen now has refinished cabinets and new countertops…
548 brunswick rd. jax,fl. 32216) former godparents home how much peopl pay mortgage payment to whom it may future buyer.
whoever gets this house will be delighted with the uniqueness of it i know all about it cuz i been inside when my godparents were still alive,so whoever gets it will be Blessed cuz my godmother marie nalley…
what are the deed restrictions on my property?
how do I find out what deed restrictions are on my property
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