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looking for some one who's willing to donate land/homes on Idlewild lake, MI, who wants to get rid of the property to rebuild the community
I'm apart of the first 100 years with my deceased grandparents, and desire to keep my mother, aunt, and our family apart of the next 100 year in the Historic Idlewild, MI. I'll be moving here no later…
My husband and I are going to be relocating to the Fairfield area from Los Angeles, CA. We really like the homes that we see in Redding. Can?
someone honestly tell me how rural it really is? For example: can we get pizza delivered? Run out to a place close by for coffee? We love the idea of living in the country but are quite used to city…
how do we get more street lights on Mowhawa Drive in Lake Forest Extended?
We only have one street light on all of Mowhawa drive. We need more street lights because visibliity is poor when it is dark out and you could easily hit cars parked on the street.
Can anyone tell me a little more about 24700 Soquel San Jose Rd.?
My father and I have been looking at similar properties and really like the Summit Rd.area. Looking for someone familiar with the ins and outs and pitfalls of a property like this. Not looking for a primary…
Great dining options
I’ve heard the North End has good Italian restaurants, but what other neighborhoods have good food?
Can a realtor familiar with this zip code advise me in what areas of Oak Park properties hold their value better?
? I have heard that there are "good" and "bad or worse" areas. I'm not familiar with the area and haven't talked yet with a realtor who is. Are there border streets within which the properties may hold…
Neighborhood price trends
For such a quiet neighborhood, the homes in the Carpenter-Fletcher area seem to be priced below average. Anyone have any insight as to why that might be?
Is it the seller's responsibility to disclose if the house/condo in the flooding zone?
is is their problem if they didn't mention it at all in the first offer agreement ? ( the one signed at the very first time, with $1000 deposit) then the flooding informaiton suddently showed up in the…
Would anyone like conversational spanish classes for their child, I am starting a small group independent private class.?
For first to third grade school age children on Sunday afternoons. If anyone is interested in attending i will taking 10 children max at $8/ hour. Class will be one hour long. email me for more info @…
Anyone know what they're building on the large lot at the corner of Van Nuys and Oxnard, in Van Nuys?
It used to be several buildings, including a United Rentals facility. Looks like they're combining lots. Maybe another car dealership?
My neighbor room 'does not add 2 permits of the city and into many rooms in the house to let more people vo shareroom, it makes very complex area, on
My neighbor room 'does not add 2 permits of the city and into many rooms in the house to let more people vo shareroom, it makes very complex area, on the pond, security mat. Please call the city would…
Richardson, TX is it a nice place to raise a family?
My husband may be receiving a transfer to Richardson, TX. We want to get as much info as possible on the area. What shopping areas are around? How are the schools? Are there any areas to avoid? Any…
we are interested in looking into riverwalk. we are from new jersey and would like to purchase as a retirement home. can you tell me more about it?
such as age of people living in the community, crime rate, cleanliness, how friendly, and what activities are available.
What makes Your neighborhood the perfect place to live?
I'm curious, as hearing it from the people who live in their neighborhood is valuable, please share what it is about your neighborhood that you enjoy - is it the people, the location, the parks, the atmosphere,…
In today's market, is it worth putting any money into a home you want to sell? I figure I'll never recover it in the sale price. What do you think?
I'm referring to things like painting inside & out, replacing carpet, etc. The house is in great condition and is quite impressive, but it is over 5000 square feet, so the money outlay for cosmetic upgrades…
I would like to know why 72758 is such a good area to live. I have just come to the area and really wanted on one of the nearby lakes but am told to
look in this area also. So could you give me a reason as to why this area is so good. I thank you for any of your input. Sincerely Darla Hamilton
Is being friendly with your neighbors important to you? Why?
Share why being friendly with your neighbors is important to you to be entered to win a $100 American Express Gift Card. See the official rules here:
looking for a Head hunter in Brick NJ area , I am recently in Bergen and want to relocate in this area of Brick
I am wanting to relocate to Brick NJ I was wondering if there are any Head hunters in that area help search, while i am still in Bergen County
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