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What will be the impact on Mid-Town Ventura after the completion of CMH?
From the homeowner, the business person and the commuter perspective.
HOw is this part of Gilbert as far as crime?
?...priceville rd area and around where the peach festival is held each year..are these areas ok to live in?
When is the land at Lakewood/lawn South off the service road going up for sale? It is right next to the huge pumping station.
When is the land at Lakewood/lawn South off the service road going up for sale? It is right next to the huge pumping station.
Pool vs No Pool
We recently purchased a home in Pleasanton Meadows with a 10kgallon fiberglass pool. It's a basic rectangular shape w/no tile and pool/equipment are original to the 1987 home, some chalking. The lot is…
What do you love most about Philadelphia? Where's your favorite restaurant? Go-to coffee shop?
I'm always interested in where fellow Philadelphians love about our great city.
Can an agent force you to stay in a listing agreement if they themselves become the buyer and the deal gets contentious?
I was told I had two options I sell him the house, or let him sell it, after I discovered that he had not accurately priced the house and then inserted himself into the deal prior to it being listed on…
I'm wanting help with selling my house. I know there is no "crystal ball" advice when it comes to predicting when prices will go back up.
We are considering selling in a year or year in a half. (Sooner if the market looks good). Our home is off Huber in Fairfield, CA.
Flood insurance and Real Estate properties in Brighton Beach/Sheepshead Bay.
How is flood insurance affecting the Real Estate market for Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn? After hurricane Sandy, I am assuming flood insurance will be on a rise, but would it be reasonably…
Is Buffalo Grove a family oriented community?
Looking at moving to Buffalo Grove after 1st of year...want family oriented, close-knit community
Ho do I find house comps for 2008 for Zip 36532
I wish to callenge my pro[erty tax which has gone up while house prices have gone down.
I appreciate everyone's help on my last question. In no way did I mean it that question into bad way, shape, or form. I am currently new to the area
I needed professional guidance and someone with experience in the bucktown area! Thank you trulia for your consideration and time you took to look into my question and give me great advice! I think it…
I have been to PT many times. I usually see the smoke from the paper mill blowing back towards land from the ocean. I am wondering if Diamond Point
and all the houses directly in back of the paper mill are subjected to the smell of the mill every day. I understand that in certain weather conditions, the whole town can smell the mill, and I am prepared…
We've been hearing negative comments about Ocoee. But I want to know how it is within the area of Forestbrook which is near Lake Apopka. When we?
went into the neighborhood it somehow felt peaceful. I've seen the crime reports of the Orange County Sheriff's ofc and the ocurrences are more concentrated in central Ocoee not the Forestbrook area near…
My partner and I are thinking about buying a vacation home in Daytona Beach (32118), but are concerned about the high crime rate in the area. Can?
anyone shed some light on the pros and cons of living in Daytona Beach? Appreciate it. Thanks Luiz
Does anyone know a realtor who would be willing to sell my house for 3% or less, I am in a tough situation?
and need a quick sale, I will be selling below market as well!! Thanks
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