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Did someone ever die
My townhomes sage acers 4736 w Bethany hm rd # 1/6
Are you excited their is a whole foods coming to Huntersville?
I know I am!
Should we Refi or sell?
We bought our house last summer at the right time. The house is 4666 sf 6/4 and appraised under value at $330 while dropping from $400k after sitting on the market for 9 months. It's way more house than…
okay my mother lives with me and takes care of my kids during the day and 2 other kids that are family members during the day. Now people are complain
okay my mother lives with me and takes care of my kids during the day and 2 other kids that are family members during the day. Now people are complaining I'm running a business out of my house which I…
im having trouble finding apts for rent in riverdale and yonkers. ive contacted a few realtors who had listings on trulia and they kept saying they
would call..never did.after numerious tries im just getting fustrated. I know this process can be long, but I would like to know whats the best way to go about this.thanks
What is the expected growth for homes in the 78721 area?
We just bought a 1400-ft. green-built 3-2 as our primary residence in the Lincoln Gardens Neighborhood of 78721, and we wonder about what we can expect in the area of growth in our new neighborhood. We…
I would like to thank everyone for their description of this area. I am beginning a new life and look forward to being around people of all ages,
and from the sound of these comments, friendly neighbors as well. Brand new state and brand new town. I'm scared to death.
I want to know who is responsible for taking and posting photos on here?
I want to know why my photo is posted without MY permission.
looking for some one who's willing to donate land/homes on Idlewild lake, MI, who wants to get rid of the property to rebuild the community
I'm apart of the first 100 years with my deceased grandparents, and desire to keep my mother, aunt, and our family apart of the next 100 year in the Historic Idlewild, MI. I'll be moving here no later…
My husband and I are going to be relocating to the Fairfield area from Los Angeles, CA. We really like the homes that we see in Redding. Can?
someone honestly tell me how rural it really is? For example: can we get pizza delivered? Run out to a place close by for coffee? We love the idea of living in the country but are quite used to city…
how do we get more street lights on Mowhawa Drive in Lake Forest Extended?
We only have one street light on all of Mowhawa drive. We need more street lights because visibliity is poor when it is dark out and you could easily hit cars parked on the street.
Can anyone tell me a little more about 24700 Soquel San Jose Rd.?
My father and I have been looking at similar properties and really like the Summit Rd.area. Looking for someone familiar with the ins and outs and pitfalls of a property like this. Not looking for a primary…
Great dining options
I’ve heard the North End has good Italian restaurants, but what other neighborhoods have good food?
Can a realtor familiar with this zip code advise me in what areas of Oak Park properties hold their value better?
? I have heard that there are "good" and "bad or worse" areas. I'm not familiar with the area and haven't talked yet with a realtor who is. Are there border streets within which the properties may hold…
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