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anyone know when they are going to build the homes on burdick lane?
they are building at least 8 new home up the hill from the bottom of moss. modular homes.
I need a list of homes excepting section 8 vouchers in the 23602...23608 Newport News area.
I want to keep my children in their current Passage Middle School zone or be in Menchvile high
I am a heavy truck mechanic, specializing in diesel; and am considering relocating to greenville alabama
from los angeles california. what are the available jobs for ASE certified diesel mechanics?
To the professionals..... in you opinion , what is the better buy or investment. Small condo on or block or two from ocean , preferably belmar, avon
, bradley area or a cute , cozy and quaint home like this one off of mantaloking road near the bay. Both around the 140 to 160 thousand range.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp....what does this mean?
Saw a posting on a vacant home in my hood, says that the property is now owned by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp....what does this mean? How can I buy a property that is now owned byt he FHLMC?
Any beauty salons available nearby?
Where are the nearby street locations?
I'm not naive enough to think this house is available for $1,000 so please explain what the going price actually is. I'm planning to relocate to St.
Augustine in the near future and would like to find a true fixer upper for a bargain price. But $1,000? That's too good to be true so I'm open to reality. Please e-mail me at: with…
Active Friendly Family Neighborhood in Pleasanton/San Ramon/Danville?
Relocating from Irvine, my husband will be working in Pleasanton. Looking to rent a 3 bedroom dog friendly house, and we won't be able to see the neighborhood before we sign a lease. My main goal…
I live in Chapel Hill, NC 27516. I am trying to find comparative HOA dues and services in the area.
Our community is Briar Chapel. I am part of a community group that wants to do a comparison of area dues and the services provided. Can you provide a resource for such information outside of calling every…
I'm a 79 year old grandmother of a Soldier who graduates Basic Training July 26. I will be traveling alone with a small dog to attend the
ceremonies. My grandson tells me that "local information" says that it is not safe to stay at a hotel or motel below Exit #7 on the interstate. I have a reservation at 3662 Victory Drive, not…
how safe is saint marks ave between classon and franklin?
I'm looking to buy a condo there and I was wondering how safe is the area? I'm a 27 professional who will be walking my dog at night. Any insights?
Does anyone live in the triple creek subdivision area?
I know its new but just wondering if anyone lives there
5 Freeway Under Major Construction Started This Month of April.
The Golden State Freeway started the expansion that will cause for on and off-ramps to close temporarily and slow traffic, taking necessary precautions will help near residents to overcome the high traffic…
Why is the photo of 124 Hackberry Ct., Grants, NM 87020 of the wrong house? The photo is my neighbor's home.
Also, 124 Hackberry Ct. Grants, NM 87020 is currently listed with Tony Gallegos Realty in Grants, NM for $220,000. Your site has homes listed in the area at $125,000. This is outdated and incorrect. Please…
If my house has an addition which is not cooled or heated as the main house is, but just has a window air conditioner - Can that additional space be
used in the total square footage advertised? included in the total square footage of the house when it s advertised?
Hello to all HARP 3.0 stay tuned for details !!!!!
i am a looking to but a house and twice now the sellers have pulled out because their house appraised any where from $8000 to 16,000 less then they
were asking and they did not want to sell that low. my question is why are realtors not telling sellers how crappy the market really is instead of lying to them and telling them their house is worth more…
I rent an apt in San Francisco and plan to relocate to either Eureka or Arcata...tough to figure out until I move up though, as to where the best
place for me is. If possible, I would love to buy. Many questions. I have a family dog, need a ground level or minimal steps d/t disability.
Been approved for FHA loan for $125 through NSP program in city of Pembroke Pines but can't seem to find a home. Every home my realtor sends me that
I like, refuses to deal with the FHA loan. They want Cash or Conventional loan only. Is there an agent who is familiar with the NSP program or FHA loan who can help me? The program is willing to give…
Want custom home in river town country club side, or dunes west
Hello, I having a hard time finding a custom home ~ 3000 sq on a large private lot at a price point of~450k. my realtor just cut me lose as she does not have the time as we need to buy soon. I travel…
How many single family homes are there in University Terrace?
Wanted to find out population and number of homes in Shreveport's University Terrace subdivision.
Will power lines behind house have any effect on the home value and the resale?
I am looking into a home which has a basement but it is behind a power line of georgia is about 40 - 50 feet away from the house living room.
Crime rate for area code 90048 in West Hollywood CA
Hello, I would like to be able to advertise the safety code of my rentals in West Hollywood and am wondering if a safety evaluation is on file. Thanks!
recently am in wheelchair for life. looking for 2 to 3 bedroom house or apt. the State agreed to pay for renovations to make it handi cap
accessible. must be in spring-ford school dist.. have a son going into 11th grade next year, Settlement coming from accident within next 2 to 3 months.. a lease purhase or rent while waiting for settlemeent…
Can anyone tell me how resales are going in the Santa Lucia development?
? How is the development itself--and structural problems, earth slippage, problems with the HOA, etc.? Thank you.
Squatters in a homepath house?
If a house appears on I assume that is an REO. If that is true I am convinced someone or multiple people are squatting at 1114 Cedar Top Road, 19607
Hi. Any one knows where is the best place in San Diego County to open a Holly Land Gift Shop ?
Store will carry items from Jerusalem and the Holly Land. Gifts, like key chains, t-shirts, mugs, Crosses, etc
the information about 1623 Center Avenue is dramatically incorrect. Please change the information immediatley because your number may be impacting on
the information about 1623 Center Avenue is dramatically incorrect. Please change the information immediatley because your number may be impacting on my ability to sell the house. I am going to contact…
Looking for a nice updated home to rent in the panama city bch area. Would prefer that it is for lease by owner but either or is fine:)?
also, I have 5 children so being near a school and having a safe neighborhood to ride bikes ect..would be great!
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