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remove Photo from my listing
SECOND REQUEST: Please remove all photos from my listing on this website. The listing is 836 N. Fern Dr, Midland, MI 48640
How do I remove the pictures of my house from this website? It is off the market and no longer for sale. Thanks!
The address I am talking about is 323 Ashley Oak Ln. Lake Dallas, Tx 75065
how do i close my account?
how do i close my account?
How can I remove property photos?
I am attempting to get the pictures of my property that had been on the market removed. How would I go about doing this?
"Built" date is incorrect. Correct date is 1994. How do we get this date corrected?
My wife & I had this house (pictured) built to our specifications. We were the general contractors for the construction of this house. When it was completed in November 1994 we moved in and have lived…
How do I look up the sale prices of a home for the past 20 years?
I've lost my records and bought the home in either "94 or '95 and sold it after 2001. I need the information and don't know how to get it? Thanks.
How do I change pictures of my home?
The pictures of my home are from when I purchased it, How do I change them as I have made improvements to the home.
I have attempted to delete my account. I am unable to go to the area that allows me to delete.
I already found my home. I just don't want my phone number or email out there.
Why my condo is no longer available on the web site?
I, actually, logged in on the web site and the apartment I´d posted was not no longer active ("This property is no longer active on Trulia. Luckily, we have tons of available rentals nearby"?).…
How do you set commute time filter?
I would like to search within a certain distance of my prospective job locations.
writing a landlord review
I am the current tenant and some information regarding the description is not true. There is no "wine cellar"- there is an unfinished cement basement with exposed wiring, duct work, overhead wooden beams…
I am the listing agent for 20387 cliftons point sterling va and my listing has been active for 15 days on the mls but it won't update on your
site. It still has the previous agent's info and is in withdrawn status when it is active. please help. Jennifer young 703-400-6757
How do you enter sweepstakes after creating a board?
I created a board but do not see any place to enter the sweepstakes.
How to change a review I wrote?
I wrote a review for an agent and forgot to select the "stars" for her review. I gave her a great written review, but the "0" stars makes it look bad! How can go back into my review…
I just claimed my house on Trulia and there are 12 pictures associated with it that are not accurate. How do I delete them?
They are advertising an agency. Since I'm looking to rent one of the apartments now, I need those pictures to represent what potential tenants will actually see. I'm logged in and when I click…
How can I edit the review I just submitted?
The review shows only my last name (Mckean). I prefer to include my first name and to correct the spelling of my last name (Robert McKean). Review was for Debi Orr.
I want to edit my review and correct my typing errors
I added a review and want to correct it. Contact -
Please cancel my account.
Please cancel my account.
Can an Agent Review be updated or deleted after submission?
Entered an agent review and inadvertently selected one (1) star instead of five (5) stars. Comments indicate that the rating is incorrect, I want to correct it, how can I do that? Update existing record,…
How do I update photos of my home?
Present photos are before remodeling. I need to delete the existing photos and put new ones in place.
How to remove photos of my house from Trulia - No Agent and Not Listed.?
Ho do I do it? I have no agent, the house isn't for sale, and I own it. They're probably there from a prior listing. There must be a way for me to get rid of the photos, of my property, that I don't…
Hi- I am looking for some time series data and wanted to ask if Trulia has the following for NY. Can someone contact me at 646-562-8126 or email me.?
# of stock - the accumulated number of units SOLD up to a given time ?# of supply – the number of new units which are offered for sale in a given year The request is for high-end real estate (purchasing…
Updating my listing
My realtor has listed my house through the MLS but there are errors on you site for our listing - how do we get those fixed? Thanks.
Re: Tenant reviews
can owner dispute negative reviews posted on this site by former tenants absent filing a tort action in the cause?
Change the picture on Trulia?
How do I update the picture?
Host a developer feed of housing on a website for users to purchase homes near a new location.
Purchased a 700,000 square foot building and have 30,000 artists looking to move to the location. I am hoping to connect with someone who can be helpful to assisting with this possible process.
How do I list my home for sale by owner on Trulia?
Trulia does not recognize my address 8914 Tryon Grove Road Wonder Lake, IL 60097
How do i delete my review?
I reviewed a broker and need to remove it on her request. How do I do that? i have already flagged it..
how to list property for sale on Trulia?
How do you list the property on the website? Is there a step by step guide on how to list the property? Can you list as a for sale by owner or is a agent required?
How do I delete my home from your service?
Home is 3344 Bear Ridge Circle, Eagle River, Ak
how do i list my home for sale on trulia? the "find your home's value" is useless to me as it is a farm.
I know my value, 58 acres, restored grand 1869 Italianate Victorian residence with restored American 1912 barn.
This is a scam ad. I cannot find a "flag" button. Please assist.
I'm landlord of 540 Diamond & I did not put the listing on your website as it is. Please delete the listing fully, as it has the wrong
photos shown. How can it be that photos from my front house (that is for rent) got combined with my back house photos (that is NOT for rent) It is very upsetting to prospective tenants. I did not put up…
Source of an advertisement
I am the technology coordinator at KW Memphis. I am trying to make sure that our listings are coming over correctly. Can you please tell me where I can locate the source of the listing (ie, MLS, KWLS,…
I am the previous listing agent for 10406 N 177th Ln in Waddell, AZ. We took this home off the market last year and seller wants all photos removed
from your website. How do I go about having these photos removed? My email address is, cell 623-297-0034 Thank you
Why do you keep sending me emails months after I told You not to. I tried to unsubscribe, but they keep coming. I AM NOT IN THE MARKET FOR A HOUSE.
TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never use Trulia if i am in the market for a house. If anyone who is in the market asks me, i will tell them that you are…
The open house posted for 25 Attitash Chappaqua ny for 4/12 3:30-4:30 needs to be deleted
The open house posted for 25 Attitash Chappaqua ny for 4/12 3:30-4:30 needs to be deleted
1322 Susquehanna Road, Rydal, PA I am the listing agent.
When I search for Rydal, PA listings, my listing does not appear. Please advise.
TRULIA LISTING, Removing photos used when the home was sold. Please Remove as soon as possible
How can i have photos removed from a house no longer for sale? I am the owner an wish to have them removed as soon as possible. Thank you
How to remove from web site? this home has been sold to us, we would like it removed.…
I recently completed an on-line review through your web site and it totally came out incorrect! I am very disappointed and want to change the review
to reflect my true answers and intentions. The review was for Mandy Rockefeller from Driggs, Idaho. Please immediately help. Thank you! Loyce Weishaar
How do I remove the pictures of my home at 3607 N Maple Grove Rd, Boise, ID 83704? If I can not remove them, can you remove them for me?
I do not feel comfortable with photos of my home for the public to view. They are not even current photos, as those pictures were taken when the previous owners were selling the home.
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