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You have a couple of properties listed that I believe is FRAUD but yet there is no way to contact Trulia, why?
two properties would NEVER rent for the low price listed in the area listed it could be fraud how do I report this?
How do I find out the lien holder on a property that is vacant?
I am helping my elderly mother in law find a cottage near us. Two doors down there is a good possiblility that has been vacant to a few months. I want to find the owner and make an offer to buy it but…
I am the admin for Harborside Sotheby's International Realty. How can we change the phone number that customer inquiries are routed to?
We pay for advertising on your site and currently all customer inquiries are routed to one, specific phone number. We would like the ability to change this phone number weekly/monthly so that different…
How do I get the photos published on Trulia updated to reflect what is published on
Due to a stalker issue, most of the pictures of this property have been removed from the HAR site, but Trilia is the only site that has not been updated. This update was done in November 2014 on the HAR…
Has Trulia stopped showing home value estimates?
up to a couple weeks ago I would type in an address and a home value estimate would show... Now when I search for an address I get property info, but no home value estimate. Does anyone know how to get…
I'm getting phone calls about renting property that I don't own how to I take my number off
I don't own any property on trial I'm getting phone calls about some
Hello, I would like to know how to close my Trulia account. I haven't been able to find this information on your site.
I only signed up so that I could write a review for our awesome real estate agent, but we have just bought a house and don't intend to move again. And now I receive Emails from you EVERY SINGLE DAY.…
I would like to know how I can remove and/or update the interior photos of my home (which is not for sale) that are shown on the Trulia website.
The photos on the website are not current and I want to either delete them or update them as the current homeowner.
How is the best way to go about getting a mortgage as a first time home buyer ?
..and also how do you find and qualify for a program for first time home buyers in Norwalk (lower Fairfield county basically)??
My account was suspended. I have asked help center why, but no response other than an auto response that the email was received. What is going on?
I would like to submit another listing, but I can not log in - due to the suspension. I assume this is a mistake by someone, but I do not see a way it can be modified without communication from Trulia.…
How can I delete my account?
I no longer need it.
Not a question. I need my account deleted because I have found a home.
It is upsetting that there is no 'deactivate account' button.
How to remove the photos of my house from the old listing? all other websites are no longer showing my house pictures except Trulia
My agent said he has already deleted the listing as well as all the pictures from the MLS. Does anyone know how?
Remove listing from your site(Photos information)
Hello I was searching my house and found my information on here. This place is sold and I don't want any of my information visible on any of your site. What can we do to remove my listing. The…
I would like you to remove the interior photos of my home. Privacy Purposes 82 irving Terrace Buffalo 14223
I would like you to remove the interior photos of my home. Privacy Purposes 82 irving Terrace Buffalo 14223
delete my trulia account
please god delete my account people keep calling me about listings im looking for a place myself why is this happening
How do I add customer testimonials to a profile on Trulia?
Both written, video and having customers input them directly to Trulia
Our client is getting visitors knocking on door asking for the rental property. Please help! The listing is not true 363 Montgomery St, Chula Vista, CA 91911 HOW DO WE REPORT IT TO BE DELETED?
Emails from Trulia
I would like to no longer receive emails regarding listings. How can I unsubscribe from all, without going into each email? I receive approx 4-9 emails a day.
this is another scam 6145 7th A/N renting for $800. I called the realtor on this address and she never listed it for rent. 4 scams I've reported
pa home <> 2:24 PM (16 minutes ago) Reply to me Thanks for your Response. l owned the house and I received your email correctly. I wanted to tell you a little about us as…
How do we remove our property listing from Trulia?
Hello. We would like to remove our property from the Trulia site, including all personal information and photo's. Our address is: 14714 Braddock Oak Dr Orlando, FL 32837 Thank you for your attention…
How can I remove my home from Trulia?
It was pulled from the market last April; I've asked the agent to take down the listing but he never replies. You I remove it and how?
Removing my personal phone number from your website
My phone number has been mistakenly listed as a contact number for multiple properties around the country on your website and the listing keeps updating with my information. I am getting calls from random…
How do I report a scam?
I have my home for rent, today some one who did not contact me came to see it from this site, I have not listed it at this site but at Zillow, the person told me they found an ad on trulia with my home…
Last year I went through some hardships and for the 1st time ever I was evicted from my apartment. I was only one month behind, I did leave on good
terms and making payments to them for what I owe. I only lived there about six months, my previous address I was there 11 years but moved due to separation from husband, I also have a good paying job…
I need to know what can be done about a fraudulent add that was copied from a legitimate add? I have people coming to my home looking through my
windows because of this. Can the fake (#2) add be deleted? My agent told me the add was deleted but apparently not.
Looking to partner with a real estate agent in Tampa/St.Pete/Clearwater area.
Steve Walsh The Mortgage Firm 727-678-8173
I have had issues with plugged gutters for a year and have put in work orders to have them cleaned I dont
know if they ever were maintained because I have had a continuous flood in the same spot for the year right above my ac unit. I have had the gutters cleaned at the beginning of May and just this past…
Norwegian national thinking of moving to the US for a year and wondering what i will need.
Im working for an american company but in a department based in Norway which i have been for 3 years now. My job is traveling for 4 weeks, and then being off for 4 weeks. So i was thinking about spending…
How can I flag listings that are fake and/or misleading?
Example - 4235 SW 160th Ave #1 Beaverton, OR 97078 If you google that address the correct listing comes up on Zillow for significantly higher rent than what is listed.
Just Looking in Bryant/Benton Arkansas for a rent to own house credit is not great Single mom with great job & pay
Just Looking in Bryant/Benton Arkansas for a rent to own house credit is not great Single mom with great job & pay but divorce ruined my credit. I want a home for my son & I.
My home is falsely advertised as a rental property.
someone else posted it How did i get it removed ASAP
How to permanently delete your account?
I want to permanently delete my account. I don't use it anymore & I'm tired of receiving emails everyday about nearby property from saved favorite properties that I cannot delete.its cluttering…
Removing a listing syndicated from RadPad
Hi, I syndicated this listing ( via RadPad. I deleted the original listing on RadPad, as the unit is no longer available, but it…
how to delete old realtor info since I'm now FSBO?
My home used to be listed by Century 21, but now is not. I'm now listing as FSBO, but your ad still has my realtor's info attached to my home listing. How can this be deleted?
Where can I find a apartment in chicago il with bad credit?
I am running out of time with know luck? I have okay credit but alot has rueined me by my parent, having something in my name as a minor. Now whatever happened in the past has hurt me in the future and…
How do I close my account?
Please direct me to how I can close my account. Thank you.
I had my house for sale for 4 months in 2012.
I took it off the market and I still see listings for my home on a bunch of sites with photos of my exterior and interior. I never gave permission for my home to be listed on any of these sites the…
Interested in buying property but not sure what to becareful of?
I've been looking at this property and want to buy it but I notice there are a lot trees. What would it cost to get them cut? Also it needs a lot of cleanup? Is there anything else I should be looking…
There are several scam listings I have been sent by Trulia, inlcuding one today for a rental houe at 167 South Avenue in New Canaan CT, a 3 BR 2 B
for $1200 per month. I received a scam email in response to my inquiry. This is the second time this has happened, which is fraud. Please advise how you protect against such scam listings. Bob…
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