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find peoples phone number
-- This question is about Schindewolf Intermediate School:
Where can I get a deed suitable to redeem ground rent in Baltimore?
The ground rent holder has agreed to sell. We just need to complete the transaction. Is there a preprinted deed suitable to do this?
How to transfer a property if there was no will? Need a Home Improvement loan for repairs
I live in New Jersey and my mother died 3 years ago and did not have a will and at first a lawyer had advised me as long I pay the morgage and property taxes there would be no problems but now the house…
I am looking into buying property with 2 houses. The property i am told can not be split because it has to
have more road frontage, and both houses share a well and septic. My sister wants to rent to own while I am going to be doing owner financing from the seller. Please tell me what my options are. Should…
I want to subdivide and sell 7 of 10 acres in west Wilson co, NC. How do I find the value of the farm land?
Appraisers tend to appraise and at what the buyer is obtaining a loan for, and there've been few sales over the past few years. Address 8000 Healthy Plains Church Rd, Sims, NC 27880. email replies to…
if the owner of the house said he will give me the property but for me to pay for a attorney to do the paper
work to put the house in my name the owner owes back taxes is the any options that i have to cut the back taxes owed and getting the house in my name
How do I go about getting an option on a property? I hold the property till I find a buyer for a certain
amount of time and for a fixed price. Is there a technical term and if so what is it? and How do I go about requesting an option? Someone told me this is advanced real estate...Is it ? Please explain.
Hello, I have one year J-1 visa and I've been already spend 6 months in California. On this conditions may I
apply for real estate license on not? Or maybe F-1 visa that I get this summer will give me this chance?
How to find a great insurance agent? Any referrals or recommendations?
I'm looking for a great insurance agent to partner with in the Minneapolis, MN area. We are planning on acquiring at least 20 homes this year.
I looking to relocate to the Delaware area by next month which would be 11-10-2008 I am trying to apply.
Is this house for rent as of today date 10-14-2008 if so how do I send an application requesting information.
How to take a name from a property?
I bought my house with my son for qualification purposes as joint owners. Now I want to take his name out of the property since I am the one paying it and he does not live with me. Thank you very much!
Appraisal question
My home was recently re-appraised. I thought the appraisal was on the conservative side and asked the appraiser for some clarification. For example, I have brand new hard wood floors throughout my home,…
must sell mobile home myself, and need to know how to do it a-z. or who can provide advice and info for free?
I’m a vet and have my va home loan to use, need to find a realtor to arrange sale then buy, so i can move from my sold straight into my new. is this idea an impossible idea?
How do I find the location of a home we used to live/rent/lease(? ) in years ago?
I know the town name, but the family may have used a P.O. Box in those days. One of the homes was called by the owners name in those days, even when we rented (small town back then). Two others were in…
how can I get a legal description of my home over the internet?
All my paperwork is at home and I am currently out of the state. My house is located in modesto ca.
Someday I would like to own an Apartment building. Is it profitable? Can I start no money down? How?
My perception is Apartment buildings are profitable in the long term, hold value, and create wealth. I know there are certain risks: unpaid rent, high maintenance, possibly cash flow issues. Although…
my mother gets some medical aid from the state but would like to put the house in the children's names befor
she ever passes, is there a time frame to doing this and what would be the best? title transfer assumable mortgage, purchase from her?
Can you help me find a house to rent?
I am having a real hard time finding a house to rent in Euclid, Ohio 44123. I live in Columbus Ohio and I am moving real soon but can't seem to find a place or anyone to help me. I need a 3 br with a…
How to find a great title company?
I'm a real estate entrepreneur and want to know how to compare title companies and to identify a title company that can help me do assignment of contracts, double closings, seller financing & other creative…
My condo, for tax purposes, was assessed at an amount way over what I actually paid for it. Any suggestions?
on going about getting it reduced? Is it a difficult process? And is it likely I will get it reduced?
I am almost finished paying off all of my old debt. How do I clear it off my credit report?
I have a garnishment that is paid off, a credit card that was late many times but paid off 3 years ago and it is still on my credit in the bad credit section. When I pay off my last 3 bills that total…
What are the property taxes like in south central oregon for a 100% disabled veteran. Thank you
How do I find out about benefits for Oregon for disabled vets. Such as license plates/camping discounts/property tax etc.
I just did a bankruptcy an my house forclosed in june of 2008 my credit score is 485 the bankruptcy will
discharge in april what can I do topurchase a home in the future. thanks missingchelsea@ .com Ask the real estate community and get an answer
My wife and I was approached by a person that was looking for a house in town. As we were looking to sell our
house in town and move out to the country. She mentioned that we traded houses. I don't know how you would go about this but heres alittle info. We bought our house for 70k did lots of renovations and…
How does a couple buy a property together if they are unmarried?
My boyfriend and I are committed but don't plan to marry. How do we go about buying a home together?
How to document unethical conduct by a listing agent?
If you would, please assist me in how I should attempt to document suspected unethical behavior. Our agent suspects the listing agent of sitting on our offer for a few days and then using it to get another…
TX Realtor needing advice on working with clients combining households, e.g., elderly parent and daughter
Been working with these people for at least 2 maybe 3 years. Let's say I've got some new friends in the process. Elderly mother owes a home free & clear, can no longer care for self. Home is in iffy…
A friend of mine is opening a real estate office, and as a sole proprietory, is interested obtaining E&O
insurance. Any recommended companies that deal with small solo agents?
Swap Leased Condo in Boca Raton for condo in Atlanta area. How?
My Condo is leased for 2 more years. 1280 sq ft. Has est. 200K equity. NE or NW Atlanta. No size requirements on Atl condo.
Adding a name on a home property ownership
My husband bought our house three years ago in Collin county. We were not married at the time. Now, we would like to add my name on the mortgage/ deed. How should we proceed??
How to get internet and television?
We just bought our vacation home in Cape Coral and are preparing to get it livable. We will be in our Cape Coral home only 6 to 8 weeks a year. Our vacation home in Cape Coral does have a satellite…
security deposit return
Over three months have passed, and I still cant get the sec. deposit back since that landlord keeps telling me he has no money. Almost every week he tells me "lets meet on Friday to give you the cash"…
forclosure cleanouts
I am interested in becoming a subcontractor to clean out reposesed homes. Can anyone lead me in the right direction?
Can a lien be put on multiple heir's property?
i just inherited a 2/5ths interest in a house in Florida. His brother has a 3/5ths interest. Can a lien be put on the property by me? What is the best way to resolve property disputes with multiple heirs?
Considering buying a TIC, renting to our daughter and her sublets in San Francisco
Since we are in a rent controlled city, any advice for us? The property we are looking at is a Victorian so we would fall under the protection of rent control in the city. Are there issue for our daughter…
Is there a free service available for doing a credit check?
We have a prospecitve renter, and need to do a credit check. Are there any organizations that offer this for free? If not, where do I go, and what is the approx cost.
Assist Disabled Brother rent to own his own home
Can assist with partial down payment
My renter is breaching our lease contract.
My tenant purchases a house and they are breaching our lease contract and moving within the same community. If we are unable to work out some type of solution and unable to rent out the home within a timely…
How can I find out my home mortgage balance.?
give me the motgage company name and account number. My ex is living inthe house and we are co-owners and he won't give me the information. The house is supposed to be sold, and I don't have the money…
Refer to a good loan officer for refi.
Can anyone refer us to a very good loan officer here in the Seattle, WA surrounding area. thank you.
Hi, I am in the process of setting up a LLC but was told that I would be better off tax wise to form a
S-Corp. I am planning to buy property & rent it out. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
My Wife is concerned with the 1997 building codes
Ok, my wife is very concerned with the stability of homes in the area from earthquakes. In looking for a home to grow and start a family in, we have found several very nice homes built before the 1997…
what's best thing to do? my studio is to small for me & in perfect condition. i need it for summer mos. & how
do i sublet it for 6 mos a yr? Can I find 1 bdrm in excellent condiition w/ pool in same pl or close bye. without maintence going up ea yr. Please help me
What is the average hotel occupancy in zip 34744?
From where can I get this info?
how to get information on pre-foreclosure for free?
I'd like to know what is the loan balance, etc. on a house (short sale) I am interested in. I'd like to make the most informed offer. And I do not want to use
Can"t get ahold of the agent listed on a forclosed home.
I have foung a forclosed home in Gallia County Ohio. On the forclosed site that it is listed on it has an agent to get ahold of. His number has been disconnected and there is no real estate company on…
What's the procedure to get the county assessor's office revalue the cost of our home to assess property tax ?
Bought our home in March 2008 and price has since then gone down. What to do to get the value re-assessed for calculating property tax ?
How can we replace our HOA Board of Directors?
I live in Sunrise Winding Lakes community. How can we replace a member or the whole Board of Directors of our association.
I live in the Forest Haven subdivision with a Lake Forest address. We purchased the house in Dec 2007 and
did reovations over the summer last year that consisted of replace the bathroom and kitchen floors, replaced kitchen cabinets and appliances for the 70's (or older) and replacing the roof along with the…
What will the total 6% commission by for a commercial lease, 5 yr term, 1300 sq ft, telescopic monthly lease?
What will the total 6% commission by for a commercial lease, 5 yr term, 1300 sq ft, telescopic monthly lease starting at $1600/mo, increasing $50/mo each year there after. The first 6 months is free. In…
findi liens on properties
How can I research properties to see what liens or mortgages are on a property?
How can I bring an action to remove a tenant in common from deed for non payment of taxes and purchase price?
Through inheritance, I became the tenant in common with an indvidual who has not made any attempt to contact me or pay taxes on the proprerty for over 10 years. Further, the individual has never finished…
Looking for a HUD Registered Broker in Jacksonville
I don't know how the process works for a HUD home, however I have found one that I'm interested in. I'm looking for a broker that would agree to accept a 3% commission and can help me through the process.
I am trying to get get on the section 8 program in Dallas. I want to relocate to one of the suburbs there. I
just want to better myself for my kids. Can anyone tell me how I go by doing this? The Dallas section 8 said that they are not doing secton 8 there now. Help. I know the rent is higher than what I normally…
-- This question is about Cumberland County Tech Education Center:
Is there a way to search homes where I'd be taking over mortage loan from owner who needs to get out of it?
Moreover, I've seen some homes where it seems I'd simply be taking over the loan from someone who can't continue to pay their mortage...and I'd then not need the down payment...? I would like to stop…
how do you go about getting a house built on your own lot?
I have a lot and would like to tear down this one and build another bigger home.
Could you please forward me your attorney references?
I am helping a friend w/th this. I have 12yrs in apartment management in FL and NC, but have only encountered this issue in Florida. I've researched NC landlord/tenant laws, but none specifically refer…
I used to live at 603 west 29th st. richmond va. The house was built in the 1920s I would like to know who
the original owner was. Was there someone after them my dad samuel McCormick owned it before he died 4 years ago this comeing february. just wont to know the history of the house. thank you
How to shop for my teen girl?
I have no idea what to get my daughter for her 15'th birthday, and I will take any (if appropriate) answers of what teens are saying is "in" now a days.
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