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how do I post a photo on my listing.I made the changes but it doesn't allow me to post photos and that's the main issue with the sale of
house.Old pic house is old paint color, and there are no instructions on how to post photos and also it states house is was sold in winter we have posted it on MLS as of this afternoon...Do…
Can I change insurance thats figured in my mortgage payment to reduce payment.?
Mortgage payment came out to $576 monthly until insurance was figured in and jumped to $1032 monthly..
Can someone recommend a website with a database for general costs for adjustments for CMA's?
When doing a CMA I am wondering if there is a source for industry standards for cost/price adjustments. For example how much should I add/subtract for a fireplace (gas vs. wood) or what's the average…
Foreign national intend to rent an apartment/condo. What would the process be like?
Hello, I am moving to SD for my education and was wondering what the process of renting an apartment or condo would be like. I am a foreign national with no US credit history - would it be a problem when…
Determined for a 3/2 or 3/1:1/2 or 3/1
I'm searching for a nice 3 bedroom for maximum of 650 I have good income but bad credit from my history. Ready to move ASAP in Dothan al. How can I go by doing this?
how to find the owner?
how do i find a owner of a house n Detroit if the house been sitting. for nine years
how do i find out who own the house .?
i moved un a house THT been sitting. for nine years how do i find the own of the house .
how to find the owner?
how do i find a owner of a house n Detroit
i have a friend who lives n ohio an her x husband took out a loan n her name paid off his house didnt pay the loan back she called about the loan the
lady told her she cant tell her anything she has no home now her x husbands bank took the house who can she call about this ???
Can you delete my email address ?
I used another email address to create another profile. So it's duplicate for me.
I'm a real estate entrepreneur and want to know how to compare title companies and to identify a title company that can help me do assignment of contracts, double closings, seller financing & other creative…
why cant i get 100% compleation?
on the trulia profile i have 70%........
How to convert a 2 unit condo into a duplex for financing purposes?
I own one unit of a two unit condo "complex" and would like to purchase the other unit that's for sale. The plan is to rent one unit and live in the other. I've run into an issue with financing and it…
I have a Section 8 voucher and disable I want to use my voucher to purchase a home.
I want to use my Section 8 voucher to purchase a home in Central Islip New York. How do I go about starting the process.
How do we report a problem with listing?
My broker told me all showings have been cancelled for a specific listing but it still says 'for sale' here on Trulia. Isn't it misleading for 'potential' buyers?
How do I file a complaint against our old property manager/real estate company?
I need to know how to file a complaint against our previous real estate company. The property manager referred to me as a "bit*h", immature, and many other names. She also refused to remove the lock box…
What is B3-2 FAMILY DWELLING? Does this means I can convert this premises to 2 family house? How should I do it? Do I need to have a legal 2 family house to split the electricity meter to 2? If yes, what…
which type rugs are used for home decor?
recently i colored my house please suggest some rugs select idea
How do I change my password?
I was given another password because I forgot mine but do not know how to change it.
Recently my partner and I were asked to leave our apartment after living there for the past 7 yrs.
The new owners had moved us to a lower level and as they rehabbed the units, we were told we could move back to the apartment that we lived in for the last 7 years(paying 850 per month) as they progressed…
I'm trying to have the the ownership of a house transferred from my parents (both deceased) to my brother and I (It was legally willed to us).
Can anyone tell me what procedures or forms I would use, I'm trying to do this without a lawyer ( I don't really have a lot of money). I would really appreciate anyhelp I could get
My wife's parents wish to transfer ownership of their modest home to my wife and I.
We have created a quit claim document which appears to fit the bill. What would be the necessary steps to complete this transfer?
Any web sites available of present or past sales in my area of short sales?
Where can I see present short sale listings in my area boynton place circle boynton ? Is there a web site?
What questions can I ask a rental Prospect's employer to verify employment?
Can I ask to verify how much the prospect makes? Can I ask how ling the prospect has worked at this company? Can I ask if this prosect has had any incident reports? Would you recommend this person for…
I buy and lease option a property in North Carolina and the tenant miss several payments. How do I evict the tenant?
If I buy some friends (with some credit issues) a house and lease it.. I am willing to lease the property with an option to buy within 12 months . If he starts missing lease payments and I have to evict…
how can i sale our home if my sister wont let me?
I've been paying 3,400$$$ for 7 years also the upkeep, repairs, etc... how can I make her let me sale our house? She said she would see it burn to the ground before she let's me sale. I'm…
how can i sale our home if my sister wont let me?
I've been paying 3,400$$$ for 7 years also the upkeep, repairs, etc... how can I make her let me sale our house? She said she would see it burn to the ground before she let's me sale. I'm…
I would like to know how I report a possible scam?
My family and I saw a listing on Trulia that was a house for rent. Everything looked good, it sounded legit. However, we believe that we have been scammed. I don't know why we let our guard down so…
What is the best music to listen while you at your desk working on your Real Estate Transactions?
-- This question was asked from this property:
What do you need to start a Property Management Business with no 3rd party Management?
Let's say I want to buy a property, then rent it out? What items should be on my checklist for the state of Ohio? Thanks.
My husband dosnt pay mortgage, maintenance fee, neither tax. My name is not included in montage neither deeth. Am I responsible for mortgage and tax?
We bought a townhouse while we were married. 3 years ago, we get separate. two years ago, he stooped paying mortgage, maintenance fee. Soon the house will go foreclose. He lost a job, he was fired because…
were can i find a apartment with a low income
were can i find a low income appartment
New renter/Last minute notice of sale
Hello. I am a renter in Hollywood, FL and was just told of a notice of sale that was scheduled for today March 26, 2012. It is stated that the recorded notice of sale was on February 6, 2013. How…
How to get rid of tenant who barters services I no longer want.?
A verbal agreement was made for services in exchange for rent. I no longer want the services, tenant wants to stay.
Want to evict my roommate.
I moved my brother in-law in 2 months ago because he "needed help". Recently I have been noticing things missing and feel threatened by him. My Husband asked him about our missing items and he…
Delete my account!
I would like my Trulia account deleted and cannot do it myself. I signed up for Trulia with the one motive in mind: to sell my house. I wish to no longer use this service, as it is social media more than…
Why would anyone choose to work with someone who never answers their phone?
Even "Smart Phones" are first and foremost a talking device.
Would like to update House Pics?
I would like to update the photos of my house. In the last 2 years, I have put in new windows, AC, furnace, carpeting, roof and appliances. The images on this site are prior to all the work that has…
Do I need a license to broker promissory notes in New York State?
I am considering adding note brokering to my business. I am not getting a clear answer from the Dept. Of State. I was told I would need a salespersons license to do so. This may be correct but they didn't…
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