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What would the best resource be for searching out rentals in this area?
My husband and I may be relocating to the Yanton SD area are interested in renting. I have not had much luck finding rental listings! We would love to buy, however that will not be possible for at least…
MLS Database - any recommendation
Do you know of a real good online Multiple Listing Database software you can recommend to be used for a entire Country in Central America. Should be simple and solid with all the regular features necessary.…
hi my name is larry and i have three negitive things on my credit report that are child support nothing possitive what can i get to improve my
credit?? i pay on my child support weekly and it is still in the bad!!! i want to try to but a house someday! or even get a credit card from some where! but i'm not sure where to try. i beleve everytime…
how much was paid for a property in austin mn?
How do I search the price paid for a single family property?
Moving question. I need some type of lift to move furniture into a second story apartment.
I need some type of lift to move furniture into a second story apartment. The stairs are winding so they are not an option. The apartment has a nice deck on back. I need to move heavy furniture from the…
Wells Fargo Short Sale troubles in New Jersey.
Submitted an offer on a short sale to Wells Fargo on October 15th 2009 and have not heard one word from them yet?
Termite: I bought the house at Delray Beach two years ago. We paid $1600 for the spot treating at the closing time. During the past 2 years, I found
5 times and Okin treat 5 times. Okin asks us to tent the house right now. My questions are: 3162 sq/ft house, how much I need to pay? Where I can find out that the what kind of the treatment I should…
the deutsche bank national trust company owns property next to my property which has been neglected for two years now i myself have to keep the
property up with know regards from anyone im interested in the property what should i do and how to contact this bank before going to my councilman
I'd like my terrible roommate out, what can I do?
I live in new hampshire in a house owned by my parents. A few years ago I moved in here with a friend who needed a place to live. we pay rent to my parents and have never had a lease. Everything in the…
Hello I would like to hear from some one who is actively doing short sales.
So I have listened to some of gurus and the way they do it seems so differant then what I am hearing. If you aregood at it I my have a bunch of buyers that would be glad to buy them from you. But I want…
Have anyone had a experience with clients who is in foreclosure, we as the realtor try to help them with the short sale, but they?
when we got an offer, they refuse to sign the offer, because they are worry about the bank will come after them when it is closed, for the short part they owed to the is very hard to deal with…
Here is a question for someone, how does one figure the square footage price when a home has a basement and the basement is unfinished?? Is it based?
Is it based on the finished square footage only or what. Am seeing conflicting prices in Rapid City, SD. Sure would like to have some help cause we're moving up that way and are already looking…
What is the best way to go about obtaining a first time mortgage with credit that is "just ok?'
first time home buyer, credit score in low-mid 600's not a lot to put down for a condo
ansewer to no down payment home loans
buying a house on social security
Can I get a copy of the floor plan? I just bought this home and I am currently stationed in Iraq.
-- This question is about this property:
What do you think about Trulia Rentals?
We just launched our new Rental section today with millions of rentals.....
I want to know is yall hireing in texas
is the distribution rooms to go on 360 is hireing if so can i apply
My job has been transferred to a new city therefore I am transferring as well. The good news is my employer will purchase my home at fair market
value. When I purchased my home I did the 10/10/80 plan. The offer from my employer covers 100% of the 1st loan and 20% of the 2nd long. I want to convert the remaining portion of the 2nd loan to…
I have a townhome in Deepwood Community of Reston that is hugely improved (from new roof, kitchen, basement
and carpet). I am planning to buy a SFH in the area nearby (for the school district) and rent out the townhome. How much can it rent for? Does anyone have any suggestions on SFH around the Hunterwoods…
Interested in changing Carreers.. Have always been interested in Real Estate..
Is it better to get your license independently and then choose a brokerage or is it better to train under a companies training program. Currently considering Coldwell Banker school.
What's the best way to share large quantities of downloadable pictures on the web?
I need to send an 85MB file full of property pix to a client. Anyone have a recommendation as to an easy way to do it without breaking it up into 5 MB packages?
I and my boyfriend are visiting Fort Collins, CO this summer (late May-end of July). We are looking for a furnished 1 (or more) bedroom
apartment/condo/house. We have a lovely toypoodle (1 year ) coming with us. Let me know if anybody can help us to find a good home for us!
I am looking for a piano that a seller needs to sell.
-- This question is about this property:
I've talked with an agent who told me I make enough to purchase a home but my credit score is low. I've been paying $700 a month for rent
over the last 3 yrs, I've been on my job for 5 yrs, is there no hope of me purchasing a home soon?! I know people with worse credit scores than me and who've had forclosures and filded bankruptcy…
How to deal with a mortgage company not responding to inquiries via e-mail and long hold time to talk about?
readjusting current mortage rates of 6.25% on 30 years fixed to refinance. If I go with another bank or lender to refinance, the issue is closing cost and even if I get the zero closing cost loan, I doubt…
Will be sending out some press releases over the next couple of months and are looking for the best distribution system.?
Choices are PR Newswire, Business Wire and Marketwire. Marketwire seems to be the cheapest, but we need to best online distro points. Anyone have an opinion?
I want my credit report but have no credit card info, it goes back to 2001.
I am being sued over a Mastercard from Providian, however, I can obtain no information from the attourney handling it. As I wrote, this goes back to 2001 and I have no information.
I am interested in finding an organization that would be able to donate a car to a needy family
I am a single mother of 2 girls that live at home and one son that lives on his own and I have several medical problems and am currently disabled. I basically need something to get me from point A to point…
Section 8 Rental-Where do I start?
I have a house left to me from my North Philadelphia. I heard about section 8 housing. How can I rent the house for section 8? The reason I like to convert is that the house suitable to rent…
need sqft of my house please
sqft of 5731 haughey ave sw wyoming mi 49548
I owe 437K on a house that is now worth 200K - I retire in 17 years and I am in a 40 year fixed - We were going to sell the house and get a 15 year
fix but then the economy went to hell in a handbasket - I don't know what to do but I cannot pay 3000 per month when I retire - I have enough money toput down on a new home but I don't know If…
who moves trailers? what are my reasponsibilty in the moving?
I have the trailer it is installed but has wheels to go and attached awning with porch front and back and a shed and a cyclone fence.
How can you get a contract to clean forclosed houses in Fayetteville, NC.?
Want to clean forclosed houses in Fayetteville, NC.
How can I find out the value of some lots in Horizon City Texas. Specific lots purchased 20 or so years ago
This is for a friend who lives abroad, he has been paying taxes on these 6 lots. How can I find out the value, and if the area has been developed etc.
Fair market value
I got into an old condo in 2004 for 350K and I think it is now only 200K, how can I get to where I only owe the fair market value. I want to avoid foreclosure.
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