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How do I leave a review for the VAPA in Vista, Ca?
I want tyo leave a review for VAPA, how do I do this?
I am planning an owner occupied eviction in LA. If tenant is not out in 60 days what action do I take next?
Tenant has been there for 34 years. have had nothing but trouble from him. Workmen quit on me. Police have been called out for him threatening workmen. He has complied with LAHD inspection but is a huge…
How do we change title on a property located in Travis County from our own names to a LLC?
My business partner and I bought an investment property in South Austin. It is currently titled in our names but we would like to change the title to our LLC. We would have avoided this if we had gotten…
when they drill for my well for water the dirt was red clay then it turn into white sand,and that was at a 100ft they couldnt go no futher,?
it was suppose to be 150ft but the water shot up out like it was oil.before my grandmother pass someone told her that it was oil on this land.and i cant find no one to test the land for how can i…
Hello, i would like to have a information from you. What is happend with the house 6 Ithanell Rd. i. Hopatcong
My family was living there for a while and i was there many, many years ago. I would like to know what happend now with this house.
is there any grants for drainfields or septic systems?
i purchase my home 3 years ago and shortly after that i had problems with the look like the previous owners knew about the problem but didnt mentioned it at closing. is there something i…
What are you doing?
What are you doing to find good leads in todays real estate market?
Can I trust this person.....?
Hi. I found a 1 bedroom apartment on Forest Hills NY for $700!!! Utilities included. It just sounds too good to be true. The renter is the owner, and he is currently in Africa because he is a missionary.…
Suggestions about buying a house ($200,000-$250,000) in Rio Rancho?
Current house $300K-$350k. Mortgage $27K. Owe on credit line $123K.
I am the first-time home buyer in California. Though I have moved in the condo 1 month now, can I still go
after rebates from my agent's 3% commission? Reason being he didn’t help much in the whole process. I found the place, and he wanted me to show him, then he claimed that he is my agent and got…
I am in south jersey, disabled gulf war veteran, I have a section 8 voucher and would like to rent a house,
no further than 50 miles away from 08095 zip code, how can I get a listing of homes possibly owned by veterans who are renting them out to veterans?
I have had a section 8 voucher for 3 yrs now. how can i use the voucher to buy a house?
Trying to get more info on how i can convert my voucher into a home owners voucher to purchase a house.
1- Other than driving to the office of city tax recorder is there a way online to find out who owns a property?
2- anyone know of a cheap or free site to find someone or do background check? Lots of sites drag you in but end up costing a lot of money and are not that accurate.
We have $40K to invest in real estate.
Our goal is to buy at a discount, gain equity, and establish some positive cash flow. Please provide some feedback on what stratgey we should take so that we can meet our immediate goals.
In need of some ideas to increase investors in my real estate fund.
I manage a real estate fund where we focus on rental income and ROI per dollar spent. We are doing well and are looking for new potential investors. We focus purchasing properties in the Buffalo and…
how can I get comps for purpose of getting my property taxesadjusted lower?
I live in Murrieta, CA 92562 4br single family house built 1988 2200 sq ft
two addresses were listed on my credit report saying I've lived at the location but I never lived at those locations, how do I find the owners
name I want to know the owner so I can see if they recall renting to some one by the name. because some one has to be using my info for it to be on my report
Hello, my name is Deacker Carter, I will like to know if you all will be renting out the house to is at the
dead end street of Macks Street. If you all will like to rent my sister will like to rent it from you. THANK YOU. Oh, the house that I'm talking about is at 50 Macks Street.
Can someone give me a definitive answer regarding section 8 in Irvington?
I'm looking into a couple of multi-family properties in Irvington. HUD's web site says that they will allow $1103 per month rent for a 2 BR, and $1320 for a 3 BR in Essex county. However, when I call…
What is the best real estate investor website?
Interested in an affordable but complete lead generating website with an email autoresponder and pages to generate leads. I'm looking to generate leads from motivated sellers and build a buyers list…
What is a Short Sale?
A short sale occurs when the net proceeds from the sale of a home are not enough to cover the sellers’ mortgage obligations and closing costs, such as property taxes, transfer taxes, and the real…
Can someone give me a clue on how to clean foreclosed property in New York?
I have a fully bonded and insured cleaning company We are highly reputable and we do a lot of high end jobs. Now I would like to shift into cleaning foreclosed and hoarding homes. I have a full crew and…
can we dismiss a board member who missed 3 our of 5 meetings?
there are many other reasons we have to dismiss the party but we want to make it short and sweet. I know there is a statue in Sarasota Fl that addresses this issue but I can't find it and want to…
How to get abandoned commercial area in residential neighborhood to clean up the garbage they left behind:?
This commercial area sells furniture, but has since gone out of business since August 2009. There is a walled off dumpster with a locked gate which is right next to my driveway. After going out of business,…
Isn't it a violation of law for an agent to pass wrong information on to others???
I know an agent who is telling many people in a Condo community that someone's home is in Pre-Foreclosure. Not only is this not true, the man is a professisonal and his career could be ruined by this…
Can we Sell and Buy without Being Homeless In Between?
Hello, We have a growing, successful online motorsports retail store, and home based shop in Wabash Indiana. My mother, and father reside in Dade City Florida, and both of our sons have graduated and…
i have a house that on paper is paid for,but i owe a private party the money.the problem is its a 15 year mort
its to expensive right it possible to get a normal mortgage to make it managable?
what is a voucher 8?
can you buy a home or is it just for rental assistance and when can you applyA?
The house I like is swarming with bees--large hives outside and smaller ones on indoor walls and closets. How does one get rid of them?
Could the bees have hives in the vents and can these be rid of completely? Also, I noticed a continuous seeping of water at the edge of the yard by the sidewalk. (the water has not been turned on).…
Can an apartment complex refuse to renew a lease?
My complex has been renovating the property and units this year. My lease expires in Jan 2009 and I recently received a letter from management stating that they are giving me a 60 day notice to move, encouraging…
help with finding a attorney to write a move out letter to a difficult landlore
Need help with writing a move out letter and advice
How do we find an attorney to take on our HOA and its property management company?
The property management company and HOA have bypassed the established rules & regulations in our by-laws and are covering themselves by quoting a part in the by-laws stating at any time they can choose…
Being a Realtor a good career path?
Hi, my name is William and I was wondering if I should be a realtor. I am 18 years old and debating if I should to college and become a Physical Therapist or just become a realtor. I was curious, is…
In Mass. do you need a license to do property maintenance for homeowners and/or landlords?
I'm looking to start my own business to provide services myself, or hire other professionals to do the work, depending on what services are needed.
have truble with manangement company (we hire them to collect a rents but they were skam us with rent how we fire them lagally, the yown money and SD
How do I find a good property manager?
How do I find a good property manager
hi my names is jessie me and my mothr are looking for a home i found your site and ihave some questions how can we speak to someone about a home seen
hi my names is jessie me and my mothr are looking for a home i found your site and ihave some questions how can we speak to someone about a home seen
What would the best resource be for searching out rentals in this area?
My husband and I may be relocating to the Yanton SD area are interested in renting. I have not had much luck finding rental listings! We would love to buy, however that will not be possible for at least…
MLS Database - any recommendation
Do you know of a real good online Multiple Listing Database software you can recommend to be used for a entire Country in Central America. Should be simple and solid with all the regular features necessary.…
hi my name is larry and i have three negitive things on my credit report that are child support nothing possitive what can i get to improve my
credit?? i pay on my child support weekly and it is still in the bad!!! i want to try to but a house someday! or even get a credit card from some where! but i'm not sure where to try. i beleve everytime…
how much was paid for a property in austin mn?
How do I search the price paid for a single family property?
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