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What is the best way to prospect for buyers?
Look for techniques to get buyers.
How do you deal with a breach of ciontract?
Escrow was suppoed to close September 3, 2009. Today is September 10, and it is still not closed. Seller is has breached the contract,
I am a Realtor. Im new to the bussiness, and I wanted to get into short sales.
So if there is anyone who could offer any advice that would be great.
We are looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath house/condo/townhome for rent. We want it in the Rockwood school
district with Marquette as the high school. Are there rental agents who would be able to help?
Looking for a good software application to keep the trash out business in order along with templates for work orders, orders completed
I am starting a trash out business in the Ky area and am in need of a good software application to keep the business in order and organized I have come across quick books pro in a suggestion. Also I have…
Trying to find an address for Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as Trustee for First Franklin Mortgage Loan -
Trust 2005-FFH4 - this was a sale of a property in Commerce Township, MI 48390 We do the water billing and need an address to send final bill for Patricia Michno, Home Loan 1044543233
I live in Denver and my taxes are based on 2007 however the house they are comparing mine to are not even in
my class size of lot or even price I would like to find a listing of house in my area sold between 2007-2008 is there such a public record Thank you so much Bert Kasven
Rental Commission in Westport, CT ??
A friend in Greenwich just paid 7.5% of annual rent , but a broker in Westport said 10% of annual rent...How negotiable is this - What is the market ? (I realize everything is 'negotiable', but what…
How to find statistics for recently sold homes?
I would like to find the names of the three real-estate agents who handled the most real-estate transactions, on the buyer side, over the past 12 months, in zip code 10589, and involving condos? Thanks.
What is the proper way to approach a seller's agent to make an offer if you don't have / want a buyer's agent?
Most importantly you do not want one and do not want to create a dual-representation situation. Though I can't even get a transaction started as I have gone to open houses and considered offering but the…
I found a vertical crack in the foundation after buying the home a month. What should I do.?
I found a vertical crack in the foundation after buying the home a month. What should I do. My home inspector has missed it during the inspection. Can I contact the seller.
How do I figure taxes on sale of rental in Ocean County, NJ (owned 13yrs) and I'm an out of state owner?
Considering selling rental property in New Jersey, primary residence is in Colorado. Can you tell me what taxes, including as an out of state resident with capital gains (original purchase $160K, market…
How would I go about finding a green savy home builder?
I want to build our home in adobe or ICF and go as green as possible. I have 700 ft deep well, septic tank, 13 acres of wild land. It currently has a single wide trlr on it. The land is in ARK. How expensive…
Price change
I posted a listing last week which I've since lowered the price on our MLS but Trulia is still showing the original price. How can i change that?
Can you please get my listings all under my name? Other agents are claiming my listings or I can't find them
Hi... I am Mike Althof and I have 14 listings in the MLS that I also have on Postlets. Only 5 show up under my name and the rest other agents have claimed or I cant find at all when I enter the MLS #.…
How can I get the fair market value of a property in 1996 for tax purposes?
I need this to adjust the basis for a property which came into our ownership that year, but was sold in 2008.
What to do if you don't have comparables?
I bought a lot in a lake resort which are extremely rare to find in this particular resort. I can't get a fixed loan because there aren't any comparable homes that have sold in the last year.…
How do I get a copy of my high school diploma?
I lost my high school diploma and need to get a copy as soon as possible.
How can I find out what prices homes were selling for in my neighborhood in 1983?
We’re in the process of probating a Will where the deceased died that year.
I am trying to negotiate with a builder/seller of a property without an agent, anything I need to be aware of?
I found a property I like and the seller is also the builder of the property and I was trying to purchase this property without a real state agent, anything I need to know how to go by doing so? What are…
I am looking into maybe buying a house in the Folsom area. I am new at this and do not know where exactly to
start or what exactly I can afford. Im thinking maybe a forclosed home may be much cheaper, but I cannot find a list of repo houses without being charged. Can somebody help me out?
I need to transfer the deed of my parents' house to my mother. It's currently recorded as husband and wife
and I need to transfer it so that my mother is the sole owner. This is like a quick claim deed from husband and wife to wife as her sole and separate property... but I'm not sure how to do it in Rockland…
I want to remove the info/photos of my house, that our seller posted. I have HUGE security concerns!!
There are 25 pictures of the interior of my new home posted on your site, from when it was listed on MLS. I have since purchased it, and DO NOT WANT all that information public, for both security and privacy…
Good day I have a question...would a bank accept a lower cash offer to pay off car loan?
I have been having tons of problems keeping up with my car payment. I owe 6700 dollars on a car worth half of that...for another 2 years...I have 3700 dollars saved off for emergencies, I will be going…
Obtaining a real-estate license near Summit New Jersey?
Do you have any recommendations on where to go to obtain a real-estate license near Summit New Jersey?
I represent an organization that works with small and micro small construction business to help them get
construction jobs. Does FHA have such opportunities, or should I be looking under HUD for opportunities?
Will Renovate/Repair Home for Free Rent... I was laid off in Jan. of this year. I was a Project
Manager/Superintendent for Target Corporation. I have been in Commercial Construction for 18 yrs. I know all aspects of Construction both Comm. and Residential. Does anyone know of any vacant, maybe investor…
We are in due process of our sale of our home.This was a short sale.How long before we can purchase a home?
cash or mortgage?Are are going back to renting? We have a contracted with a offer sent to the mortgage co. just waiting on results now.On the contract states as is and agree of no deficiency.
. I am 16 with a baby on the way. Can I get HUD?
My name is Cherokee Williams. I am 16 years old with a baby on the way. I really need HUD.I would like to no if I can get HUD being only 16. How long is the waiting list for HUD can you pleace contacked…
how can you find out the stability of a co-op;;?
am trying to see if i can buy a co-op in glenoks but how can i assure their financial situatuion is there i place i can search for in line...thank you ...
Does anyone know what it will cost to hook-up to public sewer in Upper Macungie Twp. PA?
We are purchasing a home in Upper Macungie Twp, (Allentown) PA. We are in contract right now and trying to find out what it will cost to hook up to public sewer in this area, before our closing date. If…
is a steel lintel problem serious?
estimate of steel lintel difficult to repair a steel lintel problem
Hi Guys, I started the Allied Realtor course but am struggling with home study!! Anyone have any suggestions?
for companies that run traineeships? I am based in Redondo Beach California - mant thanks Matt
My husband & I have a condo in Central Islip that we would like to sell or rent but because of the market we
would never be able to sell the place for what is left on the mortgage. How/where can we find a tenant?? Can we list it for rent with an agent?
To Realtors: what will you be doing in 10 years? Do you plan to retire, if so how.?
Most of the Real Estate professionals I know don't have an exit strategy or succession plan for their business. They continue to do the same thing year in year out...looking for the next deal. What happens…
I am in south jersey , disabled gulf war veteran, have section 8 voucher and want to buy a home. how do i get?
started. the PHA where i got my voucher from do not participate in the program
How would you go about negotiating the rental price on a property?
My husband and I our looking to rent a decent home. It seems as though everywhere we look the prices are way out of our budget.
Hi I owe 3 years of backed up property taxes wich sum up to $10,000.00 I was given a due date of 5/31/09 to
pay before they forward a tax deed to the clerk of the circuit court. The property is paid for with a loan on another property. I dont have the money to pay what do you suggest I do? Obtain a loan for…
Second home maintenance in Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Any tips on how to maintain a vacation property from oversea ?
Assessor records are incorrect
My house and property both show a smaller square footage than they are. I'd like the actual (large) size to be on record. How do I get the assessor to correct the records, and if and when they do, may…
how do I sign up to put my address and info on the internet so someone can google it, to sell my home?
I wan to put my address on the internet so when someone googles it it will come up? I'm trying to sell my home and see others on there and I love it?
How can I find the following information? Name of Escrow company, Title company; Date of Sale; Buyer's Name
We are trying to stop the sale of a house that is in escrow. Loans on house given though 85 yr old signee had lack of capacity to understand or sign legal documents. Income info. on loan documents did…
I need to know how I would go about getting my trade transcript?
The paper with my instructors signitures by every thing that I took up in the trade
House Swap? My Centreville 4 bed 3 1/2 ba. 2 car garage home for your Arlington house/townhouse?
I was wondering if there are any families with young children who are living in Arlington, but looking for a bigger house with more room? Our children are away at college, and we no longer need such a…
I made an offer for my client, the listing request my buyer have to get approval from one of the loan officer
who he prefer to, after I submitted all the papers work for that loan officer, she did not answer me, she did not response my email but she secretly contacted my buyer without my knowing until my buyer…
We are estate broker in india. How could we get the information about repossesed asset for sale of Deutsche?
Bank, Hsbc, Abn, other international banks. please mail to
The house that i am buying needs bathrooms and kitchens to be renovated. Can i borrow money from the bank?
This is my first house. Bathrooms and Kitchens need renovation, it also needs appliances. The bank manager said i could borrow up to 60K to do this but i want to know with the way banks are now day will…
I would like some more information in regard to posibly buying a home on contract or rent to own.
How do you get a listing of homes that offer one of theses options?
How to find a good Management Company for a 20-unit condo building in Manhattan?
Hi. I am one of the owners in 20-unit condominium building on Upper East Side. We are considering replacing our current management company since they are doing very poor job in servicing our building. Is…
Any help for people with struggling to pay Mortage.30 year fix loan
We bought 7 years ago..we are business owners and don't know for how long we can pay on our mortage
How can I see property without an agent?
I am investigating the possibility of purchasing a vacation rental in the Scottsdale area. I wonder how I could arrange to see some of the properties being listed. I would normally get a buyers agent,…
Who protects commercial tenant rights? Is there a govt. agency that protects commercial tenant / small
business rights? We have a former landlord (in WA) that is trying to scam an obscene amount of money out of us several months after we have vacated the property; they won’t provide evidence for…
How do you search out single level homes?
I tried searching "single level" and "single story" without success.
i need to run an ad in the paper as my last resort to find my husband for a divorce, can you help
how much and how long do i need to run an ad in the paper when looking for spouse for a divorce?
I bought a 23 year old home with brick front. Inspector suggested I should add weeping holes.
I bought a 23 year old home with brick front. Inspector suggested I should add weeping holes. Is this something I have to do?
mls #9025588 shows as $180,000 & was reduced to $175,000 11611 NE 32nd St Vancouver WA 98682 please change
neighborhood to: Hyde Park more importantly--why does it show the lot square footage and not the home square footage? my client said that's how she got the information. how can I change that on my original…
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