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I need sales comps in Marshall, Arkansas
How do i find sales comps for single family residence in Marshall, Ar?
How can I get my condo assoc. to fix the roof? The contractor said the damage is very bad, (poss violation)but the mngmt says "we have no $
How can I get my condo assoc. to fix the roof? We've had leaks almost every year, and currently have two spots on the roof that are covered with a tarp. Each time it rains I wait to see if the wet…
If I was buying a hous that is under 60,000 in Wisconsin rapids and it is in good shape, is there a way to get a bigger loan to update the house? I
entertain the idea of a fixer but don't now how people pay for fix up. The houses we see on here dont seem to be fixers just older. I would still want to update some.
recall hoa boad of directors
I live in Cal. would like to know were I can find forms to recall the Board of Directors & how to go about it.
My parents died. The house deed in my name. The mortgage is not in my name. How can I refinance to rent or sell if I would lke? What to do first?
We are making the mortgage payments and it is current, but want options to refinance at a better rate and rent the house, or sell. We do not live in this home. It was belonged to my parents, but put…
Hello all: We have a farm property and we want to use part of the property as a motel. Is this possible? Thanks
Any difference between residential, commercial and farm properties? Does the motel has to be a commercial property? What will happen if the bank gave us the loan as a residential property and now we want…
How can I find out who owns my dead x's house?
I am wondering if my x still had insurance on the house when he died that house would be paid off?
using a corporation to buy property
My friend any I would like to buy a investment property together under a corporation. we plan to rent it out later. Is this a good idea to buy under a corporation?
I want to fight my latest tax assesment on my lot. what is the best way to go about it. my lot does not perk last year 19000.00 this time32500.00
I contacted a local well know real estate gentleman who said they were selling somewhere around 14,000. where mine is located. I tried to tell this to the tax office, they did not want to hear it.
I am an exec ad rep for a huge property listing portal, having a hard time getting realtors interest to post their listings for free, any suggestions?
I know that realtors spend a lot of time and money on advertising but why am i having a hard time getting realtors to sign up absolutely free? Are you getting bombarded with such offers all the time or…
Can I open a Property Management Agency without RE license in AK?
I am looking for my career in real estate in AK. I would love to open an agency for property management in Anchorage and there is a question. How to...? Should I start from getting RE license? I am looking…
I live in New Mexico and can't come look at the nieghborshoods of the houses I am interested in buying. We will be moving there in March and need
the house ready. Whatis the best way to find out about a neighborshood? The safety, caliber of people, pride in community and upkeep of property, ect?
how hard is it to sell and buy the same day?
I want to sell my house quickly and buy a new one the same day
How can I find my landlord and his gril friend? They are moved out somewhere in Connecticut and they might not living together. They were boken up.
My landlord and his girl friend still living in CT. How can find them? I already search them from speical service and paid some money for the search, but I didn't get any update information. How can…
How to get foreclosure cleaning contracts in the DMV area??? Any suggestions on who to talk to .Am Currently subcontracting ..?
Am currently subcontracting with a cleaning company to clean out foreclosed/empty house. I want to get my own clients to offer cost effectiveness to realtors if we undergo the middleman.Looking for advice…
I know this has been asked many times.....what is the most cost effective way to obtain REO listings in FL?
I've seen websites, BPO providers, etc.....what has been your experience. I have no problem paying a fee of sorts, if the return on the investment warrants it.
What is the best way to pick a realtor?
How do I know the experiance level? How do I know if he/she will really give the time to find my house? I have heard it is very important to find the right realtor. What is the differences in realtors?
What do I need in order to be certified to start my own reo trashout business ?
I have worked doing winterizations,re-KEY, trashouts, landscaping. Etc. For another company. Now i want to start my own,but i don't know what i need or how to obtain the right documents in order to…
How can I verify if the landlord has/has not defaulted on their mortgage?
I live in SF and am looking for a single family home in the Peninsula. I see many homes available for rent, but how can I verify if the landlord has/has not defaulted on their mortgage? Can I include something…
How To...find an elevation/topographic map
Where can I get an elevation/topographic map? I've seen USGS's "Terrraserver" maps online, but they're unclear (too many dots to actually be able to read it). Google's Terrain view is nice but you can't…
How do I fill out a transfer tax affidavit for City and County of San Francisco, CA?
I am filling out a Quitclaim Deed along with the Transfer Tax Affidavit
whats the best way to get your real estate license inexpensively?
whats the best way to get your real estate license inexpensively. i need 210 hours, and work a full time job. do i need to find a broker first before i take classes? need help
Where can I find a rent to own list without paying or giving out my credit card number. And do the Realitors have a list of these homes?
My Realitor never offered the program to me. I have good credit but lack a good down payment for what I am after.
how do i initiate a real estate trade?
i would like to trade my home in northern florida for a se/sw or kissimmee condo. where can i list my trade, and how do i do this?
How do I find out my homes history?
I know the house I bought was built in 1982 but I want to find out the history of my home if there is any original owners, any deaths in the house etc. Any suggestions?
how can i find out about the property next door to me 1350 jones road jax fl, 32220 , the bank of america has this property , its been in forclosure,?
we had a deposit on the property for almost 2 years, we recieved the deposit back in june this year, he said bank of america has the property and its just in limbo. he hasnt heard form them in over a year…
i inherited 2 homes,over 2 years ive had nothing but bad luck lost job,car,in debt with every body ,I.R.S.,2 years behind prop taxes.what can i do?
both homes need extreme attention,from roof,restucco, 56 years old,not old enough for reverse mortgage.then to put frosting on the cake,all the stress ive been under ended me in the emergency…
To put up a notice for the public to see?
I have a property that is not on the market yet and I want to let the public know about it, so I where and how do I put up a posting like that?
How do I get new agents to join my Real Estate Company?
I just opened a 100% commission office and I am trying to attract new agents
How do I find an agent that specializes in investment properties?
I've seen plenty of agents who claim they specialize in investment properties and then go on to claim the specialize in a lot of other types of property as well. How can I find an agent that is really…
I am new on real estate, after 3 months haven't make a penny and help is no where. I though if i start doing BPO's maybe... but how? where?
do i start? Everybody in the office is doing BPO, ans I haven't seen so much selfishness as in this field of professionals, I'm so dissappointed. Soemtimes we get more help from outside, than…
What is the best way to advertise open houses to agents and buyers?
Hi, I was hired by a company and they want me to make flyers and advertise open houses to both buyers and agents. I'm a little new to this so I'm not sure how I'd go about this. Can anyone tell me how…
Buyers and Sellers Lead strategies
I was wondering if any of us could share their thoughts on how to generate leads in this challenging times using social media, Networking, online marketing and Google? John El Hanafi, REALTOR®, ASP,…
How do I cancel a listing agreement/contract in Illinois. I have people knocking at my door saying they call both numbers and he does not answer.
I called with them next to me and he did not answer. The next day he called back I asked him and he said he has a wife . I also said this is 2 weekends in a row that he has not answered his phone with…
Is there any programs that help you with relocating?
I'm a mother , me and my husband together currently make 40 thousand a year which is considered low income. We live in Fortlauderdale florida and have not been getting the fair hand of the economy,…
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