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Why is my information showing up in a listing that is not mine?
I just got a phone call from a lady in Fort Meyers, FL ( I live in Billings, MT ) that said my information was listed as the listing agent on 1668 Melno Rd Fort Meyers, FL. I DO NOT live in Florida, I…
How does an HOA find a new management company?
Finding HOA board members to market to is nearly impossible! It's like an unbreakable black box! Does anyone have any ideas on how to reach this market? I offer HOA management services and would love…
How can I change my email address?
I'm using my email address to log in, can I change my login email as well? Thank you.
How can I exclude properties from in my Trulia search?
Sick and tired of getting notices and search results that look like great deals only to find that it's the starting auction price. HUGE waste of my time. If they can't be excluded, I'm done with Trulia.…
Salesperson exam help!
Hello, I'm taking my salesperson exam this coming Friday the 8th. I was looking for some advice on what to expect and the difficulty of it all. I have done the home study route with Kaplan and have completed…
What can i do to expedite an approval to move in immediately ?
I have the Money in the Bank, buy only what i can pay for. Clean Police Report Former employer/landlord references. But no Credit History. Life for 20 years In the same neighborhood.
Product not working. Email preferences very off.
Hello, I keep canceling the email preferences. I've done it THREE times now, yet, every week, I get more from you; which is frustrating since it's already been cancelled, multiple times.…
Month to month housing in Fort Collins needed
My girlfriend and I are looking to buy a house and we haven't found one yet. Our rental lease is up at the beginning of august and we are looking for a place for august and maybe september. We just need…
Why can't I see the listing of my leads?
I have several leads email from my posting; but I can't reply to them. I followed the instruction on-line to create an account with Trulia. When I click on the 'leads' link nothing happen.…
how to cancel a listing?
cancel the apartment listing for 102-52 63rd Ave.Queens,ny 11375
How do I let you know if one of the rental listings appears to be fraud?
I sent an email on the rental listed at 808 Garnet in Redondo Beach. The response I received seemed suspicious. The person returned a very long message about him and his wife being missionaries and just…
How do I delete my rental listing?
I have gone to my listings and clicked on edit listing and when I go to delete it tells me to go to the original listing and provides a link. When I follow the link it takes me back to the Trulia homepage…
Claiming listings
I know how to "claim my listing" so they show under my name in your site, but when I try to do so it tells me that I haven't selected any listings when I clearly have. I have 3 listings…
How can I delete a listing that was post before at Trulia? please advice.
How can I delete a listing that was post before at Trulia? please advice.
Evict wife with prenuptial
We live in my deceased parents home. She dont contributed to anything , bills, groceries...etc.
Can you tell me how to delete a listing that was posted before?
I need someone to help me to take out the listing at trulia. My condo is no longer available, but there are people who keep on calling me. I really need someone to tell me how to delete the post please.
I am unable to scroll through to look at details of homes thru your website,
If I take the address to Zillow, I can look thru just fine. Why?
I am unable to scroll through to look at details of homes thru your website,
If I take the address to Zillow, I can look thru just fine. Why?
I have a post in trulia, how do I delete it?
my apartment is no longer available, how do I delete a listing/post from trulia?
Listings in a small rural town
Hi i live in a vacation second home gated community. There are about 3,000 homes in the area tho only 33% are occupied full time. There are about 20 real estate agents in the area. My question to you all…
How can I find a position as a personal assistant to a real estate agent?
I am in the process of relocating back to the Atlanta area. I attended college in Atlanta (BA in Economics) and obtained my real estate license in Illinois. Since I am returning, I would like to work as…
I've listed 2 properties for rent and the listings have expired. Is there any way to relist them without reentering all the data?
I'm a landlord and not a realtor, so I don't have a MLS listing to import. thank you, Steve Bakes 708-203-7481
How to deal with cultural differences?
I am curious about the cultural differences among property buyers/sellers from diverse background. For example, Asian people might be more particular about the profit gains and interested in figures than…
Becoming a Real Estate Agent
What is the best place to start if you want to go into real estate? Which agency is known for it's entry level opportunities?
House sitting / Live in property manager type situations...
Is the concept of house sitting a myth or does it really exist? If so, how does one start doing that? Is there an agency or do I just yell from the top of a mountain? I am looking for a summer or summer…
I need you getting a rental address "WITHDRAWN"
Trulia had this rental address "ACTIVATED" in the past 5 days by mistake. Rental address: 7963 Limestone lane, Sarasota,Fla I am the Realtor for this listing, but it's no longer available…
Ho do I find a home to rent to own in the Canaveral Groves area. My credit #is 589 and If I can find a home rent to own then I will be able to rebuild
my credit. My family will always have a place to call home and it will always be in the same place we have rented for 20yrs 5yrs here 7years there 4 years and 3 yrs here I really really want a home to…
How can I remove my home from this site? It was removed from MLS and still shows up here.
I've sent several emails requesting it be removed or at least remove the photos and nothing! No repsonse and the property is still. I also "claimed" my home and still cannot delete the property or photos.…
Can't find an MLS listing! I am left to conclude it's an exclusive
I am working with a buyer, we located a lot/land he's VERY interested in. The property is listed exclusively. I got the necessary info was sent more info regarding zoning, permits do I find…
How do I find a agent specializing in Oak Park, IL and Jefferson Park in Chicago?
I'm also looking at Portage Park. I currently rent in Bucktown and I'm researching neighborhoods. I would like to purchase soon since I just received pre-approval. Any advice would be appreciated!
Hi I have an offbeat question. How would I find out the address where a person lived in 1966? I have names and I know it was on Kenilworth Ave.
The back of their house faced the lake. It was a 2 bedroom house...back then done in Japanese modern. Their names were Allan and Lillian Schumulian. Thank You. L. Walters
how to evict tenant?
month to month lease
I'm researching wholesaling exclusively from my home office. Can you get all of the doc's signed electronically? (i.e. DocuSign)
(i.e. DocuSign) With sellers, buyers, title company's, etc. How do wholesalers from other country's manage this?
How can you update/replace photo of your home posted?
Photo featured of my house strangely hides almost entire front of house, Zillow lets you update with new photos.
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