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"Auctioning" a house as a marketing strategy? Pros/cons...?
Hi, we have been interviewing realtors to sell our house. One of the realtors told us about a new marketing strategy called auctioning. I have to say, it sounded a little shady to me. Can anyone tell…
Has anyone had good results listing their own home for sale? Any advice?
I created my own website and listed on Zillow. Getting to list on Trulia seems like a scavenger hunt. Every time I select the Free List A Property link, it keeps looping back to profile editing
What are the FHA loan requirements for drilled wells?
I have a small lot and an open bottom septic with no leach field. Would an acceptable, tested well, drilled by a licensed contractor be ok for FHA if it is within 80' of my septic tank?
We are in the process of selling our home at Heritage Lake(Coatesville, Indiana). We are looking for somone to purchase, owner financing or
lease-purchase-option. A great property with a fantastic view. Is there any particular agency that is willing to help market properties with a lease-purchase-option attached in the Heritage Lake area?…
Placing lien on a dwelling.
I performed work for a general contractor on several jobs and the contractor has not paid for services. My question is can I place a lien on the dwelling the general contractor was working? If so can I…
We need help selling our home in Waynesboro, VA! We are close to 120 days now and not a single offer.
In 2 weeks we will be paying 2 house payments! How can I get my house sold? We have lowered the price a total of 20,000 dollars already!
New President !
I am hearing that many sellers are waiting for after the election to list their homes for sale. If the current administation is still in place, than owners will just stay put. What are you hearing ?
Am I still under contract?
Listed the house at 350k. Buyer put in an offer for 325k. Countered at 345k. Buyer accepted counter with inspection contingency. After inspection, buyer wanted credit of 10k towards repairs. I ignored…
FOR SALE BY OWNER Any success stories out there? Many properties that had been for sale by owner are now
listed with a real estate brokerage. What are the real challanges you face when trying to sell a home by yourself?
Should you paint your home before listing it? If so, what about the color selection?
Painting, staging, de-cluttering and preparing your home for sale is a must! So let me focus on painting. I've heard, that "buyers can paint it their way because they may not like the colors that are picked."…
status of Willow Glen Real estate. Home on market for 160 days price lowered only i offer and it fell thru.Should I change realtor?
the average for WG is 90 days, It's not the price is it the realtor? Is there a buyer,s realtor I should talk too.
Can the number of units owner by one family be limited in a 90 unit condo building? Is there a law that prohibits this?
We have a janitor who s buying up condos in the building 4 so far and renting them. Is there a law that can stop this from happening. The building is in Illinois. It is a bad thing for he has voting…
Can a janitor who is an employee of the management company be on the condo board because he owns a unit in the condo building?
Isn't it a conflict of interest? In other words being on the board ... he is in control of the management company. Yes unfortunately he collected vouchers from people who are afraid and uninformed…
i own a building that has two units attached to each other,separate deeds, i did not convert the property ,i bought them two years apart in mass.
financed by wf and chase,i have a problem refinancing by both lenders,i was told that i own 100 of the building,owner oc rate is to high.can i sell one to my wife?or any lender u might know would do this…
my home in knoxville(gibbs) is 1700 sq ft 7621 preston view dr,is a t brick ranch-nice home-but trying to get an agent to show it is hard-why?
price is under 160k and near high school,homes in whisper ridge next to prison are selling for more -why
As a seller, what are the most important factors that are important when you are selecting a Realtor/Broker?
Every seller has a different view on what is important to them when sellecting a Realtor to sell their home. What is most important to you?
I'm bracing myself and my seller client for a potential VA appraisal issue. Perhaps one of you can help us avoid a price reduction......
The house is priced at the top end of the range. We had 2 offers within 2 days of listing date. Our buyer is offering the sales price (the other offer was just shy). Any suggestions how to increase…
Divorcing couple put home on market with agent. Deal negotiated and agreed on with closing date. Now the wife won't sign until divorce is
final. Is there legal recourse on this? Is the agent or real estate company at fault here? The buyers negotiated in good faith and are well qualified.
Should I remodel my home before selling? As a Realtor, I am often asked this question. I was at a social event, sitting at a table with about 7 other
guests... before I could answer...other guests jumped right into the "discussion" of the pros & cons. After much discussion the group conclusion was: Minor repairs FIX it - ie. leaky faucet, have carpets…
Private Road agreements
We have many lake properties for sale in our area, however we don't have in place a road maintenance agreement. DO you have tips on what property owners need to know that can help buyers in purchasing…
i want to sell a very big villa in new cairo, please advice
Villa for sale in Mirage City beside the J W Marriott with two floors. The first floor include Gym, Sauna, 1 fully furnished Stanley Steel kitchen, laundry room, maid room, reception, 1 unused kitchen,…
Would like to look into lease/purchase a home in Chester County PA - 4 bedroom. Downpayment is not a
problem; the problem is finding a home?! Are lease/purchase homes really hit or miss? Where is the best place to look?
Is trulia for real estate agents or home owners who wish to sell their home?
Home owner wants to sell home, but not sure how to list or if it is possible to list on this site.
i want to buy a small outbuilding seperate to a house but they still have a mortgage on it
there is a house and a small outbuilding up for sale and i have asked the seller if i could just buy the outbuilding sepratley he has asked his mortgage company and they told him over the phone he couldnt…
Cost to list a home on MLS
Can you please provide how is the price calculated for listing a home on MLS how much will it cost for listing 1600 sq ft home single family in Fremont location. Will it change for condo/TH/single family?
I wanna trade my house
I have a house in West-hood cincinnati ohio..45211 ,but i want to move in forest park.Ohio. how can i found someone in forest park to trade house with mine? Will be grateful if i get the solutions of…
Is an in-law apartment with bedroom, kitchen with range, bathroom, and connected to main living area with 2 egresses, legal in Wakefield, MA?
Smoke certificate was granted upon our purchase and we have since renovated the house. Are we grandfathered into having the in-law with range if nothing has changed with the kitchen? Can we renew the smoke…
I signed my Seller/Buyer contract to sell my house on Oct. 11. The buyers will not even have the appraiser out for 2 more weeks.
The contract is for 60 days and closing on the 14th of Dec. They will not even know if they get the loan approval until after the 10th or more of November. I am livid. How can I look for a house and buy,…
i would like to sell property in niagra falls ny
live overseas interested in quickest possible sale - wd sell prop for usdollars 25,000
Anyone know of an agent who can sell my mobile home quickly?
I am looking for an agent who can help me sell my 2002 mobile home as soon as possible.
How can I find a real estate agent who speciliazes in working with investors.?
We are trying to sell our house but we do not want to spend money on renovations (which the house desperately needs). It is an old house 1982. We just want to break even and pay off our loan. But an investor…
What are the factors that are most important to sellers when choosing a Realtor?
Choosing a Realtor/Broker and I am curious what are the most important factors that you use when selecting a realtor to market your home. As an Associare Broker/Realtor, I'd like to know so I can bestter…
Why my house is not being listed on Trulia? MLS# 08140521
We have being on the market for almost 2 months, and even do a price reduction, but still not listed here. The listing is MLS# 08140521 I asked my Agent, and they assured me that where listing is on…
we want to sell our house due to our kids graduating and such,and it's a 4 bedroom home mind you,but we still owe about 30,000 can we still sell it
the house is listed at about 65,000 then,we are not behind on payments but we have 2 empty bedrooms,plus i have built a fence and a screen room to the back yard. would this add value to the home?
Commercial property (Guest House) to sell
Good morning, I am the manager/owner of a commercial property (Hotel/Guest House) and would like to know where can I find a Real Estate Agency or an Agent specialized in Commercial Real Estate to sell…
I just buy a house and I found out there is a leak in the bathroom so the bedroom next to it has mold.
I just bought a house and before I moved it, I found out there was a leak in the bathroom so the bedroom next to it had mold. The leak could only be seen after the carpet was removed. A bed was in place…
selling duplex as single family home in san francisco
san francisco 94110. what are liabilities in selling a 2 unit, 2 level building as an unwarranted duplex conversion to a single family home? each floor is 1000sf. some of the work would be permitted…
verbal agreement to purchase my home from family however never followed through. legal claim does he have if any?
Had all cash buyer offer in writing and went with them and now family member claims he is going to sue me! What legal claim does he have if at all?
I have seen more than 10% decline over the last three weeks in estimated value of our soon-to-be-listed home in Occidental. What could cause this?
Physical address is 14399 Occidental Road. Nothing about the property is known to have changed. Is it the uncertainty of the upcoming election?
Sell now or hang on?
Have a very nice partial garden condo in West Rogers Park. Bought at top of market and have lost a lot of value and underwater on mortgage. Opinions appreciated. Actually I am the cosigner , unfortunately,…
Going rate for a home my size in Toms River, NJ. Im seeing conflicting prices...
Ive seen some realtors selling houses similar to mine that seem WAY overpriced in this economy. I have a colonial, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, garage, in ground pool, built in 86' in Silverton (very sought…
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