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I just signed with a realtor last night to sell my house. Is there a cooling off period where I can back out of the contract?
I am in Miami, FL. I don't like what my house can bring in this market and I realize it can't get me enough to buy a house I would want. I spent considerable amount of time last night looking…
We are planning to sale our home in Pittsburg, CA 94565. How is the market seem to be after the fed. cut rate
I would like to hear opionion from local feed back. Thank you so much in advance!
My house is falling apart all around me...what can I do?
A quick summary: I bought a house, owe more than it's worth and the house is falling apart all . What are my options on getting out of this house without ruining my life? More details: I bought my house…
signed with a bad realtor
I signed with a realtor for six months, I'm in my third month. realtor does not return phone calls and when he does respond he does so via email or text message. I find this very unprofessional. I am…
Should I replace the carpet in my home? If so, what material?
Our home is 3/1, 1300 square foot, built in 1967, brick/concrete slab. It is on a dead end street in Winnie. Our house has beige carpet in the living room, dining room, hall, and bedrooms. The kitchen,…
Am moving out of area...would it be worth it to try to rent my home instead of taking an estimated 80k loss?
If I sell, I would basically lose my down payment & hopefully the only out-of-pocket expenses would be closing costs, which would be enough! Don't know if I can get a rent to cover my mortgage,…
I have a 3 bedroom 3 bath condo in Lenoir City that just is not selling. It has been on the for almost a year and have had only a few showing.
It is only 5 years old and priced at $101 Sq ft. in a nice community. Can anyone offer any insight into what the problem may be other than a sluggish market.
Can a real estate agent who is also buying the same property change ANYTHING on the contract without the seller knowing, without voiding the contract?
he had us sign and then didn't give us a copy that night because of a broken copier...the next day there was white out areas, he said he did make changes...does this void the contract?
my home appraised 12,000.00 less than offer
Do I lower the price, or meet them in the middle
How do we compete with the foreclosures?
We have been listed for two months. Our house is move-in ready and we are not underwater. We painted, replaced flooring, bought new appliances. We reduced our price twice and offered to buy a home warranty.…
I have power of Attorney for my father. I live in NC and his property is in New York. I have no idea the condition of the property but need to sell
All I want to do is settle with the bank so that my father does not have this debt anymore. He suffers from dementia and can not take care of these kind of things anymore. Any advice would be greatly…
Why is it that the flyer box always seems to be empty?
Also why do agents list properties for sale and don't put up any pictures?
After I accepted an offer on my home, the buyer's agent is demanding additional money from us to pay a higher commission to him.
He says that the deal will be cancelled if we do not pay the additional money. What are my options?
The right time to Sell?
Hi, if I plan to sell my house from now till the end of this year,(of course it takes at least a couple month to remodel several things, should I hurry up to get my house listed ASAP (as the market will…
If a lease contract falls through, should my realtor keep the tenants forfeited deposit or do I get it? My realtor is saying this is her commission.
Signed lease agreement was executed. The tenant's deposited was originally kept my my realtor since it was the same amount as her commission. Now they have backed out and forfeited their deposit.…
As a seller, what are the most important factors that are important when you are selecting a Realtor/Broker?
Every seller has a different view on what is important to them when sellecting a Realtor to sell their home. What is most important to you?
Looking for a company to list my property
Need an aggressive, serious and confident agent to list and SELL my investment ranch in the direct path of major development .
Change Agent / Broker for lower / no commission
Hi - I have an agreement with a Broker already, but have an offer from another Broker to buy my house (yes, the Agent wants to buy my house), and therefore convert this into a FSBO deal. If I inform my…
Why don't Realtors address oil tank issues immediately, instead of waiting until it comes up, usually just before the closing?
In my experience most people have to replace underground heating oil tanks prior to selling their home.However, the majority of people tell me it is "holding up their closing" when they call me for an…
Can our basement be included for house value when sold?
1/2 of the basement outside walls are finished framing, insulation & wallboard w/new windows/screens. The ceiling is finished. The inside walls are painted brick. We have carpet tiles on painted concrete…
How long is an undated contract with a realtor good for?
My parents signed a contract to sell their home with a realtor about a year ago. It has not sold yet. They have a buyer who is not approved for a mortgage and are renting to them now. Nowhere on the contract…
Is a real estate sale effected once the conditions are removed and the agreement becomes firm and binding. I was a selling agent and the seller (
also the listing agent) received $25,000.00 as non refundable deposit. After buyer refused to close. The Seller/agent refused to pay selling commission of over $12,000.00. Is the commission due because…
My husband and I own a condo and want to buy a single family home in the 300,000sThe problem is that we owe
220,000 on our loan and have accumulated credit debt of about 15,000. Do we consolidate our debt first or get pre approved for a new home loan? Also, is a short sale reccommended? Either way, our credit…
Home appraisal guidelines
I am currently trying to build a house on land I all ready own but when the appraisal came in low, I was told they can not use comps on houses where owners own the land and then build. Even though the…
I sold my residence at 2747 West 85th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60652 in September of 1995. I need the names and companies of my agent and the buyers
I think my agents name was Bruce Burek, possibly Century 21. I want to get hold of him for another sale now.
Home land sales
Home plus land sales in last nine months in newberry county South Carolina
I noticed that your website had my home appraised at a market value of $261,600. It also had the square footage listed a bit over 2400.
The heated square footage of my house is 2100. Could you tell me why there is a difference with your square footage estimate. I would like to speak with one of your agents or staff members if possible.…
You have information listed on your system that is negatively misleading regarding our property for sale at 29 Sunnyside Rd Scotia, NY.
You do not list our purchase price of the house in 2003 which is public record for $277,000. People viewing your page will think we are looking to profit $140,000 which is not the case. Please correct…
Unactive license then became active right before closing.
Can an active real estate agent in Florida get paid on a listing she referred because her license was inactive at the time of the listing, but activated her license before closing?
You have a small tax accounting preparation and bookkeeping practice. A new client enters your office and places a box of receipts and bank statements
You role in this scenario is to decide on what you will do, what you can do, and how to proceed. Do you complete the financials, and are you able to prepare the tax returns? What information do you give…
Based on the value of my current property, how much should be offered as a pay out to one spouse?
Spouses separated. Spouse 1 keeps the house to sell later once property is trasferred. how much can spouse 1 pay out spouse 2?
looking for quality rental property in the best areas of Detroit. Belmont, Rosedale, Bagley. Are these the 'best' areas? areas. Thanks
I am looking at 3bed 2bth at least 1000 sqf. I am looking to rent to working professionals (not section 8) in a neighbourhood with mainly owner occupiers. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks for all…
Our home is located directly on the 6th green of Red Hill Country Club golf course, with gate access. There
are only 28 homes located directly on the course, and of those only 4 have gate access. Only 2 are located directly on a green. These particular features are highly coveted by current and prospective…
i need real estate signs
i am looking for a company that puts up real estate signs
Appraisal came in higher than sales price
i am the seller and we bought the appraisal at the request of the buyer. we paid the appraiser and told her our email to send the appraisal to. The appraiser gave the appraisal to the buyer and will not…
How do I delete photos?
Some details and images of my home have changed. How do I delete some photos?
We have a three bedroom condo in Ketchum that we would like to put on the market. How is the housing market?
right now? Is it as depressed as the rest of the United States? We are not in a rush to sell.
I wish to sell my 1500 sq foot Custom ranch in Southern Maine (Arundel) for $297k and buy a home in Dover-Foxcroft Maine for under $150k
Cant I list my home for sale by owner on Trulia? I was forced to retire after 30 years due to illness, I can no longer afford my mortgage or maintain my own home.
How do I list Property on Trulia?
I have 6 wooded acres for sale and would like to list on Trulia.
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