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I want to get out of my house. I am looking for options.
I owe 260K on the house. Adding the realtor fees, the sale price should be $275K. Zillow shows that the house is worth $225K. How do I get rid of the house ? 1.I don’t want to do a short…
Closing vs Wire
Is it okay if we close today (we are the sellers) and wait unt tomorrow to get the wire transfer? Buyer is not getting possession until funds are in my account
does tile vs stone look laminate vs quality sheet vinyl realistically change the price people pay for a home?
I need to put new flooring in my kitchen and bathroom. If I put down tile in both areas (350 sq ft) would that change the sales price dramatically enough to justify the work involved or should I just get…
I am about to do seller-financing on a property where I owe mortgage.
I would like a lawyer who can help me review the contracts as well as suggest changes based on what they see. I am looking for a lawyer who can help me get done on a reasonable fees. Please drop a line…
We went bankrupt several years ago. Our home was included. We continued to pay the mortgage until several months ago. (continued below)
If we contact the bank and ask to sell the home, who pays the realtor and the conveyance tax and any other fees? I would rather sell than have it foreclosed but do not want to pay anything out of my…
I am in a situation. I would like to know what my options are. I am open to holding the property and renting out if the rent covers the mortgage.
As per willow, the property value is $261K I have a loan on the house for $235K Total payments to bring the loan current: $54K Loan type Information: 30 Yr Conv Adj Rate Mtge Interest rate Information:…
Lots of showings - when to worry
I probably need to be patient, but this seems really high to me. My house has been on the market for 6 days and has had over 20 showings. I have relocated across country for my new job and left my…
Should I sell or rent my Hyde Park Condo?
I have a 2 bd/2ba condo in Hyde Park. It has been my primary residence since I purchased it two years ago. I have the opportunity to relocate, but I can't move forward until I devise a plan for my property.…
Are brass light fixtures outdated enough to replace with something more modern?
Just wondering if I should to to the expense of replacing brass lighting in my house I want to sell
Should our friends sell their house as a "fixer upper" or should they borrow and fix it up themselves.?
Have a real estate question... Good friend on my wife's side of the family owns a home in a nice town.. He lost his great paying job around 2007 and his wife only works part time. He has new…
Why don't real estate agents put all the data in the listing?
My listing shown on Trulia for the property located at 1640 Curlew Rd, Dunedin, FL 34698 has the following description: Single Family in DUNEDIN Description provided by Trulia This Single-Family Home…
Why do you repeatedly send me house you say are similar to my house when it is half the size of my home..list the price sold as what I bought it for.
I bought the house for 295,000.00 in 2006. The previous owner bought the house for 257,000. You are putting out bogus info to the public. That is a misrepresentation. If you keep it up I am going to…
I have had our House on Lake LBJ listed for a while, lowered the price and still no sale. Advice? Suggestions? An Auction company?
The house is on the a very pretty part of the Colorado Arm, sits on a platted Double (0.91 acre) lot with a gorgeous back yard with 151 feet of lake frontage. Please advise
First time seller
When selling my home and hire a realtor and all that other stuff who is considered the seller on a hud-1 document
I live in Maple Grove, MN. I have been approached by someone to purchase my home as a contract for deed.
I currently have a mortgage and home equity loan. Can I sell my home as a contract for deed?
How long should it take to sell me Alger Heights house?
I am looking to sell my house in Grand Rapids located in the Alger Heights neighborhood. How long does it usually take to sell homes in this neighborhood? What is typical?
Underwater and want to sell in order to purchase another home
I would like to sell my townhouse and purchase a home. However, I'm under water in my loan. How can I move without owing the current loan provider?
Hello, I am in urgent need to sell a condo that I own in Montreal, Canada. I know nothing on how to do that and need help.
It has to be sold. It was bought and put in my name in 2004 for 120,000 cad, with 30,000 in mortgage. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a balcony. It is located on L'acardie blvd. The mortage I…
Should I respond to a Low Ball offer?
I am in contract on a mobile home and I am selling my existing mobile home. I am trying to get an offer by the end of the month so I can stay in contract with my new home. My home is priced at the appraised…
FHA or conventional
A buyer agrees to buy my house for $280,000. Their bank appraises said house for $275,000. What are my options?
Why so much more emphasis on home buying rather than selling?
For example, in the Q & A area there are 5 home buying questions but none about home selling. Also, most top rated agents & brokers seem to be known for their buyer's agent skills, not listing agent skills.…
Home appraisal and inspections.
Is it a good idea to have an appraisal and a home inspection before getting any offers to make property repairs before selling the house?
How do I sell my home in the current market?
Nothing seems to be moving in our town. We are in a small cul-de-sac area with higher priced homes on bigger lots as compared to the rest of the homes in town.
Buyers getting cold feet?
Hello, I have my house FSBO on CL and a couple came by several times to look at it last week. On Friday afternoon I received an email from their realtor that they want to make an offer and she would…
Listing a Home for Sale
Our property deed has both my name and my wife's name listed on it. I would like to know if both of our signatures are required to list the home for sale through a real estate agent. Thanks.
How important is it for a seller to have their home pre-inspected before marketing for sale?
In my opinion: In this market it is important to know your home, cover all bases... Verify your home is in good condition & if not correct BEFORE putting on the market, you don't want your deal…
As a professional realtor would you show a FSBO that is listed in MLS and offers a buyer agent 3% the same as one listed with an agent.
I don't need all the advice on why I should hire an agent. I've been there done that and have had successful FSBO transactions in the past. I'm familiar with the new laws and have my own real estate attorney.…
Our home is listed & 3 things are wrong. 1) Your sq. ft. total doesn't include the finished lower floor...it should be a total of 3324. 2)
radiant & electric heat & 3) "Heating Fuel:" should be "yes" not "no." 173 Blue Mountain Rd, Camano Island, WA 98282, MLS 713622 Please correct. Thank you.
How can I get recently sold house price details in my neighborhood?
Planning to sell house. Would like to know, what price is going around in my neighborhood with zip code 08859? Domania gives me data up to 2006, but no data for 2007-08.
Estimate home value. 8 Chelcie St., Gratis , Ohio 45330 For sale.
Large double lot , last house on dead end street, 2 car garage, brick, recent upgrades of roof, waterfurnace , electric. Hardwood floors, full dry basement, 3 bedroom,1 bath, beautiful landscape, fenced…
Developer for Roxborough (19128) area?
We have a house with an oversized lot (50'x 172') and are looking to sell it. A developer could easily build a new home behind our current home. Buy our home or knock it down and rebuild a new house in…
Is it important to have a master bath with a tub or is a master bathroom with shower only OK, if you have a 2nd bathroom with a tub?
Thinking of renting/possibly selling my apartment. It will be in a modern, loft-like style in Chelsea.
If a radon test comes back positive (5.6), is the seller required by law to install a radon mitigation system?
What advise do you have for the seller in this case? (We have addressed every other issue as requested by the buyer except this one.)
we bought our home in june of 1990. it was our primary residence until march of 2013. we rented it once for 19 months from march of 2013 until october
of 2014. We then placed it on the market and it is under contract. Will there be any negative tax implications?
How much to pay in commission for a San Francisco property off market with a buyer lined up?
I have my home property in San Francisco and have a friend I would like to sell it to, unlisted and off the market. If I were to hire a real estate agent to take care of the transaction and paperwork,…
How can I sell this house at 2338 Campbell??? Over 6,000 sq ft heated and cooled for asking only $199,000. Not for rent, No owner financing
3,012 sq ft up on entry level with ceramic tile and carpet. 3,678 sq ft in heated and cooled walk out basement. Home is hygienic, very clean, a lot of Custom Cherry Wood cabinets, lower cabinets with drawers.…
Hi, I own a 2 fam 3 story house in the Bronx, NY The info in the dep't of finance list my house as class1 building code A5 1 family att/semi det
when i bought the house it was sold to me as a 2 family with Cert of Occupancy stating- letter of no objection in 2001. would my property tax increase if i change it to a 2 family with the Department…
Selling a 2 family fixer upper and buying a coop
We have made a lot of improvements but the house still needs lots more work. We dont know what our options are.
Why would the buyers lender appraiser want them to fix chipped paint on the inside of the house when the outside is chipped too, selling as is?
the inspection contingency has been removed,and there is no appraisal contigency the buyer removed it they are going to renovate the home, due to crack in foundation they asked for 5k we only gave them…
How and When to Cancel Escrow and Contract?
I am a seller and my agent is doing a dual representation. I believe he is being less than truthful with me and appears to be only interested in collecting his increased commission, to my detriment.…
Do you have to pay taxes on profit when selling your house?
If sell home after living in it for almost 10 years and you get under $100,000 in profit and using it new home, do have to pay taxes on that money?
What three things would make you decide to sell your home?
Provided you are not looking to sell today, but might perhaps in the future... what would factor into that decision?
To stage your vacant home or not?
I always recommend to my sellers to stage their homes if it is going to be vacant. I have found that it leads to more showings, higher offers, and shorter DOM. I do this for my fix & flips as well.…
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