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What are homes selling for?
what r homes selling for per sq ft.(log cabin,7 yrs old)in Morganton nc 28655
Who can i hold responsible for the buyer of our house lying & refusing to close?
we signed the agreements, negotiated for less than we wanted and paid the full amount allowed of closing costs. She has repairs listed on the insp. she wanted done, we did & paid for those. she was going…
Are there options on selling a condo that keeps flooding?
I currently have a mortgage on it and it is rented out today however everytime it rains it keeps flooding because the common area hallways are flooding. It has been a nightmare trying to get someone honest…
How do I edit information about my house for sale listing on Trulia?
My listing on Trulia was place by Fizber. Some of the description of my house needs some rewording. Thanks Tom Baldwin
What to do with a listing of my house that I didn't list?
I bought this house a couple of years ago, and the listing is still there. However, I've since done a ton of updates, but its still there with the old photos. How do I take it down since I don't…
What should a real estate agent/broker be doing to promote/market the sale of your property?
In Illinois? Single family home? Exclusive listing agreement.
Hello, when is the best time to sell a condo across the beach Pompano Beach
It's a 1 bath one bedroom all updated 500 feet from the beach with low maintenance fees pets aloud and no rental restrictions
Hold check hostage!
My former landlord sold the building in short sale, the bank agreed to pay us 3000 to move out before the sale was final. Now I moved out on 10/1/13 the sale became final on 10/7/13. Now the realtor said…
How do I post my house for sale on here for free?
.How do I post my house for sale on here for free?
I have a home in PA. We tried short sale, no luck. I went thru the deed in lieu and the bank cancelled at the last step. I need to know what to try.
If anybody can help me, it would be appreciated. The realtor I used before doesn't want to work with me after all of the mess that happened with this whole thing before.
Should I invest $15,000 in order to convert my electric heat to gas in order to sell my house?
My house has been on the market since Aug. 1st. I figured out the budget cost would be $272 a month. I recieved an estimate of $15,000 to convert to gas. I already lowered the price of my house by $14,000…
Can I avoid paying fees for Inspections, etc. and have fees rolled into sale?
I have 3/2 home in Palm Bay, FL to sell and don't want to lay out anymore money....
Is putting in an alternative source of heat (gas burning stove not requiring electricity) a value when selling? We're in Maine.
Thinking about putting in a $2,000 stove before listing. Also adding a hot tub ($6000) which comes in handy after a hard day of skiing. How much is taken off the sale price if you are adjacent to high…
I'm selling our home
What if you find out that person delling your home lied and dosent list everything you want to about your home and you feel it could have stop a sell
claimed property
I claimed 319 hickory drive, tahlequah, ok as ours (it was listed by previous owner) However, the public record information is inaccurate and from 2013. Is there a way to get updated public record? Also…
I was blown away from the cigar odor, what can I use to take the smell out of my new listing?
I just took a listing in a complex I farm, the cigar odor will knock you out, what can I use to get the odor out? It is hot and we are in our rainy season so I can not open the windows for long periods.
There are lots of properties for sale in my area. Mine has been on the market for a year and a half :no one has even been here to see it.
I think my market is folks who want a second home in the woods or folks who want to retire and live inexpensively. I have 36 acres and a modular home that could have 6 bedrooms ...or less with rooms…
How do I get my home listed on Trulia with me as the contact?
My home was listed for 6 months with a real estate company, but the 6 month contract is over and I would like to update the listing with upgrades and me as the contact. Please let me know what I should…
Do agents "blacklist" For Sale by Owner properties?
I ask because I received a letter from a realtor saying I was on a "no call" list and that was why he was sending a letter. I confronted him and he said he meant the National Do Not Call Registary.…
How important is Curb Appeal in selling your home?
Curb Appeal is one of the easiest and least expensive home improvements that will almost always get you more back than your investment. On almost any home that is lacking in Curb Appeal ... spending $500-$5,000.…
Does it make sense to take a house off the market after it's been on the market for 180 days without an offer and the average DOM is 120 days?
I've lowered the price 3 times for a total of 8% reduction in price. The house is priced below market on average but the feedback/issue is it's on a busy street. Can a house be on the market too long?
I am trying to sell my house since all kids grown up already. I met with a realtor, she said I have to lower my price 10 to 15% compare with the
houses behind me, since my house is across street from elementary school, it is considered an inferior location. I don't agree. I lived here for 20 years & I love this place except the house…
(home owner) when you accept a back up offer, does the agent present the back up offer amount?
(home owner) when you accept a back up offer, does the agent present the back up offer amount? Or do I sign a one pager saying that John Smith will be my 1st back up without telling me what their offer…
We want to sell a manufactured home on a rented lot in Mulberry, FL, and we're looking for a Realtor. So far our only option is the resale
office. And we're not satisfied with their efforts at promoting it. Is there any Realtor out there interested and abilify for our mandate.
Should we offer a buyer agent success fee to incentivize agents to show our home to prospective buyers who may not be thinking of our home?
Our higher end home is listed in a 2nd home market where most realtors seem to focus (understandably) on homes in their immediate area. Thus, realtors in our immediate area are generally aware of our home.…
Selling as is in a rural community?
In a small town in SC, population 700, I was told that there are some old rental houses in pretty bad shape but livable, that can be sold "as is" without having to pass code, fixed up,etc. The buyer would…
Selling "as is"
In a very small town, population 700, I was told that there are old rental houses (rent is only $200 a month) in pretty bad shape could be sold "as is" without passing code. Is this true in South Carolina?
Do you have a rental home in an area that is going downhill? Worried about nearby vacant homes?
We offer free assessment and property valuations for our clients! Call Larry at (586) 453-7078 or email Larry@RealtyFlo.com
I am looking at selling in the next 3-4 years. Would a pre-paid 20 year Solar lease for $6300 be a bad investment?
Basically would Solar panels raise the value of my home more than 6k? These panel would cover 70% of electrical bills for the new owner for the remaining 17-16 years.
I will have my real estate license in December... When is a good time to start ....?
When is a good time to start interviewing? What are your favorite company's? How long did it take for you to actually start making money?
Have a home for sale in the $400's in Noblesville. Have had several 2nd and 3rd showings and have a very
aggressive listed price. Been on the market a few months now but no buyer. Any advise?
Are all CA title company charge the same? Can sellers negotiate with title their fees?
In CA Sellers usually pay for title, can you negotiate their fees?
A short seller opts to file a BK, cancel the Listing & Purchase with a fair mkt good faith buyer Can I successfully sue the seller for my
commission? If a seller who acts in good faith to sign all relevant short sale listing and purchase contracts and addendums unilaterally moves to file a BK and refuses to further cooperate with the short…
Is it within reason for an agent to present a 4 comp list, when more comps are available?
Are they manipulating the numbers for the low and median for coercion of list price.
I bought my home in 1964 for $33,000, I want to sell my home for $1.4. I owe $145,000 for improvements plus at least over $300,000 over the years.
How much can I walk away with. I'm 73 years old. Can I carry over my property tax status to another state or do I have to stay in the specified counties granting status
Where would I find sales statistics for realtors in northern Pinellas County, ie, Tarpon Springs area?
I am interested in listing with a realtor who has a good track record in high end houses (ie, lots of sales, good prices). I can't find realtor sales stats online. Can you direct me to an information…
Need help in finding realistic figures for a Home sale in Frisco
I have a 4646 sqft home which we intend to put up for sale soon. I am always told that its hard to find comparables as there is no home that size close to my neighborhood. How do I get a realistic figure…
Do you have any suggestions for additional marketing venues for marketing an upscale NEW Construction Mid-Century Modern home?
Hello Colleagues. I have a fantastic Mid Century inspired design home and am wondering if you know of any interest groups that you can suggest I market to? Thank you in advance and all the best for a…
I'm trying to list a lot for sale and am experiencing difficulty w/the website.
I've clicked on the "submit listings" and the website continually asks me to log-in and/or sends me to the create account page. Pls advise
The Beverly Grove North is a great area to own a home. High walk score to places like the Beverly Center, Beverly Connection
Is anyone in the market to sell their home? I am working with buyers who want that area
Does the NAR state a home owner who is selling can not ask for proof of funds if their loan letter does not cover the full price the buyer offered?
As a home owner that is selling through an agent, 1) is there somewhere in the NAR that says a home owner that is selling can NOT request proof of funds? 2) If so, is the NAR nation wide, applies to every…
my brother has listed a home for sale that is owned by five of us siblings. he is the only one who has seen any of the paperwork
the agent has not communicated with any of us although we called her and told her we are also owners. we can prove that we are owners, we have the paperwork. we have even called a title company to verify…
Many years back I just barely got into my home and for that reason purchased some very cheap, but usable furniture.
My question is, for the sale of my home, should eliminate these large pieces of furniture which I don't want to move, or hold onto them for staging purposes, even though I won't keep them.
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