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Rent or Short Sale?
Ok this is an odd situation. But trying to help a good friend, more opinions the better i guess. Friend purchased a cute 2 bed home in Baldwin in 2009. Admittedly overpaid for the home, but she is currently…
You give an estimate of a house on sale without looking inside and the updates.
Is this not an unfair practice you have against the homeowners? How can I update the details and up the estimated price?
Planning on selling
I have potential buyers for our house. What are my options for getting FMV? If I have buyers, should I still sign an agent or go FSBO?
I'm doing a short sale on my home. The home is now listed and we may have a buyer. How long do I have to stay before we have to leave?
I am having surgery in march of 2013 or before. My house is up for sale and we will not be ready to move until may of 2013.
Does anyone know of a listing of the top 5 to 10 SF brokers in the $2.5m up market?
I'm specifically looking for rankings on sales if possible. Info that included the number of transactions would be informative as well to avoid any anomalies from single large transactions. Thanks!
Undecided on selling. Is it a bad move to upgrade to $5,000 GE Cafe appliances or should we go cheap? Return on investment?
About to retire and MAYBE move to a warmer climate, but moving sounds daunting. So, I'd like to get appliances we like (ours are almond and really don't do much for our white with silver fleck…
In an FHA or VA appraisal, how does a basement bedroom compare to a 2nd floor bedroom?
This is in a new home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The basement finish in the basement is of high quality, equal or exceeding that of the rest of the house with big windows, 9' ceiling, carpet,…
If both units in a 2 unit condo are up for sale and one sells, is there a problem with closing for the buyers?
Would the second (unsold) condo have to come off the market in order to close?
I have a home for sale in the Coopertsown, NY area. It has been on the market for 2.5 years now and I have had 2 different realtors. What do I do?
Should I look at changing realtors again? The price started at $219K and is now down to $149,900. I don't know how to get it shown more and am getting frustrated.
Have a newly remodeled 55 mobile home in the Spring Knolls community. We have had a bad agent that didn't know enough to sell. Need help.
Have a beautiful 1971 mobile in the spring knolls community of murrieta hot springs. The home has been completely remodeled, and is turn key. Had an agent that didn't know what she was doing. Need…
Can you remove 1463 Camrose Place in Pensacola Florida?
My house was listed here with an agent but did not sell. Now I'm selling it myself and would like the listing here removed. The pictures are old and the house has had many renovations. Also the…
When realtors buy their own home, how does commission work?
We are putting our house on the market in a couple of weeks and will be selling it by owner. We have some aquaintences who may interested in buying our house and the husband is a realtor. If they ended…
I need some advice/help selling a villa/townhoues in Atlantic Shores
My parents selling my grandmother's villa as part of the estate liquidation. I am worried that they are not well represented. When I look online I cannot find the listing. Why won't the group…
selling 4/2 in La Vernia and am looking for someone to assume our mortgage (take over our payments). Do I need to get a realtor for this ?
House is in good condition,double wide, fha approved foundation, fenced in back yard, large covered back porch and 20x30 shop.
listing and selling Statistics for brokers , dothan, al
I want to know the statistics for the Real Estate companies in dothan, al. That is for the brokers . What company is number ! , number 2, etc.
Can both units in a 2 unit condo building be on sale at the same time in Chicago?
I heard something about loans being an issue in this type of case, but I've never heard of this being an issue before.
Hello, The realtor gave my parents a list of people who toured the house upon her contract expiration. Can they contact these people and sell?
She did not give any explanation or opinion on any of them. Can they contact any of these people and sell to them without paying a commission? She did not explain any of this upon the expiration of her…
I, as Electrical contractor did some work for a realtor that didn't pay me even after all inspections passed. What can I do since I didn't?
get paid . even I took Him to Small claims and I could not collect since He does not have property under his name,
We are thinking of selling our home. We owe 146,000 on it and it is appraised for 133,000.
We could pay $5,000 toward the mortgage to get it closer to the appraisal price, but not sure if that is what is best.
Looking for a Short Sale Specialist in Hartford Ct area.
My condo is on the market currently. I have a realtor but I don't think she's a specialist. Looking for specialist
I have a condo on Heights Blvd. 2bd/1ba. Wood floors 1000 sq. I am considering renting this condo out,
but not sure how much I should rent it out for? Its a great property, great location. Any advice on rental properties?
The foundation company wants to buy me out of the "lifetime" warranty on their work. How much does the lack of a warranty affect sales?
price? I have a house that is currently having the foundation repaired. The foundation company wants to buy me out of the "lifetime" warranty that came with the home when I purchased it. How…
Would a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house fetch a higher price than a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house, and by how much?
I am thinking about installing an additional bathroom to my home to improve its market value and/or marketability. Is it worth the extra effort, or is it better to sell outright?
How to unload a mobile home. We owe more than its worth!
My husband purchased a mobile home in California five years before we got married and I was never added to the deed after we got married. We need to move out of the state now but we can't sell our…
How do I list my house on Trulia?
How do I list my house on Trulia?
Want to sell manu hm. Owe $157,000, Might be able to sell for $167,000. Will end up owing $1800 after costs.?
Add details about your question (optional) Want to downsize or buy a motor home to do some traveling. I'm almost 70 and husband is 68. Any suggestions.
My real estate agent was let go by her brokerage. The broker refuses to cancel the listing. How is this good business?
We have no relationship or knowledge of how this broker conducts business. So, we would like to move on. We do not want to work with this broker. Our contract was signed with the belief we would be…
How much is my home worth?
2250 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large kitchen, dining room, huge yard, beautiful patio, beautiful deck, beautiful landscaping, deerfield subdivision, in great shape
Market for $300k homes in Columbia City.
Hello, What has your experience been with buyers in the $300k price range in Columbia City? As an orthopedic exec, I was drawn to Columbia City because of the better commute time from Ft. Wayne, and…
how much single family (2 story) new homes in rosewood community 3B, 3 bath around 2200 sqft. worth now?
I have around 618K loan on this and bought it for 725K....I was wondering whether I can sell it now , if I can what could be selling approx price. I did few appraisals for refinance, it came around same…
If a realestate agent sells their own house does E&O insurance cover them
I was told that a real estate agent can not sell their own home and still be covered by their insurance
How d o I sell 3 town homes in Raleigh, NC outright or via sller financing ASAP? HELP!
I own 3 town homes in Raleigh, NC that I need to sell quickly. I have been marketing them as a seller finance deal but no one seems to be interested. They have been listed at 140K and I have reduced the…
How long until our house will sell in Mt Juliet, TN 37122?
We are trying to sell our house in Mount Juliet, TN. At first, we had several agents showing the house. Now it has slowed down. All the agents that showed the house said it was priced good and also…
I have a home in Mount Juliet and am wondering what the "right price" might be. The address is 809 Hillview Drive. I am one of the few
homes that has a two car detached garage and also an acre of land? We are extremely close to the local schools which also are rated very well?
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