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Is there a way that I can post open house dates for our home ad????
I am not a broker, but we feel that our home needs a wider base of advertising the open houses we do every Sat and Sun--we need to get some traffic-
If a home does not sell and is taken off the market and MRIS, does it have to stay OFF the market for a
certain period of time before it is considered a new listing? If we re-listed with a new agent the following month would it show up as new? Is there any benefit to waiting 6 months do realtors pay more…
Washer/dryer install
Selling 2/2 condo in Gold Coast. Bldg allows washer/dryer install. How willing are buyers to undertake this 10k project if 5k closing credit offered to offset costs? (Brand new built from studs out custom…
price reduced, updates made, still waiting
waiting for the right buyer. i get seller's need to manage their expectations, but what about buyers? they want everything, but want to pay little. unless it is a brand new home, there are some things…
How do I post my home for sale by owner on Trulia?
I clicked on "submit a listing" but it only takes me to the area where I update my personal info
Why do agents disrespect seller's home?
My house is listed in MLS and I live 2 hours away now. The house is in an upscale neighborhood at $400,000. When I come back and check my house I find the front door not locked, toilets used and not…
Do most agents avoid working with FSBO sellers?
Do agents work deals with FSBO sellers? or Do most agents view FSBO as either one or the other, an opportunity to pick up a listing, or not worth their effort for the commission?
I am selling a condo in Florida through a private sale. I want to keep the costs down but also make sure there are no problems.
Can I use a legal assistant to facilitate the sale instead of a more-expensive lawyer? Is this done? It seems like a fairly straight forward sale. I own the condo outright and the buyer will pay cash.
we have a house listed and has pretty decent traffic (4-6 showings a week). We received 2 low ball offers 1 was 40k below and the second was 20k
below. Both agents agree that you can't get this house on this land for the low offers their clients are making and that the comps support the list price. My question is why the low offers? Could…
Is now a good time to sell?
I have a duplex.
Renting out my home
My husband and I have owned our home 4 years this January. We want something bigger but also want to keep this property we have now. With a government loan (USDA), can you lease/rent instead of selling…
Housing Prices in Malta and Ballston Spa
Are housing prices in Malta and Ballston Spa rising due to the Global Foundries Plant?
Is it a good idea to carry the mortgage for a Dr. and her fiance?
They want to rent in this area, we do not want to be landlords and the house we are selling is brand new, we could carry for a yr or 2.
Selling by Owner/Investor vs by agent.
I've been flipping houses for the last 3 years, i bought and sold all my houses using the same agent. All the houses, and I do mean ALL of them, I found my self. I spent countless hours looking for…
comparable prices of homes sold within last year
home listed on 200 Gretchen St. Two story brick, 12 rooms, 6 bed rooms, 3bath, 9 ft ceilings, brick floors, old hard wood floors, 2 car carport, 46 years old, architectural shingle new roof, new AC
I want to sell a property in Cape Coral to relocate to Naples is it still possible in todays market ?
Our concern is with the high foreclosure rate in our area. Search with truila in price range that we were given matches the comps on the market. Never having sold a house in Florida or in this type of…
How to drive showings? Increase traffic for an open house?
How to drive showings? Increase traffic for an open house?
does any mortgage on a property get paid at closing?
friend signed a quit claim deed for a friend living in her house and that said friend filed it without her knowledge. now the house is for sale. house in one name mortgage in another, not related. how…
How do I find the realtor who has sold (not listed) the most of my model house in my neighborhood?
I live in a neighborhood in which there are several homes that are the same model as my home. I'm considering selling next year and would like to find a realtor with knowledge of what specific upgrades…
What can a seller do if potential buyers say, "the floorplan doesn't work or flow.?"
2 story home with 5 bedrooms 4 up (including master) 1 down...3 full baths 2 up 1 down. Study/Formal living area in the front of the house across from a formal dining. Kitchen Breakfast nook all open to…
Advice Needed - Underwater VA Condo in Schaumburg, IL.
I purchased a 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo in 60193 with a VA loan in October 2006 for $146k. I refinanced a few months ago (also a VA loan) into a 3.375% fixed 30 year. I currently owe $85k on the house,…
We are selling our house in Williamson, NY. The agreement we signed in was to have a closing date on Sept. 30, 2013, or earlier because the buyers are
The buyers are paying cash and the house is empty. We also sold a parcel of land to our next door neighbor. His lawyers had all the new survey in 2 weeks time. Our lawyers sent the abstract and papers…
I am swelling property in the Maple WI area , Log Cabin with 40 acres beautiful landscapes and wild life
How would I list this property in several metro areas and keep advertising cost down
what is the best price for my home?
3000 sq ft 4 bdr 4 ba 2 masters p00l and hot tub
Making a house worth more
Besides staging and greenery, what is the easiest way to make a property worth more?
I am selling my property @14005 Saddle River Dr North Potomac MD 20878 how can I update information about my property? Your information is wrong.
I have 3 1/2 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms (mother-in-law), finished basement, total 10 rooms, new windows, French door,hardwood floors, new patio w/ landscape lighting,new kitchen, new stainless steel appliances,ext.…
Is it bad timing? I've taken all of the great advice from this site and updated the pictures on our mls and even lowered our price. No offers
yet. 9516 Lucerne Ave 5, Culver City, CA, 90232 Close to LAX, UCLA,USC, Downtown Culver City, Beverly Hills
whats my house worth: 2785 claray dr 90077
4 bedrooms. 3/4 acr lot. freestanding single family home.
If I were to build a house for sale in Tropical Gulf Acres, would it sell pretty fast in this market?
one lot is 80 x120 by itself The other two lots are side by side 60x 120 each, I was hoping to build three houses and sell them within the next three to five years?
What exactly makes an in-law apartment legal?
We bought a house 3.5 years ago with a finished basement plus bathroom plus closet. We are now selling the houose. How do we know if this is a "legal" in-law space?
I am a senior citizen selling my vacation home in NJ...my primary residence is in PA..do I pay any PA transfer tax when I sell my NJ home?
Please advise if I would have to pay any PA transfer tax if I sell my vacation home in NJ and my primary home is in PA. What would be the percentage of NJ transfer tax I would pay...the home sells for…
Appropriate commission for "quick, easy sale" ?
The tenant in my rental would like to buy the home. We've agreed on a fair market sale price (155k) and he is pre-approved. We would like to use the same agent (self employed) for the transaction. Pending…
How do you get information that is incorrect, corrected? We have info for a home in Arnold Missouri that is incorrect and we would like to correct it
This is our home. We put in the address but a different home comes up as our home. Some of the info is correct and some is not. My husbands grandmother used to own the other home as well and we think…
What is the best way to market two side by side apartments to appeal to someone wanting to combine the two?
I have the one existing listing. The neighbor is inquiring about marketing his to attract someone wanting to combine the two thinking they will get more money. Very low maintenance. Should I keep existing…
How can I find sales statistics(top ten producers in my area) for realtors in any area of the US?
I am not interested in referral services, just raw facts about who sold the most homes, as well as the average price points of the homes they closed on.
Rider to a Contract
We just received a rider to our contract, in paragraph 10, the buyer wants to revise it to state that, "All repairs required by the Buyer or the Buyer's lender, or as a condition of those certifications.... We…
I want to move before I list. Is it better to leave furnishings in the house or better to leave the house empty?
I would like to leave it almost empty except for what I don't expect to use in new home, but I'm concerned about my insurance coverage if it is vacant. If I leave bed & some other furniture no one can…
How do I update a listing to show new improvements to the home while it is still listed?
Buyers said the home was dated so I re-painted, removed carpet & installed new sinks & cabinets to increase the curb appeal. How do I get that old look out of everyone's mind so I can get new buyers…
How can my house was be sold wihout my knowledge?
A comparable search on my street listed my house as for sale and no longer available for sale, how does this happen?
Any one moving to Panama City, Fl-Home of the Tyndall Air Force base and Navy base?
This beautiful townhome can be yours. I have enjoyed living here, but need to sell at the moment. It is very well located *& aprox. 15 to 20 min. to any of the Military bases. It has 2 bedrooms, a family…
Assuming mortgage/owner financed in Texas
Hi, my parents want to buy a new home and my husband and I would like to take over their mortgage payment. Is it possible to take over their payments and remove them? They are trying to get a VA loan…
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