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Is a Land contract a good or bad idea?
My husband and I are selling FSBO and were asked if we would do a 6 month to a year land contract (may be less). He says both he and his wife have good credit, has been approved, and has a good down payment.…
contract for deed in Mesa?
i have someone that wants to purchase my home for 1.5 and do it contract for deed in 6 months they would pay me 12,500 per month. i don't know much about this what is my risk. they want to be on the…
Are there any real estate agents in Az that is lecensed to sell manufactured homes on a leased lot park?
I need to find a real estate agent that is licensed to sell manufactured homes on a rented lot in a 55 mobile home park. I am wanting to sell my home asap. Please help!
How to download properties to Trulia?
House is listed in MLX
Is there a industry-recognized standard that describes the major factors in the value and/or price of a home and their relative impact?
I know that it's very difficult to put a specific percentage of how things like traffic volume/speed impact home values, but is their a report/formula that prioritizes the various factors (low, medium,…
A purchase and sale has been signed. I am Seller and the Buyer is asking for a 2nd ext. to get his financing in order?
I do not want to give this to him. Do I have to sign the 2nd extension? The realtor is waiting as I write this for me to go to her office. What would be the consequences? Thank you.
She will not sign to sale of the house. unless I give her half of the proceeds.
I co-own a home with a woman, but we aren't married. She abandone the property after 2 years and stopped paying her share of her financial responsability. I stay in the house, took full responsibility…
how can I get a broker price opinion online?
I need to get a broker price opinion, are there brokers who do this online, do they charge a fee?
Do you have a Contingent Continue to Show Status on your MLS?
MLS: "Contingent Continue to Show" some of our agents are using that status inplace "Pending" and not allowing showing. Is this happening any where other than S.E. Michigan?
I have a Jr. One bedroom located at 195 20th Avenue with Garage.
Built in 1993 and has about 500 sq feet of living area. Just wondering what sort of price this condo would fetch. Also wondering the demand for this sort of property since I there hasn't been a studio…
Should I try to sell my condo without a Realtor?
I bought a condo in Chicago's Irving Park neighborhood October 2008. I am getting married so I have to sell it within the next year and the sooner the better. However, I am afraid I might end up…
I just sold my house. We had the closing but the buyer's lender was very slow to fund the loan. The buyer's
agent gave them the keys knowing the loan had not been funded and wouldn't be for at least 24 hours. They went in and painted the house before the loan had been funded. Can / should I file a complaint…
Anyone looking to buy a 2588 sq ft home in Green Valley Ranch? I am the owner and and am looking for potential buyers.
18908 E 47th Drive, Denver CO 80249 Please email me if interested. Priced very well around 257K thanks
What are my options when the lender and buyer cannot agree on a price for a short sale?
Our lender (first mortgage only) just countered (second time) for a short sale offer and the buyer will not go higher- so our home is now back on the market. The courts have set a sale date for Feb. 2013…
Hi, is anyone looking to buy a house in florida?
The house is located in lady lake fl and has 10 acres of land. The area is beautiful and the price is negotiable.
What are the minimum time frames for living in a Homepath home and for receiving the $10k tax credit?
Hello, My husband was just offered a fantastic job in the Bay Area. The job also offers relocation assistance, where they will buy the house if it doesn't sell in three months. My question is:…
What is the difference between a rent to own agreement and an agreement for seller financing, other than perhaps a shorter time frame with the rent?
How are the issues handled? With rent to own there still should be an amount put down, right? But a larger amount if it is a seller financed situation. Help!
Selling a double wide in Lincoln County
We have a very nice doublewide home for sale. Its been on the market for a year now. I have lowered the price twice. It has upgraded everything and even has an inground pool. I have had three serious offers…
I entered into a residential sale agreement 8/01/2012, with escrow to close within 45 days. After all contingencies being removed and 8 extensions
last one ending 11/21, on 11/23 I refused to sign. They gave me a demand to close escrow 11/29 to close by 12/4. I Asked to renegociate the price to cover costs i have occured since Sept. when we…
Are so-called health and safety requirements immune from the inspection period deadlines?
The drinking water was tested by the buyer during the inspection period and there's an issue with it (something came back positive in the water; it can be fixed with a filter). But the buyers didn't…
l want to list my home for sale?Please tell me hoe
l want to list my home on tulia, please tell me how l can do this?
Sellers responsibility?
About 2 weeks after closing on the sale of our prior home our real estate agent contacted us and said the new owner was having plumbing issues. Since then we were told that they had to have pipes dug…
How long is normal for an appraisal contingency in today's lending environment?
How long is normal for an appraisal contingency in today's lending environment?
i would like to sell my 3 family tenant occupied home in far rockaway ny... i however do not want to scare tenants.how can i do this privately??
they all have leases and i am in the process of cleaning up basementfrom hurricane sandy. can i sell as is??? i am not into landlording anymore... i just want to get bacj what i put into the home...are…
Many sellers like myself are selling with zero profit, are realtors responding to the down market and
accepting lower commission rates or are maximum sales commissions driving which homes get sold? I have had my prime location and completely remodeled condo in Fort Lauderdale on the market for 5 months.…
I have been thinking about selling my home and I do much research on anything I do before I do it.
I have been referred to 2 agents now but after researching them on their websites and Trulia etc., I don't think they will be a good fit for me. I am also looking at agents here on trulia but have…
Can I cancel a purchase agreement because of errors?
The realtor messed up the paper work
Seller-paid closoing costs
What is a reasonable range of total closing costs in Portland OR that a seller should pay for a residential prpoerty transaction? What portion or specific costs should the buyer be paying?
How is the owner-occupancy ratio calculated for an existing condo project in the following circumstances?
1. For sale - empty and not rented. 2. Purchased for a senior family member who occupies unit - no rent collected? 3. Snowbird - second residence? 4. Owner occupying but has different mailing address?…
Condo assessments
When an assessment is made for planned improvements to be done the following year ...is seller responsible for the entire amount or just the amount until condo is sold? The seller will not benefit from…
has anyone used a discount real estate broker in Austin
curious about the experience, did they feel the realtor did a good job, etc.
Would like to sell my home?
We are thinking of selling our home, but I would like to know how much its going for right now. Can anyone give me a figure based on this information: 2006 4 bedroom 1 den= 5 bedroom 2 ½ bath 2500…
Hi, I wanted to know if in Philadelphia, is it easy for someone to sell your property without your consent?
I had for a while a property listed on Zillow for over a year...& just recently i went on to craigslist to look at properties in that area. Well I came across a listing that read cheap house for sale…
We found a house and asked the realtor who sold our last house to write up an offer. There was a $345 plus 2.5% MLS fee added to contract that we pay.
What is this? We did all the work including setting up the appointments. Is the the normal procedure in Maryland for buyers?
We need to sell our home in Pacific Grove but have not owned it long enough to be able to afford the 6
percent commission. We can afford the 3 percent to the buyer's agent. Having successfully done a FSBO in the past, we have been trying that route. We believe our price was in the ballpark based on comps…
My Realtor, unethical behavior. I I want out of the transaction now. Escrow is supposed to close this Friday.
My Realtor has been insisting that I am responsible for all the repairs identified by the Buyer and their Lender. My counter-offer explicitly stated the property was being sold "as is". I just realized…
I am at the end of my rope.
My husband and I bought a house right before the colapse of the market. 18 months later my husband relocated for a new job. We listed our house in June and have been consistently dropping the price ever…
Looking for ugly houses on the North Shore of MA
I'm a local realtor representing an investor who is looking for old, unrenovated homes to purchase in Essex county My buyer is cash and can close within 3 weeks. No contingencies.
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