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I have a two bedroom, 2.5 bathroom condo in Orchid Hill in Charlestown and would like to sell.
It is a two bedroom 2.5 bath, two stories, two parking spots (one inside, one deeded outside), f/p, w/d. master suite with California Closet built-ins, hardwood throughout. I have a tenant I need to vacate,…
My home was listed two weeks ago and we haven't gotten any showings yet. Any advice?
Here is the listing: http://search.har.com/engine/12606-Arnette-Park-Humble-TX-77346_HAR23473224.htm We had a broker open house and we got positive feedback except that we were a bit high, so we just…
why isnt my home listed for sale?
my home is actually for sale, but not listed on your site. the MLS® #: 9809682. why isnt listed for sale?
Any special tips for an unfurnished home, obviously clean, clean, clean...but what other tips that are different or in addition to the furnished/stage
Large 6 bedroom 3 full bath home on 2 levels. Lots of tile and what results are echoes...a bad thing???
Judgements against the Seller
I am a buyer that was supposed to close on a loan last week. The day before closing I was told that the seller has 25 judgements against him from bail bonds to DMV charges. Currently they are checking…
My home is a 4 bedroom and 2 bath! I have been trying to correct and update but it won't.
Please update this ASAP. Our home if for sale and it is very misleading!
I am a licensed contractor and list my own homes for sale for the past 32 years. How do I list my houses without a license for real estate in La.?
According to your site in order to list one of my houses, I need to offer a license number for Louisiana.
What are Private Transfer Taxes in Dana Point?
i am looking at a short sale to purchase and it does not have Private Transfer Taxes listed. However, a house on the same street in the same gated community does have these taxes listed. What are Private…
dispute with realtor
We held back $5,000 dollars from our realtor as he gave a final offer for our home for $5,000 less than was offered. When he acknowledged his error he said he would pay the difference from his commission.…
What should I consider when deciding whether to rent out or sell my property?
With the loss of my husband, I do not want to live in the house anymore...surrounded by painful memories. It is an asset that needs to be handled in some way.
How can I post my house for sale in you page??
1448 Harvest Glen Plano Tx 75023
Why would a title agency choose not to handle a title transaction.?
Chicago Title was requested to handle the title responsibilities. They contacted us about 10 days earlier. We did not immediately respond to the mortgage holder payoff request
Why can't I list my house for sale? Does an agent really need to list my property on Trulia? I am selling the home by owner.
I have an account but it keeps telling me to create an account when I try to list my property.
I just added AC to a room of my house to increase sq.ft. but no permit was done. Should I now report the upgrade to the county?
I just added AC and heat to a room in my house that previously had no AC and heat. I did this to increase the square footage (and thus the price) of the house. The mechanic didn't take out a permit…
Selling a rental home to an investor only
Hello, I have a 4 bdrm 2 bath home in Carson ca 90703. I currently have renters occupying it and would like to keep them there. How can I find agents that have relationships with investors? I need a sale…
Once listed, Does reducing the price of the home after 2 months really help to sell it? There are many houses in the area with Price reductions,some
Have 3 or more reductions. Yet, They still linger on market, for as long as 6 mnths or more. These include brand new and resale.
Do you think realtors in Madison won't show homes listed through a flat fee service co. (eg, Mad City Homes)?
We have a house for sale in Fitchburg that we've had very few showings on and it's competitively priced, and I am wondering if it's because we are listed with a flat fee company and realtors don't like…
Appraisal affect on loan
We are the seller and the potential buyer has ordered an appraisal. I have a couple questions. First, does the home need to appraise for at least the sale price or at least the borrowed amount? Our…
How much of a loss is too much? I paid $665,000 for a house had to pay an additional $40,000 to fix the foundation & other issues. I have it on
the m market for $520,000 currently. My Realtor's only suggestion is to continue to drop the price. It is paid for out right, but no one lives in it. I tried to rent it and spent more money fixing…
Our home was on the market for sale and or lease. We had 0 visitiers looking to buy our house (80 days,
price was too high) We recently leased our home. Since we got a lease we took the house off the market. Ever since, we have been getting tons of calls from Realtors asking us if we wanted to relist…
Doing a fix and flip and have some either or questions.
I have a 4 bed, 2 bath home in McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale that I am going to do a fix and flip on. I have been told conflicting information & think that a realtor would perhaps know best as you will…
What are the most important needs a buyer or seller has when they choose their Realtor?
I am a Realtor and want to answer the call and meet the needs in my local market. You all are my focus group. Thank YOU!
what is my home worth?
3240 sq ft, .5 acre lot, Mckormick ranch, 4 bdrms, 2 3/4 baths, pool, 3 car garage, 25ft x 30ft gazebo.
Should we take down mirrored (1960s) glass from entrance way before trying to sell?
The mirrors are gold swirled and reflect light, making the entrance lighter and "bigger". We have had many positive comments, but a realtor said they date the house.
My broker misrepresented our house in MLS shows AC, our seller disclosure says no AC, and they buyers are thinking of cancelling misrepresentation.
Do I have grounds for lawsuit to sue our broker, if buyers cancel because of his error? Don't realtors have to carry errors and omissions insurance like mortgage people do?
I've received several questions from people interested in my properties listed on Trulia ... but my response never gets to them ! Help !
I've tried - Reply button which asks me to login ... but their message is not on my account - Replying to the e-mail from my e-mail software - Copying the Trulia address to a new e-mail None of…
Shall we interview multiple listing agents?
We worked with a buyer agent for a couple of years and bought a house. Now we are planning to sell our old home. Shall we still interview multiple agents besides our buyer agent? Or is it frowned upon?…
My contract was over 11/30 but a buyer that she brought to the house contacted her & gave her an offer.
Do I still have to give her 4%..I want to give her 2% since price of house is much lower now
Where to sell mobile home in Missouri/Kansas City?
Need to sell a 1979 redone trailer in Belton MO. Who buys these??
I have a 1999 36by80 doublewide in foyil,would like to know what price I,d put it up for.Sell with the land.
Want to sell my place to purchase another house in claremore.My place has 3 bedrms,3 bathrms, large kitchen modern stainless steel appliances,Garden tub with jets,Fireplace large rm,Large living rm,dining…
I'm a real estate broker and list my properties through the Georgia MLS. I don't see my listings on your site...............for example
4861 Wyatt Dr Powder Springs, Ga. I have allowed GaMLS to share to 3rd parties??? How do I get this to come up on the Trulia site???
how much is my apartment worth?
I own a 750 square foot co-op apartment in Mount Vernon NY. I resanded and poly'd the hardwood floors throughout. I also did an upwards of $15000 update to the kitchen I'd like to know how my…
I will be selling a house in SOCO ,78704 off of South Congess, I have removed the carpeting, should i leave "as is " and let the buyer choose flooring
If i choose carpet, ceramic tile, or wood laminate maybe the buyer may not like what i installed. Is it best to just give a $ allowance and let the buyer choose flooring that that would be happy with?
How can a seller withdrawl prior to closing?
Add some detail about your question
Should I sell it or not?
I have a custom home site at Troon area. Across from Four season resort, it is in the desert summit community. My neighbour offer me for 35% less than I paid.
I recently inherited a 5 bedroom home in Roxbury, NY. The home is located on a 1/4 acre lot. There are less than 5 acres of land with the home.
The view is spectacular but I live in Virginia and do not wish to keep the home. The house was build in 1950 and has a new roof, siding, and new windows. I was told that the deed is grandfathered so…
CA Spouse doesn't want to sign ISTD, however there's an accepted offer.
Resident of CA: I purchased the house on 1998, married 2008. Listed property and signed all docs myself only. I accepted an offer and signed again all docs myself only. My spouse doesn't want to sale…
Legal responsibilities after closing on sale
We closed on the sale of our house over a week ago. The buyers are now askin us to come back and remove a brass headboard that was left in the attic that was left there from the owners prior to us and…
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