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I have house for sale with all update including new fence and garage door. It's two bedrooms and two bathroom including all the appliances.
The price is $124,500 negotiable. Big private back yard and also new fence. You my contact at (407)276-2646 or (939)645-5427.
we want to sell a house by owner. How Trulia may help us?
We have a Not good experience with agant
I have house for sale with all update including new fence and garage door. It's two bedrooms and two bathroom including all the appliances.
The price is $124,500 negotiable. Big private back yard and also new fence. You my contact at (407)276-2646 or (939)645-5427.
I would like to sell my house by owner. What I should be aware of?
We have a not good experience with agent...
If I gift a home I inherited to my brother who then sells the home does my spouse need to sign a quit claim form as well?
I have signed a quit claim, but am being told that my spouse must sign one also even though it is separate property and his name is not on the deed.
How does one negotiate lower real estate commission? An $800k CA home does NOT require THAT much more work by the realtor than a $200k OH house.
I understand the usual discount if realtor represents both buyer & seller. But what about this huge commission delta of $36k? That seems inequitable & out of sync--not commensurate with the amount…
I am in the beginning stages of listing my home. I would like to sell by owner. How does trulia work and what are the costs?
I am in the beginning stages of listing my home. I would like to sell by owner. How does trulia work and what are the costs?
I'm interested in selling 1/2 interest in either of 2 properties at Pawleys Island/ True Blue / Bridgewater
One is a 3 br/ 2bath unit on the 10th hold at True Blue. The other is an ocean front, top floor 2br at Litchfield by the Sea. Please give me a call at 336 255 4139 or e-mail at tbanzet@triad.rr.com if…
Would like to have a title search performed on residence before placing on the market to sell. Cost????
I inherited a home and would like to have a title search performed before placing on the market - to be sure the title is clear. I already went to the local court house and there are no apparent liens/judgements…
When do I recognize a gain?
If I sell my house for more than the original purchase price but I haven't completely paid off the borrowed mortgage, can I still recognize a a gain?
How fast are homes selling in Tahlequah?
Our house is on the market in Tahlequah. What is average listing time for a house before selling?
Should I repair damage prior to putting home on the market?
I am preparing to put my home on the market, and I am unsure whether I should repair two walls that show water damage. Ice built up above the windows this past winter and leaked through the window frames…
How do I post a home for sale?
The value estimator wont accept any of the addresses I would like to post.
I will be selling my house. How do I determine the maximum sale price?
I have an exceptional house in an average neighborhood. I want to list at the maximum possible not just an average price based on comps, since there really are no exact comps for my house (I have been…
Buyer will not fund or cancel.
I need an updated C.A.R. notice to perform. Since I'm not an agent, I can't get it on the website. This is rediculous. Can any one help?
Multi Family Home $15,000 cah for sell by owner in Dedroit, MI
Hi, I m selling a Multi Family Home $15,000 cash, need rehab,, brick, 3beds/2baths, 2 flloors, is vacant, no liens, no back taxes, sold AS IS, If you are serious buyer please contact with an email and…
I understand that some Realtors, somehow offer a potential home seller, to loan them a percentage of the appraised value of their home.
I guess the idea of this policy would be to give the potential home seller the money needed to make the potential purchase of another home. My question would be what happens if the property is not sold…
had someone look at home, said they were very interested and want to see if they could come back with husband was out of state. two weeks later shows
up at door wanting to show husband & family.said her realtor was out of town I asked mine realtor she was also out of town she said to show them she did nothing but parse my house to all of them . really…
that buyer was going out of state and would be back this week. but we are confused what is happening here... do they want it or not. the husband did
not say a word thru the whole thing. maybe one comment that the refrigerator would fit.... she was making all plans while looking at the house.. now we have heard nothing....what is this all about...she…
That's just been put aside it's very
That's just been put aside it's very intimidating to countries in the world but I would say with probably the exception up to now are delaying help pictorial health warnings in the US that the…
How can I get a fair estimate for a home with many features??
I have top of the line almost new appliances, front load LG washer and dryer, a water conditioning system, new air conditioner, air purifier and whole house humidifier. The boiler and water heater are…
I have a 2BR/ 2 BA condo less than 10 minutes from Disney in Orlando. I thought about renting it out to vacationers, or possibly selling it outright.
Sold for over $300K at one time, right now worth about $160K, should I rent it or sell it? I know prices are rising, what is best.
What is the number home improvement sellers can do to increase the value of their home?
This is kind of a loaded question, because there are a several general home improvements, renovations, and upgrades that will typically net a homeowner the most return, especially when it comes to the…
Can we make sure our house is showing for SALE in our trulia listing? Right now is has all our new photos, but not showing its listed.
Heres the link. This is on the MLS so wondering why that isnt showing as a property for sale but instead just shows all our our new real estate images. Please respond to kelseyhogan111@gmail.com and I…
My home is listed incorrectly. Trying to correct.
My home is listed as a townhouse. It is a ranch. It also appears to be listed as a rental, but it is For Sale.
Ideas for marketing a home with suite for elderly parent within the home, located in retirement community?
Have a gorgeous home that would be ideal for a couple with live-in parent; separate living room, kitchen, ADA bathroom and bedroom; also includes a large craft/fitness/therapy/office bonus room. Looking…
I had my house listed, at the end of my contract a neighbor offered to buy my house, I accepted offer then
backed out and chose not to sell, a few months later buyer knocked on door and asked to purchase home. can I sell without realtor?
Does anyone have a buyer for a beautiful home with terrific amenities in Sun City Anthem-Henderson, NV? I'm having an OPEN HOUSE this Sunday 12-4,
check it out on line at realtor.com - 2345 Perrysburg Drive, Henderson, NV 89044. If you can't make it, call me at (702)335-6913 http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/2345-Perrysburg-Dr_He…
Any good agents that work with out of town sellers?
I currently own a home in Waxahaxie that is currently being rented. I recently found out that the home needs a new roof and has some foundation issues. I live out of state. So at this point, I'm…
my mothers cottage has been up for sale since 2013. it is going for $80,000 in Wisconsin right on a lake. It basically going to be a tear down
my agent hasnt really done anything & i still have to pay the taxes, who can i contact that specializes in tear downs or rebuilds?
How do I, and should I, find an investor to buy a condo in Mount Laurel NJ 08054 with longterm tenants?
I need to sell my recently deceased Mom's 2-bdrm condo in a 55 and over community . I would prefer to sell to an investor so that married couple tenants who have lived in the condo for five years…
What is the average price for two-family house in Ozone park/Howard Beach border?
I am thinking on putting my house up for sale this summer, but I am wondering what the average value is. I am not ready to contact an agent yet because I want to have everything up to date before getting…
how do i find what bank owns a property?
found an abandon property and waht to find out what bank owns it to make an offer
i am trying to setup a rental listing on Free Rental listings and it will not accept my zip code
address is: 45 Park Lane South, Apt. 1803, jersey city, nj 07310
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