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I need out!!!
So we have outgrown our 2 bedroom townhouse and are ready for a single family home. The problem is we owe about $398k on a property worth $300-320. We would like to do the right thing and rent it out.…
Does a seller need to have owned a property for a minimum amount of time to qualify for a 1031 Exchange?
I have a seller that has owned his property for only 5 months. Can he qualify to do a 1031 exchange or is there a minimum amount of time that he needs to have owned it for?
What protections can you ask for in an "AS IS " contract to protect you as the seller when they use an 'AS IS" contract?
A few days ago I asked about the inspection period in an "AS IS" contract and I found out that the buyer can walk away for any reason during that inspection period. I was confused about that because when…
list of buyers looking for owner financing homes
I am looking for buyers for owner financing homes. I have 2 properties for sale. Please reply if you have a list or can provide me information. Thank you.
Over the last year, which real agent or broker has sold the most home in Sheboygan?
I’ll be putting my house on the market soon, and I’ll looking for a top notch agent.
Do you know a homeowner who has one of those "fixers" and just hesitant to sell due to house condition?
A fast cash Buyer is an answer for a fixer home! I have an all-cash Buyer looking for fixer houses in Sonoma County. He can close fast. If you or someone you know owns a home but has been thinking…
Looking for a flat fee MLS listing in Martin County / Palm City
I'd like to find an agent to list my home on the MLS for a flat fee. No other assistance required. I will field all calls and schedule all showings.
Mortgage company offer.
We have a client who is interesting in purchasing one of the units in our townhouse. There is a lien on this unit for 4,000.00 for HOA fees; the buyer wants to negotiate a reduction of $850.00 to bring…
Joint owners on deed. But only 1 signature on it.
2 joint owners on deed. But only 1 signature on it. Which is me who lives in this home with family. Need to sell. But other party refuses. Any advice in my favor? There are no mortgages nor liens of any…
I have a great 2 bedroom condo listed for a client in Salisbury, MD. Does anyone know of a way to advertise with the student body at Salisbury Univ.?
I'm thinking tat it would make a great investment for someone to purchase for a student and a friend. Priced at only $139,900. It's only 2 years old...
How do I correct the information displayed for my home? Much of it is wrong. This is not a condo.
Square footage is not 3076, it is 3193. Lot size is 1.83 Acres
Can a buyer just decide not to buy a home when they signed an "AS IS" contract in Florida?
We signed an agreement to sell a home on December 28, 2013. It was an "AS IS" contract and the buyer had 10 days to inspect the property. Today Jan 6, the agent who represents both the buyer and seller…
Agent allowed buyer into home without our permission before closing
Our agent is both the selling agent and the buying agent. The buyers are her good friends. We move out of our home about a month ago so the house is vacant. Escrow is set to close next week and when…
Wonder why you haven't seen Realtors writing posts to their BLOGS for the past few weeks? TRULIA is re-working their BLOG system. When is it?
returning Right before Christmas, I went to write a post to my TRULIA BLOG but, immediately got stopped due to the fact TRULIA is "improving the site". However, TRULIA didn't notify us Realtors…
how do I list my home for sale?
I have an account, and have updated the info on our home, but it is not showing. The main thing tho is we want it listed for sale???
Is January a good time to list your home?
It is, putting your home on the market when inventory is lower is a plus.
How big is a house lot in East Providence, Rhode Island?
Add some detail about your question
My home has been for sale for nearly 6 months. Any tips for selling quickly? I will not be resigning with my
current agent. The house is in super condition, only 4 years old, very clean, and has lots of extras.
How do I find companies or individuals interested in buying my home in Denham Springs off Lockhart Road?
It is on .49 acres and is zoned both residential and commercial. Could be a great investment or rental property but I can't just give it away because I need to at least get my payoff amount for it.
a friend recommended a realtor to me and I noticed that on her web site her only listing was one that had sold a year ago (I am familiar with the
property) why would a realtor leave that listing on a website for a year? Is this a bad sign? There are no other listings. To me it shows laziness and to me that is the last thing a person would want in…
I currently live in an affordable co-op apartment in Brooklyn, NY, owning 1 share of stock with the corporation. The board is in the process of
Changing the occupancy agreement and the by laws to allow the cooperators to transfer or sell their apartments for the market value; however, there is a sale fee which will be voted on soon to be an amount…
Resaleing a HUD home.
I bought a home through HUD in 09/2012. I replaced the water main (two grand) recently, but haven't made any other large repairs. (I did find out the roof and circuit breaker were replaced in 2011 through…
How to Put House for Sale in Trulia?
I have created my account and claimed my house. Next - how to list it on Trulia for Sale?
I have a condo/townhouse that I've been renting out. Is this a bad time to put it back on the market for sale?
I have a 3 story condo/townhouse that I have been renting out for the last 3 1/2 years. Currently nobody lives there, and I am thinking of putting it on the market. Although the location is great, in…
Me and my sister were willed a home so the home is in both of our names but im wanting to sell the property and have not been able to contact my siste
Me and my sister were willed a home so the home is in both of our names but im wanting to sell the property and have not been able to contact my sister for sometime, is there a way to sell the property…
Im an asset manager looking to sell homes in the 60636, 60644, 60624, 60617 and 60411 zip codes and am having dificulty finding REO agents who will
work on comission. Wondering if these areas are so bad that people aren't investing or whats up?
How to proceed with closing when the Seller residing refuses to sign the addendum to the contract with provisions for the Buyer's protection.?
My siblings and I decided to sell my Dad's home, his widow is still residing there, but also agreed to sell, Surrogate's court order that she can reside there two weeks after closing. The Buyer's attorney…
I am selling a 2 family house and one of my tenants REFUSES to open the door for the Fire Inspection. Will an affidavit signed by me confirming ...?
Will an affidavit signed by me confirming that the apartment has the necessary requirements be acceptable for the Fire Inspection in the State of NJ? I need a temporary CO for my closing.
Your information for a listing has Incorrect Data, how do we correct this?
Our home is listed on your site. The property listing of 4129 Dudley Road, Mantua, OH 44255 is 2 seperate lots and we pay taxes on them seperately. It is a total of 6.8 acres. The tax information is…
We got an offer on our home (without realtors) If we accept & their bank does their appraisal,can we back out if the appraisal is higher?
We're not sure how this works. They heard about our home before we put it on the market. The offer sounds good. Can't our lawyer handle it without realtors?
home sales values with or without kitchen improvements
I live in the Metro Detroit area. I am interested in selling my house (aproximately 400K) I need to update my kitchen. Is it better for me to spend 40K for the update, or should I forget the expense…
Needing current local expert for 3145 Coastal Hwy St Augustine, FL 32084
Will be handling sale of property need 30day valuation 60 & 90 day BPO.
I am the seller of a condo that has a purchase agreement contract on it . How can I cancel it?
All the contingencies were met, although I didn't sign the release of the Buyer's inspection contingency, don't know how this matters. Let's say, I can't clear the title financially, does this let me…
Can an owner stay in a home after a short sale?
My buddy has his home listed as a short sale and the buyer wants him to stay in the house after closing as a renter. His Realtor said that's okay but I heard it wasn't allowed so I'm asking…
I have a beautiful piece of property in River Canyon I want to sell. How do I find an agent willing to work a property deal?
I know several agents, but none seem interested in putting any effort into it. I have 3/4 acre of property on a slope above the river in River Canyon, about 3 miles from Suck Creek Road on River Canyon…
What are the market projection for next year?
Can we sell our home at a good price next year? Are the home values expected to rise next year?
What forms are needed to sell mobile home?
Have buyer just want to trade title/reg for cash. Know I need disclosure, lead paint,smoke detector, multi-purpose transfer form and bill of sale. Is there anything else? Times are tough for everyone…
We are rehabbing a 1920's Dutch Colonial to sell in January. The master closet is small. How will this affect resale? Should we enlarge it?
The house is approx. 1500 sf, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Almost everything in the house will be new including the kitchens and bathrooms. The only way to increase the size of the closet is to encroach on one…
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