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I have had my home on the market FSBO, with minimal exposure for a little over 2 months. I posted a sign, had a line ad in the local newspaper,
posted on craigslist with a link to a nice postlets pro ad and recently posted a make me move ad on zillow. I have had very little response. I added a 2% CSB to my postings and am working on a flyer.…
How in the world do I post my house listing to Trulia?
I click on the link and it takes me back to my profile. My profile says it is at 100%. Thoughts --First time user...
What rights do I have as a seller if damages were made to the home during extensive inspections?
extra info: buyer terminated contract and buyer agent verbally denies responsibility for these damages.
When my address says frisco then why isd is lewisville?
Is there any open school district in frisco.. Which can take kids with frisco address but with lewisville isd..
Hi everyone, I will remodel my house which's 1950 sq ft. Should I expand it to more than 2000 sq ft to achieve better selling point in the?
future? I'm planning to remodel my house for rent or sell in the near future. I have talked to a few of contractors and agents, some said that I better to make it more than 2000 sq.ft (they said 2000…
Doing some research of market sales in my area to assist me and my agent I,m also searching for to determine listing price. I need my home sold ASAP.
I am currently 3 months behind on mortgage payments. I do not want foreclose proceedings to occur. I want to price it to sell, ASAP. I would like a Spanish/English agent Please call or email me, as time…
Is it better to sell a house now or in a year?
I would like to sell my house and move closer to work, but it is not that important. Do you think I should sell now or will it be worth more in a year or two?
Why should I pay for a MLS listing number?
We are now trying to sell our home on our own, as we have tried realtors who dont understand our unique equestrian property. However, are we missing out on local listings, and can our listing be enhanced…
I have a property as a loan assumption with qualifying. I am not able to keep up with the mortgage payments, times are hard and I'm desperate
I have a FHA Assumble Loan for a property in Corona, I can't afford the mortgage payments due to hardship and I just don't want to face a foreclosure on my credit. The min Credit Score to qualify…
I have FHA mortgage with Bank of America and try to short sale. what is the FHA rules on short sales?
I still have a job and earns a $60k income, and I am current on the mortgage. Will I qualify for short sale? , I am currently underwater for $150k, and just divorce with my wife. Having tax lien for $10k. Thanks…
2nd FHA Loan/Short Sale
After I was laid off of work 3 years ago, I decided to get my degree. I have been looking for a job for over a year and have finally recieved two offers. Both of these offers are too far to drive( 150…
What are the tax implications of "giving" my portion of my house to my roommate if the house is under water? Together we owe more than the
house is worth but my roommate is willing to take over the whole mortgage so he can own the house solely. Would I have to pay taxes on the "profit" I've made since I sold it for more than…
I have a 10 year interest only loan with 7 years left and no equity. I am current on my payments but the home is about $150,000 up side down.
I make 3 figures a year and have a 7 plus fico. I was recently denied a loan for a second home because of the status of my current home, and they think I will " Buy & Bail " The bank…
What we need to do to our under water investment property?
What is the best option for those home owners whose properties way under water?
I'm currently living in a home near Rancho Del Oro that for some reason I'm NOT happy in. I've lived here 4 years and have 100K in
equity. Estimate is based on current sales on my street. I've been looking at other homes in areas close by that are similarly priced. I know I won't get back what I've invested (paint…
I have a great home MLS #13231004 eight minutes from Roseburg city limits. I am using a Flat fee agency and my house is not being shown...what gives?
I have advertised through all the internet sites and in print that I'm willing to pay the 3% buyer's agent commission. House shows great, immaculate and contemporary. I'm also willing to do a lease-purchase…
How to stop son from selling parent's home by POA signed by parent after she was diagnosed with alzheimers/dementia?
Two siblings had POA from mother who is now in assisted living and they were paying her bills and in the process of selling her home so she would have the cash for her care. One son, who has been living…
I have been getting updates on homes for sale on Lochmoor St in Harper Woods, MI.
I would also like to receive updates for homes for rent and for sale in the entire City of Harper Woods.
Is Trulia capable of correcting its own listings?
This is regarding MLS ID 145669 in Beulah CO 81023. 1. Your map shows this listing in Pueblo near the State Fair! The town of Beulah is 22 miles SW of Pueblo. Just read the opening description and compare…
Garage update dilemma
We have a small one-car garage in our basement. In trying to update to a more secure door, we're told our only option would be a small (6'6"h x 8"w) garage door with very low headroom…
Looking for residential stock to purchase in chicago and chicagoland for cash.
We are a property investment group that is looking for residential stock, we are open on area and will look at anything. We have cash, we don't use financing. REO',Short sales, direct from owner. If the…
How does Trulia get their information for the houses that are for sale?
We re-listed our house with a different realator and the old information still shows on your web site.
How can I get a scam "For Rent" off of Trulia???
A crook by the name of Christine I Willsey has posted my new listing as a FOR RENT. How can I get it off Trulia? There does not seem to be any "report violation" button anywhere..
sellers closing cost in Brooklyn,
Mixed use building. Selling price 1.8 million
Do you need to be pre approved to make an offer on a short sale home?
I have 20% of asking price and am in the process of pre approval. Credit score is LOW (560) but am going pay off any debts for the pre approval.
How long does FHA take to cancel an old case number?
Just heard from Loan Officer that the buyer of my house has submitted to FHA an old case number to be cancelled it was sent in this past friday 08/09. Does anyone know how long it takes them to close ??thanks
Can I get more for my house by selling it to an individual buyer or to a developer who can tear it down and build something in its place?
The house is small, 2 bedrooms and one bath, is located in Orleans, and sits on 0.7 acres.
How do I get listings?
Aside from internet ads, word of mouth and past clients...any other ideas?
Looking to sell older home and outbuildings on 9.70 acres in Snohomish. Less than 1/2 mile off HWY 2, less than 2 miles from town of Snohomish.
Land mostly cleared. Looking for biggest selling price. Would any builders be interested in property? Has nearby cluster homes built in last few years. who is an excellent realtor working for seller with…
Expired HUD Certifications
Any agents out there list a property that has an expired HUD certification? Did this seriously limit the pool of qualified buyers and/or negatively impact the value of the home?
i have a house i inherited in michigan with 84 acres, I have been trying to sell it to settle the estate to avoid forecloseure should i hire a agent?
the property is beautiful with agriculture payments yearly for CRP, the house needs repairs it is a very old farm house but beautiful if updates are made which i can not afford, it is currently being leased…
Unpermitted hillside improvements
We all have hillside slopes in our back yards. What kind of work would require a permit? E.g. if someone leveled a portion of the hillside and added a patio area would that require a permit? How would…
Is there a "standard" lease/purchase option agreement out there? Or is everything negotiable?
We have agreed with our realtor that we would like to add that option to our MLS listing. But every time we ask her for specific details about the process, she is very evasive.
My wife thinks she is going to get half of my home, can she ?
I dont want to sell my Home, however maybe I have to. Five years ago, my mom dies, and I inherited her home. One year ago, I married a woman. Nine months ago she made the decission to move in with me.…
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