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Hi, I cannot update my listing with the correct facts and pictures. I have edited the listing and the corrections are not showing up.
When I update my home listing with the correct information it is not reflected when I view the listing. It is also not showing updated pictures.
Agent changes price without my permission
My agent suggested change selling price by $1 to generate traffic. I was strongly against that idea. But she did that on her own. Now, my property price history is a mess, since she changed back to…
The 31 Queensberry St unit 15 Boston, MA 02215 estimated price too low.
The 31 Queensberry St unit 15 Boston, MA 02215 unit has fallen a lot in price recently (went from $285K to $243K in a matter of a couple months). This is unusual because the area I am living is seeing…
Should I sell or rent out my condo in Greensboro, NC?
I married 2 years ago and bought a home in Greensboro, NC. I tried to sell the condo I lived in (in Western Greensboro) before I got married. We received no serious offers, but we were able to rent it…
The information you are basing your estimate on is incorrect. You are saying that our house is only 6 rooms. That is incorrect. it is 8 rooms.
It is not 1340 sq. ft. It is 1850 sq. ft. It has central air and all hard wood floors. Bathroom has ceramic tile.
How much will mold decrease a house value?
A friend of mine is wanting to sell their home, but it has a closet full of mold, dry wall from ceiling missing in 3 rooms and needs a lot of roofing work done, also living room isn't tile isn't…
Can we offer a property for sale by owner through Trulia?
If so, how would we go about it? Is there a cost, and how much?
Can I list a house on Trulia FSBO?
I have tried the FREE list a property link, but it always comes back to the log on screen.
Should we replace tile?
We have tile from our front entrance down the short hallway into the kitchen and eat in area and the half bath. We have 6 cracked tiles scattered throughout and this tile is discontinued and there is…
The buyer backed out two weeks before closing, said they couldn't get mortgage. How did they not know ahead of time? Any chance deal can be?
saved? When i bought my home, my agent made sure I was approved for a mortgage before she would let me place any offer. Does anyone have experience with a situation like this that was still able to be…
How do I get a CMA?
My property taxes show a value higher than I believe my properties worth. How do I get a Comparative Market Analysis to show one way or the other?
Can I fire my real estate agent?
We have a 6 month contract, and 2 months in, our agent is not doing a good job--she has mishandled some situations and is not knowledgeable. Do I have any recourse to break the contract and find someone…
Your instruction say to hover over the spot on the right upper corner to edit listings, and that item is not on my nav bar. How do I edit my listing?
I need to change info and the price. Also, my profile says I'm a buyer and I'm a principal broker selling my own residence. I'm unable to edit that, also. Things aren't going too smoothly here for me.…
Looking for a good title company to handle escrow & closing for the private (FSBO) sale of a SFR in Las Vegas. Any specific recommendations?
We are looking for a capable representative (experienced) in a local LV title company. Thanks.
When your doing a short sale and if there is reduced pay-off at the end of the process, who is paying execs?
I and my husband want to do short sale, but we are in dilemma what is better short sale or foreclosure. We live in the area where we going to have reduced pay-off of our house. If there is any execs and…
Can I list my Pocono home on your site with out an agent?
Can I list my Pocono home on your site with out an agent?
Escrow company (Title Co.) lost some of the proceeds from sale of house, not returned for 17 months. They admit to mistake but refuse to pay damages
Escrow was to withhold funds and send to my SS account at Franchise Tax Board (This was a rental). They sent to wrong SS# and it was not discovered until I filed my taxes the following year. Where can…
How do I take my listing off Trulia?
I am not happy with the additional information being shared about it. 258 S. Arlington Ave., Springfield, OH 45505
How come you guys put the wrong info on 40 Gregory Dr Seekonk MA?
40 Gregory Dr, Seekonk, MA 02771 4 beds 3 baths 2,650 sqft Estimate $424,183.00 =>>> YOU ARE .............!!!!!!!!! put the correct info
How do I get your map of my house corrected?
You show our house in the wrong location.
Our listing had an offer deadline. Only one offer came in. Another agent inquired , was our agent required to disclose that only 1 offer came in?
The other agent clients wanted to make an offer ( but he didn't want to bother submitting if it was too low....)
Cash sale of home who pays closing cost? Does the buyer or selling pay for doc stamps and title insurance?
There is cash offer on our home but it looks like we are paying all closing cost. Is this customary? What could we ask the buyer to pay for in closing cost? It's our first offer not what we want for…
Roof repair vs roof replacement when selling a house?
After buyer got inspection report, they asked us to get quotes from roofing company on needed repairs and to get in writing that the roof was good for another 3-5 years. 2 different roofing company said…
Buyer backed out of contract 2 weeks before closing date on House to be sold "AS IS" with no improvements by seller.
Buyer's claimed she was denied financing due due to "reduced income" after seeing Inspector's report, where inspector lied about many issues. Contract was not contingent on inspection report.
how do I put a fsbo listing in Trulia?
how do I put a fsbo listing in Trulia?
I entered a glowing review for Barry Dunn and when I saved it it did not give him a 5-start rating. I gave him 5 stars in each category.
How can this be corrected as I don't want to lower Barry's rating as he deserves the highest praise.
I have a listing at 1222 Sugar HIll Road in Hopkinton, NH ....you have incorrect information. The listing is a existing home. You are showing a lot!
Plz. look at Realtor.com for the correct information. 124 Bassett Mill Road, Hopkinton, NH is wrong too. Please correct.
What source do you use to determine the school district, since what is listed for 13745 Fortuna Ct., Saratoga is incorrect.
The home is actually in the Los Gatos - Saratoga Union Joint School District according to the Santa Clara County Assessor's Office. My school district contact is Melody PH: 408-867-3424.
1509 Edith Lane Co. Spgs., Colorado Need help correcting our For Sale on your website.
I am the Owner. Your picture of an alley shot of a house is wrong. Please Google Earth our house from the street, and correct your picture. You also have the house as a 2 bedroom in your intro,…
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