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When u get a new owner. Doesn't new owner have to give u a 30 day notice to move from the day u receive the notice?
The house was sold in March. And The new landlord just came back around May 6 .
Home is for sale but Trulia lists as sold?
My home is currently for sale. Why does Trulia list it as sold?
Property info and value update
the current info in incorrect. I finished the 2000 sqft basement. I added the new info and the county has not updated their records.
How soon is too soon? I had a client ask about Down Payment Assistance. The question was when should I search for local programs.
I think its always in your best interest you look into local programs ASAP the reason is if by chance you find the Perfect Home a buyer needs to be ready willing and able to put in a contract. If you…
move to new apartment before selling current home?
I am planning to sell my condo and move into a rental (apartment). However, I'm unsure of how to handle the condo-to-rental transition. I know that sellers should not be home during showings. But…
want homes on their own land
This question was asked from http://www.trulia.com/property/3187091089-4902-Goldfinch-Dr-Zephyrhills-FL-33541?ecampaign=con_day_propertycomp_bk&eurl=www.trulia.com%2Fproperty%2F3187091089-4902-Gol…
How do I list my Sold properties on Trulia?
I want to show what I have sold.
Remove the photos of my home from your website of 10021 E. Emerald Drive Sun Lakes AZ. Safety Reasons..Minor children in home.
These photos have been on your website for over a year after it went off the Market???
Delay charge for sue for damage to buyer.
I am selling a house in Georgia. The original closing date was beginning of May. However the buyer asked for extension due to a missing file for bank underwriting for a week. I agreed. later they…
How can I sell my mom's property and she is deceased?
My brother was staying in the house and stopped making payments and no one knew. The house is a complete mess and we need to sell it because the bank is going to foreclose on the property. My mom dies…
Can I list my own home on the MLS? Why have a listing agent?
when asked my agent to list on mls for a flat fee- they said could not. Why? I thought they would be happy to have listing?
Our home we been living in for 7 years is in foreclosure-and we have no where to go yet they want to give us cash for keys-do we have to move?
It was in our brothers name the loan-and we were suppose to buy it from him-we even bought the land next door free/clear.
How good of an idea is it to rent out a completely remodeled home?
Wed like to relocate and sell our home. The recently sold homes in our area are not what we thought they'd be, how good of an idea is it to rent out a home home with a new custom built kitchen bathroom…
Anderson county sc, agent is also the buyers agent asked us to sign a buyers agreement to make improvements to prior to closing what are the risks ?
it says that they are responsible except if we cause the sale to not go thru. this seems very risky why would we what to sign this and what are the risks? since the Agent is representing both the seller…
My realtor wants to buy my house prior to listing it for sale. How would the buyer/seller commission work in this case?
Although the agent can represent both me as the seller and a buyer, I suddenly feel like my representation is compromised since the broker and spouse would be purchasing the home.
how do I list my home?
non intuitive user interface doesn't make it clear how to list my home. I have a user name and password. It doesn't recognize my my address
How do I list my property. Your system keeps sending back to the log in screen
Please let me know what I have to do to get to submitting a listing to sell my condominium.
I've renovated my home to get it ready to sell but the recently sold homes in our area aren't where we'd like to be. We are looking
to relocate how good of an idea is it to rent out a home with a brand new custom built all white kitchen bathrooms island and granite and laminate throughout we would not like to hold off our move
how can i add photos of my house?
I would like to update the profile picture and add several pictures
Is the buyer in maryland required to give written notice of cancellation of a signed sales contract with in the due diligence period stating reasons?
Stating reasons for cancellation of the contract. If written notice is not given what are the remedies available to the seller ??
Some of the information about my house is not correct, how do I fix that?
The listing says 1.5 baths and it has 2 full baths.
I'm the owner of 14819 S.E. Primrose Ave Milwaukie OR 97267. I upgraded this house when I bought it 10 years ago. House is now heated by gas; now
has energy efficient windows, a new roof, upgraded Kitchen, an upgraded main Bathroom would lke the Trulia value to incorporate these upgrades.
I used to see the estimate value for my house, now I can't - Trulia
I used to see the estimate value for my house, (595 W. sandbar circle, Louisville, CO 80027) now I can't. I have an agent, but my friends say that it is nice to have an estimate price from Trulia. The…
Selling In the Wiiliamsbridge and Laconia section of the Bronx
Open House weekend is about to start, come and visit this beautiful 2 Family home located at 954 E. 220th Street Bronx NY 10469. http://www.sharperagent.com/marketinglinks/2588A8AC
closing costs and taxes on a sold home in los angeles
What would be a ball park for taxes and escrow costs on a house that sold for 500k in Los angeles. Lawndale, California to be exact
I have asked this question, and still have not received any help or information. I have a listing on realtor.com and trulia and zillow are not
not showing it, or the correct price. It is for sale. Zillow has the correct front picture of the house, but not the other 28 pictures. Trulia has nothing correct. Trulia has a picture on the site…
how do i list my home on trulia?
how do i list my home on trulia
This is about the 2 yr rule from IRS in allowing a person to keep all
It has been about 1 month & I have asked my question countless times with no answer. This property was given to me by my mother's church to make up in some part by her disinheriting me. That was…
IRS "new" ruling about owning your home for 2 years
I asked this question of you about 2 weeks ago & never received an answer. Supposedly if one owns their home for 2 years, all profits from the sale are the seller's to keep. My question contained…
how do I change pictures?
I tied to change the pictures of my house with the new ones but cannot do it
What are the as is home sale standards?
The agents keep talking about the standards> What are the
how to list on trulia for free?
I am an owner and I want to list my property on trulia.
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