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We are interested in selling our home in Grand Blanc, Mi on land contract or lease to own, as conventional
selling methods have not worked, we are just not sure where to begin and would love some advice.
I want to sell my house through trulia. Is that free webside?
I want to sell my house through trulia. Is that free webside? I like to keep information same, But price and pictures will be different. I already sign up with trulia. But I couldn't see any option…
Have 3 smallish bedrooms and bathroom on the main floor, & shower and bedroom in the basement. Considering combining 2 bedms to make master suite.
Would master suite and another bedroom and bathroom on main floor, plus the bedroom & shower in the basement be better for resale than 3 bedrooms and one bathroom on main?
My house that is for sale is not currently listed on Trulia. I was told there was a problem with the feed. Has it been fixed?
My house is still not listed and it has been off for well over 24 hours. How can I get it relisted on Trulia?
I had a buyer back out of the contract 4 days from closing. Inspections, appraisal and fixing all requests have been completed.
There are no contingencies on the contract. Do we have any legal rights in New Mexico?
We need a mobile home appraised in Marengo county, who would you recommend?
It is located along the Tombigbee, in good shape, with nice covered deck with a good view of the river.
How do I change the status to For Sale By Owner with price of $479,500?
We removed the property from MLS and reduced the price to reflect that we are not paying broker commissions at this time
Leave the master bath as is or do some updates the new owner will likely replace?
Our master 4-piece bath needs major updating but everything we would do to move it in that direction (e.g. replace all brass with chrome, single sink and cabinet with double, etc.) will not be enough…
House listing doesn't match RMLS
My house is listed on the RMLS by my realtor, but the information on Trulia doesn't match. How is the data pulled into Trulia? Thank you Roy
should I add a master bath and take away 4th bedroom. Already has 2.5 baths
Home built in 80s cape cod with 3 br up w 1 full and 1 br and full bath on main.
Question About Selling Condition of Our Home
Our home has great curb appeal and is generally good condition but needs some fairly minor repairs and updating. The front porch is cement but has a wood railing. There is a little dry rot on one end.…
FSBO....Is refund of earnest money required if home doesn't appraise for the amount of the sale price?
We placed a FSBO sign in our yard, 45 minutes later a drive by person calls for appointment to see our home. We show the home, they obviously fall in love with it, commenting about everything being so…
Is it possible for a real estate agent to sabotage the sell of our home after choosing another agent after a one year contract with her?
The agent we first chose was very unprofessional and abusive with late night texts. Among other issues.
18 days on market and no showings...What do we do?
We listed our house for sale 18 days ago and have not had any showings. I personally think we have it listed for too much, but our agent feels it's reasonably price based on comps from the CMA and the…
A For Sale by Owner question
when selling your home not using an agent but an agent brings a buyer to you; who pays the agent his percentage, you, the sell or the buyer?
Motive for Cash Offer
We recently had a cash offer on our property with a 7 day close and no contingencies (not even inspection). The buyer has vanished and never followed thru with the purchase. What would be someones…
I have my home listed on your site as an FSBO. The system didn't pull in a picture of the correct home when I entered my address. How do I?
change it My address is 924 N Wilson St, Ulysses, KS. The house picture brought in by system is of 908 N Wilson St.???????????
Mortgage Note Investor Looking For Performing and Non-Performing Notes
I am an investor and am working with a hedge fund who would like to acquire performing and non-performing mortgage notes nationwide. We are interested in single family and commercial mortgage notes. Please…
Why does nothing happen when I request a home valuation report?
I first requested before I signed up - it said I would receive it via email. I then signed up and when I request it says I will receive it immediately, but the page (http://www.trulia.com/sell/) is just…
I just updated a property I remodeled and wrote up a blurb. When I search for the property, I don't see my new updated info for sale. What?
gives? Where is my info I put in? Why is the picture of my home on your site of my neighbor's home?
I am in the precontemplative stage of selling my tiny house in South Portland, ME, and am wondering exactly how much upgrading I should do beforehand.
I am talking cosmetics, not structure. Painting the exterior, for example, repairing steps, things like that. Will it matter that much in the long run?
Los altos hills home estimate
Hi, How much would a home near 2,500 sqft in Los Altos Hills cost? If the lot is near 1 acre but almost all of it is sloped and unusable, what would the home estimate be?
well someone owns a mobile home that is in back of our home, so we just put a 8ft fence up. now do you think people still wont want the house????
This has been the main complaint when they come to see the house. there's really nothing else to do. large tress was another option but very expensive and they can die........please some one see this…
Our house has been listed on mls but I'm not seeing it on your site. Is there something that I've missed to do?
Thank you for your time! Emily Packard 11004 Valley Brook Drive Fort Washington, MD 20744
Why is my home's estimated value so much less than a very similar one that sold recently?
47-681-6 Hui Kelu St sold for $462,000 yet Trulia estimates my townhouse at 47-681-4 at a much lower figure. Admittedly it does not have the same upgrades, but there's a huge disparity.
Can I sell a home here?
Can I sell a home here?
Do you have or know anyone who has homes for sale less than $50,000?
I currently live in the 32805 area of Orlando Florida. I am staying here and there and am very unhappy with the way my living situation. My credit score is about 600 and I have already been denied by the…
Does it make sense to overbuild my new septic system?
I am replacing the cess pit system of my 3 bedroom home with an engineered septic system. Due to environmental constraints on the property it is highly unlikely that future expansion of the system will…
why is trulia's facts so far off from actual acreages and property tax info. Also, actual number of beds and baths from actual listing agent info.?
Our listing at 23258 stephen ln, parma, idaho is in the Parma School Dist, not Wilder; our acreage is 3.41, not 2.98, and bedrooms of 3, full baths of 2, optional 4th, with office. Taxes are $92/mo.,…
Why isn't the Trulia listing, photos updated? The house is has been on the market for over 30 days and is showing old photos, records.
Why isn't the Trulia listing, photos updated? The house is has been on the market for over 30 days and is showing old photos, records. This is really bad.
Staging? Really how important is it to sell my home?
Buyers' perception of a home's worth comes from it's current visual appearance, not it's future potential. That's because only ten percent of people can visualize. Ninety percent of buyers are not capable…
View # not updating
1161 County Rd C2 W Roseville MN, 55113 the number of 'views' for the listing above shows 66 views, since about the first few days on market. Is there a way to reflect on the correct amount…
Rephrasing my prior question. I am looking to stay in my current residence for five years. It's a standalone condo. I would like to enclose the
porch. I do plan to move in about five years, so would like to speak with an experienced broker in my area who can give me some guidance.
Best way to attract attention to 4 acres of property in new "High Development Area"
I bought my parent's homestead last year and am now wanting to sell it. It is currently R-4 but could be R-5, or C. It is located at the edge of a newly forming development in Eastern Jefferson County,…
Is it a CASH offer if it is contingent on the buyer selling their house to get the cash? to me that is a contingency offer. My agent says I am wrong
buyer owns his home and has an offer on it. he will use funds from that sale to purchase ours. I say that is a contingency offer and our agent says it is a cash offer. Well, the closing on his house…
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