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I am relocating from oviedo, Florida to Fort worth, Texas and plan to lease my home with lease to own option,
with whom does this lease to option deposit stay?. Is it difficult to get a mortgage approved if I lease the house here and try buying a home in Fort worth?
Hoboken buyer's agents - do you think turning an existing tub into a tiled shower in my condo would devalue it when it comes time to sell?
I'm thinking of renovating my bathroom and turning the tub into a shower, but would not want to lose the condo's appeal to potential buyers with young children. It is a 2 bed, 1 bath in SW Hoboken.…
Hello- Can one track only one property I'm interested in in Silver Spring, MD 20906 ?
I would like to track only one property in Silver Spring, MD 20906. I would like to know when this house goes on the market and how much it sells for. How can I do that ? Thanks
what is my house worth?
single family rambler 3 bedroom, 2 bath, finished basement
How are the market conditions in Tyler, Texas?
Looking to 'possibly' sell my home. I live in the Highlands sub-division.
How do I figure out an asking price for my home. I live in an exclusive area with various types of homes.
Some large log homes are listed for over a million. I live in a 3300 sq. ft (inc. basement) raised ranch on three acres. In 2009 the appraisal was $319K
Trying to decide if I should paint my pine moulding white vs. keeping it clear pine.
I have a home originally built in 1955, but in 2003 we completely gutted and renovated it, added a second floor, so on and so forth. We have never been able to decide if we should keep the moulding clear…
If a lease to rent has been signed by both parties and is not yet given back to the leasor can the leasor rescind the lease for a higher offer?
The lease states that the first rent is due in 1 week - no $ has exchanged hands yet but the lease has not been violated in any way...
Selling or recently sold a home?
What are the main reasons you selected the Realtor you are or did work with?
Can I sell a home that is not up to code?
Hi, My parents bought a run down single family home in CO in 1992. They were taken advantage of because they were immigrants and did not speak any English at the time. They are now nearing retirement…
I am in a dispute with my sellers regarding the “listing period” for a Listing Agreement contract
they claim we agreed to a 3-month “listing period” and I thought we agreed to a 9 month period…when they originally signed the contract, I mistakenly left the “listing period”…
How long to wait before selling house?
We just bought our house last year, USDA loan, 148K at 3.5% interest. After moving in, we quickly realized that we weren't happy with the location as it's too far away from the city and difficult to find…
Selling a Lot in Newport...
I see that there have been no lots sold in Newport in 9 months. What, if anything, can I do to get me lot to sell??
I sold a rental home with tenant. The closing contract did not include the prorated for the month. Now the buyers are suing me after the fact ?
Isn't the contract binding ? If the prorated rent wasn't in the contract how can they sue me ?
How do I set the sales price of my house?
One realtor who has 20 years experience, says to price it low, and let buyers bid it up. I am under no obligation to sell. I am curious about opinions on this strategy.
I feel my agent is hold my home (listing) as hostage. I do not want her as my agent anymore, but she won't go away . How can I get her to release me.?
I don't trust her , caught her in lies, feel underepresented, I just want her to cancel the contract so I may seek help in which I feel is effective. Not trying to defame her , I just feel that we don't…
I have a property in orlando with someone who is interested in renting to own
I am looking for a real estate atty who can assist me with the contract
How to find the best agent for rural area?
Who has sold the most houses in my area?
I would like to rent my house... in Gilbert, AZ
I need advice to see what I should first do in order to rent it quickly. I don't want to sell it - although I have it on the market for sale also (4740 E Laurel Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85234 MLS# 4379216).…
I am ready to sell my home in 93311, comes under Ronald Reagan elementary school.
How much the real estate agent charge for the sale? Based on the commission I want to adjust the rate.
Realtor in Cary NC Area with experience selling homes with pools
We want to put our home on market in next 3-6 months and need guidance on best way to sell a home with in ground pool, we know this eliminates a lot of potential buyers.
Condo in a two unit building for sale! Help. plz.
Situation: I currently own a condo in a two unit building. I decided to move out two years ago, and rent it out to catch out with some of my debt. Beginning of the year 2012 I lost my job, and contacted…
What do you do when you find your property that you're trying to sell being listed by a different agent and broker than the one you're using?
I found my property (on Trulia) being listed by a different agent than the one I'm working with.
How can an FSBO (already on OLR) ensure wide exposure to both the broker communittees (i.e. local listings services) as well as to buyers directly.
As a FSBO in Manhattan welcoming brokers and offering 3% to a potential buyer's broker, how can I ensure I get the most exposure to potential buyerbrokers? I am currently listed on OLR, which I paid…
Back in 2009, and engineer said in his report that I evidience of a SINKHOLE in my home. The insurance company said they would fix it or give me..cont
give me the funds to fix it. I never fixed it and my house is fine. Do I have to disclose the engineer report when I sell my home?
Looking for a local USAA agent actually working(based) in Park City not based in SLC claiming to know PC market.
Or you are PC local working agent wanting to be affiliated with USAA. I do not want anybody based in SLC.
How does IRS treat home equity gain?
We’re planning on moving abroad and selling our home. We have equity in our home. We're not buying another home in the US nor in the new country (we'll be renting there for a while). How will the…
Why does the Trulia estimate on a homes value, differ so much from the actual market value?
Is there a formula that I could use in conjunction with the Trulia estimate, to roughly estimate a home's value in today's market? I know to research the price of similar recent sales, and SF…
Looking for House outside of the city limit of Killen, Texas?
I have a beatiful home for sale 2742 Creek Place Drive, Killeen Texas. Sale price 209,000.00 for more information contact me at nando_aryana@yahoo.com
I have 14 wooded acres . We will be selling in 10 years. My husband and I disagree on clear cutting now and replant pine. We would leave a buffer .
I feel after 10 years the pines we plant now will have had time to mature and selling my 3000 square foot house will sell easy . We are 15 minutes to great shopping and excellent schools. So to cut…
One realtor said she thinks our house will be a short sale and one never mentioned it. Why?
We need to sell our house due to a job transfer. When we met with one realtor she said her goal was to sell our house in 30 days and she never mentioned a short sale. The other realtor we met with recommended…
We just bought a house for 175k and is now listed at 220k, if we sell and buy new house do we just pay the diff or do we have to re-qual for loan?
We are planning to sell if the price hits 250k and buying a new house for at least 180k-190k. We have only made thus far 3 mortgage payments.
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