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Can I list a for sale by owner..?
I have a home 3177 Chads that I just finishing remodling and would like to list it on Trulia if possible?
Can I list my FSBO on Trulia?
Why does trulia not recognize VENICE Fl 34293?
When moving by choice, is it better to take your time finding the new home and then put the old one on the market?
We have an internet business so no urgency because we can live pretty much anywhere. We hope to move from east to west coast. We plan house hunt when we are on the other coast visiting relatives next…
close off en suite entrance for a shower?
I live in a 1650 sq ft 2 level house, 4 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. The house originally had an unfinished attic and downstairs was master bedroom #1 and ensuite (with an entrance from the hallway too) plus…
Looking for investor to purchase our home and lease it to us as rent to own
Looking for an investor to purchase our home and lease it to us as rent to own. We have lived in this house for 8 years and are raising our 7 year old daughter in this home. We love the house and do not…
Can I advertise my home on your site as For Sale By Owner? I no longer have a contract with a Realtor.
If I can advertise my home as For Sale by Owner, is there a fee? I didn't see how to go about uploading photos, etc.
I recently moved into a home 5 months ago and it has been a nightmare. How fast can I sale and what penalty's apply?
I recently moved into a home 5 months ago and it has been a nightmare. How fast can I sale and what penalty's apply?
I want to cancel my MLS listing with a realtor because the listing agent did unauthorized repairs on my home atan open house but they refuse to cancel
We signed a six month contract with a local office however we have been vey displeased with their service and professionalism. The listing agent during a recent open house decided to do an unauthorized…
How can we get a release of contract from the buyer?
Our buyer's loan was denied at the last minute, after two extensions on the closing date. We want to move on, have relisted the property and have 2 new offers. Of course, the prospective buyers want the…
How hard is it to close escrow with a CHDAP FHA buyer?
I'm a seller who has a highest bidder being an FHA buyer who is also participating in a down payment assistance program. I know what both programs do but in practice, are these buyers a higher risk…
How do I take off a listing I posted on here?
9419 Corsico PL NW , Albuquerque, NM 87114
Waiting to update information on 24 Duck Pond Lane, Ramsey N.J. Put the right information in and waiting for an email not getting one.
Wrong name and information about property. I am the owner. Thanks for your help. Bernadette
Remodel Kitchen before moving or not?
We have a home built in 1986, and we have remodeled every room in the house except the kitchen. We are thinking of selling, but on the fence to remodel the kitchen before putting it on the market. It…
Do I pay commission if buyer is pre-contract with realtor?
I listed a mobile home privately. Months later, hired a realtor, got an offer, no counter (insulting). Then, was contacted by buyer I showed the unit to months prior to contracting realtor. Do I split…
Would a realtor list my house for sale (when it isn't) to bring buyer attention to their listing (that is two doors down)?
My house has been listed on Trulia for sale by owner. We did not put it up on Trulia. It is not for sale. It went up right after the house two doors down got listed on Trulia. Our home is listed at slightly…
how do i upload pictures and list home for sale?
how do i upload pictures and list home for sale?
Why are photographs ported from the MLS site fuzzy and not the right ones?
My condo has been listed in trulia.com. Condo address is 420 Harding Ave., Apt 703, cocoa beach, fl 32931. The photographs ported over from the MLS site are of poor quality (not as good as appearing…
How can a homeowner update the Trulia data about their home?
My public tax records understate my square footage, number of rooms, number of floors, and many other details about my home. That causes my estimated home value to be too low.
Trying to sell an older, rural home south of Nashville, TN
What would you recommend for an older, rural home built in 1948 on 2 acres in a small town 45 minutes from Springhill and 1.5 hours from Nashville, TN? Would you still recommend a local realtor or advertise…
Complete a bathroom remodel or lower selling price
I am in the process of getting a divorce and will need to put our house on the market. But there is one BIG problem (and partial cause for D). The main bathroom is gutted to the sheet rock. We have…
How do you go about changing school district information on a property?
The schools listed for this property are incorrect. The school district is even incorrect.
Show house vacant or occupied?
Any disadvantages of showing a vacant house vs. an occupied house?
Hi I need to sell my home in Miami,Fl and need some advice..
i've been trying to sell my home for over a year and have had alot of people over but no offers.I've noticed about 70% of the people that have physically been over to see the property are from ads me &…
I have changed details about my house, yet they don't come up. your description, which is incorrect, shows up. Also, where is the click to
change phot Where is the click to change photos? The photo and the description you have of my house are wrong.
I have created an account. I want to list my home. It keeps taking me back to the create an account page.
I have been trying to list my home for sale for 45 minutes now. It keeps taking me in the same circle. Very Frustrating.
Relisting a home that was on your site 6 months ago.
I had a home listed 6 months ago, it rented, but now I have to relist it. Is the info still in your system.
Verbal land contract proceeds
My husband and I land contract in our home from my father in law about 5 years ago. We are now selling the home and I am wondering how we are going to handle the proceeds. At the closing, the proceeds…
Sellers Agent informs buyers agent of home inspection deadline
The deadline for the buyer to respond to me for the home inspection was 5 hours away and my agent contacted the buyers agent and her broker to inform them of the approaching deadline. Had she not alerted…
I'm trying to sell our house to our renters of three years. The problem is that we owe more than the house is worth and the renters can't
afford that much. Is there such a thing as an arranged short sale? Either way, what might a lender accept as a short sale amount on a house in Central Florida that's is good shape?
How do I list my lot for sale on Trulia's site?
How do I list my lot for sale by owner?
For sale by owner process
How do I list a home for sale by owner on Trulia?
How many homes for sale in town...Bayfield CO are on 1/2 acre lots or bigger?
Our home is for sale and we are not seeing many comps with lot size.
The picture you have of my house was taken immediatly after superstorm sandy and does not represent what my house looks like.
How do I go about getting a current picture of my house on trulia? 58 hubbard Avenue, Freeport NY 11520
How to remove my home from Trulia?
I would like to have my house taken off Trulia. Address: 207 S Main Street, Oakfield WI 53065. My wife is now pregnant and we do not want to sell our house until we have our child. I cannot figure out…
Deleted pictures are not deleted from listing
I have deleted pictures from a listing on Trulia however the pictures are still showing. I have already deleted these pictures from all MLS as well. Please advise as my seller is becoming upset about this.
Any recommendations for Sellers agent for TH at Odenton Town Center?
I have a townhouse at the Odenton Town Center and looking to put it on the market in December. I also have another SFH rental in Glen Burnie. I am looking for discounted agent for the Odenton property…
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