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Wiring funds from home sale to home purchase
I am closing on my home sale on Wednesday 5/11 and closing on my new home on Friday 5/13. Is it appropriate to have the proceeds from my sale be wired directly to the new escrow company, and then the…
How do I post more pictures of my home that is for sale?
My home is posted on this site, how do I add more photos?
5203 Windsor Lane; Northport, AL 35473
I currently have my house on the market, and it is listed incorrectly on Trulia. First, the address is incorrect. The address listed here is 5203 Windsor Ln Tuscaloosa, AL 35405, but the correct address…
Home estimate is off
I own the home at 1815 Wallace Road NW Salem, Oregon 97304 and the square footage listed on Trulia is incorrect. There is an additional 1,000 square feet daylight basement that is fully finished, so total…
How Does It Work ?
Who writes the contract, seller or buyers broker?
I'm selling a rental property to my tenant and am not sure if I should prepare the sells contract or wait for the tenant’s mortgage broker. There is no real estate agent involved as this is a pretty…
Your software offers the option to edit home details but does not offer a place to do so. The square footage on 7 Kingsbury Rd is incorrect. Check wit
h the local assessor. It should be 1,680. You should also check your sales data more frequently as there was a sale for a much older home in the center of town with a very wet lot on the main busy street…
claiming my house
How do I edit the facts and features of my house? For instance, your photo only shows the back bank of my lot. Isn't there a way that I can enter all the facts for my house, soon to be listed for…
The buyer for the home I just sold was an HUD-1 and when I requested to see the entire settlement statement I was told I wasn't entitled to it?
Is this fair? I was told by people I know that it was fair, but it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. And what to do if the sales person was not honest? I.e. Not providing a NET sheet?
Our listing shows the wrong listing agent. How does this get changed?
Our listing in Trulia shows the old listing agent.
When the appraisal comes in lower than agreed upon price?
I've read plenty of articles and blogs about what happens or the options available when the appraisal comes in lower than the price agreed upon between the seller and buyer but something still isn't…
If I have a property for sale, on the very last day of the contract an offer comes in and we have a closing date but it never closes.
What rights does the seller have, when the potential buyer pulls the plug on the financing and a new loan is started, putting additional delay on the sale?
How much in CAP gains taxes to be paid on the sell of a primary residence?
Starting off with this is a "sixty-four-thousand foot view". Person lived in a home for over sixty years. They sell the home for a huge profit after improvements being made. After selling the original…
Is there a certain "style" of home that sells for more money? Spanish style, modern, cottage... which appeals to more buyers?
We want to "refurbish" our home to sell it in the next year... and am wondering what style will bring in the most buyers. Also, do you think supplies/materials are more or less expensive for…
how do i list my home for sale on trulia?
i would like to list my home for sale on here but i cant figure out where i need to do it and how much does it cost . if someone can contact me i would be greatful thank you
HOA legal fees and sale
I have a couple of questions regarding HOA's and closing on a house. I am planning on selling my house in a few weeks and I don't want my issues with the HOA impeding the sale. I am completely paid up…
Are the "We Buy Your Home For Cash" offers legit?
I've gotten several flyers from folks claiming to buy my home quickly and for cash and cover all closing costs, back taxes, and even throw in a big screen TV! Are these legit? I currently own my…
how important is the agent I choose? My friend told me I was better off using my relative. That all brokers are the same.
how important is the agent I choose? My friend told me I was better off using my relative. That all brokers are the same.
Claiming your home
could you please email instruction of how to "claim your home." I am having trouble figuring that out. I have logged in already and wish to update facts/photos on my home that is currently for…
how to remove my add?
I need to remove my add of 13729 heartside pl. Farmers Branch TX, 75234 the property was already sold.
Are you finding that homes are selling well above tax value in the downtown are of Wendell?
For example I have looked up the tax value of 2 recently sold properties in the downtown are and they both sold in a short amount of time one for 20k above tax value and the other for 25 above
Is it true if an appraiser shorts your square footage and it is not 50 or more sq ft they do not make any changes?
This appraiser shorted my sq footage and said if it is not more than 50 ft they do not make any adjustments. When he gave the value I divided that by the sq ft he gave to get the price per sq ft. He…
Tryng to list house and edit information. It says it is sending me an email to confirm who I am...but it doesn't.
Please help. Gary Field, 3368 Regalwoods Drive, Atlanta, GA 30340. 912-631-6808. Gary@NuBarter.com. Thanks
Megadrox initial period that you ought
According numerous reports you will find 3 times that you simply should really be acquiring your BCAA doses to. Megadrox initial period that you ought to take your BCAA dose is simply before training.…
I can't seem to change my property details.
I'm planning to put my property back on the market. The property details have changed, but I can't seem to edit the details.
Please remove or replace the picture for 222 Hawthorn, Royal Oak, MI. 222 Hawthorn is on the right and not visible - you have a pic of 228 (my house)
The grey house on the left is my house (228 Hawthorn) - the house for sale is on the right and cannot be visibly seen. I do not appreciate having people stop at my house asking for a tour. Fix this promptly…
How do you remove a listing?
I own this house and need to remove the listing because I am wanting to take it off the market to rent it to someone
I am a realtor with remax. I have a house listed in washington, nj that does not show up when my client tried to search and find his home. I tried
I searched as a consumer as well and conducted a search in washington,nj and my client's house did not come up. WHAT can you do to correct that? THE ADDRESS IS 250 RUSH STREET
Should I sell my hole myself I hate the idea of increasing my price so I can pay my agent it gets up there when your talking 5 percent?
Is it better to sell my home by myself? I hate the idea of giving a real state 5 percent which could be 30K or more when I have to pay all the bill's taxes lawyers etc and still have enough to move
Have to sell her house before we can afford to buy a house. So do we put our house on the market now and hope in the meantime we find a house?
I am disabled and I do not want to have to move into an apartment until we find a new house. We are looking for a ranch home with a finished basement and they seem to be going fast. How can we juggle that…
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