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I'm working on a PNC Short Sale. The sellers have been given a person to contact. I have been given a different person as my point of contact.
The Sellers are talking daily with their contact, exchanging info and getting updates. My contact has not returned many many phone messages and I can never get a call through! Is this normal?
Are Salt Lake area short sales discounted as much as they were in 2008 and 2009?
Has anyone else noticed the trend that short sales are selling for closer to market value prices? Or that many lending institutions have gotten smart and now buy pool insurance to hedge against short…
Is a mortgage approval based on a bank appraisal equaling the mortgage amount requested by the buyer or the selling price?
In addition to the standard mortgage approval contingency, our prospective buyers want a contingency that the bank appraisal equal the selling price. I'd like to refuse the latter contingency.
We recently bought a condo in lake forest, about8 months ago and have had job offer elsewhere in the country.
We recently bought a condo in lake forest, approximately 8 months ago and have had job offer elsewhere in the country. If we tried to re-sell now what kind of loss, % would we be looking at?
Re appraisals, isn't it normal for the price per sq ft to decrease as sq feet increases
Our house is 3,579 square feet. An agent provided a list of comparables that included homes up to 5,500 square feet and noted that the purchasers finance company would use such homes when assessing ours.…
My house has been on the market for 1 year with not luck selling. It is in Aliquippa, Pa.
I don't think my realtor is doing a good enough job selling my house. Can I change realtors if I still have a contract with this one. I am also thinking of just letting it go back to the bank because…
Who do I contact about selling my property commercial in Ladson, SC? Is there a sell by owner site?
Would like to sell property on College Park Road in Ladson. I would rather sell it myself. Should I get the property appraised or should I just sell as is? The area is now commercial. There is a house…
How do I get comps for 3037 N Broad street, Philadelphia, Pa 19140?
How much would this 8 unit property sell for in 3 month after renovation? It has 6 efficiencies and 2 2 bedroom units in it.
Listing agreement clause
Folks 1) Do most listing agreements have a clear clause dictating terms if the listing agent finds a buyer who has no broker himself. I heard this is a little known secret in the real estate world and…
We currently own a 3BD/2BA condo in the Southside/Avenues area of Jacksonville. We are looking to relocate ASAP and are willing to sell it at a
significant loss. Is this a bad idea and are deeply discounted units even being purchased in the area right now?
Is it possible to sell a 3/2 condo in Windsor Falls right now? Owe 144k.
My husband and I want to move to a new home with a yard. We have made minor cosmetic improvements to the unit (replaced carpet with hardwood laminate, repainted walls, planning on remodeling bathrooms).…
how does capital gains on your first home work if you buy a second home or vacation property?
or if you sell the second property first, which is not primary , do i loose the capital gains savings on my primary home? Is the capital gains on first home sale tax free for the first five hundred thousand…
Short sale upfront fee?
After months of lamenting, searching, and researching, I think I have narrowed down a couple of Realtors for my short sale listings. Most Realtors in my area charge an upfront fee of 500-600 dollars.…
Can you terminate your contract with your realty company?
I have not been happy with my Realtor. First the schools are listed wrong on the MLS ad, they said it was ok because there were two listings, one for each county (neither are correct). We had to ask to…
What should I do?
I bought a house in 2006 for 320K. Now it worth max 120k. It is located on NW and I am single no kids and I feel far from everybody, because is located on suburbs. I still owned 247k, I put down 20%. I…
If I short sale my home, is it possible for an investor to sell it back to me on a Land Contract?
Purchased home for $265,000 in Gilbert AZ in 2006, now valued at $138,000. We can afford the mortgage payment, but tired of throwing good money after bad, but we love our home and would like to remain…
I live in NV. I am on the note. husband and I are on title. Husband is missing. Can I sell my house without him. Currently getting a divorce.
The decree with give me sole ownership but does my husband need to sign anything if I sell? It is a Short Sale no I am not getting any money. He has been missing for 2 yrs. My divorce is almost final and…
Can I list a house for sale by owner?
I am not a real estate agent. I just have a house that I'm selling and would like to post it as for sale by owner.
Repair Allowance/Credit?
What are the rules regarding giving buyers a repair allowance at closing? If a seller doesn't want to perform repairs, can the seller just pay a contractor directly to provide a credit for buyer?
Lockbox Issues with tenant! Tenant refuses to allow lockbox. We even offered $100 off rent each month. Any solutions you can think of?
We are selling the house. Tenant does not know it is a short sale. The lease says, "The Lessor or his agent may enter the leased premises at any reasonable time to examine the same or make needed…
Lease to own in mobile park
I have been trying to sell my mobile home with no bites in this tough real estste market. I do have a potental buyer who would like to lease to own and is willing to put 20,000 down and assume all rent…
My husband had to take a cut in pay and we are having another baby. We really no longer can afford our home without using credit cards. We are upside
down in our home and the market is bad in Derry. We are not behind in any payments but I just dont know how much longer we can continue. We are living beyond our means! Should we try a short order sale?…
I want to sell a rental property in the Kono Tayee Estates in Lucerne, CA. I bought it for $321,000 in 2006.
What are the trends in Lucerne now? Do you think I could get back what I invested? How long does it take on average to sell in Kono Tayee?
I keep hearing about Short Sales. What are they?
Please don't hate me. I just want to understand.
Are there realtors that specialize in listing $mil homes? Do they have more access or are they better qualified than a realtor selling under $700k?
What is the main difference? We are about to list a home with a friend's relative and I looked at her track record and her previous sales have all been under $700k for single family homes and condos.
Do you think it is extreme to pay $1500 for a paint stain the size of a lid on a quart of paint?. What is fair?
I disclosed the paint stain the day of closing and left the ottoman with them. They are now asking for $1,500 which I feel is excessive or they will take me to court. I had previously offered them $100.00.…
My husband and I signed a ratified contract December 4, 2011 and are set to sign the house on January 6, 2012.
our agent said that this wasnt a contract so if we decided to back out we can. well today december 27, 2011 we told her that we decided we didnt want the house and she mentioned that the guy who is selling…
We would like to sell my mother's home to a nephew in a way that makes it affordable for him and gives us income for mother's nursing care.
Help? The house (actually a 25-acre farm) is in a revocable trust. We're thinking that a land contract would give us long-term income for mother's care. Wise move or no?
How does one go about finding an international realtor?
I have a property near Disney that makes it a good fit for a B&B or a large family. New Korean church around the corner could make for a great home for a large family. 11 bedrooms, 10 acres. Just…
Should sellers advertise a home owners warranty? Or does that signal something wrong with the house?
Also, rather than replace the carpet, how about offering a flooring package? Or should the house price just be reduced enough to allow for the worn carpet. My feeling is that flooring is so individual…
Does real estate sales pick up in the spring season... starting late Jan?
I've noticed that many homes that have been sitting since the fall of 2011 are changing to pending status... does this mean more people are now trying to buy since the holidays are over? What is the…
What does it mean when someone says the "location" and the "neighborhood" of a home is important for...?
...for resale? What exactly does "location" or "neighborhood" mean? Obviously a home in a location known to have good schools will be valuable. However, in terms of the less obvious…
I live in clewiston florida 33440 Do you know any home vestor program near by that can help me avoid foreclosure ?
Propety located in 609 e ventura avenue clewiston florida 33440. Phone 863-885-2156 or e-mail address nellyrivera2@yahoo.com Please review my information I have been out of work for about a year and need…
I am about to list a house that my ex-wife and I bought. We are both remarried and the realtor says both new spouses must also sign the listing.True?
If so, can you point me to something online that states this? I'm having trouble convincing the ex's new spouse to sign.
I am selling my mobile home and have a buyer who is paying cash. What forms do I need, is there a specific contract I need to fill out.?
This sale is taking place in Colorado and there is no land with the mobile. The mobile park required the buyer fill out and application which they have approved, and he will have to pay lot rent. Is…
A buyer has asked us to let him have his earnest money back. This comes after the deadline and after the bank gave their commitment letter.
The earnest money is 14,000 and is being held by our realtor. Should we fight to keep the money or negotiate a settlement with the former buyer?
Buyer refuses deliver notice of the contract termination. Do I need it prior to signing another contract with the new buyer?
I as a seller delivered ADDENDUM to the agreement of sale to the buyer in response to inspection repairs list.. Buyer did not accept offered compensation and replied with signed Agreement of sale release…
I have a homeowner in dire need to sell a house in Atwater, anyone out there know the market trends out there?
I work in the S.F. Bay area, and going to Atwater may be a bit much. This gentleman needs help, particularly in "ESPANOL". If you can, please contact me (or my partner, Gerardo) and we'll…
Looking for low cost options to sell our home in Cross Ridge neighborhood in Lafayette, Boulder County.
Wishing to avoid high commissions. Does anyone have experience and/or expertise using, for example, a real estate lawyer or FSBO service to sell a home in northwest Lafayette(80026) or east Boulder (80303)?…
Set to close 2/15. movers come 2/14 - $10k for cross country move. What's my recourse if deal falls through on settlement date?
All the approvals are supposed to be finalized before closing date but if something goes wrong on that date, am I out the $10k?? I've read too many posts about last minute back outs and now worried.
Selling a 1b/1b condo in Denver, City Park. Great cond., but no offiers yet. Agent is great, just looking for proactive things I can do to help!
Any ideas, thoughts, are welcome! Here is my listing if that helps: http://www.trulia.com/property/3064331611-1605-Saint-Paul-St-6-Denver-CO-80206
I've a chance to connect buyer & seller of a condo. Buyer to pay cash. There's a lien(HOA fees) but no realtor yet. Where can I get an?
agreement form? 30 yrs. ago I was a realtor associate in Calif. I haven't kept up on the latest laws, etc.. let alone here in AZ. I need a little help. Thanks so much! Nancy
who can I go to for assistance on selling my timeshare in California?
i own a wyndham resorts timeshare based out of oceanside but can be used anywhere there is a wyndham resorts. it is points based.
Wow! That was a great response. Guess I did ask the wrong question-hence I need a realtor! Really hard to know what to look for-thx for the answers
More info-looking for someone who has had success in the Crossings. House worth between 250-280 would be my guess at this point. Want to sell in spring. Getting it ready now. Downsizing. Kids gone.…
Anyone have parties interested inn ewly renovated and 4 bdrm for lease/sale in RO?
On S. Campbell and Sixth. 2 Story colonial, newer windows/siding/roof, inspected and purchased in 2011, mechanics are great, basement is dry. 1600 sq ft. 4 bed study. Newly remodeled kitchen/2 baths/new…
I have a Rental House in Lewiston and I am considering selling it. It is located 3 blocks from LCSC it's 3 bdrm. 1 bath 2 story house .
It has a fenced back yard with a large deck, and a shed. I know the economy is bad right now and I was wondering if you could tell me approx. how much I could sell this house for?
We want to sell our house in the spring, and have limited money for fixing up our home. Should we buy new carpeting, or buy a new furnace?
We have good credit but no savings, so we would have to put any improvements on a credit card. Our home is 1970 with original furnace and windows. The carpeting is 20 years old, green, outdated with…
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