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My husband and I are looking into short selling our home. His name is the only one on the loan but both of us are on the title.
My husband and I are looking into short selling our home. His name is the only one on the loan but both of us are on the title. When the bank wants to review financial statements to determine if we qualify…
We are looking for a licensed real estate agent who has experience in the 21227 area to help sell our house.
we are moving out of state and would like to know what we should be expecting to pay in real estate agent fees?
I am selling a house "as is" in Queens NY, and a home inspector found asbestos covering two pipes hidden in a finished basement ceiling.
The only other pipe exposure is leading from the furnace to the ceiling. Is there a NY law that says I have to have this asbestos removed in a "as is"house? House was built in 1925, my realtor…
my main ? was between www.forsalebyowner.com,www.fsbo.com,www.homeavenue.com,www.owners.com Does anyone have experience selling on one of these
sites? I understand the time commitment involved in selling your own home. but i need help choosing a site to use....
What all can an agent do to get the word out a house is for sale?
We don't believe our realtor is doing all there is to do. All that has been done is putting a sign in the yard and listing in the MLS. We said no to public open houses but aren't there broker…
house value
for my house
Selling a condo in the glenbrook section in Stamford, Ct and would like to gage buyer demand for updated 2 bedroom/2 full bath garden-style complex?
fully updated in a tasteful way listed at $324,000. Are there a lot of buyers interested in this type of property right now? Its more economical to buy at this price then rent the $2,200 that the complexes…
Ranch versus Two-Story
Is it easier to sell a ranch or a two-story home on the east side of Cincinnati (i.e., 45245)? That is, which style is preferred by the greatest number of buyers? Assume same square footage and quality.…
I want to sell my 2 family in brooklyn and buy a 2 family in staten island with NO monthly morgage payment.
I want to sell my 2 family to buy another 2 family in staten island, with no monthly morgage payment. I will not get approved for a loan due to bad credit. So buying with the sale from my home is my…
WHAT IS A SHORT SALE??? Hope this helps???
A short sale occurs when the proceeds of a real estate sale fall short of the balance owed on the property.[1] In a short sale, the bank or mortgage lender agrees to discount a loan balance due to an economic…
what is a short sale?
short sale or quick sale
My sister wants to buy my house from me. She lives there and is willing to apply for a loan. How do we do this as painless and cheap as possible?
I am asking 85k for the home and was appraised at 110k. I am trying to make this process as cheap and quick as possible. I need to know what steps I need to take in order to make this happen. The house…
How do I get the MD non-resident sales tax exempt form?
Non resident qualifies under federal law for exclusion on sale of personal residence in MD. Is there not a form that can be signed stating this so elderly taxpayer does not have the sales tax withheld.…
Why are custom homes , like log cabin homes compared to regular homes?
my home was compared to homes in other communities, but not in mine. It is a matter of selling my home or waiting because now we are under a P & S and could hold up sale to another porential buyer.
How much per hour should a real agent be paid? If a home sells in 5 hours, should you still get 6%? Would you work for an hourly wage of - $150 /hour?
This is just a question to explore the "value" of the real estate agent in a transaction. How many hours do you (the real estate agent) have to spend to make ONE DEAL. Then how many hours…
I want to sell my townhouse. I'm sure the buyer will ask me to pay closing cost as the seller. Do I pay this money out of pocket? Or would it
come from another source? I don't have $5,000 to pay those closing costs and put a down payment on another house. And I am clueless to the home selling experience. Please help. Thanks
Is there a website which lists Sales figures/data on Listing Agents?
I am looking for a Listing Agent. I want to make an informed decision based on recent sales history of all local Listing Agents. I want to see for example: Total Sales (past 12 months), average property…
Why do real estate agents compare themselves to doctors?
As a doctor, I get offended when a Realtor tries to justify their use by asking "would you perform surgery on yourself?" I don't go asking my patients (who never ask me to justify why they need me) "would…
I have a large attatched workshop that does not have a/c or heat. Can I include this in the square footage if I put in a window unit? I am in Florida.
The workshop is attatched to the back of the house, and it includes 2 small rooms, and 1 large room. It is about 900 square feet.
My home is situated on an R2 lot in Costa Mesa and thinking of selling.
Would I be able to get a better price for it by looking for a developer to buy who would want to knock down the existing home to build 2 homes on the property?
I own a condominium in a 138 unit project. A buyer has offered $10,000 as a down payment with me providing
seller financing for the balance of $50,000. The condo board has refused to approve the sale because the buyer had a bankruptcy 5 years ago. Is this legal?
how's the market at Warrington, PA (18976)?
I am thinking to sell my 2 year old 4 bed room 2.5 bath single family house, how long it takes to sell the house.
HUD Settlement Statement -- why is it so confusing?!?!
Hi. Any help is much appreciated. So, we are closing on Friday as the Sellers and got the prelim HUD this afternoon. I cannot make sense of one line item and my agent is NO help. In the "Reduction…
My RE agent lowered the price of ny home $15,000 in the paper, without any discussion or authorization from me
Is she allowed to do this? How can I politely rectify this situation? The 15,000 was my "bargaining room",. Please advise thanks
What the taxes are on a residential sale in Hawaii?
My spouse & i may move overseas within 5 mos to a year, to relocate for PhD studies/research. We closed on our first home in May 2009 & have lived there since. What might the tax consequence/percentage…
Need Cash? I Buy Notes. (New or Seasoned)
I Buy Notes - (50 States) Performing 1st Lien or I will assist residential home sellers to create new sellable notes with no seasoning requirements. Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Annunity,…
Am I entitled to keep my buyers deposit, who went for a mortgage in bad faith?
Our buyer assured us before contract signing,he would have no problem getting mortgage.he put down a 10% deposit. We gave him a 45 day mortgage contingency. After 42 days he notified his lawyer he was…
We listed at $510,000 and had strong open house but very little follow-up after. It's been on market nearly two weeks. Should?
we drop price now to 499K and do another open house? Or should we wait longer b/c summer is slow.
Will agents let me make offers on their listings?
I am looking for listings in the tampa area where your clients are behind on their payments with little equity. I am an investor and want to work with these types of listings only.
I have a standard agreement for the sale of real estate in PA. Time has run out on this contract. Do I need to formally cancel this agreement?
The buyer needed a "gift of equity" in order to obtain mortgage financing; I did sign a letter to the lender stating I would provide this, but it was never part of the agreement of sale. After…
My company is expanding from Los Angeles and Orange County into Riverside County and we are searching for brokers or agents
that would like to work with us listing homes in these areas. We target short sale listings and have a very nice processing center set up. Our success rate is extremely high with every lender. If you…
Do marketing programs that offer buyers discounts be available to them by negotiation anyway, really attract buyers?
I always thought people would treat it like a car dealer that offers $8,000 for any trade-in. You could have gotten $6,000 off the price of the car and $2,000 for the trade or $8,000 for the trade and…
How much does acreage of farm land sell for in Cheriton, VA?
How much would 7 acres of fram land cost on Cheriton, VA and a house on the property?
2003 mls listings
where can i find 2003 mls listing for sacramento, ca
What is the right approach when going to see a home of a FSBO and then finding out that there is an agent sign located on the property. Client says
that agent represents residential side and he represents himself in selling the property on his own through a military site. What do you do?
My broker refuses to advertise in newspaper as home is on intranet. Is this what realtors do now?
I am trying to sell a townhome. Broker had Open House -- no advertising, just put signs out. Several other realtors have indicated to me that the price on home is right and it is in good condition.
I'm selling our mobile home estimated 56K. Can anyone give me an estmated time as to how long it will take?
It's a dbl wide that is in resonably good shape and is 8 yrs old and is located in a very prime location in the park. We will be putting it up for sale in the late spring after doing some painting. Thanks!!
Transaction broker's commission - what is "reasonable" when selling house to current renter's?
Hello - our current renter's have expressed interest in purchasing the house at the conclusion of their lease. Our property manager has offered to be the transaction broker for a 3% commission.…
Here is a scenario, my condo is listed, 3 agents have visited with prospective buyers. All 3 said that they
left a message for our listing agent telling her that they plan to visit our condo and also mentioned time range when they will visit. However, my agent never calls me to let me know that i should expect…
Seller Realtor Fees
Realtor fees seem high to me for simply listing a home for sale. What do I get in return for 6% of sales price? It seems the buyer Realtor does all the work
Is it me or are realtors now driving the prices down further to push sales?
I see the realtors come in and they have a listing of other houses recently sold, all average 340,000 for 3 bedrooms. They don't even look at the house interior, some say it doesn't matter in this market…
what happens if I sell my house for less than market value??
I want to buy a house my dad inherited from his mother that is 100$ paid off. He said he will sell it to me for $200k even though the market value is $330k-$350k. Also- my father and mother both want…
Commission and selling a property on contract for deed
I want to get a consensus on what some agents do when they sell a property on contract for deed. Do you pay the full commission at signing or do you break it down to get it at the final transfer?
Lenders wont let me rent flat out!
I am 7 months pregnant and my flat is too small for a family so I am moving into my partner's house. My mortgage lenders have refused me to rent the flat out so it is now on sale but with no luck at all…
the property my mom lie in had belong to her father and now the house is being sold due to her niece took her to court and now she is a admister of
the property my mom lie in had belong to her father and now the house is being sold due to her niece took her to court and now she is a admister of the estate and the house is being sold and divided in…
I recently sold my house and dont have enough money for closing costs due to the fact that there is an escrow account on the property for back taxes
And some other penalties and fines associated with HOA's. What are my options. Can I hold onto the bank loan or the HELOC? Can I refinance the difference owed to the bank after all the monies have…
How does having a sell fall through ultimaetly effect home prices?
II have a friend whose contract recently fell apart. After getting a near asking price offer, she refused to make some of the requested repairs and the buyer backed out. Now, the house is back on the…
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