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what are the best places to put my FSBO apartment online?
I am trying to sell my 1000 SQ FT Convertible 2 Bdrm apartment in NYC on my own. What websites are the best to use? Which have a good hit ratio other than NYT online of course??
What repairs do I have to make as a seller?
The buyer made an offer and I made a counter, and now the sale price is $4000 less than I have in the house plus I am paying $3750 of the buyer's closing costs. Now I have a list of repairs from the…
My home is in the old part of Santa Clara near the Franklin Mall and I can't decide if I should sell my house or rent it out to Santa Clara
University Students. I just found out that if I rented the house I can make my house payment and still come out with $3,000 to pocket! If I sell the house I would get a lump some all at once and move on.…
I'm a RE agent...a listing I put on three days ago has not yet populated on your site? Can you help me get it on your site for visitors to view?
Hi, my name is Levi Crawford and I am a Real Estate Agent. I have a listing I posted three days ago in our MLS system and it has yet to populate on your site. It has populated on other sites such as redfin.…
What is a fair real estate commission rate in northern suburbs of Chicago for a $1MM - $1.5MM house?
I am looking for honest, fair advice from real estate agents and non real estate agents. I'm looking to sell my northern Chicago suburb house ($1MM - $1.5MM) and want to negotiate a real estate commission…
FSBO listing on your site
I am selling my home through entry only and you had my home as withdrawn from Trulia not its not on at all. How can a home owner get listed with you?
What would happen if I stopped paying mortgage on my vacation house in NH?
It has been on the market for eight months and is not selling. I am going into debt due to this.
There is a listing for my home on Trulia for rent, when it is really for sale. 109 High Wood Road, West Hartford, CT
Please help me fix this! Selling for $654,900, not renting for $1500/ month! Open house on 3/8 at 1-3pm. Please help ASAP!
Ready to sell your home?
If you are looking to sell, now is YOUR TIME. You could potentially get the price you want to sell your home at! We are expected to run into "bidding wars" on homes that get listed due to the lack of homes…
Need to sell, contact me anytime for a free market analysis in the WAUSAU metro area. Thank you and feel free to view my profile.
Give me details in regards to your home and address. We can then set up a time to go through my Comparative Market Analysis and determine a sales price.
SELLERS: Now is YOUR TIME. Market doesn't have enough homes for sale and demand is high.
I'M YOUR REALTOR... We are expected to run into "bidding wars" on homes that get listed due to the lack of homes on the market! There are more buyers than there are sellers with homes to SELL. If you are…
Apartment was put on Trulia in December 2014. It was on Trulia for 4 months in 2013 and was removed from the market. Right now it shows 770 days instead of 80 days. How can I fix the problem?
In Seller Check list If owner fixed any electric repair in the house - and fill yes -and the house sold as As- is does the owner still hold liability
Seller Check List -regarding to Have you yourslef undertaken any electrical repair work at the property
What do you think went wrong?
I would love for broker to chime in as well and note their biggest reasons for homes not selling.
Trulia support, MAJOR ALERT FOR FRAUD on one of our listing: at 18048 W. Big Oaks Rd, Wildwood, IL 60030
We are getting a bunch of calls on 18048 W. Big Oaks Road for a $600 rental and a guy that isn't even related to this brokerage asking for highly personal information to be sent to him. He is providing…
Wrong listing for our home.
Our home is for sale not for rent at 2229 A street. Please we are not renting it especially for $750. We are getting lots of calls and would like them to stop. Please take this off as a rental
Besides open houses what other means should my agent be doing to get interest in my house?
The only resource our agent is using is open houses, no other advertisements.
We are thinking about to make an offer for a house in W127th Cr &Goodman,very very close to an Elem school.
It is actually three or 4 houses from the corner. I want to know about the advantages and disadvantages we could have, now and in a future selling option. Is it a good option or maybe better to continue…
My husband wants to get rid of our pool. I'm not so sure. We have a huge yard, but the pool is right in the
middle. He doesn't want to put a fence in because it will impend on the look of our yard. Any suggestions. We have 2 children who cannot go out to play unless we are out there with them. Also What about…
Why does nothing happen when I request a home valuation report?
I first requested before I signed up - it said I would receive it via email. I then signed up and when I request it says I will receive it immediately, but the page (http://www.trulia.com/sell/) is just…
you know some time you read others comments and it doesn't make sense at all I, put a sign for rent easy, this home was on the market since November
2014 the realtor are doing there job yes they are its you THE RENT IS TOO HIGH LOWER THE RENT AND YOU'LL SEE THE DIFFERENCES
I would like to parcel out my land. If I keep the parcel with my home, and sell a portion, can I take the Home Sales Tax Exclusion?
If so, Would I have to wait another 5 years to sell my home to qualify for the Home Sales Tax Exclusion again? Or is it a one time thing?
How do I know if I should switch agents to sell my condo? I tried to sell my place (SF) this past spring, lowered the price 3 times with no offers.
Are all agents the same? It seems with the MLS service and a frequent OH schedule, its tough to differentiate between agents in SF. There were places being sold in my neighborhood for similar PSF and…
How to make rents affordable city wide in San francisco.?
There are currently 20,000 vacant units that are off the rental market. Further, there are about 200,000 units that have been off the rental market for 15 years or more. If these 220,000 rental…
How do I sell my house myself?
I don't want to lose $30,000.00 on a realtor after all is said and done. How do I go about selling my own home in So. Cal?
How do you get out of date information removed from your site?
A listing of my home from 5 years ago is on your site and is very inaccurate. Address 7007 67th ST NE Marysville WA 98270. There is a new MLS and this conflicts
I am getting ready to remodel my bathroom and I don't know what to do with it.
My home was built in 1958, so it is a small bathroom, but can fit a regular bathtub. I am going to be selling the home in a couple of years, so I am looking for advice to how I should remodel the bathroom,…
Can I list 'for sale by owner'?
29394 Hampton Ct, New Hudson, MI is listed as sold, it is still for sale.
We are moving and will sell our house. It needs some work such as electrical updates. Should we make the repairs before we try to sell it?
the electrical needs a new larger box (previous owner added onto house but unhooked things to hook up new things) there are also many smaller cosmetic things that need to be done that I may be able to…
I am selling my home and live in PA. It is a 2000 model manufactured home on a full pad with tie downs.
I just had the framing done behind the skirting to make it FHA compliant for buyers That is the only issue that FHA had. Would it be make sense for ME to have a FHA inspection done, to make a sale go through…
Do all realtors charge the same percentage as a fee?
Is it less expensive to use one realtor for both buying and selling? Is a realtor fee negotiable?
I do not have a house for rent but it is listed for rent. I cannot even login. I am not sure how a mistake like this can happen
. I am receiving calls from people asking for rental. My house is for sale. PLEASE REMOVE IT. Or send me instruction how to remove. Reza Ahmadi rahmadi@bsu.edu tel 765.749.1916
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