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Hi, i decided to take my home off the narket after i had a feeling that my broker did not do due diligence to get me the best offers..and he was being pushy that i sell within a short period of time.…
A friend needs to find a 2-bdr home at about $100/month or less. We need ideas!
Current landlord is evicting the family (mom & child) because she reported him to L&I (who now has issued the landlord multiple citations). Mom's disabled (SSI case pending), surviving on…
I accidentally deleted my question so re-asking...what's the best way to proactively market my home online?
My Realtor has done a great job of taking professional photos, putting together a virtual tour and she does regular e-blasts. What else can I do to get my home noticed by more Realtors and buyers?
what are the consequences of a seller walking away from closing due to problems with inspection of the new house?
we are set to close in a couple of days on our present house and a new house. the new house has recently been found to have major septic problems. The buyers of our present house refuse to delay closing.…
How much do I sell my Roselle, NJ Colonial? - 4br, den, bath, eat-in kitchen,living,dining,laundry,full basement/attic, enclosed front porch,rear deck
My property size is 50x200, has above ground, 15 x 4 foot swimming pool, mud room, vinyl siding, hot water heat, commuter's delight, minutes from Parkway, Turnpike, 1&9.
I would like to take my home off the market because things have changed. Is it possible?
We not longer are planning to move. We want to stay in our home that is all ready payed for since we do not have to move because of a career change.
I am trying to sell my home that previously had termite infestation. We are under contract with a termite company and the termites have been removed.
Will it be more difficult to sell the house although the termites have been removed? We just purchased the house a few months ago and now have to sell it (long story!!). The damage occurred with the previous…
I own a house that I am currently renting out and would like to sell it to break even.
I have a small three bedroom home that I am currently renting out. I would like to sell it for what I owe just to get out from under it. I would like to move out of state and the house is just too much…
we're trying to sell a newer townhouse and buy a house at the same time. any suggestions?
townhouse for sale is 2 bedrooms/2 1/2 bath. One car garage. Gated community. On cul-de-sac. Barely lived in. Close access to I-75 and I-41. We need to get at least the balance of our mortgage (89,900)…
We have an offer to do a lease-option on our house. I hear this is illegal in TX but can't find recent documentation on this. Can anyone help?
me? We don't think our house will sell on the market right now and would have to put in a lot to make it enticing, so would likely go upside down to do the upgrades then wait for the DOM to creep…
Should I sell or wait???
I am itching to sell my house in upper darby cause i dont want to live there anymore and can hardly afford the taxes. I bought my house for 110k 8 years ago and currently owe 98k . should i try and…
I have a Doublewide 48X28 it is Paid in full it went for $24,000 ,i paid off 18,553..00 it is a 2005 what would be the price I can ask ? I live in OH
my wife is on disabilty and I can,t find work ,I use my state Retirement refund check to pay my Doublewide off.
I am looking for a renter, rent to own or cash buyer of a great 3 bdr 2 bath house in Bippus Indiana. Flexible on terms
Modular home on 1.3 acres, excellent condition with Sunroom, deck and hot tub.
Is there a maximum commission percentage an agent can receive on a sale?
One agent wanted to charge me 10% (plus the buyers agent cost!) to sell my vacant lot... is that even legal?
Does the H.A.P. for injured service members also go off of the rule that the home has to have been baught by June 2006?
Or is the rule for bought your home before June 2006 just for BRACC and PCS? Please help beacuse the phone number does not direct me to a representive and states ther rules are clear on the web site. I…
Is there an agent, in the JC area, that has delt with Military Homeowners Assistant Program for injured service members?
We may be eligable for this program and are in the process of getting all the paper work together to fill out the application for Injured Service Member HAP. We have quite a few questions about this program…
Compensation for seller if deal falls through at closing on buyers end?
We sold a home in Indianapolis. Moved out because buyer was to have possession at closing. A week later still no closing. Deal stilll in underwriting, problem with buyers lender. We put everything in storage…
Need to rent out my house AGAIN. What about the agent's commission?
Hi, After having my house on the market for nearly a year I decided to rent it out, which I was lucky to be able to do 2 weeks ago. Now I got an email from my new tenant that due to a job transfer he…
When finalizing home inspection to remove the inspection, can the seller add the clause:"that the house will be delivered in AS IS?
condition"? When finalizing home inspection to remove the inspection, can the seller add the clause:"that the house will be delivered in AS IS condition"? to avoid buyers to come back for…
I'm trying to get released from a contract with Re MAX Westside. There is a code keeping MLS from listing. Will the "w" eventually go?
away? They made a mistake and posted my house on MLS for an amount $7,000 less than I agreed to. It took away any negotiating room I thought I had. Westside will only release if I sign a statement they…
why is mls listing R179951 NOT showing on 74 East Main Corfu NY?
why don't MLS listings show on your listings
What is a tougher discision, negotiating price or the reply to inspection?
Deciding the price that you will take for your home is a large decision in itself. Once that is done, the inspection reply may or may noth include additional items. Which decision is tougher and why?
I have an offer for a short sale, but the bank says I have to pay 30,00 as promissory note, What can I do?
I don't have the money, and if my next option is foreclosure I don't want to end with a debt to IRS! Please please I beg for professional help, mot of the lawyers in my area are just a scam! I have not…
I'd like to list my home for sale. What's the best way an agent can highlight my property online? What's the best online mktg
strategy agents use? I want to work with an agent that will market my home aggressively and want to make sure my home is competitive online compared to all the other properties for sale in my area.
What do I need to do to sell my converted manufactured home?
I own a manufactured home that is attached to the property, which I own, via a fully finished foundation. The manufactured home has been fully converted (i.e. the wheels, axels, etc. have been removed),…
Can the HOA do a foreclosure on a property if the home is in the middle of a shortsale.?
The HOA wants the property to have new grass and a new mailbox and I feel its unessesary at this point.
Need input as to why our house is not getting any showings
Our house has been on the market for about 75 days and we have had 0 showings other than people stopping by for an open house. The house is only 4 years old and in excellent condition. The price per sq…
If I list a home for $25K less than the appraised value, does it raise red flags with a buyer?
We live out of state, and frankly just want to get rid of our house in Plano. It's a beautiful home just under $300K range in great condition, and in a great custom neighborhood of Plano. But we don't…
How do I delete a recent ad for an apartment for rent?
I just posted an ad for my apartment however I made a mistake and need to editdelete it.
Why won't our home sell? It's been on the market for a year.
The home is located on almost an acre outside of Selma on McCall. It is about 3,000 square feet, has a shop and pool. We've had some interest but nothing solid. What do we need to do?
About how long were most houses on the market before selling?
If one son still has one more year of high school, how soon should we put the house on the market to try to schedule sale and graduation as close as possible?
Looking to sell a two-family house in Belleville...
Hello, I wanted to get advice on on selling the house that I currently own, live in and rent...Each unit has 3 bedrooms and the full, finished basement has a half bath. The yard is fenced in. House is…
Is there a way to get my name off a deed to a house that i bought with my parents?
I bought the house with both my parents over 4 yrs ago. I have been the only one who has paid on the house. They decided not to help out with their part. I am ready to move out of the area but they won't…
Brandywine Realty Management
A friend of mine in Wilmington/19802 has a condo for sale through Brandywine Realty management. Per the contract and MLS the selling broker gets zero and the buying broker gets 3%. ZERO! I'm sure…
What can I do if a realtor is lying to me and harassing me? I'm a tenant.
I'm currently renting a house that has just been put on the market to sell. I am not able to move until my 60 days are up. However, the realtor LIES constantly. When all of this started, she told…
I can't find "Report error" under "More". Where can I update the MLS data?
I listed the house I recently purchased and Trulia still says sold. How can I replace the previous sold data with new "for sale" data?
what is the law for selling a home in NC owned by a husband (signed over by Mother) as to the sales contracts?
The husband and wife reside in GA and the husband is selling the home in NC. Does the wife have to sign off on the house when she is no part of it?
are there low income government projects?
Realtor Questions- want to sell home in Oxford and buy in Loganville.
I have a home in Oxford, GA that I would like to sell so we can move to the Loganville area, and in general a larger home. I am concerned that I will not be able to sell my house for enough to cover relator…
New Siding for house if getting ready to sell??
My home is a contemporary style house. The current siding is T 111 and has a few areas that need to be repaired I have been planning to stucco the home to give it a nice clean finish, and have rec'd bids…
What would the transfer tax be on a sale price of $510,000?
What would the transfer tax be on a sale price of $510,000?
Can you decide not to sell anytime before settlement or is their a cutoff point?
I am sick thinking about meeting the deadline to get out of my house. I need more time now and only have a week left. I need more time. Can I now tell the buyer, through my agent, that I am not going…
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