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I have a mobile home on a piece of property in the Staunton, VA area. I've been renting it out but my tenant recently passed away. I'm a
widow and I live in another state so I'm thinking of selling it but holding the mortgage. I know I have to obtain an attorney before I make a final decision, but how do I go about finding out the…
How are homes in Pine Ridge being sold? I've had my house listed for almost a year & seems like my agent waits for someone to call her.
Besides posting on the internet what else is done? Do agents actually sell or are they just order takers?
I just bought a townhouse and want to do some remodeling to increase the value, specifically
replacing the worn carpet with hardwood floors. Given the price difference between laminate and real wood, is there any added value increase for laying wood floors vice laminate?
how can I list my house for sale on trulia ?
I wanted to know how I go about listing my house for sale on trulia.com
Where can I market a property in Douglassville, PA to NYC commuters?
This area is a great place for commuters because of access to the metro & it's in the country with low home prices & taxes, but it's not well known for NYC commuters. Any ideas for marketing?
Broken Downsprout
I had a broken downsprout which I repaired a few weeks back. The damp basement blocks are drying up and I have setup a dehumidifier near the affected corner. Since the house is already listed and the basement…
Looking for a realtor in Elgin,IL area to see what he/she thinks my house would sell for.
We're considering a relocation opportunity out of state and want some honest feedback on the house's value. The house was appraised last year,curious if the appraisal is true indicator of sale price.
Sale of rental unit under lease purchase
I sold a property in 38125 through via lease purchase. It was a rental. My experience investing in Memphis rentals out of state (hawaii) has been bad. After evicting a bad tenant, decided to take advantage…
I am interested in selling my home in alto,nm 130 hunters lane
address: 130 Hunters Ln 88312 How favorable is the market? What is my worth?
We have been offered a price that is 5000 less than what we owe, is it worth it for us to pay that out of pocket rather than wait for another offer?
Our home has been on the market for 2 months and this offer came from the only individual who has toured the home. The offer is also only 4000 less than the home appraised 2 years ago.
Is a second lien mortgage permissible in MI? Kid's are in financial straits, need loan of $30K on their condo. Would do promissory note for?
30K. Condo presently valued at $165K. They have a mortgage of $130K, they would put up equity in condo as collateral for our loan. Is this permissible in MI to have a second lien against property and…
Is it possible to rent a property out and not pay non homestead taxes?
I own two homes and I rent one out. I was considering starting a business and putting the home that I rent into the company.
I've never seen houses in Windham, NH so low - what is going on?
This seems ridiculous because the school system is so good. There are houses that were 340,000 at the peak listing for 195K. Condos that were 260K selling for 173K. Why don't people want to buy…
How can a house be for sale on multiple websites besides on one that states Pending Expiration?
I wanted to inquire about a house that was for sale locally and on all websites it showing that it is still for sale besides on one that states Pending Expiration. Even on the RE's website it shows that…
Showing my house before I list..
Hi, My Realtor brought a potential buyer to view my house with out me listing it on the market yet. Is this legal? She called me from outside, wanting permission to show. I said ok, but now im thinking…
What is the market in Silverton like right now? Need advice to sell!
We have had our house on the market for 5 months with some interest but no offers. We have dropped the price multiple times and people say it shows above average. What else can we do, we are now at 109.…
Lease Purchase Agreements
I sold a property in 38125 through via lease purchase. It was a rental. My experience investing in Memphis rentals out of state (hawaii) has been bad. After evicting a bad tenant, decided to take advantage…
How do I get a lease agreement to lease purchase my home to someone else?
Do I use a realtor or real estate attorney? Does the person's credit matter?
What does adding a gate to a community do to home values?
Also, does it make it harder or easier to sell. The greater exclusivity I'm sure isn't a plus for everyone.
what to expect from agent during listing?
When I work with an agent to sell a house, how often should I expect the agent to update me with the status of the house? In general, what level of communication should be expected from an (seller's) agent…
what is a short sale?
Can you plase explain the short sale prosces. are there goods and bads for a seller? Thanks.
Is it ethical for the realtor to reduce the price of my home on MLS without notification or authorization from me (the title holder)?
I received a low ball offer of $900 (listed at 1,950,000) and declined. The realtor then took it open himself to lower the price to $995 on the MLS. I am deeply concerned that he does not have my interests…
The photo of my property is of the neighbors house. Trulia needs to fix this.
Is Trulia just new and that's why it's so lame? If the data is wrong how do you expect to be a useful tool to anyone? The photo of my property is of the neighbors house and from several years…
you won't let me update my home. you keep saying your sending me an email to journ50@msn.com and i never get an email. What is going on?????
i keep trying to update my home to sell it and you keep saying you are sending me an email and i do not receive any. what is going on????
Country Estate For Sale ~ 8000 sqft ~ 5bd5bth ~ 80 Acres ~ CUSTOM CUSTOM CUSTOM
I have an amazing home listed for sale with an agent, Zillow.com and Realtor.com. It is at 9680 Cord Road, Cord, AR 72524 MLS# 12-42 It's the largest, most expensive home in the area. I just feel like…
Offer on the first day. Should we take it?
Someone offered to buy our house at 7000 more than the listing price on the first day it went on market. But the buyer wants 5000 cash back. We have not had an open house yet. Should we take the offer?…
My loan balance and values are same. How can i walk out without hurting credit?
My loan balance and values are same at $395K. How can i walk out without hurting credit? I think my income and credit are too high to qualify for short sale. In order for me to close the transaction,…
I have a house to sell. Should I put it on market now or wait till next January?
The house is in Santa Clara w/ Cupertino schools. I can afford to wait a couple to months before selling it.
Rent potential for my townhouse
I currently live in a townhouse off of Bluffside Drive here in Austin, Texas. It is 3 bdrm, 2 bath and ~2100sq ft. Thinking about putting it on the market to lease or rent out and trying to get an idea…
19 acres set up for horses with fenced pastures, water lines and new metal roof on 3/2 house
19 Acre Farm or Ranch set up with gorgeous 3 bedroom 2 bath home. Purchased 1 and a half years ago as raw property. We have totally FENCED in 3 separate pasture areas, ran piped underground water lines…
With a limited budget what can you do to home to get a high profit from sale of home such as painting etc.
We have 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath 3 car garage finished basement, hardwood floors, newer kitchen cabinets(Laminate counter top with island), newly painted interior, laminate bathroom flooring with all new…
What are the best strategies for getting back above water?
Should I just pay down the principal now or just wait and save my money? Should I keep making upgrades and which upgrades are best? I need an appraisal to know how far under water I am but I'm thinking…
Do I sell my home first or find something I would want to live in?
Which comes first selling....or find something I like to buy?
Suggestions for finding a good listing agent in New Rochelle, NY to sell single bedroom condo. KY owner needs to find honest, efficient agent online.
Single bedroom condo built in 2006, right in the heart of New Rochelle with supermarket, train station and other amenities nearby. Need someone to give market analysis and advice on whether to sell or…
My home 11406 East 42nd Court is BACK on the Market, Mark Montgomery markm@coldwellbanker-idaho.com is selling it-please adjust your site.thanks!
There is new pictures and information, but I couldn't change it; I couldn't figure it out,so please contact my Realtor and adjust your site,( if Mark my Realtor is O.K. with that),thank you!…
3214 S Chesterfield Ct Charlottesville Va 22911
Discussions about this property?
Home in an irrevocable trust - cash-out, HELOC, mortgage, or?
Hi, I'm 43, self-employed and the sole beneficiary/ trustee of an irrevocable trust containing one fully paid-for 100K brick home in OKC (73128). The current "home owner" is in a old-folks…
Is it better to get a property inspection done prior to listing our home for sale even if the house is less than 15 years old?
Also, the buyer will probably do their own. Our property has no known defects or problems that I am aware of as of now. So I was wondering whether it is worth it to spend this extra expense to get a property…
Temecula New homes?
Any new homes coming in Temecula?
How come all the people with problems with north bullitt recieve bad feedback and the ones who speak highly recieve great feedback.?
I noticed while reading the comments posted about north bullitt from some of the young adults there that they did not recieve good feedback. apparently these kids have problems and they are just being…
prev question about working with Besmatch in the Bx
Well, you know when you are going to a hotel, or eating in a restaurant, ( much less important than home representation) there is Trip advisor for references. But when choosing a realtor?: I was hoping…
How Long Does My Agent Have To Present My Home Offer?
We have an offer on our home, the agent hasnt presented it to us, how long does he have in which time to present the offer.
How safe are lease options or rent-to-own setups for sellers?
My husband and I have a property for sale north of Paul, ID. What inquiries we have had so far are all interested in alternative financing such as rent-to-own or lease options. How safe are these for…
If I pay the assessment due on my condo, when I sell, can the cost be added to my basis for tax purposes?
The condo owners assn. voted in a large assessment, due over the next five years, to replace and upgrade all decks and stairways to improve the property, upgrade to new building code requirements, and…
What are the closing costs the buyer has to pay?
I need to know what my closing costs will be for selling a house in mi.
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