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Can we terminate our contract with our real estate agent?
We don't trust our agent because she brought her child to us as buyers, and since then we don't trust that she's working for us. We are frustrated and don't feel like our interests…
What would a 5 bedroom 2 bath home with 2700 sq feet sell for?
I have a home that has been renovated. A new roof will be installed within the next 2 weeks. I would like to sell this home without an agent. What do you suggest? It has 2700 sq ft with 5 beds and…
exclusive right to sell contract
My mom is trying to sell her house. It has been on the market for 14 months. My husband and myself are living with her as our house sold and we are waiting on her house to sell. We are all moving to another…
A home was sold/closed at a Title Co. Later buyer discovers all property taxes were not paid, sued the TC & now TC wants reinbursement from
seller The title company settled the lawsuit paid the buyer, now owner and is now suing the seller for the amount it paid to the buyer of unpaid property taxes which were of record at the time of closing.…
Got offer for my house with an owner carry for 3 years then assume the loan Can we ask them to put money in escrow like PMI??
Now I am told I would quit claim and have no rights to my house but if she stopped making payments I would have to forclose on her and it would take 6 months in wich the bank would forclose on me. Would…
Do I have any recourse to get my money back?
I was under contract to purchase a home in Phoenix with a FHA loan. The home was purchased by the seller at trustee auction 5 days prior to my offer on it. I had an approved LSR from the bank and the…
Our Fallbrook home has been for sale for six months with only one offer that fell through. Any suggestions for increasing the odds for selling it?
We've reduced the price of our home by $100K already with still no further activity. The home has new interior paint, new upgraded master bath and new granite countertops in the kitchen. However,…
$200K first, $60K HELOC, unemployed. Market value about $240K. Will lenders reduce principal on either loan? Need to hire negotiator or DIY? Walk?
I plan to move away from my house because I can't afford it. Will lenders negotiate principal so rental income will cover my PITI? If so, does someone else need to negotiate that or me? Or, despite…
Needed Buyers for COOPs in Howard Beach Queens.
I have Coops and Condo's in Howard Beach available. Only 1 Sponsor COOP left and it won't last long - no hastle with board approval and it has flexible down payment. Visit www.andreascelisi.com
What are some of the things an agent should do to help me get my home sold?
What are some of the things an agent should do to help me get my home sold
About to list a 3-level townhome in Santa Monica area near the airport (Sunset Park area). There was a very
similar place in our complex that sold a little over a year ago -- we want to price fairly out the door. How would you recommend we price in relation to that sale price?
What the DIFFERENCE in seling NEW and RESALE home.?
In order to sell each HOUSE , it will need lot of EFFORT.
I own a house that is on a piece of land that has never been subdivided therefore there is no deed for my
house. Does anyone know what the best way to go about selling it would be. Without subdividing I don't want to get less than what it is worth. Please Help.
In your marketplace, at what price points are you finding it to be a seller's market as opposed to a buyer's market?
At my office in McLean, VA we're finding competitive offers right up to $1.2 million. Other markets are substantially lower.
how long on the average does it take to sell a home in 92503 zip code?
We are thinking of putting our house up for sale soon and we are just curious how long other houses have been on the market before being sold.
Would like to sell my home in Palos Verdes, CA. Please have an agent call me at 310-541-0949 ASAP. Thank
Would like to sell my home in Palos Verdes, CA. Please have an agent call me at 310-541-0949 ASAP. Thank you. Linda Phillips
Where are the buyers?
What are things we can do to attract buyers when we are selling a condo whose price is dropping faster than an anchor?
After going to closing is there a time frame in which the buyer can back out of the contract?
If the buyer has the option to back out of a contact after closing and he has already been issued the credit from the seller is he legally bound to refund the buyer credit issued?
what is the realtors commission for leased space?
If I find a renter for lease space, and I am a licensed realtor, what is my commission?
Giving House Back To Bank
I own a home where the mortgage is over $140k and the value (at best) is probably around $80k now. I've been forced o relocate for employment to another state, so am looking at having to pay for…
Do over 55 communities keep their value?
I am considering moving to an over 55 community in Chester County, PA. I would like to know if the carriage homes retain their value the same as a regular community in Chester County, PA
Should I sell my Tuscaloosa, AL house now, Oct. 2008, and build a lake house or just sit things out a while?
One owner, built 1991, 2/3 acre lot, 3/2. Extra clean, nice neighborhood and schools. Paid $106,000, owe $16,000.
who is the top selling realtor in arlington, wa?
I want someone who will WORK at selling my house.
How do I find an agent for a potential short sale listing without paying extra for a negotiator?
The bank has received the seller's info and has completed an appraisal. What is a negotiator needed for in this kind of situation? Do they really make a difference in getting the property sold?
We have a condo in Havre De Grace MD - we have done extensive upgrading
including crown moldings, stained glass french doors, granite counters. We have also created a third bedroom and a den. The unit is in "model" condition. Our intention was to rent it for several years…
is it possible to trade one home for another with out a lot of fee's? I own a water front lot with a small home. I want to move into town.
My place is paid for. I no longer want to drive this far back and forth to work and I am tired of the constant upkeep involved with waterfront property. I have very poor credit and I hoped to be able…
I want to sell my home and buy another home with no monthly morgage payment.
Ill never get approved for a loan so paying cash is my only option which is ok. So how would that process work. Going from one home to another?
I bought a new construction home in Temecula, a little over a year ago. I do not like the neighbors, and
would like to swap with someone in South Temecula, maybe for a little bigger home. Maybe a morgage swap etc... Is there any possibilities?
Does FSBO grandfathered prospect generate commision for newly hired agent?
I've had my home FSBO for 5 months, in the MLS through a FSBO website. Only 2 days ago I signed a contract with an agent. Now someone who saw it a while ago wants to buy (this prospect was brought…
We see our house has 2 MLS,
one shows active in the REIN, the other doesn't. Most websites for either show active. Is it better to leave it for exposure and hope they call the listing agent? The other possibility is they google…
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