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If listing a house as a Short Sale, is it best to find a realtor who has lots of Short Sale experience?
I need to list my house with a realtor as a Short Sale. I have a friend who is a realtor but he doesn't have too much experience with Short Sales. He might have done 10 of them. Some realtors…
What is a bridge loan?
Looking at a bridge loan for our current home until house sales, so we can go ahead with the purchse of a new home, we have excellent credit and excellent job history, we are hoping to to move prior…
What was the average cost per sq. ft of 2 bed/ 2 bath Condos sold near Majorcas Ave. sect. of Coral Gables? Any sales at/ near 338 Majorca this qtr.?
Please provide sales price, including costs per sq. ft. and address of any condos sold in vicinity of 338 Majorca Avenue. Thank you so much.
Hi, I'm interested in selling my TIC (6 units) in the 94131 area. It has fractional financing, and in a great neighborhood, 2/1 at 800sq ft
for less than $440K. What is the market like now for these types of units? Financing options? Thanks for your input!
We bought a lot in Havenwood (1acre) but have a change of heart in moving there. Do you know of a realtor?
who specializes in lot re-sells? It is a flat piece of land with no development. How long do you think it will take to sell it?
We had a closing date in AZ of the 28th of May. The seller is holding up the closing because they don't have their ducks in a row. Now they
want us to request an extension. We are not the ones needing it. The seller is. They are requesting funds. This is a HUD home and we really want this home. I have already paid for certified mail and…
I'm curious to know what is most important to home buyers and sellers in the agent they hire to represent them.
Any home buyers or sellers out there, all answers are greatly appreciated!
How can I get a fair market value of a home in Palm Bay?
My father is selling his home and entering an ALF. His home to sell for fair market value.
Was this agent unprofessional?
In 2002, we bought our house using an agentthat represented both the buyer (us) and the seller. We knew there would be a conflict here - but she is a family friend and its a small town. Everyone in town…
I need comps for land sold in the last ? ,6 mo.. Appx.1 acre Harrison, Mi.
I have 1.1 acre land no. of Harrison, 111 Edmond Woods Rd., I was told by Equalization that the average was $3,100 for sales of land.?? Thanks, gail
do buyers in San Francisco Potrero Hill targeting single family homes (cost < 1Million) care about having high-end stove and refrigerator?
I am going to remodel my kitchen and may sell my house later. I would like to find out if it's worth paying for high-end kitchen stove and refrigerator (ie: Viking, subzero, etc) would it increase…
Looking for a realtor to sell commercial medical office in Jacksonville, Florida.
Will be in Jacksonville this Friday and Saturday, June 11th &12th, 2010, to check on property. Call 813-843-8729 to hook up and set time to meet. Here's the details from the Duval County Property…
Jacksonville Realtor Needed to list Folio 1152564.0000.
Looking for a pro to make a quick sale. Property was previously used as a medical office. Seller is willing to sell at a premium discount now. Lockbox already in place. Call for inquiry: 813-843-8729.
What is the avg $/sq. foot in my neighborhood? We live in The Crossings off Moss Rd right near Steel Creek, but still considered Charlotte.
I am trying to get an understanding of what my home will appraise for. But I would live to find the median $/sq. ft for all recently sold homes in my specific neighborhood. My realtor believe she can…
In a Short Sale, what does this mean? SELLER TO PAY $9,000 TOWARDS BUYERS CLOSING COSTS AND PRE-PAIDS It's my understand that "I"
pay this. My house is listed as a shortsale and my realtor found us a buyer. We currently have a contract on the house that was already accepted by the bank. The contract was signed and dated over 60…
What are the best advertising options for selling a home in Indy?
In the past as a buyer, we only used MIBOR to search. As seller, I'm curious if anyone has found that any particular options work.
I live out of state and own a condo outside broadripple area. I need advice regarding selling or renting
The condo is located at Binford Blvd and 56th. My sister is currently living there, but has recently bought a home and will be moving out at the end of October. I am wanting to sell or rent the condo.…
Can I break a realtor's contract due to divorce?
My wife and I listed our house in September with the intent of moving to Wisconsin. Our plans have changed drastically over the past 3 months, and we are now, unfortunately, filing for divorce. I would…
Our listing expired prior to receiving an offer that fell through that potential buyer has recently expressed
intrest again however we have also asked our realtor to remove her signs and return our keys from the lock box... if the sale pans out with this buyer are we obligated to give our first realtor commision…
My husband and I live in Rancho Cucamonga,ca. We would like to sell our home, but were not sure if we should.
The price of homes keeps falling, and our concerns is the comission a real estate agent will want. We can pay 4% to an agent, so we can make some money. Is an agents comission negotiable?
We have several investment properties here in Austin. One of them is a duplex in the 78704 area with city views. We'd like to convert the
property to condo's and add square footage then sell one and hold the other side as an investment. What are your thoughts about this idea at this time? And is there any wisdom to leaving it as a…
Having Trouble Selling
The pictures of my house don't do it justice. How can I get people interested in coming out to see it??
Why wouldn't our realtor help us make a case to get appraised value (for corporate relo purposes) raised?
We are relocating due to a new job, and the corp. had offered us the average of two appraised values for our house, if they have to buy it after a 60 day marketing period. We bought this house 3 years…
What if I sell my house for less than what I owe? How do I pay the realtor?
If I owe 200,000 on my home and I sell it for 190,000, how much will I be looking for pay out of pocket to the mortgage company and the realtor? So, 10,000 to the mortgage company and 5-6% to the realtor?…
I'm the one with the home in Havenwood and my home is priced $127 sq. ft.and I do believe it is priced to sell we told our realtor when listing
we wanted to price to sell not just to sit because we are needing to move back to North Carolina. I really think I could hand out flyers myself and I would at least have a showing
Earnest Money Disposition upon buyer default
Hi all and thanks for all the helpful information I've read on this site so far. On to my question, I am a first time home seller and now have an offer for my property. I'm not expecting any issues,…
I am short selling my house and the lender had just approved my short sale. My concern is that on the short sale approval letter it states that I
must sign a promissory note in the amount of , and it was left blank. Does this mean that the bank can come after me for the deficiency amount even though it was not put on paper? Please help.
wells fargo criminal orgization
they wells fargo-sent false money orders to my son
I have a home in the Havenwood Development in New Braunfels, TX that we just put on the market a few weeks ago. Our home is priced extremely well.
The problem is we have had only 2 showings (though I really think just one I do not think the 2nd showing ever made it) I spoke to my realtor about this and we are now on the 3rd time of setting a date…
are there any complaints against Tara Salas real estate practices?
wish to find out if she is a reputal real estate agent
I have buyers in escrow here in California contingent on the sale of their home in New Yorkwhich is under contract and set to close in 3 weeks.
Is contingency removal the same as in California (ie 17 day due diligence period for home inspection, appraisal, title search, etc. after which contingencies are removed?) and in this case the exception…
As listing agents how many order prelim title work? Why / why not? What if you know it is a short sale?
Do you order prelim title work at the time of listing? What about if you know it is a short sale?
Sell or Stay??? - any advice would be greatly appreciated...
we currently own our home - it was new construction at the time, almost 12yrs ago --- we currently owe just over 53k and comperable homes in our neighborhood have sold for between 140k - 150k, so we would…
The informaton on my house, 1613 N. Elm St is incorrect, it says 3 bedrooms 1 bath and I have 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, how do I get that fixed?
It is causing comarables to come up with incorrect houses to compare ours too. I am concerned as I am trying to sell the house.
Where can I find other homeowners that would like to swap their houses?
I would like to swap my condo for a TH or SFH in the western suburbs of Minnesota.
My home was recently fire damaged. I do not plan to move back in. Mortgage balance is 78k. I'm looking for advice on whether to pay off mortgage
or fix and re-sell or rent (if repair cost is close to payoff total). The property is near the Boston Edison neighborhood of Detroit (3000 sqft colonial). I know the RE market is shaky & I want to…
My home in Cumming, GA. (MLS# 4071219) was withdrawn and than relisted on 5/21/10. trulia coninues to show days on mrkt. from original listing date.
i thought I might be able to go to "edit info" to correct it but I cannot find "edit info". Please tell me if I can change this and where od is there a phone number to call trulia.
What's the most important home improvement to add to your home value?
The first thing people always seem to do is to put granite everywhere. Granite counter tops, granite floors, granite water beds, granite ceilings, granite showers, granite ovens, granite wallpaper, etc.…
See "question details" - my question is largest than this space. Sara Britto - Vivendi Enterprises (sara@vivendi-al.com.br)
Hi, I'm Sara Britto and I work at Vivendi Enterprises, in Brazil. We have a development called “ILOA - Family Life” (http://www2.iloa.com.br/en/) and we would like to know what's…
Can Seller back out, buyer and seller are mutually agreed to put off the deal?
Dear Experts We accepted an offer on our home, but decided not to sell our home at all for next few years because of change in circumstances. There was no money involvement like home appraisal, inspection…
Can I sell my house for a profit?
I just purchased it in December 2009. The appraisal was for the exact amount that we were purchasing it for, although I was told by experts that my house is worth much more. I know I am not that far…
What are the average commission fees for a Realtor in Orlando FL?
( I am thinking of putting a house on the market)
Told to stop making payments?
I would like to thank everyone who replied to this question. Your advice was very, very helpful. I had a long talk with my wife and we decided to de-list the property and chalk it up as a huge learning…
I need an idea of our home value in Weddington. 5bdrms, 4 1/2 baths, approx. 3800 sqft on 1.42 acres.
Granite, travertine, hardwoods, new master suite, oversized 3 car garage. on Matthews Weddington Rd.
Inspection question
I am trying to sell a 22 year home. I "have" a current contract. The inspection came back with a number of minor items. The buyers not only want everything repaired, they want everything replaced…
do you know how much it cost to get some one to photograph my home?
How much does a photographer cost to photograph my home for listing.
Hi, I would like to know how the real estate market in Elmwood Park? I recently bought a house on Doremus Pl
It is a 4 bedroom colonial. I would like to know approx how much I can get for it considering the land is 60x135. The bedrooms are very good sized and the house has 1.5 baths. Can anybody tell me about…
I live in a unique neighborhood in Elmwood Park NJ. How and where can I get comps for these special houses?
I own a 1/2 of a duplex (former military housing). It is called the Cherry Hill section of Elmwood Park NJ.
i brought a house on Hillman drive in elmwood park nj...i really wanted Fair lawn...how is the house market in elmwood park to resale...I have a
tradionally cape cod with three bedrooms and town bathroom and a finish basement the house is a bit small thought?
how much is a 2 family side by side worth in kingston, PA?
s. welles avenue, not very well maintained. How much can I expect to get for it?
We are thinking of using our home equity line of credit to remodel our dated 60's kitchen. Good idea?
We will need to sell to move for employment in about a year and a half, and are planning to spend only about 16,000 with new cabinets and appliances, lighting and flooring. Too much? Too little?
is it possible to sell a home in 'as is' condition rather than spend the time and money to get it in 'sales condition'? I know
in this market everyone wants the house to be in 'better than new condition'. My house was built in 96 and is in a great location. Walking distance to Munford schools. The house note is…
Does anyone have a buyer for an over 55 community in Palm City Florida? The property is listed at $219,000.
It is a 3 bedroom, 2bath villa, with a 2 car garage. CBS construction with tile roof. In very clean condition. The last sale was a 2bed, 2bath with one car garage for $240,000. This one is a bargain.…
How do I find homes that just sold in Palm City Fla?
Want to see pictures of homes on SW Whitemarsh way that sold in April of this year
If you are selling your home and have had to continuously fix the same problem, should you disclose this to the buyer?
If we have had a history of water leaking through the foundation and coming up through the floor, but have fixed the problem, even though it has a history of coming back, should we put the buyer on beware?…
Need help: Buyer can't close on our home because the buyer of their home is having trouble...
I have a ping out to my lawyer, but here's scoop: Our home was purchased with a contingency that was removed on 5/8/09. Escrow scheduled to close today 6/8/09. The buyer of our buyers house can't close…
Truila uploaded the wrong number of bedrooms on my listing last Thursday. How do we get this changed?
mls# 201005053 listing address 55906 Wood Duck Dr. Bend, OR 97707 should read 3 bedrooms not 2. thanks, Michael
Any really great realtors in Lawrenceville?
We want to sell our house (like everyone else in the world.) What is the role of a good selling realtor and does anyone know of a fantastic one in L'ville? Any website that rates them?
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