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Let me ask this in a different way
Listing with REALTOR produced no result in 9 months, I would like to post for sale by owner with owner financing on this site. How much? Will you take my money to list my home? Yes or No? I do not want…
deep creek flood zones
i heard from several people that deep creek is a very bad flood zone.i was wondering if they are or plan on working on this?i had family that use to live in deep creeck and they had a very bad problem…
What local agency does not have contracts?
Recently in Lakeside Living magazine a Realtor was written about that did not have Sellers sign a contract. Can you provide me with his name?
Putting our house up for Rent in Tallahassee, FL?
We can hardly hold our heads above water. We are stuck where a lot of other American's are right now. My husband and I both took paycuts, lost a business, drained everything we had and still can not…
Our buyer wants to pay cash for our house. What kind of paper work or contracts need to be done?
contracts when selling your house without a realtor and the buyer wants to pay cash
When it comes to resale in WNY how do homes with great rooms do versus homes with the traditional formals?
Is it a huge negative or do they move as well? We want to know before we buy. Thanks.
Need staging expert recomendations for Issaquah Highlands home
Hi, Any recomendations on good staging experts recomendations for Issaquah Highlands home. The house has few props arranged by seller agent (we vacated the home and relocated), but no furniture at the…
If the appraisal deadline is missed, and the buyer asks for an extension, what happens? We are the sellers.
The appraisal deadline was today, but the results did not come back and we were asked to agree to an extension. We don't really want to do that as it delays all the following deadlines. What happens…
Our house is on the market for 30 days and no showings yet.
Would reducing the price and an open house help to get some interest?And what is the % for reduction?
How do I compete with builders?
Can realtors familiar with cypress tell me what builders are doing to get their homes sold over resales in same neighborhood. Resales only 2-3 years old with what new construction doesn't have (ie:…
How do I cancel a home sale after P and S is signed?
All parties concerned are RE agents except my husband and I., the sellers. The Buyers have shown up with no notice and no agent, wanting to come in the house, We put a stop to that in the P & S so…
$1.9MM Designer apartment flooded - Should we renovate or sell as is?
We own a 1BR apartment that was designed by a well known interior designer. It is a relatively large apartment, great view, and very good location. The apartment has been vacant for several weeks,…
Is there an agent willing to work for 4-4.5% commission?
I need to sell my home due to health reasons.
What is the average salary and age of home buyers in Cincinnati?
Local contractor is seeking information to build marketing objectives.
On a cash deal can I ask for proof of funds? Bank statements..etc? Also how much of a deposit should I ask for?
On a cash deal can I ask for proof of funds? Bank statements..etc? Also how much of a deposit should I ask for?
Once a roof is certified for 5 years, will the roofer repair the roof for free if it leaks in 2 years
How likely is it for a roof to leak once it has been certified within 5 years?
we bought a home last year for 47K, we already have a house that is on a loan so my question is which house do we have to live in, or can we choose???
the other house is on a mortgage, so we were just wondering if it was possible to rent it as soon as possible or if we have to live in the home for a certain amount of time??? HELP
If there are any Real estate brokers in the Basking Ridge area who have a listing with an outdated kitchen or master bath and would be interested in
an offer whereby I would provide the homeowner with a new layout and rendering with approximate renovation costs they could use to help sell the home -- please contact me and I'd like to speak to…
I am very dissatisfied with my agent. The house has been on the market since Feb 21 and it only had 2
showings. I have a laundry list of complaints,(feedback on only one showing, no marketing except parking it on MLS, no new comps when I asked for them, crappy inside pictures which my husband had to redo,…
Has anyone had experience with 1 800 SELL NOW? I received a letter from an agent with them. how does it work?
I'm just curious - do they just offer a fraction of what the house is worth or are they fair? I don't have a mortgage or liens - I just want to downsize..
I am selling my house on a block in 19148. My house is very well kept and big. However, the street keeps
getting negative feedback. I already reduced the price. Is there anything else I can do?
Strategic default, the next housing crisis in 2011...
My problem is with affluent owners that thought they were clever buying a house with zero down on a jumbo baloon loan and now they cant refi and they don't want to put down the down payment now after…
I will need to sell my condo, is it a good idea to wait a few months, will it go up or down?
I have a 3 bedroom 3 bath condo on Berkshire St 92869 What is the price now
My wife's mother is trying to sell her house for cash, we need to know what we need to make it legal.
We need to know of any contracts, forms, etc. that we need to make the selling of a house in her ownership legal.
Selling home w/ in laws unit. Lender denied the loan, FHA comps guidelines. Appraisal certifies $ over loan & meets FHA guidelines. What can I do?
next The loan (FHA) was denied due to not enough comps in the area according to the lender and not meeting FHA guidelines. Buyers were fully approved for the loan amount. The appraisal which came in above…
If owner finance, is a mortgage and warranty deed still required by law to be filed.
Sister is looking buy property in Florida, putting a large chunk of money down with owner holding note for the rest. Doing this, is the owner requried to file these two docs to protect both parties?
Need help finding an agent/broker that is licensed to sell manufactured/mobile homes?
I have been searching for an agent for weeks and everyone I talk says they can't list my home because I don't own the land it sits on. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.
when you sell a house in south carolina what percentage does the realtor earn?
is there a set percentage at the beginning of the contract or an agreed upon amount? are there othere costs involved in selling a home?
Vacant lot in Milwaukee. Taxes paid current & property is free & clear of any liens/violations. Want to deed over. what is best source to get?
rid of? My company is the owner of the vacant lot located at 2355 - 2357 N 45TH ST, Milwaukee, WI 53210 . The property was Foreclosed on, and during the process, the dwelling was “razed” by…
They are building an indoor outdoor sports complex next to my town home will this lower the value of our home?
3 fields for soccer, lacross & football. Open 7 days a week 8am - 10pm. P.A. system. With in 100 - 125' of our home. Will be visable in the winter b/c the trees between us will have no leaves.…
I bought a house in FL in 2002, everything was good. When I sold it in 2011 an open permit was discovered from previous owner in 1995. What happens?
I bought a house in Coral Springs FL in 2002 and all the title work and everything was OK. I just sold the house in April 2011 and the title company discovered an open permit from the previous owners…
Why do I have to sign papers for the sale of a house my husband purchased prior to our marrage and has never been in my name and is in his Trust name?
My husband and I have two separate Trust's. One in his name and one in mine. He purchased a lake home prior to our marriage. The home has always been in his name and/or his Trust name. We're…
the advise given was all good, I approached her again, even took 30 photos of the property sent to her, and requested the listing be updated
Nothing has changed the listing is still represented with outdated, and poor photos. while one has never encountered a more amiable person, she is quite overwhelming, and doesn't seem to find any…
I'm in Ohio and have sold a house and the seller can not get his brother in law who stays in the house out, he has never paid rent and the new
buyer w the new buyer wants to move in do I give him a 3 day notice to acate or a 30 day notice we are inohio cuyahoga county
Can I put a house for sale with the condition of the buyer getting the certificate of ocupancy?
I seeing it done when is a short sale but can you do that for a regular sale?
Regarding the paltry 2 to 8% home price reductions:
This question is for sellers and agents alike. What outcome do you expect in reducing a home's price by 3%? The home is not selling so you adjust the price 2 to 8%. A serious purchaser oftentimes…
We have a 1.5 story, 4 BR, 3.5 BA home for sale in Trace Crossings. It is within walking distance to Hoover
HS and Trace Crossings Elementary. The location is ideal, and it is priced to sell. The MLS # is 413874. Anyone interested?
I need to transfer my mortgage
My gf and I bought a home together. Both of us are on the mortgage and deed, and we just refinanced. I want to transfer the mortgage and deed into her name only (have her assume the home). What do i/we…
what is the current selling price for a 3 bed 2 bath sonoma (1284 sq ft) in bella trae?
We own a condo in Bella Trae and are currently renting on a long term. We live in the UK
I am putting my 7 yo townhome on the market in Centreville. What are buyers looking for? Builder finish or
upgrades? Deciding whether to install hardwood/granite/stainless steel/Ceramic tile. Will I see a return? It is a 4BR 3.5 BA with 2 car garage/Deck/Vaulted Ceilings. Carpeted and Linoleum Baths. No…
Short sale specialist agent
I am looking for a short sale specialist agent (significant experience handling short sales and certified in short sales) for my property located in East Windsor, NJ. I would prefer someone local to the…
Our buyer's lender refuses to update the buyer or our realtor on why we keep needing extensions with no closing date in sight. What can the?
seller do? The buyer moved in last Dec, putting $500 in earnest money and requested 45 days to close. The 45 days came up with nary a peep from the buyer's lender and the buyer requested an extension.…
I'm helping my Dad sell his home. The house needs lots of work (interior/exterior painting, driveway, landscaping, wood floor refinishing,
cleaning etc) and I'm not sure if it makes sense to invest in it or just sell it as is. I imagine the agent will be able to tell us where he can get the most bang for buck. Another issue is the…
We own a home in 20194 (Reston, VA) that is worth less than we owe. We are being transferred (military) and need help with our options.
We are not late on payments, and currently have a tenant in the home. We would love to find a way to be able to sell this property and invest in one in CA (where we are being transferred to). Any assistance…
our house value as dropped due to forclosures on our block, is there still a way to make a profit on sale?
we own a 4 bedroom, 2 bath single home with fenced back yard. we paid 120 k; now value is questionable (told value at 95k by zillow) due to several forclosures on our block. is there a way to sell and…
I am an agent in California, looking for a professional agent spanish fluent in the San Antonio Texas Area, my client is desperate.
Send me your information, and referral fee please. My client want to short sale his property in the San Antonio ,Texas. He moved to California. Call me or get in contact with me as soon as possible.…
Hi-I want to sell my 3200 sq ft house in Rocky Hill & am considering having it staged. Should I ? or leave it vacant to accent the lovely
features? If yes - who is very reasonable in the area? I have access to some things I want to use -- but will need some rental things as well ?
If a buyer makes an offer and submits an agreement of sale to the seller (selling by owner) and then the AOS expires -- is it procedure for the buyer
to submit a new AOS? If the seller wants to counter-offer do they cross out and edit and initial the submitted AOS? We are being told by the buyer's agent to cross off the terms and edit the price…
Does anyone know?? I am in the end of a short sale and I have PMI. The bank is asking for a payment of 13500 but no one can tell me what it is for.
The original loan was 150k an we paid aprox 7k towards the principle. Our PMI was 120 a month. The buyers are offering 87500 and the bank wants 95000. Every which way I figure doesn't add to 13000.…
In April 2011, the lender (IndyMac Bank) approved a short-sale on my Investment Property. Escrow issued a 1099 for the sale amount. Is this legal?
Purchase price of the property (in 2004) was $225,000. Short-sale approved was for $85,000. Escrow company, at close of escrow, issued me (the seller) a 1099 for $85,000. According to them, every sale…
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