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Who is the most successful real estate agent for Hilton Head zip code 29928?
Who has sold the most condominiums? How many web sites do they advertise on?
I need to know time limits for selling a home I purchased with a USDA home loan. I have only lived in the home for 1.5 years.
I want to sell and move out of neighborhood. A particular nieghbor is making my life miserable and I am prepared to sell, if my loan will allow.
My house is listed-priced well but outdated kitchen.My realtor is pushing me to put $5k into the kitchen.I want to offer $10000 credit to buyer. Which
I don't have the money to put into the house and have told my realtor that from the start. I am also worried that buyers will feel the kitchen, though more up to date, is not their style. Isn't…
Are The Millennials Driving A Seller’s Market?
The average home price in Denver has increased roughly 35% since 2010. Millennials, the incoming generation of workers with an age range of 20 to 34, number about 80 million people, and they make up…
Hello, Our home in S.L. is 2600sf. We are thinking about converting the garage (400 sf.) to a family room b4 we put our house on the market. ???
Our home is on one acre of land and built around 1983. The kitchen, 2nd floor bath and powder room have been recently updated along with new texturing and painting through out the house. The master bedroom…
For Sale By Owner
step by step....how do you sell your home if you don't want to pay a commission for a listing agent? ...........if you receive an offer and you accept......what's next if you have a mortgage.........
Local as is home buyer offering about 220- value according to other site is closer to 275. Creve Coeur mo area
I know 220 is on the really low side, but what are others thoughts on this?
Am I allowed to list my home for sale by owner on Trulia?
I have tried and been unable to list my home for sale by owner on Trulia?
I purchased a home amd claimed it on trulia. I am planning to list it as a for sale by owner in future. I would like to edit the pictures as progress
I purchased a home amd claimed it on trulia. I am planning to list it as a for sale by owner in future. I would like to edit the pictures as progress is made on remodeling the home. How can I do that?
Am I allowed to list my home for sale by owner on Trulia?
I have tried and been unable to list my home for sale by owner on Trulia?
I need to sell my townhouse. I spoke with one realtor and he tells me my best bet is to do a short sale. I am not having trouble with my mortgage.
The issue is there are several townhomes in my subdivision that are listed as short sales and are way below the market value. How do I sell my at a higher value (I can't afford to give it away) when…
We are upside down on our mortgage. We are getting divorced and need to get out sooner rather than later. What are our options at this point?
My husband and I purchased a house about 5 years ago on the Northeast side of Jacksonville. We took out two mortgages at the time. One for $160K and one for $60K for a grand total of $220K. The house…
is a fha appraisal used for a va loan appraisal?
recently received an appraisal for a FHA loan buyer; must it be used or considered for a VA loan purchase appraisal?
selling our newly purchased home in Summerville/knightsville area. It's over 3800 sq ft home listing for 299,000 how is the market in this area?
2014,build tons of upgrades. worried about receiving asking price or resale in the area, please reply.
Home Buying Programs Disabled Spouse
I currently have an older couple in my rental property that have been great tenants for years. I am looking to sell the home and he has not been able to qualify for the asking price on his income alone…
My listing is incorrect
My home is listed on Trulia but the contact info is incorrect. It lists my previous real estate representative with the current broker's phone number and business name. The house is now listed thru…
Why can't I log in to list my home? It just loads the same page repeatedly.
I want to log in to list my home. I have an open house this Sat and Sun from 2-4 PM. Address: 11656 SE Verns Way Happy Valley, OR 97086
Relocation help selling home
We are trying to move out of Rio Rancho, as my husband has 2 severe medical conditions and we are trying to move closer to family in case something happens. House is beautiful, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1780 sq…
Are there any home loan programs for buyers with a disabled spouse? I currently have great tenants in my rental that have occupied for two years. I
am looking to sell my home and he is looking to purchase but on his retirement income he has been unable to qualify for the asking price of the home. His wife is unable to work due to her ailment so are…
My neighbor and I both want to install fences and we want to share the cost of the fence that divides our
property. When sharing a fence what should we watch out for in case of resale?
Wrong price on listing
Hi there I noticed that our listing for 142 Magnolia Way in Tequesta, FL 33469 is showing an incorrect price of $600,000 when it should read $608,000 (reduced from $618,000) How do I go about fixing…
I need to claim my listing - I have updated photos - how do I claim my listing? Also I need to set a open house for this Sunday Jan 25 from 1pm-4pm
http://www.trulia.com/property/3169919301-12190-E-Palomino-Rd-Scottsdale-AZ-85259 Above is the link of my listing on Trulia
You are showing a home for sale at 1915 St. Rt. 59 lot 73. It has been sold. Please take off your site.
This home has been sold. It is now up for sale by the new owner. If you are not going to remove then please put the right info up. Whispering Pines Mobile Home Park 1915 St. Rt. 59 lot #73 is for sale.…
In sales via NACA, home BUYERS supposedly don't have to pay closing costs--so do home SELLERS pay any closing costs?
I am a homeowner and am curious about selling my house to a buyer through an organization called NACA. I noticed that NACA's website states there are no closing costs for home buyers in sales involving…
Why does my home show incorrect information in the initial representation (2 beds, 2 baths 1 story) ?
In the property details it shows 3 beds, 3 baths and 2 stories Property was extensively remodeled in 2006 (c.$600K)
Farm and Ranch contract
Not to be rude to all you wonderful realtors but is this something I can use myself. I already have a buyer willing to buy for my price. He understands this is an "as is" sale. It is a 97.2 acre…
how do so many realtors get my home phone number?
when my home expired I got like 50 calls
How common is it for a buyer to move in before closing? The buyer has bought the insurance for this Temporary Occupancy prior to closing.
The closing date was push back by a week, but the moving arrangements were already in place and will be too much expense to change the moving-in date. What should the Seller do? Or should he just say no?
How do i get my house to show as "for sale" and is there a place to upload fresh images of it?
re: 139 possum walk rd, satsuma, fl (I have a realtor but they appear to be busy and slow at updating details so i'm trying to assist). Thank you!
Does tank-less water heater adds value to the house ?
It's time to replace our 50 gallon tank water heater which is located in the attic ! Would changing to a tank-less water adds good value to the house ? When later consider selling the house... Anyone…
Who Pays the Commission on a Short Sale?
A Short Sale is defined as any sale of real estate that generates proceeds that are less than the amount owed on the property. A real estate short sale occurs when the lender and borrower decide that…
What events could bolster the housing market?
Answer: http://www.robisongroupflorida.com/71708/dsp_agent_page.php/404796
Can I list my own home on the MLS? Why have a listing agent?
when asked my agent to list on mls for a flat fee- they said could not. Why? I thought they would be happy to have listing?
For sale by owner- contingent offer
We're selling for sale by owner. We've received and offer that we want to accept, but they buyer has to first sell their home. We're apprehensive about signing a contingent agreement, and lock into a contract…
What can I do to get my home listed on Trulia? FSBO?
What can I do to get my home listed on Trulia?
Flat Fee Listing...Good or Bad?
I am hoping to get some feedback on flat fee real estate services like: http://www.sdflatfee.com/ http://flatfeegroup.com/California/ Does anyone have experience with services like these? Was…
Original broker refuses to remove erroneous Trulia notice.
I listed my property with a broker in July 2014. When the house remained unsold 90 days later I switched to a new broker and informed the original broker (both by phone and in writing) that I was terminating…
I am potentially selling my Gold Coast condo and I'm not using an agent.
What do I need to do, and who do I need to engage (attorney, title agency etc) in order to make this sale happen?
I am selling my home without a realtor. I am using the correct real estate forms for the sale, but have not
found a form for retaining the mineral rights. A real estate agent suggested I just note it in Special Provisions on the sales contract, but is this all I need to do to make sure the deed has wording…
If selling home (1958) is it wise to remodel the kitchen and bath etc. before putting on mkt? Does it make a difference in selling price?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3079284580-437-S-Ingalls-St-Lakewood-CO-80226
Home Inspector competence
We are the seller and the inspection was initiated by the potential buyer. We called into question the validity, competency and/or integrity of his inspection. We had a contractor out to review his…
Our listing expired 11/23/14. Is it important to wait 90 days to relist?
Our listing expired 11/23/14. Is it important to wait 90 days to relist? or is this eyewash?
can a potential buyer have a roofing company go on a sellers roof for an estimate without sellers knowledge or consent?
Last night I heard a noise on my roof only to discover 2 guys up there saying they're from a roofing company and there to get an estimate on a replacement roof. Said the potential buyer called them…
Installing hardwood flooring in Delray?
We live in a fairly upscale community in western Delray. We currently have tile flooring, but are looking to upgrade. We really like the duchateau engineered hardwood floors, but it seems like very few…
why does my home show as sold?
812 County Road 579 flemington nj 08822
I updated the square footage on our house but the listing is still showing the old square footage, how do i fix this?
I also want to edit/upload pictures of my home. How do I mark For Sale By Owner? The property in question is 829 Albers Lane, Bethalto, IL 62010
Hi we have properties for sale in Chicago IL Multi-Family Home for $40,000.00 Does anyone who is a real cash buyers?
Hi we have properties for sale in Chicago IL please see the attached files for more information. Multi-Family Home for $40,000.00 THIS PROPERTY IS BEING OFFERED WITH DOWN-PAYMENT AND OWNER FINANCING! (OR…
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