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finders fee for unlisted residential property?
I have a condo that is not listed with any agent. I received a flyer in the mail from an agent looking for a condo in this complex for his pre-qualified buyers. I called him and his clients viewed the…
Errors & Omissions Claim for missed mold?
Purchased a home about 4 months ago and now am looking to sell and relocate. The new job has given us a nice relocation package. As part of the package we needed a new inspection and as a result was…
How can I find out if home in san jose has been sold?
the address is 2252 walnut grove ave san jose ca 95128
Is it possible to sell a house on SE 3rd ave. and get my $200grand and GET OUT
I was scammed BY J Nolen. This is a renters block. I am underwater. I NEED TO SELL
Help! RD to FHA? Can it be done this quick?
Hello! Looking for some advice. Our contract with our buyer states she would be getting a conventional loan. Long story short, we get a call from her agent (two weeks before we are set to close)…
In your past 6 transactions, how many times did the appraisal come in BELOW the agreed-upon sales price? What happened next?
1) Are buyers paying above the appraised value? 2) Or are sellers reducing their price? 3) Or are sellers deciding not to sell because they refuse to reduce their price?
We own a new one bedroom loft-style condo–would it be better for resale value to convert to a 2 bedroom or leave as is? Smallest unit in a 4 unit
When we purchased our condo, it was advertised as "could easily convert to a 2 bedroom," so I'm not sure if it would be good to close off the open floorplan by putting a second bedroom,…
I hate the house I just brought, how long do i have to wait to get rid of it
I looked at so many houses so many that i loved put I would lose in the bid, even going higher in price, so I would get the house, no luck, I got so tried I took this house, the more i look at…
what is the average price for the homes in south beach?
1 fam det -- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096672541-31-Hylan-Blvd-6B-Staten-Island-NY-10305
Is it possible for me to list my house (for sale by owner) on Trulia?
I created an account, but cannot figure out how to list my 'for sale by owner' house that I'm trying to sell. Your site indicates I can do this, but I can't see how. Help please. -K…
what are the steps for selling a home?
I live in NJ and have a house in VA Beach and Im thinking about putting my house on the market. what are the houses in the timberlake area selling for?
Is it easier to sell a coop in sheepshead bay that has a lower maintenance?
or the one that is priced cheaper (you basically would be paying the same for both, because one is cheaper, but the other one has lower maintenance) Thank you
Attn buyers and sellers in Florida.....As to market conditions, do you see stabilization?
It seems to me that good properties that are priced well and in good condition are selling regardless of their status as to foreclosure, short sale or regular sale. What do you think?
Can a family member or even the present owner buy a house that is up for a short sale? I don't understand this "short sale" mentality.
The bank will sell a property to a stranger, but, wll not reduce the mortgage amount to the amount they will sell it on a short sale to a stranger? Is this right?
In the Brandon, FL area, approximately how much value does upating a 3100 sf /3 bed/2 bath house to 4 bedrooms w/o adding square footage?
We are considering adding a closet and window to a 7' x 14' room. The closet square footage is in addition to the bedroom.
If Dual Agency is allowed in your state do you favor it or not and why.
Dual Agency occurs when a brokerage and at times even the same agent/Broker represents both the Seller and Buyer in a transaction. In Iowa it is legal.
Preparing to sell and unsure whether to complete EXTENSIVE upgrades required or sell as is
House was built in 1974, original kitchen and baths, water damage on exterior wall, need new windows, carpets, and paint - possibly a roof. Should we sell as is or are upgrades worth the cost which I…
Crazy residents?
The community I live in has an HOA. The HOA wants to limit rental properties. We are being told that if the number of rental homes in this community exceeds 15%, those of us wanting to sell our homes…
What do you think about selling our house "by owner?"
Understand that, as a pastor, we have done FOSBO a lot.
Would like to sale my 2BR apartment co-op in ZIP CODE 11432. What should be the (Maximum) price?
Floor area about 1,000 Sq. Ft., Sun light all day in Spring/Summer months, and mornign hours in winter. Good cross ventilations, recently renovated Kitchen, Kitchen Cabinets, Bath, new cooking range,…
We are extremely dissatisfied with our realtor. He has lied to us, ignored us on multiple occasions in regards to the sale of our condo/house purchase
I have a huge long typed up document that we are planning on sending to the General Manager of the broker he works for. We dont want to work with our realtor anymore, we had 3 offers on our condo the 1st…
I bought an FHA 203k home in NE a month ago and I finally landed my dream job...but it is in MN. Is it possible to sell my home asap, or am I SOL??
I love my house and I had planned on staying there for a year or so, but I really want to see where this job in MN can take my career. Am I stuck in NE because of this house, or is there a way that I can…
I want to list a short sale in FTL 33309 & have not yet listed the home or contacted lender-recommend an agent
House is underwater; need assistance with how to proceed. I have lived in home for over two years and do not intend to stay there. I have had interest in the home and just need to know how to proceed…
Can I evict somebody after them breaking a Option to Buy Lease?
I have a house that I gave to a couple as an option to buy lease and after 8 months they just decided not to buy anymore and now they think they are renting which is not. Since day one of giving them…
If I sell my condo prior to 1 yr of ownership how much is cap gains tax? If I sell after 1 yr how much is capital gains tax?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096173163-1745-E-Hallandale-Beach-Blvd-2201W-Hallandale-Beach-FL-33009
Can I use the HOA I paid, renovations, assessments towards deductions /expenses in the capital gains calculation?
-- This question was asked from this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/3096173163-1745-E-Hallandale-Beach-Blvd-2201W-Hallandale-Beach-FL-33009
How do I upgrade my listing to a preferred listing?
My realtor does not provide preferred listings to her customers. Is there a way I can upgrade my listing to a preferred listing at my expense. Please advise. Thank you.
when will price of homes increase in this terribl eplace called Deltona,fl?
i wish i never heard or say Deltona,fl in my lifeworst place you could ever liv ein 35 yrs in fl,and hubby being a 3rd generation floridian,we hat eit here so much,people ,doctors,hospitals,stores and…
The agent and ex-husband withholding info
The agents would not answer my phone calls or emails. My ex-husband wouldn't tell me anything so at the closing I find they he was 3 payments behind and it was taken off my share of profit or the…
thinking about Selling my House in Albuquerque .how long does it take 2012?
We attemped to sell our house 2 years ago but because of damage to the house from that the freeze that happened and poor real estate agent we took our house off the market .to have it fixed but never put…
I have client renting my home in nj ,with section 8
Would section 8 buy house from me
I have a general question to all the experienced Realtors who are familiar with Cape Coral, Defective Chinese Drywall and the Coral Lakes community.
I currently own a home in Coral Lakes community and recently had it on the market. I had a Chinese Drywall inspection done in 2009 which indicated the property was clean and free of the defective drywall.…
Can a client cancel an existing CAR California listing agreement before a listing expiration date?
We signed a listing agreement with our agent a few months ago to sell a 2 bed 1 1/2 bath view home in Santa Barbara. Our realtor does not return our phone calls. We received an email from him that he…
Should home sellers expect more property value declines in the housing market for 2013?
I'm currently renting a home in Fleming Island. The renters are to purchase and close before May 2013. However, if the market value declines again, I'm better off continuing to rent instead…
Can a seller seek a new buyer if an previous offer was countered and time has lapsed for accepance with no signed acceptance?
A counter offer was submitted 12 days ago. The agent (for the seller) says that it was accepted but still has not provided a copy of the signed paperwork to the seller (even after being asked to do so).
I'm selling my house to my aunt, is it necessary for the both of us to obtain a realtor?
I'd like to keep our expenses as low as possible and I'm not sure if I'd need a realtor for my end (as the seller) of the closing.
my sister inherited a 3 bedroom walk-up condo in Oak Lawn, but her health has made it difficult to handle the stairs. Wondering if this is an option.
There is a $112K mortgage remaining, which is around what it's worth. I was wondering if any banks, real estate companies, individual investors, etc. might work out and "exchange" of sorts. For instance,…
CO and fire inspection requirements, willingboro, nj
listing property in rittenhouse park and looking for any info on smoke detector and carbon monoxide requirements as well as any general advice on the CO
Who do I contact regarding an appraiser who has done an appraisal based on bias?
A former rehab-er whom is now an appraiser has appraised 3 of my homes and low balled them every time. The second appraiser (not a former rehab-er) brings the home in at sale amount or very close. She…
I'm a Canadian Investor representing some REIT and private fund groups looking for bulk packages of performing homes hitting Cap at 10-16%
We are active buyers and sellers always looking to expand property connections and opportunities.If you would like to know more feel free to reach out. teddhamilton3@gmail.com
Buyer trying to back out after signed contract?
What legal action I would be able to take if someone is trying to back out of buying our house? Basically we have a realtor (Howard Hanna) and the buyer has one (Klacik).. We have a signed contract..…
At the closing table, listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076 per WSJ. Opinion?
Per the Wall Street Journal. The data also showed that listings with nicer photos get more online attention. And yet, for all this, only 15% of listings incorporate higher-end photography. This is even…
Question for Realtors re: Short Sale in Palm Beach County Florida
In your actual experece how common is it for banks, at short sale closings, to forgive that portion of the mortgage debt not covered by the new purchase price?
What is the best way to get traffic (buyers) to your house that you are trying to sell, in these tough times?
House located in neighborhood placed in the countryside. 20 min to larger city (Hagerstown, Md).
Should I sell now or wait till Spring?
I am considering selling my townhouse in Newton. However, I am wondering if it will be better to wait until Spring. My concern is that the market is going to calm down with cold/rainy days plus holidays.
I am looking to sell my home on Cottage street in Frankford.
But I am also looking to purchase a home as well. i am trying to complete both tasks within the next six-eight months. I am not behind on my mortgage and I am basically doing light renovation on the Cottage…
What home improvement projects provide the best payback when you sell your home?
Have you recently sold your home after completing a home improvement project? If so, what was your project and how much do you think it improved the value of your home?
Why do you have my property listed on this site when you have no listing agreement? Isn't that illegal, or a breach of the Code of Ethics?
-- This question is about this property: http://www.trulia.com/property/1061857145-15-Woodsdale-Dr-Holiday-Island-AR-72631
How do I find a good real estate agent to sell my property?
I have 10.1 acres of undeveloped land in sequatchie county, located on Signal Mountain,TN. I had a real estate agent list it for one year. He wanted 10% commission. I can list the property on the MLS…
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