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When it's good time to sell in Milpitas market?
we're planning to sell our house next year. My question is when is the best time to sell Spring or Summer? and Why? Can someone give me an update on the local market, is it trending up?
Why can I not find my Fallbrook home for sale under Trulia?
My home has been listed with a large area agent for the last 3 1/2 months but I have never been able to find it on Trulia. What does the agent need to do to get it listed with Trulia? Also, I have not…
We are considering selling our home furnished. Any Advise?
Is this a good idea and anything we (or our agent) should prepare for?
What do I need to do to start real estate in North Carolina?
I currently don't have a job/car. Times have been bad, but I've been quite interested in pursuing this career field. Ideally I would love to flip properties but I'm taking one step at a…
what is average price of the square m in a miami beach condo?
The apartment is located on the Green and Blue Diamond condo
We live in Gainesville, VA and my company is moving me to Lexington Park, MD. I need to sell my home in VA.
It will mean a loss of probabaly $100k, but there appear to be less expensive homes in Lexington Park, so we could break even on the transaction. We have no cash to throw at this problem, so is there…
What are the red flags I need to watch out for when considering to hire a prospective realtor? Is it better to hire a broker or an agent when selling?
As a seller, what are the signs that I need to be wary about during my interview process with a prospective real estate broker or agent? Please be specific with your answer.
What's the average sale price of homes in zip code 32608?
My mom is considering a move to this zip code and has found a house she likes but can't figure out what comps for 3/2/2 on 1/2 to 1 acre would be since the market in this zip code is all over the…
What is likely going on when you have many many showings on your home and no offers?
We've been on the market about a month and a half and have had 17 showings in that time, but have yet to receive an offer. Feedback (when we get it) is positive, price right etc..... but then the…
I purchased my home in 2007 and trying to sell it now to relocate back hometown, home is completely paid for and taxes/insurance uptodate, what option
what options do I have in terms of trying to purchase another home in my hometown. My credit is fair but never foreclosed on any property.
how much does a license to sell cost?
I am the conservator/guardian of my aunt. We are now having to sell her home and I'm told that I have to get a "license to sell" 1. is this true? 2. how much does a license cost? 3. how…
We own 6 acres of mountain property and are interested in selling. What is the percentage the agent typically?
receives to sell land and can you direct me to some agents who have been successful in selling land. Thank y ou
Parents buying my house through Short Sale. Good idea?
I can't pay my mortage anymore and so I'm trying to sell my house as a short sale. I really love my house and hate to loose it so my parents, or possibly my ex-wife's parent's have agreed to make an offer…
I am wanting to sell my home , east of Seguin ,tx, anyone interested?
2 acres, mobile, water well, elect., new septic, out buildings, private deeded raod, needs some work, 10 miles east of Seguin,tx on highway 90-A.
How about if the agent is not showing any interest in sell his property?
I had made an offer for a short sale house that we loved. but now, my agent cant get in touch with the house agent, or broker. They never answer or respond emails back. The house is short sale. It seems…
How long would a piece of property in University Heights stay on market?
The property is a two family house going up for sale at about 350K.
If the city is going to buy out your property due to a flood and they do an appraisal you can check what the neighbors buyout offer was?
305 homes offered buyout but the some of the owners won't release what their appraisals were but it seems they are all over the page.
What is the rate of commision a realtor charge to sell a house? If i hire you as my realtor, how do you differentiate yourself from other realtors?
If you are a real estate broker or agent answering this question, please be specific with your answers.
Should we rent, sale or lease to purshase?
We almost lost our home into forclosure even after trying like crazy to deal with the company for months. After seeking the help of a FHA approved couselor she was able to help us get a loan modification.…
High-rise Condominium in Miami, Florida for Sale!
Selling: 1 bedroom 1 bath luxury condominium in downtown Miami, Florida. Condo is new, never livied in. 812 sq ft. total, condo is equipped with European style cabinets and all stainless steal appliances…
I'd like to find a realtor that has proven success with my type of property. How can I find this type of information? So many options with
realtors! I've noticed properties similar to mine selling at price points all over the place and some selling much faster (or much longer) than others. How do I look at the "successful"…
need agent selling in cutler bay condominiums or rentals
I have a agent here in broward where i live now, but just a friend and not excluvely listed, i figure someone closer and id list with them instead. I need someone familiar with Cutler Bay Conduminiums…
I need to sell my mobile home in san bernardino,Ca.quick its paid for free & clear but i just got out of the hospital and can't find the
Title and the park says they take it and sell it and i've lived there for 33 years...PLEASE what can i do!!! Any advice at all thank you so very much..Robin
How can I recover earnest money if the buyer left the country?
It's been five years. My agent says he legally can't give me the money even though the buyers clearly backed out of the deal and were never heard from again. What can I do to get that money…
How effective is doing it yourself through a company like Redfin? Our last realtor did prac. nothing.
We put our house in Sacto, CA, on the market in 2002. The realtor did not believe in open houses. We had a major scare re. taxes in CA because my dad was deceased and a co-signer -- she knew nothing…
I need an agent that can do me a free CMA in Red Hook, NY
I have a property that I'm doing a short sale and need a CMA done, I will also pay a commission if you bring me a buyer. Send me your email and I'll send the property address. Thank you
cutler ridge florida need agent familiar with cutler bay condominums (name of condos)
I have a agent here in broward where i live now, but just a friend and not excluvely listed, i figure someone closer and id list with them instead. I need someone familiar with Cutler Bay Conduminiums…
Is this 731 Portofino Pl San Jose, CA 95136 good neighborhood ?
We want to buy this house. Is this good neighborhood in long term from point of appreciation?
I am a broker and have an in-house exclusive on my home. I don't have my own website. How may I advertise the home?
My e-mail address is smoprop@aol.com. My company is Smolinsky Properties, located at 359 Church Ave, Woodmere, NY. 11598. I am a member of LIBOR and MLS. I am a broker and have an in-house exclusive…
I want to sell my condo but there are several for sale in the same neighborood for much less. Should I even bother? Should I refinance?
Payments are up to date. Single mom and wanted to buy something a little bigger since rates are so great. i will not sell for less than i owe which is 90,000. Advise?
My apologies & thanks to everyone who answered my question about preparing my 30 yr. old E. Plano house for sale. I deleted in it in error...
...while trying to write a thank you to everyone. I appreciate your time to give me input and advice. After 20 years the task of preparing this house to sell is daunting (not to mention having to buy…
Need agent to sell or trade my mobile home for small secluded home on lot in Azle TX
My daughter owns a 2007 double wide mobile home in Euless TX. on rented lot. Free and clear of any liens. Wishes a small secluded home on small lot in Azle, TX. or other small town near Fort Worth. Her…
Does it really take longer to close on a home in New York compared to other parts of the country?
I'm selling a home to buyers coming from New York. The sale is conditional upon them closing on the home they're selling in New York. The financing/closing process is taking seemingly forever.…
We purchased top of the market in 05. It needs work should we sale now and just get what we can? Or should we wait it out.
I dont want to put any more money in a house i know we wont ever get the money back out of. We paid what it is worth and probably will stay worth that for the next 20 years! We have money to fix it up…
Why don't homeowners lower thier selling price, even when home are selling for less on thier same block?
There are no leins on the home, which make it even more frustrating!
How many homes are being listed for sale weekly in Dallas?
I need to know just new listings. Not carryovers from the week before. Thanks.
I want to list my 2 bedroom condo that is in downtown. What are the better real estate offices to use? A friend told me to shy away from the larger
ones such as Coldwell Banker Residential Arlington Heights where he had some problems selling a home.
I own a home in fair mountain. I am looking to finish the basement for approx 80K & possibly upgrade the
kitchen for another 80K. It would make my house one of the most expensive houses in the neighborhood. Should a scale back my plans?
Hi, I'm selling my home, and a few days ago we went into escrow. I'm having trouble getting a copy of the service contract from my
realtor. Any Laws? I'm having trouble getting the service contract from our realtor. We didn't get a copy when we first signed the contract, and we want a copy now to make sure about the commissions…
Short Sale Denied! What are my options now?
Owe 150k FHA loan and got an offer for 110K. Have to move because I got a job offer four hours away afterbeing unemployed for almost 2 year. I applied for a short sale with B of A and after 6 months they…
Need help selling in Walker, La. Cant afford to pay a realtor. Help!
House is 3bedroom/2bath built in 2003. Been on the market FSBO for over 2 months and no showings. We have found the house we want to buy and are stuck. Can't aford to pay a realtor commission…
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