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Assignment of Contract
My husband and I are selling our land contract (assignment of contract) to a new buyer (investor)for an assignment fee of $7,000 and they will be taking over the contract and payments. I have written…
Why did the photographs of our home (15535 Westview92064) suddenly cet a bunch of photos from a different home mixed in? I am very confused about this
Some of the photos on our listing here are not of our house. We told our reltor, he fixed it, but then they came back. How is this happening? Also details are very wrong. The house has 5 suites, 1…
use and occupancy agreement
What are the potential risks of doing a 'use and occupancy agreement' as a seller ? Also i have been in my apt for 1yr and 11 months and i'm doing a 1 month use and occupy agreement so…
I am trying to list my home for sale and each time I click on the "submit free listing" it keeps asking me to login.
After each new login, it keeps going back to the login page as if I'm not a registered user even though I am. Please help me get my free listing submitted. thanks, Stephen smartindc15@gmail.com
Is it worth the investment to replace carpeting with hardwood?
My property (several acres within the town) is more valuable than the house probably so eliminating the carpeting may be a waste of money.
can I post listing FSBO?
When I log in it doesn't seem to allow me to add listing
The listing for my home on the market incorrectly shows the number of days listed on Trulia as 398 days. It was listed 12 days ago. Can you correct?
Listed in MLS on August 27, 2015. Number of days listed is correct on Zillow but shows incorrect number of days listed on Trulia. This gives impression of a stale listing rather than a fresh listing…
HOA covenants prohibit short term rental (less than 90 days) aka, vacation home rentals. One owner is renting out his property this way.
HOA has not been able to enforce this rule. Owner claims ex president of the HOA told him he could, and so he is doing that. Can this illegal action in our association affect our property values?
How do I change a price on my house listing?
Price on my house listing is incorrect - how does it get changed?
Will the train station, when completed, positively or negatively affect housing prices?
We bought a townhome 4 years ago, in a North Brunswick neighborhood we like. Concerned about schooling, and considering having additional children, we are debating a move to a different town and bigger…
My listing shows as "Address Not Disclosed" and my broker who posted the listing can't seem to fix it. Please help asap.
My broker listed my house at 516 West 140th Street, New York NY 10031. On the listing page, the listing does NOT include the address (it shows as "Address not disclosed"). I need this fixed…
I own 2037 Roanoke Drive Boise, Idaho . I'm currently selling my house for sale by owner....TODAY, I saw my ad on your site and RUDY WEISSHAUPT
as my my listing agent. I know Rudy and he contacted me on August 31, 2015 about my property AND I DID NOT GIVE HIM THE AUTHORITY TO LIST HIS NAME AS MY AGENT!!!!!!!!.....WHAT IS GOING ON?????
Will needed home repairs bring down the value of my house?
I may be looking to sell my house soon and I don't think it's worth much because of how much stuff is wrong with it. My dad (who hasn't seen it in years) thinks I should be able to get market…
where do i go to refresh my current listing?
I have a listing currently on Trulia but I do not know where to go to refresh the listing status?
I want to list a home for sale
but keep getting caught up in the loop of "creating an account" I sign in with account and get back to pull down for sign in. Never get to page to enter info.
I 'm the owner that needs my home advertised on a regular basis. It is in the listing of all Trulia homes. Let me know how to go about getting
it done My house is listed with Town Suburban Realty in Salem,OH. The house for sale is at 978 Newport Rd.-Akron,OH 44303. The house needs to put out so people can see that it is for sale.
How do I get my pictures in my listing?
My home is for sale. I did what's my home worth I'm listing my home myself. 28544 Hwy 730, Umatilla, OR. 97882
Our home that we are trying to sell had water damage that was repaired. Would this prevent the seller from getting home insurance?
Home inspection was done during escrow process and no issue found. The home insurance for the seller said they won't insure the house unless it was "totally repaired". I'm not sure what that means as repair…
how do I list selling price?
trullio $ is incorrect
What is the average percentage that a real estate agent gets on the sale of a home?
I have a 2003 mobile home that I want to sell. One agent said he takes 10% commission. I think that sounds too high.
I updated our home information on trulia recently because we will be putting our home on the market.
The estimate changed to $287,000 which is very accurate. When I got back on your site this morning, the estimate had dropped to 263,000. Why is this the case?
Capital Gain Tax Question
If I sell my house at a higher cost than what I bought if for but once accounting for closing costs, I end up with small loss (~$1000) I do not have to pay taxes on the sale correct? Notes: I lived in…
Home owner capital gain exemption eligibility: Mom owns a condo and her son lives in the unit for 2 years.
The unit where I currently live in for 2 years (over 730 days) is under my mom's name, but she hasn't visited USA in the past 2 years. We couldn't file Illinois home owner exemption for because she doesn't…
How can I change the pictures attached to my home listing?
A prior agent, whom we are not working with anymore, took some very sloppy pictures of our home with his phone. Somehow they ended up on this listing. I would like to replace them with better pictures…
the information you have on my property at 2395 Vaughn Rd. , Altoona, AL, 35952 in incorrect, what you are showing is my rental property
the info shown is for my rental property at 2435 Vaughn Rd, how do I go about getting the correct info listed for 2395 Vaughn Rd. as I am about to put the property up for sale??? contact me at 205-599-6614
Can a mortgage company really withhold a loan b/c of a roof on detached garage?
We are sellers and we're 10 days away from closing. We were just told that out buyers mortgage company will not give them a loan unless we put a new roof on the garage. The garage is detached and…
Have 2 homes to sell need to buy home in warmer climate for ailing wife(by spring) without them sold how can we buy new ?
We have a 2 unit rental house n personal home to sell rental been on market for 2 years. We want to move to small town in another state. Last few yrs before retirement for a catholic schl teacher and…
Townhome vs Single Family Home
Hi all, We are selling a 4 yr old, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2600 sq ft home on a half acre and in a desirable neighborhood in Bucks County PA. We have a potential buyer who is spooked by the market. They…
Direct Mail/Flyers - What Gets Your Attention?
As realtors, I know you get alot of direct mailings and flyers coming across your desk every day. My question is - what catches your attention? What are the things that will make you stop and consider…
Open House Refreshments
What fun or creative ideas have you done for Open House refreshments? What are some "safe" and practical refreshment ideas for open houses? We're in the Philly suburbs - last time we did a soft pretzel…
How long is the usual protection period after the listing expires. My former agent put 60 days on the
contract. He went on leave of absence. The new agent took over. He wants 180 days.
We will be relocating in the same state 3 hrs N. We have found a home but have not yet put ours on the mkt. Suggestions on this juggling act? Thx
We live in a desirable neighborhood. Wondering the best way to go about this. Bridge loan. Sell 1st? But 1st?
Courtesy calls from a realtor?
How often should I expect my realtor to contact me since I've put my home on the market. We rarely have had any contact with our realtor except when we got a low ball offer, or he wanted to show the…
What options do we have when our agent is not willing to represent the concept of our unique home?
Trying to market a renovated Kentucky tobacco barn plus 40 acres. Inside the house is beautiful, outside it looks like a black board and batten barn with also unique windows.
Is doing an Owner Financing a good idea?
We have a house in South Carolina that we do not have a mortgage on. We are getting ready to put it up for sale by owner. A couple people have asked about Owner Financing. How does it work and would…
How do you claim your homes for sale?
I got an e-mail to claim homes listed on Trulia but, when I go to the site, I cannot find anywhere to "claim" them.
Price of this house
I am the owner of 4294 S Maesaia Way, Meridian, Idaho. Effective today, the price of this house is now $319,900. Please change this price as soon as possible. Thank you.…
Buying a new house dependant on sale of current home.
Me and my wife live at a home that is currently in my wife's mothers name. She will be moving into the new house with us which we want to go into me and wife's name. The profit from the sale…
How do I get assurances that a realtor I enlist to sell my house is acting in MY best interests and NOT their own interest?
Will the realtor's appraisal of my house's value be based only on "comps". How can value be determined comparing apples to apples to a custom built home?
I need to change my listing on trulia. My former agent said that you are syndicated and that he does not need to manually release the listing.
I have heard otherwise. How do I claim ownership of my listing so that a new agent may post? Please advise. Thanks. tanya0417@gmail.com
I want to list a couple properties I have for sale by owner. I do not want an agent. How do I list?
I go to "Sell" then click the icon to list a property for sale, and then it wants me to create and account or log in to my current account. I already have an account so I log in and click "Sell"…
How do I refresh the listing I created for Trulia via Postlets.com?
I received an e-mail to refresh my listing, but I can't find the "My Listings" category after I log in.
# of views incorrect
Hello, The number of views for my listing shows (66 views) the same since it was first listed some 133 days on market. Is there a way to have that corrected? http://www.trulia.com/property/3199540…
What in the world is a CSS?
I keep getting calls from 'CSS' and I can't understand what the robot it saying, something about scheduling a showing. I never heard of it.
How would a deed in lieu affect my credit?
I just put my home on the market but I am not feeling optimistic about it selling. The mortgage co. said to contact them after 90 days if I don't get an offer and they will take it back. I have…
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