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how long to get the Bank appraisal so we can go to closing?
We have had the Fire Inspection and this is the last step so we can actually go into closing. Waiting for the buyers bank to send in their appraiser to do his thing. But we have heard nothing yet as…
I'm selling FSBO. I understand buyers will have appraisal contingencies. Is it okay to set short time periods for this to happen.?
There are very few comps for the size of my home. The price per sq. foot in my city varies greatly. An appraisal to a certain extent is subjective. I'm downsizing & I don't want to start…
what are the tips in remodeling a house?
I want to increase the estimated price for the house I'm selling. So I want to know what are the tips in remodeling a house?
Our home is rented. The Tenants who are fine with the house being listed will vacate the end of July. When would be the best time to list?
This could work really well for someone who wants a home, not quite ready to move in and can take rent from the tenants in the meantime. The house is in an excellent school district, and close to amenities.
I live in NYS. My realtor is acting a dual agent and he never had me sign any agreement allowing him to do
this. The buyer has signed but not me and I was the one who employed him. He also has not acted to me the principal. Isn't this against the law for him to do this, someone told me he could lose his license…
Owner Agent contract
If I signed a 1 year contract with my Agent, can I terminate the contract after 6 months arguing the point of this agent has not produced any potential buyers?
my agent did not provide accurate information
about a second offer from competing agency in which I feel I was led to believe best offer came from her agency. Now I realize that is not true. One offer allowed me to stay in home for 90 days with substantial…
What are the current FHA rates for single family residential?
Does anybody have the best source for this?
I sold my house in July my realtor had POA to sign my documents since I am out of state. I have not received a copy of the documents.
I have since asked the closer at the title company three times to send me my documents and each time she says she will. It has been just over two weeks since the last request when she said she would pull…
Your opinion please? Need to move from east to west with kids and have a home. Thinking to sell, rent and buy.
My plan is to sell the home, find a home to rent to settle in an area for 6 months and then buy a home after that? What're things that I can do to minimize interruption of our lives. Thanks.
How do I find expertise in structuring lease purchase agreements in terms of option amounts, rent amount, purchase price and modeling cost scenarios?
I am looking for someone (accountant?) with expertise in structuring lease purchase agreements in terms of upfront option amounts, rent amounts, purchase price, etc. and can model various economic scenarios.…
Is Uncle Ben right? Housing recovery will accelerate in 2012?
One of the things that caught my attention from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's comments today was he expects the housing recovery to accelerate in 2012. ...and unemployment at 7 percent in 2014. BTW:…
How many of your "attempted" short sales are turning into counter lawsuits AGAINST the banks who are trying to foreclose?
Have you had experience in dealing with a bank that was so stubborn and unruly to deal with that your clients have been forced to consider pursuing a counter lawsuit?
Getting license to sell my own homes
I want to get a license so I can save money when selling two of my homes valued at $420K and $310K. Any advise or suggestions? Pros and cons?
How can I access all my listings to correct, update or delete??? I'm an agent.
I am an agent - I have listings on Trulia - how do I remove them or update them??? there was a listing at 9620 Henry Harris in Fort Mill SC 29707 listed for $595,000...it is incorrect.
NYC real estate exam book.
How's it going I am looking for a good book for the salesperson exam, with practice tests and answers. Thank you, appreciate it.
I bought my condo with the knowledge of deeded parking, 6 years later, it is actually an assigned parking. Help!
I was a first time condo buyer. My cousin in law was the broker. I bought with the knowledge the unit comes with the deeded parking. After 6 years of using/renting the spot out, my trustee suddenly…
I have a buried 275 gallon fuel oil tank buried in my yard. It has not been used in 5 years. Would this hinder the sale of my house?
Tank is buried very close to house underneath a deck and surrounded by perrenial plants. Will this tank need to be removed? It would be very difficult. Are there laws about these tanks? Any epa issues?…
I have a good house for sale in Puerto Rico, part of USA, How can I post it in Trulia? my email is florivon64@aim.com
Has an appraisal of $165,000. But price was reduce to $155,000. due to illness.
After my short sale i am still bothered by my bank i had a loan with, 9 month later?
Short Sale 9 month ago, letter for forgiven debt, homestead, should owe no taxes. Yet the bank calls me and asks me to pay my mortgage off. They say that my condo is still under my name. I even gave…
I am looking into doing a shortsale for my condo. I do have homestead and was wondering if the 1099 Tax could be waived because i have been
living in my property the whole time? Do i let the dade county tax collector know before or after the sale? Also, do i owe any money after the shortsale? My loan amount is 120000 and the value of the…
What forms are required for seller financing a mobile home?
For a mobile hgome in a trailer park - no land.
how do i list my home on trulia?
I cant seem to get my home listed on here does anyone know why?
seller breach the listing
We hired an agent to sell our house one month ago. After a month, we are not so happy with his service, so we are thinking of stopping selling our house. We sent him en email, he said we have to pay $2000…
Buyer's failure to perform.
I am the seller. The buyers were cleared for closing. On the day of closing they backed out saying their fung shui consultant advised them against making the purchase and moving in due to ghosts in the…
how will my info be listed?
how will my info be listed
Mobile home question
We just purchased a new home but do not know what to do with our old 40 year old mobile home. (I don't really have the time nor desire to try and fix it up to sell (and it does need some serious…
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